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Prayers and Praises!

June 30 Charlene Searcy for Koa Sawyers – Koa is a child dealing with leukemia.
June 30 Tracie Bell for Cindy Bell – Cindy has a biopsy screening Monday for cancer.  She is my sister-in-law.
June 30 Pat Addy for Charley Moore (son) – Charlie is having a very bad time in prison.  Pray for God’s help.
June 30 Shirley Barrett for Bob Schaeffer – Pray for peace and freedom from pain as his cancer is not treatable (cards requested to 7 Dupont Lane St Augustine FL 31084); for Doris Layton – for her health, peace and guidance.  She has been betrayed by her family (cards requested to 32 East Cornelia Rd Rome GA 30161); for self – I will be going to the doctor with my sciatica nerve Wednesday.  Pray for relief from pain.
June 30 Julie Fitz Praise the Lord for Ada’s Table (the food ministry of Ruth and Barbara Hall).  Thanks to all who donate to this work, especially as it is the only food ministry in Douglas County that distributes food aimed at the special medical needs of the elderly and ill (i.e. diabetic, blood sugar, allergies, etc.)
June 30 Teresa Gould for Katlin Gould – She is going to Washington State for the summer.
June 30 Pam Willis Praise God for the blessing of seeing Him work through our Youth at River of Life.
June 27 Mike Karaty
for Judy Miller - Please keep Judy in prayer as she is suffering the effects of the radiation. She only has 3-4 more treatments before she gets a rest from the radiation. She is battling severe nausea and vomiting with the inability to swallow. She has lost weight due to this.  Please keep her in prayer during this battle she fights. She appreciates all the cards and prayers but is still not up to phone calls.
June 27 Charlene Searcy for Nancy Daley.  She is in the hospital in Sparta TN with a kidney problem.  Also her potassium  and creatinine levels are very high.  She is on an IV and seems to be doing better.  Prayers are sought for her husband Pat as well.
June 26 Doshie Richardson for our Mission team - Pray for our youth and leaders going on the River of Life this week, for safety and fun, and to show God's love to everyone they meet. 
June 25 Bonnie Ricks for Maryanne Williams Hall & Jackie Williams Jewell -  Please pray for my dauhter-in-law's two aunts. They both are sick and need healing. Thanks.
June 23 Pastor Michael Praise the Lord for the birth of Annabelle Mae Bryant at 4:04 AM today; 6 lbs 10 oz 19.5” long and healthy, the daughter of Kimberly and Kenny Bryant.
June 23 Lonnie and Ro Broyles Praise for the continued growth of grandson, Mason Lee Broyles.  He is up to 2.9 lbs. and is taking 19 ml of milk.
June 23 Jannie Lawler for Rick and Andrea Roberts and family – Rick’s step-father died last week and was buried Saturday.  Please pray for the entire family.
June 23 Jan Palmer for her friend, Cathy’sfamily – Cathy’s mother went home to be with the Lord yesterday (Sat); for the Gary Cantrell family – the young man took his own life yesterday (Sat).
June 23 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety; for Barbara Lane (Mom) for healing from heart trouble.
June 23 Malon Willis for Boris Pendleton – With the loss of his older brother George, he is going through tough times. (cards requested to 4952 Pebblebrook Drive Douglasville 30135
June 23 Ed McGrory for Kerry Ott – We have been praying for Kerry for over a year.  He will enter hospice this week.  Please pray for his wife and three children.
June 23 John Palmer for Taylor Palmer – She will be 21 on Monday.  Pray for continued safety and that she follows the Lord’s will for her life.
June 23 Ann Shearon Praise the Lord, her family, Max and Maxine’s, small church in Mississippi will remain open per decision of annual conference.
June 21 Joe Hamilton for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Karen remains in the hospital as of Friday morning.  A blood clot was found under her arm and must be resolved before she can come home.  Thank you all for your continued prayers. 
June 20 Kimberly Bryant Thank you to the Women's Group

I just want to say thank you to all the wonderful ladies of the church for the baby shower they put on for us. We had a great time and appreciate everything. We are still anxiously awaiting baby Annabelle's arrival.
June 19 Pastor Michael for Beverly Mahle - Please be in prayer for Beverly Mahle, her step father just passed away also pray for her brother Fred Lewis who is having colon cancer surgery today.
June 19 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Dominick Martini - Dom has been diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease, a disease of the knee area found in adolescents who engage in athletics. Pray for a good recovery. It usually resolves once a child has passed their growth spurt. My own health (Karen's) is slowly improving as my thyroid levels are returning to normal. I hope to be released Thursday.
June 19 Joe Hamilton for Jason Hamilton and his mother's family - Jason's maternal grandfather, Ed Deck, passed away in Alabama after and extended illness. Please be in prayer for the family.
June 17 Joe Hamilton for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Please pray for Karen.  For some time she has been experiencing weight loss, with lack of appetite, lack of energy and nausea.  We saw Dr Mercadel today and she was diagnosed with 'failure to thrive'.  She has been admitted to Wellstar Douglas in room 217 for observation and treatment.  Your prayers are appreciated and effective.  She can be reached directly at 770-920-6217.
June 16 Devin

please pray for Grammie (Robin Jensen)

June 16 Tina Dunbar for Beverly Mahle – for strength and peace in her step-father’s last days.
June 16 Brenda Day Heath for Gretchen Anderson – Gretchen is only 32 years old with two little girls.  She has stage 3 cancer.  She is my husband’s niece.
June 14 Bonnie Ray Please pray for Samantha Ray, she is still in France, expected to return home late Sunday night, but has a sinus infection. Congestion in itself is bad enough but when flying it can put horrible pressure on the ears. Also, pray that the group has an uneventful & safe trip home.
June 10 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller -"PRAISE GOD ! Judy came home from the cancer doctor with good news. The cancer on her hip is responding to the radiation and is shrinking. They will now focus on her spinal area. She was so excited today and wanted me to tell the world. She gives all the PRAISE TO GOD!
It was great to hear her feeling good for a change and so excited. She is up for calls in the evening before 9pm.
June 10 Arrangements for Jimmy Nations The family will receive friends at Whitley-Garner at Rosehaven Funeral Home, Douglasville, GA on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. The funeral service will be Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 11:00 AM in the Rosehaven Chapel with Reverend Michael Dunbar officiating. Mr. Nations will be cremated following the service.
June 10 Arubra Hembree Last evening as he was driving home from a family dinner, Jimmy Nations appears to have had a heart event of some type and lost control, drove off the highway and struck a tree and died.  We understand there will be cremation and a memorial services set.  As that information is known it will be shared.  
Several UMMen had visited with Jimmy in the last few days and he was in good spirits during those visits.  Additionally, family had been in faithful contact with him as Jimmy was living alone on oxygen for a year to the day since his wife's Barbara's passing.
Remember his son, Berry Nations, and the extended family as they grieve the loss of Jimmy.
June 9 Bonnie Ricks  for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Please lift Karen up in prayer as she struggles with new medication for her back problem. 
June 9 Tracie Bell  for the family of Michael Harvey, a friend of Matthew Finnegan – He passed away Saturday night while riding motorcycles.  Please pray for all those who ride to stay safe.
June 9 Ed McGrory for all the pastors of the North Georgia Conference who will be moving on to new churches; also for those attending Annual Conference next week.
June 9 Jan Palmer for Grady Stalling  and his wife, Ann (my sister) – Grady fell on Friday.  Pray for Ann as she cares for him.
June 9 Megan Jensen  for Robin Jensen – for healing (cards requested to 731 Meadowlark Dr. Villa Rica GA 30180).
June 9 Bonnie Ray for Gwen Jones and the Jones family – for health and elder care.
June 9 Ann Shearon for Lonnie and Ro Broyles new grandson, Mason – for good health.
June 9 Bonnie Ricks for Pat Addy, Jimmy Nations, Ovis Smith, Monta Raye Hembree, George Hall, Mildred Black and John Day – Pray for our members who can’t get around like they used to.
June 9 Martha Lewis for the Morris and Fleck family -  for safety moving and for family healing.
June 8 Mike Lewis for the Broyles family - Praise the Lord for the birth of Lonnie and Ro Broyles new grandson, Mason Lee Broyles.  The proud parents are Lee and Melissa Broyles.  Mason remains in Baptist Hospital, Ft. Myers, FL.   He weighed in at 2.5 lbs, but Ro reports he is well.  Pray for the baby and the family as he grows and develops.
June 7 Bonnie Ricks for Judy Miller - Please pray especially hard today, Fri. 6/7 for Judy Miller. She has to get her regular monthly Chemo shot, plus her daily radiation treatment which requires she lay on a hard table for 1 1/2 hours. This is so painful for her and the fatigue will last for days and days. Her trust in God still remains so high I know she will blessed.  
June 7 Bonnie Ricks for Jamie Running - Jamie is still recovering at home and the doctor states she can expect another 3 to 5 weeks off her feet. Desiree (Judy Miller'sgranddaughter) is staying with her, but they can use some meals. She is extremely grateful to the church for your ongoing love and expressions of kindness. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.
June 5 Doshie Richardson  for Scott Carter - Scott found out today he has stage 4 cancer and does not have long to live. He is my niece Kimberly's brother-in--law. The doctors told them they had to have someone with him round the clock and had them go ahead and set up hospice care.  Please pray for all of them 
June 5 Pastor Michael for Jamie Running - Pastor Michael spoke with Jamie today and reports she is doing well. She has not asked, but it is clear that with her limited mobility she would benefit greatly from receiving some prepared meals.  Keep Jamie in your prayers as she continues to recover from her second knee surgery.
June 2   Service details for Joyce Bryant Dowda (sister of Sandra Bryant)
2:00 pm, Monday, June 3, 2013
Hightower's Memorial Chapel
7034 Broad Street Douglasville, GA 30134
Please keep the Bryant/Dowda families in your prayers.
June 2 Doshie Richardson Correction - for the family of George PendletonGeorge passed away recently while attending a friend's funeral.  He collapsed and died while speaking at the funeral.  Please be in prayer for his family and loved ones.  The family is the next door neighbor of Malon and Pam WillisError correction- it was previously reported as Bob Pendleton that passed.  That is incorrect.  It was his brother, George.
June 2 Ann Shearon for the Evans family – Reba Evans passed away recently.
June 2 Jan Palmer for Cathy’s Mom – My friend Cathy’s Mother is in the hospital with bladder cancer.
June 2 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane (mom) – She has an irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure.  (cards requested to 5806 S Bear Dr Douglasville 30135); for Henry Lane for guidance and safety.
June 2 Megan Jensen for Robin Jensen – for healing and love.
June 2 Dominic Martini for Joseph Nix – for hope, peace and safety.
June 2 Michelle McGrory for Dallas FUMC Mission Team to Guatemala – for safe travel.
June 2 Doshie Richardson  for the family of Joyce Bryant Dowda - Jjoyce passed away Saturday night after a lengthy illness.  Please pray for the Bryant family. Joyce was Sandra Bryant's  sister. As soon as arrangements are known they will be shared.
May 31 Megan Jensen (via Facebook) Many prayers for Robin (Eddie's Mom). She is out of her second surgery from complications with the first one. They took her to St. Josephs. But she is in recovery now. Thanks all.
May 30 Bonnie Ricks  for Joyce Dowda - Please be in prayer for Joyce Dowda, the sister ofSandra BryantJoyce is gravely ill in Hospice Care and needs God's mercy and peace
May 29 Jan Palmer  for Winkey Brinson - Winkey has been in and out of hospitals recently trying to prevent development of full blown pacreatitis.  He is on medication for this now.  Pray for Winkey and Pat and the success of this treatment.
May 26 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety during travel.
May 26 Ariell Hill for Ed – I hope he feels better.
May 26 Shirley Barrett for self – for healing of my sciatic nerve. I have no confidence in my current doctors. Also travel mercies are requested for me and Don TU-SA.
May 26 Ann Shearon for Max Barkley and Maxine (sister) – for their church, New Hope UMC not to be closed.
May 25 Michelle McGrory (via Facebook) "Okay so here is the post everyone is looking for... Ed was admitted to Cobb last night (TH). He had a TIA (mini stroke) there appears to be No residual effects from it. They are putting him on a salt free diet ( who didn't see that coming) and he will need a lot of moral support from everyone... This is life style change he will have to make... You all need to encourage him as much as possible because I will have to be the one who has to keep him on the diet. We appreciate all the calls and texts from everyone. You do not know how much that little thought has helped us get through the past 2 days."
May 25 Mike Philpott  for Judy Miller - "We went to a Radiation doctor this morning (FR) and got the  story.  Here goes.
Seems the cancer has spread to her hip.  She is to receive 15 radiation treatments over a  three weeks period.  During this time they will check on the progress and check on status of the cancer.  After that, we should find out if more radiation and or chemo is needed.  If and when I find out more will let everyone know.  Judy knows your thoughts and prays are with her.  Thanks, Mike!"
May 24 Pastor Michael  for Ed McGrory (follow-up) -  Ed is resting at Cobb in preparation for a battery of tests today. He is ready to leave and go home but that's not going to happen till tests are done.  Pastor Michael is going to visit him this morning.  Pray the tests show nothing serious and that he is able to go home soon.  Keep Michelle in your prayers as well.
May 23 Pastor Michael for Ed McGrory -  Ed was taken to Paulding Hospital with what has been diagnosed as a TIA (a mini-strooke, an early warning of issues with blood flow to the brain).  For more thorough treatment he has been transferred promptly to Cobb Hospital.  Please be in prayer for EdMichelle and the medical staff as they treat this issue now.
May 23 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller -I just spoke with Judy Miller and she just returned from the doctor. It was bad news. Her cancer has spread now to the hip area. She is being evaluated for radiation next. The doctor says if the radiation does not arrest the cancer that she will face chemotherapy. He does not want to do that since that type of chemotherapy is so destructive to the body. Judy told me she is scared but with God's help and the prayers she receives and the constant encouragement from her church family that she is confident she can do it.
Please keep Judy in your daily prayers and surround her with love.
May 22 Kenny Campbell Please add Loretta Slayton to the prayer list, she will be having several stints put in due to blockages in her veins. I think her surgery is next week.
May 21 Mike Karaty
Please be in prayer for the residents of Moore, Oklahoma after the devastation and destruction of yesterdays horrific tornado. Many children and adults are still lost. Pray that God lay his hands on all of the victims, first responders and military during the recovery.

May 21 Bonnie Ricks for Jennie Williams Horn - Please be in pray for my friend as she is experiencing health problems. Thank you. 
May 20 Mike Karaty
for Jamie Running - Aunt Jamie is now home from this morning's surgery.  She looks well but must use extreme care this time. She has a non-removable brace this time and MUST keep it and the leg straight for 10 days.  PRAY FOR JAMIE.......SHE NEEDS IT.  The doctor has promised to cut the leg off if it happens again....just kidding

May 20 Bonnie Ricks for Kathy Williams Kirby - Please be in prayer for Kathy Williams Kirby, recently hospitalized with blood pressure issues. She is a child of God and needs prayer for healing and a safe and comfortable home. May our Lord above hold her in the palm of His hands for as long as she needs Him to. 
May 19 Tina Dunbar

for the Rivera Family – for peace; for Debi Fields – she is ill and her husband is in Haiti.

May 19 Jannie Lawler for Noble – Pray for health and healing.  Pray the Holy Spirit will lift him up. (Cards requested to 4830 Liberty Road Villa Rica GA 30180)
May 19 Ariana Martini for Rachel Martini – for her health and the safe birth of her son.
May 19 Jennifer Lane for Gary Adkins –for freedom from addiction; for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety.
May 19 Desirée Healey to accumulate enough money to go to Ireland by 6/23/13.
May 19 Malon Willis Praise and thanks to God for the turnout Saturday and the favorable weather.
May 19 Joe Hamilton Thank the Lord for Karen's recovery from the bleeding issue she had Saturday evening. Priase fro all the prayers lifted on her behalf.
May 17 Doshie Richardson for herself - Doshie reports ongoing pain since Monday in her upper right side.  Please pray for healing from the Lord.
May 17 Mike Karaty

Thanks to everyone for their prayers for safe travel for Mike and Jenn. They have retuned from Miami safe and sound.

May 17 Joe Hamilton for the Southern Gospel Singing Benefit - Please pray that lives will be touched by Jesus and that God gets all the glory as we gather to support His work through the Good Samaritan Center Saturday evening; for our Graduates as we honor them this Sunday.
May 16 Bonnie Ricks for the Family of Catherine Camp and for Jamie Running
Please be in prayer for the family of Catherine Camp, as she passed away on Tuesday, 5/14/2013. 
On Monday, May 20th, Jamie Running will have surgery for a torn ligament in her knee. Please pray for her complete recovery.
May 16 Joe Hamilton for Lonnie Broyles - Lonnie has a torn miniscus in his knee and will be seeing an orthopedist this afternoon to plan the next step.  Pray for a graceful and quick resolution to his knee problem.
May 14 Arubra Hembree for Brenda Heath and her husband - Brenda had a pace maker put in on Friday. Then her Husband had to be rushed to the hospital with blood clots in his leg, He is at Tanner Villa Rica, Brenda didn't want to leave him alone so she is at the hospital with him, even though she just had surgery on Friday herself. Please pray for Brenda, her husband and the family.

May 14

NGA UMC Mary P. Martin, mother of Rev.Michael Martin (Austell First UMC & former pastor of New Covenant UMC), died Saturday, May 11th. A family graveside service will be held at Westover Memorial Park on Tuesday, May 14th, at 3:00 PM.
May 13 Bonnie Ray Please be in prayer for ALL our Seniors and for the family of a Villa Rica HS Senior that took their own life. Just so sad with so much to look forward to. Pray that we don’t lose focus on what is truly important in this life and these young people don’t get so overwhelmed that they have to take extreme measures.
May 12 Joe Hamilton
Praise the Lord for a wonderful service today led by our youth.
May 12 Mike and Jenn Karaty  for Jamie Running Well if anyone could do it Jamie did it.  The new knee cap she just got is broken. Somehow she has managed to break the knee cap.  The doctor is not happy.  This means back to the operating room.  Pray for Jamie.
May 12 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane - for safety, peace and guidance.
May 12 Doshie Richardson for Brian Wallace - for a job.
May 11 Bonnie Ricks Praise for our Pastor and church. Please lift up Judy Miller in prayer. Also, pray for travel mercies for Jenn and Mike Karaty, and especially for myMom on Mother\'s DayMay God Bless all of our Mother's
May 4 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for  Pat Amandolia - Pat is my daughter, Shawn's mother-in-law.  She has been hospitalized for several days with flu-like symptoms.  Pray for her recovery.
May 4 Joe Hamilton for Ed Deck - Ed is my son Jason's maternal grandfather.  He had a severe stroke this morning at the nursing home where he receives care.  He is breathing on his own but is unresponsive.  Also, pray for his wife, Peggy, at another unit of the same nursing home.  Her anxiety levels remain consistently high and for her own safety has not been told.  Also pray for Jason's mom, Jan, and the rest of the family.
Apr 30 Doshie Richardson for Robert and Marie Buice - Please pray for Robert.  Marie said he is in recovery from an earlier heart attack.  Also pray for Marie as she said she is not feeling well and is a little down.
Apr 30 Mike and Martha Lewis  for Katie Serio, our daughter - Katie is having a partial hysterectomy Wednesday for cancer.  Pray this will resolve the issue and that a complete hysterectomy will not be needed;  for my co-workler Roxanne - her sisterRaissa Davis is having a breast cancer test Wednesday.  We prayed for her last year and it seens to have come back; for another co-worker, Karen Ward for her motherClista - for emergency abdominal surgery.
Apr 30 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for the family of her uncle Jimmy Lawless - My dad's last surviving brother, Jimmy, passed away early this morning in Minnesota at age 86.  Please be in prayer for my dad, Jack Lawless and the rest of the family. 
Apr 28 Tracie Bell  for Andrew Bell – The doctors think he has a small brain tumor.  He has more testing this week.
Apr 28 Brenda Day Heath  for Tony Day – for peace of mind; pray for his memory loss, that it is just temporary.
Apr 28 Paula Finnegan  for Joyce Dowda – She has cancer and is not doing well.  Also pray for her family as they deal with everything.
Apr 28 Jennifer Lane  for Henry Lane – for safety and guidance.
Apr 28 Robert Buice for himself – Praise God for sparing me.
Apr 28 Tatum for Brandon – for help from God.
Apr 21 Bonnie Ray for Wade’s mom – she was taken to the ER this morning. UPDATE - She is now better and has been released.
Apr 21 Jennifer Lane for Rachel Martini – for great health for her and her baby; for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety.
Apr 21 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Arlene Lawless (aunt) –She has a lood clot in her leg and is in the VA hospital.
Apr 21 Jan Palmer for the little girl from Ukraine that needs heart surgery; for Grady Stallings.
Apr 21 Shirley Barrett for the people of Boston, Watertown, MA and West, Texas.
Apr 21 Ann Eskew for the family of her nephew, Mark – Mark passed away suddenly of cancer on Wednesday.  It was only twelve days from diagnosis to his passing, leaving a wife, two sons, a sister and a brother.
Apr 21 Eddie Jensen for Josh Pelter (stepbrother) – Josh is 28 years old and had a stroke and kidney failure and has made a turn for the worse.
Apr 21 Michele McGrory for the Children’s Ministry – for all the blessings we have received lately.  The children are very thankful.
Apr 21 Ann Eskew for the Yard Sale – pray that it is profitable for the glory of God.
Apr 21 Brenda Heath for Lee Day (brother) – for peace of mind and healing of his eyes and the same for his spirit.
Apr 21 Shannan Shayden for Brenda Heath – for health and healing while dealing with blood pressure issues.
Apr 21 Tina Dunbar for Lyn Coey – Her son, Harley, passed away last night (Sat).
Apr 21 Jeff Thorpe praise for a new good job.  Thanks for all the prayers from New Covenant.
Apr 18 Teresa Gould  for Sharon Hall and Mildred Black - Mildred Black's daughter Sharon in Ruston, LA, has numerous serious medical issues and surgery is not an option. Issues include a blood clot, aneurysm on her aorta, fluid around her heart plus others. The family is all meeting in Ruston. Please keep Sharon and husband Art in your prayers, as well as my mom. Thank you. 
Apr 15 Mike Karaty Let us pray for the victims of today's bombings in Boston and pray for our nation during this time of pain and sorrow.
Apr 15 Kimberly Bryant for Melissa Wilkerson - Melissa is a girl I work with - She is about 18 weeks pregnant and just learned that she has placenta previa.
Apr 14 Pastor Michael

for Chase Mayfield – Chase is in a coma after being jumped and beaten (cards to Powell’s Chapel UMC Villa Rica GA 30180)

Apr 14 Paula Finnegan for Matthew Finnegan – Pray that lessons come from the recent death, and that he will keep the Lord in his thoughts and actions.  (cards requested to 8425 West Carroll Rd Whitesburg GA 30185)
Apr 14 Jan Palmer for Catherine (Pete’s mother in law) as she faces possible hospice care; for Grady Stallings – He is not feeling good.
Apr 14 Juan Gonzalez for Von Leach – He has back surgery Monday.
Apr 14 Shannan Shayden for Chase Harmon – for knowledge and guidance as he tries to graduate high school: for Brett Heath – for peace and guidance as he navigates a difficult time in his life.
Apr 14 Arubra Hembree for Mildred Black – she is not feeling well.
Apr 14 Jennifer Lane for Rachel Martini – for health and guidance; for Henry Lane - for guidance and safety.
Apr 14 Ann Eskew for her nephew Mark – He is 51 years old and cancer; for all with cancer.
Apr 14 Ann Shearon for Max Barkley (brother) and Maxine Smith (sister) – both are much better, but they still need much prayer.
Apr 14 Shirley Barrett for Theresa Samples – She has pain in her left leg and the cause is unknown.  She will not have health insurance for 60 more days; for Bob Schaeffer – He has discontinued his cancer treatment.  Pray for peace and a pain free transition to his heavenly home.  (cards requested to 7 Dupont Lane St Augustine FL 32084); for self – that I regain my strength soon.
Apr 14 Jannie Lawler for Noble – pray for peace of mind, body and spirit.  Pray for peace within; for Ricky Teal – Praises for Ricky receiving his new kidney last week.  He is coming home today.
Apr 14 Mike Lewis for Susan Wisnert (cousin) – For good test results for bone cancer.
Apr 14 Teresa Gould for Eddie Maxwell – A young man facing drug and legal problems.  He needs to find his way to God.
Apr 14 Jennifer Lane for Ricky Maxwell – to get to know the Lord and for safety while incarcerated.  (cards requested to Douglas County Jail 6840 W Church St Douglasville GA 30134)
Apr 11 Mike Lewis  for Linda Freeman (cousin): Linda is on her way to the hospital with her second stroke in the past three weeks.  Please pray for the Freeman family.
Apr 8 Mike Lewis
Blaton Harper, stepson of Berry Nations, died in a motorcycle accident on Saturday.  The family will receive friends at Rosehaven funeral home on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. A candlelight vigil will take place at O'Neal Plaza on Tuesday following the visitation. Details will be announced at the funeral home. The funeral service will be Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 4:00 PM in the Rosehaven Chapel with Pastor Greg Towler officiating. Cremation will follow the service.

Please continue to keep Barry, Blaton's mom Alisha, Jimmy Nations and the extended family and friends in your prayers as they deal with this sudden loss of their loved one.
Apr 8 Doshie Richardson  for herself and family: For Doshie's healing from a sinus headache. coughing. etc. Also for travel this week to see mom; also for Gabriel andClayton to get well.
Apr 8 Joe Hamilton 

for Karen:  Praise the Lord for His mercy and healing as we spent a good part of last night at the ER with Karen dealing with profound stomach distress.  The medical staff resolved the issue and Karen is much better today

for Mike Philpott as he deals with issues from what could have been a real disaster last week at West Point Lake.  His boat and his truck went into the lake down the boat ramp, but he got out through the window unharmed.  Pray for him as he repairs his truck and seeks to mitigate the costs involved.

Apr 7 Brenda Heath

for Brett Heath – for peace of mind and guidance during difficult times.

Apr 7 Ann Eskew for Judy Miller and all with cancer.
Apr 7 Ann Shearon for Max Barkley – for healing.
Apr 7 Robert Martini for Jennifer Lane – for healing, she has a double ear infection.
Apr 7 Jamie Running

for John (former co-worker) – for God’s strength and healing during upcoming surgery.

Apr 7 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for self – I have had severe stomach distress for a week and a half.

Apr 7 Tracie Bell for the family of Blaton Harper – He was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Also pray for his friends, Jacob McKinley and Matthew Finnegan.
Apr 7 Bonnie Ricks for Noble Lawler – for peace and guidance.
Apr 6 Bonnie Ricks for Jamie Running, Judy Miller, Brenda Day-Heath, Shirley Barrett, The Pat Addy Family, & Jeramey Ricks: Please continue to pray for healing for our church members with medical issues. Praise! Jeramey, my grandson starts a new job next week. 
Apr 2 Bonnie Ricks  for the  Family of Craig Jerkins:  I received this request from Jerri Dangerfield, who lost her cousin, Craig. She asked that we be in prayer for the family. Craig passed away on Monday April 1st, and is survived by his wife Lynn and son Shane. The Jerkins' also lost their older son Austin, 2 years ago. Craig struggled with cancer and had requested his Memorial Service be in Virginia where they resided and his burial in Atmore, Alabama, next to his parents. 
Apr 2 Jan Palmer for Katherine (Pete's mother-in-law age 95) - She is in Grady after another stroke. Keep her in prayer along with Isabeuax (Pete's daughter) who has lost a mother and father in the last year and now faces the loss of her grandmother as well.
Apr 1 Doshie Richardson  for Clayton Richardson - He is very sick. Coughing. Sneezing. Nose. Running. Head hurting. Eyes swollen almost shut tonight has slept most of Sunday evening except to eat soup and take meds. I put him back to bed. No temp. Do not know what it is unless it's just a bed sinus attack. Please pray.
Mar 31 Jennifer Lane and Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Henry Lane = for safety and guidance and peace.

Mar 31 Malecca Willis

for Kimberly McColee Mosely – diagnosed with thyroid cancer; for Stephen Haines-Coney – to find spiritual guidance (they are having health and financial problems)

Mar 31 Leya for Malecca Willis – She is going to school and trying to find a job.
Mar 31 Ed McGrory

for Spencer Lute – He is a twelve year old boy and has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, and said “Jesus has my back.”

Mar 31 Pat Addy for Bill Addy.
Mar 31 Robert Buice for Karen Buice-Chambley – for peace and guidance.
Mar 31 Malon Willis Thank you Jesus for letting us all see another Easter Sunday with sound mind and body
Mar 29 Mike Karaty and the Kitchen Team

The Kitchen Ministry is in desperate need of help. We need someone to assist us during clean up on Wednesday nights. If you are interested please contact Mike Karaty or any member of the kitchen team.  Have a Blessed Easter !

Mar 28 Bonnie Ricks for Mrs. Hettie White - Prayers are requested for my 90 year old aunt, Hettie White. She fell last week and also has a slight case of pneumonia. She is in rehab right now and very tired from all the many exercises she must do and being away from what is familiar to her. Your prayers are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Mar 27 Joe Hamilton  for Jamie Running - Jamie will be having knee replacement surgery today.  Pray for a safe, effective and gentle procedure and recovery.
Mar 27 Joe Hamilton  for Shirley Barrett - I spoke with Shirley by phone Tuesday evening and she sounds great.  She is still in Tanner Villa Rica.  She remains on oxygen because her O2 levels are very low.  She is receiving meds to deal with the issue.  Prayers are requested for Shirley.
Mar 25 Lonnie Broyles for Jimmy Nations - Lonnie went to see Jimmy at home today. His breathing is giving him difficulties and prayers are requested.
Mae 25 Joe Hamilton  for George Hall - George has come down with a stomach bug that has him under the weather.  Pray for prompt and gentle healing.
Mar 24 Pastor Michael

for Shirley Barrett - Shirley is in Tanner Villa Rica Hospitalfor overnight observation and tests for a breathing problem.  Please keep Shirley in prayer.

update - She is better but is remaining in the hospital for one more night.

Mar 24 Bonnie Ray

for Ray Stiles and family – He is in hospice care.

Mar 24 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance.
Mar 24 Jamie Running for herself – She has knee replacement surgery on Wednesday.
Mar 24 Kenny Campbell for Barry Thigpen – for upcoming back surgery.
Mar 24 Jan Palmer for Taylor -  She cut her foot at the beach.
Mar 24 Ann Eskew for Judy Miller and all with cancer – for healing.
Mar 24 Ed and Michelle McGrory for the family of George Williams – He recently passed away and was a lifelong member of the UMC.
Mar 24 Pastor Michael for Adrianne Symanowski – she needs a three bedroom rental she can afford.  She is losing her current home.
Mar 23 Bonnie Ricks for Jeramey Dean Ricks - Praise, and thanks for all of your prayers! Our Marine Reservist, Jeramey Dean Ricks, is home and will be reporting to his unit once a month. He came home earlier than expected due to a back injury, but is healing nicely. Does anyone know of any companies who hire and work with Reservist and their schedules? God is so good all of the time, I know he has his hand on Jeramey. 
Mar 20 Doshie Richardson for her Family - "We are having lots of health and personal problems. Some need jobs. Others prayer. Others pain relief."
Mar 19 Tammy Hendrix for My Family! We need peace and guidance! 
Mar 18 Charlene Searcy for the family of Rhonda Payne – Rhonda passed away last night.  Please remember the family in your prayers.
Mar 17 Joseph for guidance into college and for funding to pay for it.
Mar 17 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord for 20 people in Bible Study Wednesday night.
Mar 17 Jannie Lawler for Martha Houston – Pray for good health and healing.  She has health problems that only God can heal.
Mar 17 Molly Campbell  for Andy Funtal – His serious heart condition needs healing.
Mar 17 Shannan Shayden for health and healing from chronic back pain so surgery can be avoided.
Mar 17 Jan Palmer for Bill Addy – He has pneumonia.
Mar 17 Pastor Michael for the Englehart family – In the loss of a great man, Marlin Englehart, and praise for his ultimate healing.
Mar 17 Bonnie Ricks for Judy Miller – for health and healing.
Mar 17 Charlene Searcy for Rhonda Payne – for healing and God’s will.
Mar 15 Charlene Searcy
Follow up on Rhonda Payne, Chief Clerk of Superior Court.  Following her surgery and the discovery of stage 4 ovarian, liver and Lung Cancer, the situation is not good..  After hoping to send her home and start chemo, it is likely she will not be released.
Mar 13 Joshua Barnett Please pray for his grandmother Bailey. She is in kidney failure.
Mar 13 Shannen Shayden for Brett Heath - for peace of mind and guidance during a difficult time while trying to raise a teenager; for Chase Harmon - patience and guidance as he prepares to graduate high school.
Mar 13 Charlene Searcy Please put Rhonda Payne on the prayer list.  She is the Chief Clerk of Superior Court.  She had surgery yesterday and they found that she has stage 4 ovarian, liver and Lung Cancer.  Rhonda is just 45 years old.
Also Barbara Harris, my boss and the Chief Clerk of Probate, has a breast infection and they are sending her to a specialist today.
Mar 12 Ro and Lonnie Broyles for Lee and Melissa Broyles - Please pray for our family. Our son and daughter in law's pregnancy results came back abnormal. Please keep us in you prayers as we wait for new results.
Mar 10 Michele Ganius for myself, my son Oliver, and my Aunt Brenda – for the strength and ability with the Lord’s guidance to get my son Oliver home soon and safely, for my Aunt Brenda’s health and for me to be a stronger Christian.  (Cards requested to 6025 South Bear Drive Douglasville 30135)
Mar 10 Paula Finnegan  for Michelle Ganius – for help for her to get her son back as soon as possible and never to have to worry about losing him again, and help with her own medical problems and issues and Brenda’s health.
Mar 10 Ann Shearon  for Maxine Smith – for healing of her eyes and back; for Homer Booth (brother –in-law) – for healing from kidney stones.
Mar 10 Shannon Shayden  for Chase Harmon – for patience and guidance as he prepares to graduate from high school.
Mae 10 Ann Eskew for my family.
Mar 10 Jan Palmer  for Bill Addy – He is back at Grady and not doing well; he had additional surgery to deal with infection.
Mar 5 Doshie Richardson Noble and Jannie Lawler -  for health and peace for Noble and the family
Mar 5 Joshua for Melanie Dewbre's father - She has just recieved word that his condition has worsened greatly. He is afflicted by cancer, of what kind I know not. Please keep him and his family in prayer for his healing and peace in his heart and mind.
Mar 3 Mike Karaty

for Judy Miller – Please keep Judy in prayer as she continues her treatments.  Her strength is low yet she carries on like a trooper.

Mar 3 Ann Eskew for the Pete Symanowski family in their loss.
Mar 3 Ann Shearon for the McKee family in the loss of their father; for Maxine Smith for healing of her eye and back.
Mar 3 Joe Hamilton for Karen for her ongoing back problems and the reaction to her med changes.
Mar 3 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance.
Mar 3 Jan Palmer for John Palmer – for his kidney stones.
Mar 3 the congregation of New Covenant Praise God for the newest member of the New Covenant church family – Michelle Ganius.
Mar 3 Doshie Richardson for Jordan Wallace - please pray for him and school. 
Mar 2 Adrienne Symanowski for her dad - Pete Symanowski and family - Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Sadly, Dad succumbed to an infection and passed away quietly this afternoon. Arrangements have not yet been made. Please, feel free to pass on news. I will let you know once arrangements are made.
Mar 2 Megan Simmons for Bethany McKee - Bethany is a college friend of my sister, and her mom Daphne was diagnosed with breast cancer early in Feb.  In her PET scan it didn't look like the cancer had spread.  However, when she had surgery this week the doctors found that it had spread to her lymph nodes and they are not sure to how many.  Please lift Daphne up in your prayers for healing, and for guidance and wisdom to the medical staff treating her.
Feb 28 Mike Karaty
Jennifer is very ill with what seems to be either a respiratory infection or the flu. She is in a lot of distress.
Please include her in your prayers.
Feb 28 Bonnie Ricks for those fighting illiness: I received this note from a former co-worker who is now a school teacher at South Douglas Elem.: Just an FYI~ Since you are going to church in this community, and are around the children of South Douglas, Fairplay and Alexander, make sure you wash your hands. It might not hurt to carry some hand sanitizer in your pocket. We are still having children and staff who are coming down with the stomach virus that made the news. Not nearly as bad as last week, but the virus is now affecting the older siblings and family members of our South Douglas kiddos. I was out one day with it, but others have been out for several days with this virus. A few of our kids and a couple of staff members had to have IV fluids and Zofran to stop the vomiting. To top it off there is a nasty respriatory infection going around as well that is sometimes leading into bronchitis, esp with our asthma children. And as usual strep throat, which seems to always be in the building to some degree or another. 
Feb 28 Bonnie Ricks Please pray for healing for my grandson Jeramey Ricks (in Marine Training in Califormia). He has a pinched nerve in his back caused by a muscle tear. He also appears to have a sprained lower back. Jeramey is hoping his recovery will be short, so he can resume to his training. Thank you! 
Feb 28 Joe Hamilton for John Palmer:  John is fighting kidney stones and is only able to do limited work at home.  Please pray for a quick and gentle resolution.  He has also asked that we move the UMMen meeting to next week, Friday Mar 8; also for Charlene Searcy - Charlene has been under the weather.  Pray for a swift and gentle recovery.
Feb 28 Teresa Gould for Katie Cypher - My aunt in Pittsburgh is having surgery to remove a tumor.  Pray all goes well and that we accept God's will.
Feb 28 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Barbara Lane - Barbara had a procedure on Wednesday and is awaiting test results.  Pray for a totally benign report.
Feb 25 Mike Karaty Many of you know Jody from the pharmacy at Sams. She has asked us to please pray for her husband Rod Grantham who was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer and is in need of prayer.
Feb 24 Clayton Richardson  for J.R. and family – J.R. is the Godson of Mark Shearon.  His (J.R.’s) dad passed away today after many years of ill health.  Please be in prayer for the family.
Feb 24 Bonnie Ray  for Beteana Rowland – for good results in her court hearing before the judge; for Sloan and Alex Rowland – for peace and harmony at home.
Feb 24 Ann Eskew and Mike Lewis for Pete Symanowski – for health and healing.
Feb 24 Pat Addy  for Bill Addy and Charlie Moore
Feb 24 Tatum for Mom and Pat and Bill – I love you.
Feb 24 Ann Shearon  for Maxine Smith (sister) – for healing of her back and her eye (detached retina).
Feb 24 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Jeff Hensley – Jeff is in ICU on life support and he has septic shock.  Please pray for healing.
Feb 24 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Praise the Lord I have been accepted in a new drug trial for treatment of my back pain.
Feb 24 Ariell Hill for Montre Hill – I hope he is released soon.
Feb 24 the LaConto family for Patty LaConto – for healing from pneumonia and release from the hospital.
Feb 24 Brenda Heath for Tony Day – for peace and guidance in finding a new job soon; for Shannon Heath Shayden – for peace and healing of very painful back problems and that no surgery will be needed (email requested to
Feb 24 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane –for guidance and safety.
Feb 24 Arubra Hembree for my nephew, Josh – for guidance peace and direction.
Feb 24 Doshie Richardson for health and healing.
Feb 15 Mike Lewis

Our brother in Jesus, Pete Symanowski, is back in the hospital at Tanner Hospital Villa Rica. A group of UMMen and other prayer warriors are gathering in the parking lot of Tanner Hospital Villa Rica, Saturday AM at 10 AM to visit and pray with Pete.  He has requested that folks pray with him. His organs are swollen and he needs your prayers now

Feb 14 Doshie and Clayton Richardson  for Ron Price -- Our dear friend from our old work, Ron Price, is very sick with cancer and is not expected to live.  Please keep him and his family lifted up in prayer.

Update - Ron has passed away. Please keep the family in prayer.

Feb 13 Tracie Bell Praises: Stacey's dad came through the surgery great and Is in recovery. Please keep praying for continued progress but I want to thank everyone for their prayers before his surgery. We have and awesome praying church family.
Feb 13 Bonnie Ricks for Pastor Michael Dunbar and Mission Team - Pray for travel mercies for our pastor and mission team as they travel to his beloved Staten Island, NY for mission work. 
Feb 13 Pastor Michael Dunbar for Bea McGrory (Ed's mom) - Tuesday afternoon Ed's Mom, Bea, was taken into emergency surgery with complications from her prior surgery.  This one was successful and she is back in her room.  Please pray for her recovery.
Feb 11 Bonnie Ricks

for Children with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome & ADHD, etc. 
Please pray God's love and support will be made known to children with hidden disabilities, and give strength, knowledge and understanding to their parents and families.

Feb 11 Arubra Hembree Lori Windmiller's father passed away on Friday.  The damage done to his heart was too great.  Pray for Lori, Keith and the family.
Feb 11 Bonnie Ricks for Tina Dunbar - Please pray for Tina and for painless healing of the cornea damage to her eye.
Feb 11 Joe Hamilton

for Shirley Barrett - Shirley will be having two scope procedures on Wednesday.  Pray for gentle testing and clean results.

Also, please pray daily for the mission team to New York, leaving Saturday.

Feb 10 Arriell Hill for herself – “I pray that my attitude gets better.”
Feb 10 Jan Palmer for the Sisters in Christ Conference, Feb 23 - for salvation, for strongholds broken, for relationships mended, for jobs.
Feb 10 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for steady employment; for Barbara Lane – for healing of her legs (cards requested to 5806 S Bear Dr Dville 30135)
Feb 10 Kenny Campbell for Hal Murphy – Hal is still having breathing issues and is back in the hospital. (cards requested to 6376 Cook Dr Lithia Springs GA 30122)
Feb 10 Noble and Jannie Lawler for the Jimmy and Mary Bryant family – Their daughter Kim was found dead. She was the mother of three children;
for Martha Houston (Jannie’s sister) – Pray for a good result from the biopsies she had and for continued good results with her diet to help her kidneys;
for Noble – pray for healing and the removal of pre-cancerous cells in his right ear once again (cards requested to Noble at 4830 Liberty Road Villa Rica 30180)
Feb 10 Leya for Dee – He is having money problems.
Feb 10 Pastor Michael for the family of Rev. Ben Lewis – My mentor, Rev. Ben Lewis passed away this week.
Feb 10 Robert Buice for Karen Chambley – for healing from knee surgery.
Feb 9 Bonnie Ricks for the Family of Jerri Hollis Dangerfield
I received this prayer request from Jerri Dangerfield, who is one my former co-workers, a teacher at South Douglas Elem., and one of our Boy Scout Mom's. 

Per Jerri: As many of you know, my cousin Craig (55 yrs. old) was diagnosed in Feb of last year with lung cancer stage 3. He has undergone chemotherapy, radiation and one surgery. Craig is now under hospice care at his home. I would like to ask for your prayers not only for Craig, but also for his son Shane. Craig and his wife Lynn lost their other son, Austin (20yo), in Feb. of 2010 in a horrific car accident. Please pray for a peaceful passing for Craig to end his suffering, and for strength and peace for Shane, and for Lynn. Thanks, Jerri 
Feb 9  Ed McGrory Update on my mother, Bea:  She came through her surgery Friday and is resting well.  The doctors believe that they removed 100% of the mass from her kidney.  They do believe the growth was cancerous, but will wait for confirmation from pathology in about 10 days.  They tell us that surgical removal is the only treatment, but expect it to be completely successful.
Feb 8 Ed McGrory Please be in prayer for my Mother, Bea.  She will undergo surgery Friday morning.   They will be removing a suspicious growth from one of her kidneys.  Due to other health issues, they consider her to be at high risk  during the procedure.
Feb 7 Clayton Richardson & Mike Lewis Our brother in Jesus, Pete Symanowski, is in ICU at Tanner Hospital - Villa Rica.  That's all the information we have now.  Please keep Pete, Adrianne, Beau and the family in prayer.
Feb 7 Lori Windmiller Please lift up prayers for my dad. He had a major heart attack Wednesday afternoon and was air lifted to the heart institute St Francis medical center in cape Girardeau MO. He is in cicu -- very critical. please, as you feel led intercede for God's will be done here.
Feb 6 Charlene Searcy Charlene's mother-in-law, Doris Searcy, passed away at 1:30 PM. Please keep the Searcy family in prayer.
Feb 4 Bonnie Ricks for Ethan - Please pray for the 5 year old boy, Ethan, who is being held hostage in an underground bunker in Alabama. I pray God will hold Ethan in the palm of his hands until there is a peaceful resolution to this nightmare.
Feb 4 Doshie Richardson for Clifford Chastain – My cousin’s lungs are getting worse because of a hernia.  He has heart trouble and they are not able to do surgery now.
Feb 4 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Kenny Sadler – Kenny fell and broke his pelvis.  He is a grandfather of our grandson, Justin Gray; for Noble – He had to have more biopsies on his ear.  Pray for good results on the removal of skin cancer. (cards requested to 4830 Liberty Road Villa Rica GA 30180)
Feb 4 Ann Eskew praise God for my successful eye surgery; for Shirley Barrett – one of the Golden Girls is sick.
Feb 4 Ann Shearon Praise God for New Covenant United Methodist Church!
Feb 4 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and guidance.
Feb 4 Sandra Bryant for Alexis Bryant - for healing of an ear infection, high fever and severe congestion.
Feb 3 Tracie Bell for her stepmom - Tracie's stepmom was in the hospital this past weekend for shortness of breath and to run tests on her heart and lungs.  Please keep her in prayer.
Feb 1 Bonnie Ricks Sandra Ivey is another of our church members who has come down with sinus, throat and flu like symptoms. Please pray for her as she is very unwell at this time. Thank you. 
Jan 30 Jan Palmer for herself and John -  Jan saw the doctor today and he has determined she has the flu.  She will be unable to ride the school bus or be around her school kids until Monday.  Also, John has been a little down as well.  Pray for their return to good health.
Jan 30 Bonnie Ricks for those affected by today's storm -  Please pray for the people hit by the terrible storms today. May God have mercy on those affected.
Jan 30 Arubra Hembree for Jennifer, Jaime & Brayden Payne (Johnny Hembree's daughter and family) - They were in an automobile wreck early this a.m.  She is at Grady in Atlanta in the trauma center.  She will have surgery this afternoon on her knee, and has stitches in her head and a neck brace due to a broken bone in her neck. No brain injury.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Praise God little Brayden had no bruises or injuries and Jaime is just bruised really bad.
Jan 26 Clayton Richardson Arriell Hill has been taken to the ER with a very high fever. Pray for her and her Mom, Malecca as they seek treatment.
Jan 26 Shirley Barrett Don Crosby's daughter-in-law, Linda remains ill and in need of prayer.  Additionally, her husband Donny lost his mother today..  Your prayers are requested for the family.
Jan 25 Ann Eskew Shirley Barrett called to say Don Crosby's daughter-in-law, Linda, had kidney surgery earlier this week. She is not doing well. Please remember her in your prayers.
Jan 25 Judy Thomas

Judy Thomas would like to express her deeply felt "Thank you" to all who were there in so many ways during the recent passing of her son, Stewart.

Calls, cards, food, your prayers and your presence were a meaningful expression of God's love at a difficult time and was greatly appreciated.
Jan 22 Sandra Ivey Her brother Ron Griffith is having surgery in the morning at Piedmont to clean out the arteries in his neck. The exact time is not known but it is in the morning. Sandra request that we keep her brother in prayer.
Jan 22 Mike Karaty

Please continue to pray for Judy Miller. She started chemo and is not feeling well and appears
that now she is developing a cold on top of things.

Jan 20 Paula Finnegan

for Michelle and Oliver Ganus – pray God’s will be done and there be peace in the family in his will.

Jan 20 Ann Eskew for my family.
Jan 20 Tina Dunbar for the NWGA Emmaus community – pray for healing, growth and excitement.
Jan 20 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety; for Barbara Lane for her health.
Jan 20 Joe Hamilton for Karen Shepard-Hamilton – for continued healing of her back.
Jan 20 Ed McGrory for Rick Peggs – He is an active missionary of Dallas FUMC who suffered a heart attack Saturday. Pray for recovery.
Jan 18 Mike Karaty

Jamie Running is home from the hospital. After many xrays and scans nothing was determined to be broken or out of place. She is very sore or as she states it "stoved up". That's a southern thing I guess. Pray for the other driver as well. Praise no one was hurt worse.

Jan 17 Bonnie Ricks for Ann Eskew, John Palmer, Jamie Running, Pat and Bill Addy, Megan Barnett

Praise that Ann's eye surgery went well. Pray for John Palmer who is sick with a marble sized kidney stone. Pray for healing for Jamie Running. She is badly bruised and is at the emergency room. (Also please pray for the occupant of the other car from Jamie's accident.) Please continue to pray for Pat and Bill Addy. Praise for Megan Barnett, who attends GA State University, and will participate in the Inauguration Parade.
Jan 17 Mike Karaty

As you may know Jamie Running had a wreck last night. The car was totalled and she was banged up pretty bad but would not go to the hospital. She has agreed to go this morning to the doctor. The other driver was bruised up also.
Jamie was very, very lucky that no one was hurt more seriously. Please drive Carefully in the bad weather.

Jan 15 Pastor Michael

The service for Judy Thomas' son Stewart will be graveside on Friday at 11:30 AM at Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, GA.

Jan 15 Jan Palmer One of the families on Jan's bus route has need of prayer. The father was in an auto accident and is still in the hospital. A child in the other car is in very serious condition and may not make it. Please pray God's healing on this child and on the father as well.
Jan 15 Pastor Michael

He just spoke to Judy Miller and she has received the results form further tests.  She has Stage 4 bone cancer, but the good news is the doctor is confident he can treat it.  It is on the bone and not in it.  She will be receiving periodic chemo.  Pray for a continued successful treatment.

Jan 14 Jan Palmer

Please be in prayer for Judy Thomas and her family. Her son, Stewart, had amassive stroke this past week and was on life support. He passed away at age 52.
As more information is received it will be shared.
Pray for Judy and the family.

Jan 13 Molly Campbell

for Winkey Brinson – Winkey is going to see a new doctor at Duke.  Pray they are able to figure out what is wrong and treat it.  Cards requested to 8625 Banks Mill Road Winston GA 30187

Jan 13 Arriell Hill for Devian Simmons – I hope he gets help with his money problem.
Jan 13 Jennifer Lane for Delores Adkins – for comfort and strength; for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety.
Jan 13 Ann Shearon for Maxine Smith – She just had her 16th visit to her doctor.  Pray they can do something for her pain.  Praise God for the good news on her eye.  The doctor said it is healing.
Jan 13 Shirley Barrett for Bob Schaefer – He has cancer cells in his liver and a couple of masses in his abdominal area and bone cancer in his lumbar region.  Cards requested to 7 Dupont Lane St Augustine FL 32084; for Ann Eskew – She is having cataract surgery on Wednesday; for Ann Shearon – Her foot is not healing properly.  Pray for the bone to grow.
Jan 13 Tatum for Mom, Tim, Pat and Bill – I love you.
Jan 13 Don Crosby for Linda Crosby – She has kidney surgery on Jan 21st.  Cards requested to 6122 Hillpine Dr Douglasville GA 30135
Jan 13 Brenda Day Heath for Chase Harmon (grandson) – for peace and guidance for an 18 year old young man with many conflicts in his life.  He needs to make good choices.
Jan 13 Ann Eskew for Judy Thomas and her son Stewart – he suffered a massive second stroke and is not responding.
Jan 13 Pastor Michael for Bethel UMC in NYC – They are the host church for teams in NYC and will be under tremendous stress in the coming months.  Please send cards of encouragement to:
                Pastor Matt Shaeffer
                7033 Amboy Road
                Staten Island NY 10307
Jan 13 Paula Finnegan for Elisha Ganus and son Oliver and family – for health peace, guidance  and safety through very difficult personal trials.  Lord be with us and protect us.  Cards requested to 6025 S Bear Dr Douglaville 30135
Jan 9 Sandra Ivey

for Ovis Smith - Ovis is in Piedmont Hospital and likely will remain there till Monday. She had a fall last week and was thought to be recovering.. However her doctors feel that the hospital stay and regulation of her medication is necessary. Please pray for Ovis and Wavelyn.

Jan 8 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller: I just spoke with Judy Miller and she is home from the hospital and doing well. She is very tired from the anesthesia and is going to sleep for a while. Please continue to pray that the results will be good. Judy wants to thank all the prayer warriors for their continued prayers.
Jan 6 Tatum

for Pat, Bill and Tim – I love you.

Jan 6 Judy Miller for self for health; for the family of Bonnie Crump who died this week after a long fight with cancer.
Jan 6 Haley Miller for my family for health, peace, strength and safety as we move.
Jan 6 Ann Shearon for Maxine Smith – for her eyes, her back, her feet. I just returned from seeing her yesterday. She is so sick.
Jan 6 Brenda Day Heath for Dakota Day – for healing and peace from possible prostate cancer. (only 21 years old)
Jan 6 Jan for Grady – as he recovers from hip surgery.
Jan 6 Kenny Campbell for Hal Murphy – heart and lung issues.
Jan 6 Doshie Richardson for Mike Lewis and the boys, Tom and Andrew – for safe travel.
Jan 6 Dillon Lybrand for Jessie Lybrand, Michelle Ganey, Brenda Davis – for spiritual leadership.
from Joe Hamilton for Karen - Her back continues to cause pain. Pray for relief.
Jan 4 Jan Palmer

for Pat and Bill Addy - Pat is in the hospital with a severe recurrance of heart congestive heart disease. She and the family need prayer. Her husband Bill is improving. Today he walked and spoke. He was able to talk to Pat on the phone.
for Grady Stallings - Grady had his hip surgery successfully. He did not require hip replacement, instead he had screws inserted to repair the break. He is in rehab at home.

Jan 4 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Judy Miller - Judy is in consultation with her doctors to determine the best treatment for a recurrance of cancer. Please pray for healing and God's direction. Also, Judy lost a friend, Brenda Crump who passed away recently. Be in prayer for her family and friends.
Dec 30 Judy Thomas

for Stewart Thomas (son) – Pray for his recovery from a mini-stroke.

Dec 30 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety.
Dec 30 Tracie Bell for Howell Bell – He will be having another surgery on his colon after the first of the year.
Dec 30 Haley Miller for self, family, and Uncle – for guidance peace and safety.
Dec 30 Joe Hamilton for Karen – Pray for healing in her back.
Dec 30 Anonymous Praise for the blessings of the Christmas Season.
Dec 24 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Charles Davis and family (follow-up) – Doctors allowed Charles to wake up from an induced coma. He knew his family and was able to speak and wiggle his toes. His back is broken and recovery will be lengthy. Please keep Charles and his family in your prayers.
Dec 23 Mike Karaty cousin Patty Johnson in Orlando - Patty fell late last night and broke her nose and has 2 black eyes. She also broke a rib and injured her wrist. Pray that she did not damage the rods in her back.
Dec 23 Ed McGrory

“Michelle and I will celebrate 21 years of marriage Christmas Eve.”

Dec 23 Anonymous Praise God that he used New Covenant to bring Christmas to others.
Dec 23 Pastor Michael

for the Hroncich family – Friends on New Jersey found their oldest son in bed dead. He was only 30 years old.

Dec 23 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Charles Davis and family – He was critically injured. Pray for his healing and that he will not have long lasting bad effects; for Kevin Stone – Keep praying for him as he still needs the Lord.
Dec 23 Ann Shearon for Kenneth Barkley and family – His mother died. She is my Aunt. Please pray for the family; for our church and for the presence of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
Dec 23 Paula Finnegan for the Jensen family – Devin has the flu, pray for health for the kids who have been so sick.
Dec 23 Malecca Willis for Jahnay Anderson – She is 5 months old and have been sick with pneumonia for nearly a month.
Dec 23 Arriell Hill for Dad, Devin Simmons - I hope he settles in soon.
Dec 23 Ann Shearon for Bill Addy – pray for Bill, Pat and the family for strength.
Dec 23 Tatum for Mom, Tim, and Bill – I love them.
Dec 23 Teresa Gould for Alana (5 yrs. old) – She has been sick for months and Doctors can’t find the cause.
Dec 23 Doshie Richardson for family – for health and healing for the whole house and for safety while Clayton and I travel after Christmas.
Dec 21 Bonnie Ray Please pray for Payton Jones, (7 month old Granddaughter of Wade), who has RSV. It’s a respiratory virus, highly contagious and could lead to pneumonia & breathing problems. Please pray for a speedy recovery, strength for the parents & no more complications.
Dec 20 Jan Palmer (update on Grady Stallings) - Grady's hip is broken and he will be undergoing surgery this afternoon or tomorrow. They are waiting for his surgeon to become available. Please pray for a speedy and gentle recovery.
Dec 20 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings: He fell this moring and may have a fractured hip. Please pray that surgery is not required. Grady has been through a lot and was recently declared cancer free. Please pray that this issue will be resolved as well.
Dec 19 Bonnie Ray

(follow-up on her Mom, Allene Rowland) - She called this morning, she still sounds a little groggy & is hungry. Her foot was warm last night so they know the medication is working but they will perform the dye procedure (Angiogram) again today at 2 to determine if the meds have dissolved all of the clot. Thanks for your prayers!

Dec 19 Jan Palmer

for Bill and Pat Addy - Bill is now at Shepard Center. He was moved today from ICU and is now breathing on his own. He also is attempting speech. Praise the Lord. Please continue the prayers.

Dec 18 Bonnie Ray

for her Mom, Allene Rowland - She is at Emory for a blood clot in her left leg. They are doing the Angiogram this morning to determine the severity of the clot and what to do about it. It is our HOPE that they will be able to administer the clot busting procedure to correct it. That would be much preferred over surgery because her overall health is declining. I pray for good results, effective procedure and for strength and ease of pain for my Mom.
(Follow-up) - The doctor just called & said it went well, they were able to secure the catheter and will start the clot busting medication. She will be placed in ICU to monitor her closely.

Dec 18 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller - Our sister Judy Miller received a call from her cancer doctor last night to inform her that her blood test came back abnormal, possibly indicating cancer activity in her body. She is currently going to have a CT scan done to see what is going on. Besides her having a full plate at home she is devastated at this news. Please pray for Judy and her family. I will let you know more when I find out.
Dec 16 Bonnie Ricks

for Mike Karaty, Pat Addy, Michelle McGrory and the Children of NCUMC.

Mike is sick with the flu and is still having much pain from his leg. Please lift him up in prayer.

Please lift up Pat and her family as her husband Bill has been moved to the Shepard Center. Her son-in-law Josh is also in the Shepard Center as well. They will soon be removing his hip. May God be with them both.

Thanks to the Lord for the wonderful job Michelle did with our children for the New Covenant Christmas Play. Praise God for our precious children who worked so hard on the play and songs. Their voices were like angels and we were truly blessed to witness this event.

Dec 16 Arriell Hill

for Pastor Michael – Have a great birthday!

Dec 16 Jan Palmer for Grady – Praise God he is cancer free.
Dec 16 Pastor Michael for Christina Kranishu and Jimmy Perini – They are both suffering from cancer.  They are friends in NJ.
Dec 16 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety, guidance and good health.
Dec 16 Morgan and Tracie Bell for the families who lost someone in the shooting – for all the families, teachers, students and parents.
Dec 16 Shirley Barrett for Bob Schaefer -  He has a liver biopsy tomorrow.  Pray the results are negative for cancer.  (Cards requested to 7 DuPont Cir Jacksonville FL 30284); for Don Crosby – He had a MRI on Friday.  They think it’s his pancreas.
Dec 16 Ann Shearon for Maxine Smith (sister) -  for healing from back pain and healing of her eye.
Dec 16 Ann Eskew Praise God for the outpouring of love and gifts for the family in need that God sent to us or Christmas.  God is good!
Dec 16 Robert Buice for the Newtown CT families – God bless the families that had the horrible tragedy.  God bless our country.
Dec 16 Bonnie Ricks for Mike Karaty – He has the flu and his leg still has lots of pain.
Dec 16 Martha Lewis for Thomas Lewis – for protection, guidance and safety in both the military and as he starts college; for his personal life decisions
Dec 16 Doshie Richardson for Clayton and Doshie Richardson – Praise God, we will be married 41 years Dec. 19.
Dec 14 Bonnie Ray

For God’s protection and traveling mercy for my family and all others that will be traveling to see family for the Holidays.

Dec 14 Bonnie Ricks The shooting today in at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, CT: Please pray for the 3 survivors, their families, and the families of the 18 children, and 8 adults who were killed. Please be with all the students, faculty and law enforcement who deal with this unthinkable act of violence.
Dec 13 Pastor Michael

via Howard Day for Brenda Day Heath: In conversation with Howard, he reports his daughter, Brenda, came through her bypass surgery well. She is at home resting and recouperating.

Dec 13 Joe Hamilton for our Kids & Ed & Michelle: They are all working faithfully to prepare a beautiful time of worship in drama and song this Sunday night. Pray that God will bless their final practice Saturday and use the presentation Sunday evening at 6 for His glory.
Dec 13 Bonnie Ricks

for Charlene Searcy: Please pray for Charlene who is very sick from the flu.

Dec 12 Pastor Michael

Pat Addy reports that Bill had a trach and a port put in at Grady.  The hope is for him to be moved soon to the Shepard Center.  Please continue your prayers.

Dec 12 Jan Palmer

Praise God that her brother in law, Grady, is now cancer free!

Dec 9 the Operation Christmas Child Team

for the Children – Your team prepared 1500 boxes of love.

Dec 9 Paula Finnegan for the Jennings family – all three children have strep; for Candace – pray we can hold off to have her tonsils out until the summer. She has had strep 4 times this school year.
Dec 9   Arriell Hill for Devian Simmons (Dad) – “I hope I can get in touch with him.”
Dec 9 Doshie Richardson for Doshie and Clayton –for our home, peace and guidance.
Dec 9 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Kevin Stone – For health, peace, healing, safety and guidance. He may return to school soon and is still in great pain.
Dec 9 Pastor Michael for Rev Frank Boone – He is recovering from a mini-stroke.
Dec 9 Ann Eskew for family – Praise God for lunch yesterday with sisters, two daughters and granddaughter.
Dec 9 Ed McGrory for Bea (Mom) – Her hospital stay has revealed a growth on her kidney that requires further tests and surgery. Her shoulder is healing well and she is now allowed to drive again.
Dec 6
Bonnie Ricks

Brenda Day Heath will be having a Medical procedure (stints) Thursday 12-6-12 at Emory University Hospital. Please pray for Brenda, her Doctor, and for quick and painless healing. Please pray for Karen Shepard-Hamilton, who is very sick with the flu.

Dec 6
Joe Hamilton
for Karen, as she has two doctor's appointments today.
Dec 6
North Georgia Conference
Rev. Frank Boone is in the Piedmont Fayette Hospital.
Dec 5
Pastor Michael

for Shirley Barrett - Her eye surgery went well this morning.

Dec 5
Charlene Searcy

for Leticia Ricketts - She had major heart surgery for a blockage in her heart, but her blood pressure fell drastically and they had to go back in. The Army is allowing her son to come home from Afghanistan, She is a relative of my boss by marriage .

Dec 5
Joe Hamilton
for Ben and Lori Coffee - Ben is the son of Eddie Coffee, one of my team members in mission to Mexico in prior years. Lori had an infection that caused premature labor and the twins she was carrying did not survive. Please pray for the entire family.
Dec 4
Charlene Searcy

My daughter Susan has a friend who is pregnant and needs our prayers. She is 30 weeks and they have now put her on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. The baby is doing fine and is 5 lbs. which is very good. They are giving her steroids I believe to help in the development of the baby’s lungs. The Mom’s name is Amanda Qualls.

Dec 4
Mike Karaty

I injured my leg and the doctor is running tests to rule out a blood clot in my right leg. I would appreciate all your prayers at this time, and if anyone has an extra pair of crutches that I may use I would be ever grateful to you. Just call us and either myself or Jennifer can pick them up.

Dec 2
Shirley Barrett

for Shirley Stephenson – she has terminal cancer; for self – Healing from Shingles and for cataract surgery on Wednesday; for Bob Schaefer – Praise his PSA is down and he is having a PET scan to see if cancer is in other areas of his body. (Cards requested to 7 Dupont Cir St Augustine FL 30284)

Dec 2
Jennifer Lane
for Henry Lane – for good health and guidance.
Dec 2
Cason Jones
for Nat, Amber, Josh, Cason, Pam, Bob, Jennifer, Arianna, Miss Barbara – to keep them under God’s wings, out of sin’s reach and keep them safe.
Dec 2
Dominick Martini
for Cason Jones – for safety.
Dec 2
Molly Campbell
for Pat and Winkey Brinson – Winkey has been very sick and they are trying to get him an appointment at Duke.  They need to figure out what is wrong with Winkey.
Dec 2
Arriell Hill
for Devian Simmons – “I hope I can get in touch with him.”
Dec 2
for Devian – “He stopped calling so I am very worried.”
Dec 2
Pat Addy
for Bill Addy
Dec 2
Malecca Willis
for the Willis family – for continued growth & blessings in God’s Word.
Dec 2
Bonnie Ray
for her Kids – Guidance that they will make the right choices.
Dec 2
Doshie Richardson

for James Luck and wife & new baby girl – Born Saturday night 9:23 PM.  James is in the Army but was able to be with them via Skype.

Nov 28
Ed Mcgrory

I have a Brother in Christ, Kerry Ott, who I have been in Ministry with for about 5 years. He has been battling Health issues for over a year. He has become extremely Ill in recent weeks. He is no longer able to work or to drive. He has lost his faith and is now loosing his will. Kerry is and has always been a Man of God, Living his life in the way Christ would. He is a Stephens Minister as well as a teacher of the Word. Please be in Prayer for him, his wife and 3 Children.

Nov 28
Doshie Richardson
for Bill and Pat Addy: Last night she spoke to Pat.... Bill is still not responding.... they took him off the breathing machine for a few minutes and he only had 17 breaths a minute... his blood pressures is still too high.. 200/something .. just pray that the doctors can help him get better soon
Nov 25
Shirley Barrett

for Bob Schaefer – He is in treatment for his cancer (cards to 7 Dupont Cir, St Augustine FL 32084); for self for healing from shingles. They hurt. Praise that the cataract surgery went well.

Nov 25
Arriell Hill
for Devin Simmons (Dad) – I hope he is OK, I haven’t heard from him.
Nov 25
Mike Philpott
for Jim Jordan – He is a good golf buddy facing gall bladder issues and pneumonia.
Nov 25
Jennifer Lane
for Henry Lane – for guidance and good health.
Nov 25
Molly Campbell
for Mike Fitch – for healing from recent surgery.
Nov 25
Cason Jones
for self, Jessica, Nana, Matt, La-la, Lisa, Mark, and Josh – God please keep your wings over them and out of sins reach.
Nov 25
Ann Eskew
for Megan Jensen and family – Praise for the new baby; praise for the season of giving thanks.
Nov 25
Pastor Michael
for the West Ridge Church of Dallas – in the death of one of their pastors.
Nov 25
Mike and Jennifer Karaty

While on the road home this morning we received a call from my mother that her niece (my cousin) had been transported to Mercy Hospital in Miami with cardiac problems. Her name is Elaine Jepeway and a very dear member of my family and my mothers right hand. Please keep her in prayer during this critical time. Updates will follow.

Also, we have arrived home safely.

Nov 25
Pastor Michael
for Bill Addy:  Pat's husband Bill remains in ICU at Grady with severe head injuries.  At this time he is not responding to the medical staff at all.  Please continue to pray for Bill and Pat and the family.
Nov 25
Sanju (via Web)
for self:  I request a prayer for myself for getting a God fearing partner in life soon and for restoration of my eyesight as I have become partially blind after a brain surgery
Nov 21
Pastor Michael
Follow-up on Bill Addy - In order to relieve pressure on the brain from his fall, surgery was performed that required a removal of a portion of the skull. That was successful and the pressure has been relieved and the portion of skull reattached. However, Bill is not responsive at the present time. He remains in ICU at Grady.
Prayer is needed for God's hand to be upon him, Pat and the entire family at this most troubling time.
Nov 20
Arubra Hembree

Praise the Lord!  Megan and Eddie Jensen have a new little son, Elijah, born at 8:10, weighing 7 lbs, 15 oz., both mother and new baby are fine.

Nov 20
Jan Palmer
(Correction and update on Bill Addy): It was not a heart attack.  It was a serious fall at work.  He landed on concrete on his head.  He was taken to Grady Trauma Center and brain surgery was performed last evening.  He is now in ICU.  The prognosis is unknown at this time.
Please pray for Bill, Pat, and the whole family.
Nov 19
Jan Palmer
Jan just spoke with Pat Addy and learned that Pat's husband, Bill, has been taken to Grady with a suspected heart attack.  Please be in prayer for Bill, Pat and the entire family now.  More information will be shared as it is known.
Nov 18
Dominick Martini

for Ed for his knee problem.

Nov 18
Arriell Hill

or Devin Simmons – I hope he’ll be there for Thanksgiving.

Nov 18
Jennifer Lane
for Henry Lane – for health and guidance, praise for his safe trip to Virginia.
Nov 18
Cason Jones
for Nat, Amber , Ed, Jessica, Lisa and Dominick – to have God keep His wings over them, to let no harm come to them and to keep them out of sin’s gates.
Nov 18
Ashley Goins
for herself and from Brenna Barnett for Ashley – She broke her finger.
Nov 18
Tatum Stallworth
for Tim, Pat and Bill.
Nov 18
Bonnie Ricks and Doshie Richardson
for Kevin (Jannie & Noble Lawler’s grandson) – He was in a severe accident and his ankle was hurt badly.  He is having surgery at Grady.
Nov 18
Robert Martini
Thanks for new employment!
Nov 18
Bonnie Ray
for Teana Rowland (sister) – for healing; she is in a lot of pain from an auto accident; broken ribs and bronchitis.
Nov 18
for Jackson – for health and healing; for Chase Harmon – for peace and guidance as he struggles turning 18 and prepares to graduate.
Nov 18
Annette Davis
for Gwen, Frankie and family – for guidance in faith and healing; to return to God and the church. This is a Mother’s prayer.
Nov 18
Sandra Bryant
for Tom Nelson and family – travel mercies as he and his family travel to NY.
Nov 18
Megan Jensen
for safety during her 4th Caesarian on Tuesday.
Nov 17
Ed McGrory

for his mother, Bea: Mom is doing better every day. She has been home for about 5 days now and is eating well. They are still looking for a true cause to her illness, but she is on the mend. Her shoulder continues to heal more each day, and she has begun P.T. again.

Nov 17
Joe Hamilton

for the men: Pray for a blessing all around today as we smoke turkeys. Pray God will use this work for His glory.
Pastor Michael has arrived and is working in New Jersey in Hurricane Sandy relief. Please continue prayer for his safety and the well being of all the survivors and workers.

Nov 15
Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Jennifer Lane: Jennifer's gall bladder issue is causing her much pain and she is trying to get a doctor's appointment today.  What they thought might be a liver issue is now believed (again) to be gall bladder.  Please pray for God's healing presence. 

Nov 15
Joe Hamilton

for Pastor Michael:  As Pastor Michael travels to New Jersey today to provide aid and support to survivors of Sandy, pray for safety for him and that God might use him to bless those he serves in their efforts towards recovery.

Nov 11
Tatum Stallworth
for Pat, Mom and Tim.
Nov 11
Arriell Hill
for Malecca Willis – I hope she’s OK and that she will come home soon.
Nov 11
Cason Jones

for Nat, Mama, Josh and Jessica – Please keep them all safe and under God’s wings and do not let anything happen to them. (Cards requested to Kathy Jones 6266 Dorsett Shoals Rd. Pine Lake lot 231 Douglasville GA 30135; Jessica lot 230).

Nov 11
Jennifer Lane
for Henry Lane – for a quick, safe trip to Virginia; for Rachel Martini – for good health and guidance.
Nov 11
From Robert Martini
for self – for employment.
Nov 11
Ann Eskew
for Ann Shearon – recovering from foot surgery; for Shirley Barrett – she has shingles.
Nov 11
Bonnie Ricks and Shannan
for Brenda Heath – She has surgery Tuesday, for health and healing.
Nov 11
Paula Finnegan
for Candace – She fell and has hurt her back. Pray it is just sore.
Nov 11
Theresa Gould
for Midlred Black – She fell yesterday.
Nov 11
Bonnie Ricks
for Richard Lawler

Please pray for Richard Lawler, brother of Noble Lawler. Richard's wife Emily passed away after being removed from life support. The funeral will be today. Also keep Noble and Jannie and the other family members in prayer as they travel for the funeral.
Nov 6
Bonnie Ricks

for Kathryn White (Mother): Please lift my mom up in prayer as she is in the hospital with a severe urinary tract infection. Thank You.

Nov 6
Joe Hamilton

for our nation:
WESLEY'S REMINDER ABOUT VOTING "I met those of our society who had votes in the ensuing election, and advised them, 1. To vote, without fee or reward, for the person they judged most worthy: 2. To speak no evil of the person they voted against: And 3. To take care their spirits were not sharpened against those that voted on the other side."
-- John Wesley, October 6, 1774.

Nov 5
Ed McGrory

We received word last night that Mom (Bea) has been admitted to the hospital. She is fighting an internal infection and is in a great deal of pain.  They are giving her medications to control the pain. And will be running several test today. Please be in prayer for her comfort and healing.

Nov 4
the church

Appreciation and thanks for Pastor Michael and his family at our church.

Nov 4
Tina Dunbar
for Tom Mullins – for a job.
Nov 4
Arriell Hill
for Malecca Willis – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Nov 4
Jennifer Lane
for Henry Lane – to leave for VA quickly; for Barbara Lane – for wisdom, guidance and peace.
Nov 4
Shirley Barrett
for Ronnie Freeman –His brain tumor has returned; for self, Charlene and Vickie – travel mercies for our trip this weekend to Charleston SC.
Nov 4
Tracie Bell
for Howell Bell – He has blockage in intestine after open heart surgery.  They can’t do surgery to correct it.
Nov 4
Jeff Thorne
for strength and guidance in a job interview Monday.
Nov 4
the Jensen family
Praise and thanks for the meat.
Nov 4
Michelle McGrory
for the survivors of Sandy.
Nov 4
Noble Lawler
for Emily and Richard Lawler – Emily is in the hospital and needs prayers for healing.
Nov 4
Ed McGrory

for Bea McGrory – She has developed and infection and needs more prayer.

Oct 30
Charlene Searcy

I ran into Rebecca Mathis last night. Those who know her are aware of her diabetes and how she suffers from medical conditions related to her diabetes. She is now suffering from kidney failure and is on dialysis and is on the kidney transplant list. She is still working and Sarah is currently in college at Baylor in Texas I believe. I told her I would place her on the prayer list.

Oct 30
Mike Karaty

Johnny Hembree is now homeat his Mom's. Keep him in your prayers in this time of transition.

Oct 30
Megan Jensen (via FaceBook)

I have a prayer request for someone I have never met this morning. Her name was Adrianna Phips. Not sure of the spelling. My husband drove by her car upside down on the side of the road this morning on his way into work. He said she was beat up real bad and just wandering around lost. He had to take care of her and keep her awake for 20 minutes while the ambulance came because she was slipping in and out of consciousness. She has one small child, a daughter.

Oct 28
Bonnie Ray

for Teana Rowland (sister) – for healing of body and spleen from trauma of an auto accident.  (cads requested to 1597 Turkey Creek Rd. Carnesville GA 30521)

Oct 28
Ann Eskew
for Cleve Scovill – for health and healing.
Oct 28
Ann Shearon
for Maxine Smith (sister) – for healing of her eye.
Oct 28
Tracie Bell
for Howell Bell (Stacy’s dad) – for healing from open heart surgery.
Oct 28
Kenny Campbell
for Stanley Dowda – He has had part of his lung removed due to cancer.
Oct 28
Arriell Hill
for Malecca Willis – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Oct 28
Jennifer Lane
for Jayd Grimes – for comfort from the loss of a loved one; for Henry Lane – for guidance (cards requested to 5806 S Bear Dr Douglasville GA 30135)
Oct 28
Candace and Rachel
for Josh North – for healing for his arm and for his knowing not to be ashamed for a miracle.
Oct 28
Bonnie Ricks
for all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy
Oct 28
Joe Hamilton

I spoke with my friend Lois O'Neal in NY and the impending storm has raised grave concerns for all those in her area who live alone in low-lying areas.  There are many elderly and isolated folks who have limited access to transportation and shelter in her part of the local river valley.  Pray for their safety and for the Lord to send help if evacuations are needed.

Oct 23
Ed and Michelle McGrory

Update, Mom's (Bea's) Shoulder surgery went well. She is in recovery and doing fine. She has 6 to 8 months of recovery ahead. But with continued Prayer she is expected to do very well. She wanted to Thank everyone for their Prayers and Well wishes and looks forward to visiting again very soon.

Oct 22
Doshie Richardson
Doshie and Clayton's daughter, Jennifer's husband Brian lost his father, Keith Wallace this evening. He was taken to Douglas General and passed away shortly after admission. Please keep Jennifer and the family in your prayers.
Oct 22
Ed McGrory

We have received the all clear from my mother (Bea's) cardiologist to proceed with her Shoulder repair surgery.  They will do the Shoulder repair this Tuesday morning. They are still very concerned with her heart during surgery, but she knows that God is in control.

Oct. 21

Ann Eskew

for Cleve Scovill – for healing from eye surgery.

Oct. 21
Noble and Jannie Lawler
for our country and leaders – Pray for God’s will to be done and His guidance for all.
Oct. 21
Jennifer Lane
for Rachel Martini – for guidance and good health; for Henry Lane – for a good transition home. (cards requested to 5806 S. Bear Dr Douglasville 30135)
Oct. 21
Robert Martini
for B & B Glass – for financial stability and praise for continued new jobs.
Oct. 21
Arriell Hill

for Malecca – I hope she’ll come home soon.

Oct. 21
Haley Miller
for my mom – for peace, healing, guidance, love and safety.
Oct. 21
Doshie Richardson
for Peggy Blackstone (friend and mother of my sister-in-law) – for healing of stage 3 cancer; infection in the surgical site. She has had to return to the hospital. The cancer is the size of a golf ball.
Oct. 21
Doshie Richardson

for Peggy Blackstone (friend and mother of my sister-in-law) – for healing of stage 3 cancer; infection in the surgical site. She has had to return to the hospital. The cancer is the size of a golf ball.

Oct. 21
Gracie Barnett
for Case. – He twisted his ankle.
Oct. 21
Bonnie Ricks
for grandson, Jeramey Ricks – His crucible test is at Parris Island this week. Please pray.
Oct 20
Mike Lewis

for Andrew Lewis - at Andrew's ROTC Raider's meet recently, he had a fall while carrying a stretcher and wrenched his knee. He will be out of today's competition. Pray for a swift recovery. He is a vital member of the team and it means a lot to him to be there for the other guys.

Oct 20
Mike Lewis
for Jim Biles and Trish Biles - While Trish continues good recovery from being struck by a car a few weeks ago, Jim had a fall that hurt his lower back. As the primary caregiver for Trish as she recovers from a broken hip, Jim needs our prayer for his own siwft recovery.
Oct 20
Joe Hamilton
for Joan WIlliams of Joshua International Ministry I spoke with Joan recently and she is now able to move about on crutches after knee surgery. Pray for a continued smooth recovery, as well as pray for the cildren and staff of her ministry in Sierra Leone.
Oct 20
Joe Hamilton
for Pastor Michael and family - As they move forward in the loss of Pastor Michael's Dad, Robert Dunbar, it is a blessing to report the beautiful and moving service from Thursday in SC as Robert was laid to rest with full military honors. Keep the family in your prayers.
Oct 20
Joe Hamilton

for today's events at New Covenant - the Pumpkin Patch, the Cafe Grill, workers for the delivery of more pumpkins, the Charlie Brown movie tonight; that in all the Lord be glorified.

Oct 19
Brenna Barnett
for Ashley Goins: Please pray for Ashley, she is going through some hard times right now.
Oct 15
Pastor Michael
My father passed this morning in his sleep. I was able to anoint him and pray over him yesterday and I am blessed for that. Funeral will be Thursday at 2pm Heritage Memorial Gardens Westminster Sc
Oct 14
Charlene Searcy

Please be in prayer for Bobby Gee and his family.  He lust his dad this afternoon.

Oct 14
the whole church

for Pastor Michael and his dad, Robert – As Robert prepares to go home to God, please keep him and the entire family in prayer.

Oct 14
Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane – for guidance.

Oct 14
Haley Miller
for her whole family – for peace and guidance.
Oct 14
Robert Martini
for Jennifer Lane and Dominick Martini – for healing and getting back to health.
Oct 14
Jennifer Lane
Ann Eskew for Cleve Scovill – for his recovery from his wife, Jeri’s death.
Oct 14
Jennifer Lane
for herself – for healing and for guidance for her doctors.
Oct 14
Paula Finnegan
for herself – She is having a colonoscopy on Monday. Pray for good results.
Oct 14
Kenny Campbell
for Sparky Strickland – Having lymph nodes removed tomorrow. Age 25 and has cancer.
Oct 14
Bonnie Ricks
for Howard Day - Brenda Day-Heath stated that her dad, Howard, will be 92 years old next Sunday, October 21, 2012. If possible, please send him a Birthday Card to: Howard Day, 9110 Edinburgh Dr., Winston, GA 30187. Brenda says he really loves funny cards and enjoys reading them over and over.
Oct 12
Joe Hamilton

for Pastor Michael, his Father, Robert and the family - Pastor Michael has received word that his Father's condition is failing. He is going to South Carolina tomorrow to be with him. Travel mercies are requested.

Please pray for Robert, Pastor Michael and the whole family at this difficult time.

Oct 11
Charlene Searcy
(follow-up) - Paige , the expectant mother carrying twins (one viable, one not) is too sick for them to do the anticipated C-section. They say her red cells are non-existent, and her white ones have taken over.
They put her on a high powered antibiotic, and she has to check her blood daily. If her red cells come up at all, they will take the living child, Genna. Paige still has the staph and is a strep carrier, so now they told her they can't do an epidural, so Paige will have to be asleep for the birth.
(from her mom) "I feel like I am holding on by the skin of my teeth, and I can't even begin to imagine how Paige feels!! I just don't want to lose my daughter, and Paige doesn't want to lose hers. I will let you know when anything happens. Many prayers are needed."
Oct. 8
Joan Williams
for Joan Williams, director of Joshua International Ministries in Sierra Leone and long time mission partner with New Covenant:
"I just got a call from Dekalb Medical about the results of the pre-op I did last Thursday. They want me to see a cardiologist as my EKG is showing Ischemia (a part of my heart is not receiving oxygen). I have scheduled an appointment with a cardilogist for tomorrow at 1:00pm. The surgery has been moved to Friday at 10 am. This will give the cardiologist time to review the EKG and give clearance or treatment before surgery. Not sure where all this is leading to. But I ask for your prayers. Thanks for praying!"
Oct 7
Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane – for guidance; for April Bates – for guidance.

Oct 7
Pamela Suzette Willis
for Kris Taly – She has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is only 41.
Oct 7
Jan Palmer

for Grady Stallings – for healing.

Oct 7
Paula Finnegan

for Candace Finnegan – She has stomach problems. Pray that they find out what is wrong and that it is simple and can be easily treated. She returns to the stomach doctor Monday. She was given meds that didn’t help.

Oct 7
Ann Shearon
for Lyn Walker (cousin) – He lost his wife one month ago. He is almost blind and needs to be in church.
Oct 7
Shirley Barrett
for Larry Allen and children – help them deal with the loss of Carolyn; for Ola Enlow (sister) – She has a herniated disc. Pray the doctor will find a way to treat it.
Oct 7
Ed and Michelle McGrory

for Bea McGrory (Ed’s mom) – Praise God that the blockage can be treated without surgery. Pray for good results on the tests on her heart.

Oct 7
Noble and Jannie Lawler
for Julie and Mike Cotton and their whole family – Julia lost her sister Jan last Monday. Julia and Mike both have cancer; Julia’s son Jeff just came home from 4 mos. In the hospital after numerous surgeries due to a wreck in July.
Oct 7
Jim Biles

for Trish Biles – Praise for her recovery and good prognosis for a full recovery.

Oct 6
Charlene Searcy

Please pray for a young woman who is currently 34 weeks pregnant.  It was twins, one has died and one is viable.  There are other extreme health issues caused by a prior ectopic pregnancy.  She is so cautious and concerned that she will not let the family buy anything for the child.  The family and friends have asked for prayer for all concerned and a healthy delivery.  They are planning a C-section possibly at 36 weeks or sooner.

Oct 3
Charlene Searcy

As received from Hal Hamrick:  Sgt. Ross Brown with DCSO Court Services, has a 14 year old son named William, he goes by Wil. He was sick last week and Friday they took him to the Dr. they sent him for a MRI. it showed a big tumor behind his left eye. He went in for surgery Monday and they couldn't remove it all because its attached to the main vein in his neck. They will find out today if its cancer and whether or not he will have to start treatment.

Oct 3
Jim Biles
Update on his wife, Trish's condition following last weeks accident.
Trish is improving and has been up and walking carefully at the hospital. She will be undergoing PT for several weeks to strengthen and promote healing . She has small fractures in her pelvis that are best healed without surgery as they are not total breaks.
Praise the Lord that Jim's son and daughter-in-law are staying with them while their house is being built. So if Trish is released for home care and PT this weekend, as hoped, there will be assistance at home in her recovery.
Thanks for all the prayers.
Oct. 2
Joe Hamilton

For Emmaus Walk this weekend and next: Pastor Michael and Clayton Richardson are working the Men's Walk to Emmaus this weekend, beginning Thursday evening. Tina Dunbar is working the ladies walk next weekend. Keep these workers and all the Pilgrims in your prayers during this time of drawing closer to Jesus.

Oct. 2
Joe Hamilton

For Robert Dunbar, Pastor Michael and the family as Robert (Pastor Michael's father) is fading physically. Continue to lift Tina Dunbar's Mother, Lydia, in prayer during her continued recovery.

Oct 2
Ed McGrory

Please continue to lift my Mother Bea in Prayer. She received the results of her shoulder scan, and will have to have extensive surgery in the weeks to come.  In preparing for the surgery, they have found issues concerning her heart, and she will be undergoing more testing Wednesday morning.  

Oct. 1
Charlene Searcy
for Becky Nale Yarborough - Becky is the daughter of Duffie and Pace Yarborough, members of New Covenant many years ago. She has been under great stress lately and has been hospitalized for treatment and recovery. Please keep Becky in your prayers.
Sept 30
Bonnie Ricks
for Sandra Ivey –She was in an auto accident.
Sept 30
Shannan Shayden

for the Johnson family – for peace in dealing with the sudden death of their son and brother.

Sept 30
Ann Eskew
for those in our church who were in accidents this past week; Jim Biles’ wfe, Trish, and Sandra Ivey
Sept 30
Jennifer Lane
for April Bates – for safety and guidance; for Henry Lane – for safety and guidance.
Sept 30
Arriell Hill
for Malecca – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Sept 30
Robert Martini
Thanks for continued steady work and for new contracts for continued work.  Amen!!
Sept 30
Paula Finnegan
for Taylor Schartle – Pray for answers and healing.  He’s having breathing problems while playing football. (cards requested to 5043 Grey Rd D’ville 30135)
Sept 30
Dominick Martini

for his dad Bob – for safety at his job tomorrow.

Sept 28
Jim Biles
My wife Trish is in the hospital with injuries from being hit by a car while she was walking across a parking lot. She has some broken bones and some brusies to her lungs which is causing some breathing issues that the doctors are dealing with.Prayers appreciated.
Sept 26
Arubra Hembree
Pastor Mike asked us to pray for the family as his dad is ready to go home and be with the Lord. 
Sept 26
Arubra Hembree
Please keep Winky & Pat Brinson in your prayers, they lost their son, John Rowley, in a motorcycle accident.  Funeral services were Wednesday at 4:00 at Martin & Hightower (Carrollton).  The mailing address if you would like to send a card is: Triple Creek Flower Farm,8625 Banks Mill Rd., Winston, GA 30187
Sept 23
Bonnie Ricks
for Megan Jensen - for a wonderful baby shower yesterday for Megan and Eddie Jensen. As Megan approaches her due date, let's pray God will give her a safe delivery of their special little one. May God bless this sweet family.  
Sept 23
Ashley Goins
for Angela Goins: my mom cut the tendon on her foot.
Sept 23
Ed McGrory
for Bea McGrory - pray for healing and for the doctors knowledge. Peace for Bea's fear.
Sept 23
Paula Finnegan
for Matthew Finnegan - Matthew got a motorcycle. Pray God protects him always.
Sept 23
Annette Davis
for Roy Rogers: Praise for he is now cancer free. Thanks for everyone's prayers.
Sept 23
Jennifer Lane
for Henry Lane - For healing, safety and guidance.
Sept 23
Megan Jensen
Praise for a wonderful baby shower yesterday for Megan and Eddie Jensen. As Megan approaches her due date, let's pray God will give her a safe delivery of their special little one. May God bless this sweet family.
Sept 21
Pastor Michael
Everything went well with Mike Karaty's surgery he will be staying overnight and the come home. Praise The Lord!
Sept 20
Mike Karaty

My surgery is scheduled for 8am tomorrow morning. My wife Jennifer will let Joe know when it's over and the results. (I'll post news as it comes, Joe)
Thanks, Mike
PS: See ya'll in church on Sunday !

Sept 18
Jennifer Karaty
My aunt Jamie Running is out of surgery and doing great. Thanks for all the prayers
Sept 16
Pastor Michael
for Ed McGrory – for healing from knee surgery; for Bea McGrory - for healing from a fall.
Sept 16
Paula Finnegan
for Taylor Schartle – He is having some health issues. They are not sure what is wrong. Pray Jesus gives the answers and the healing.
Sept 16
Pastor Michael, Jamie Running and Jennifer Karaty
for Mike Karaty - He has heart surgery on Friday.
Sept 16
for Colin (brother) – For safety during his travels.
Sept 16
Bonnie Ray
for Boyce Rowland – for God’s protection while he is in Afghanistan.
Sept 16
John Palmer
for Grady Stallings – He was not able to get his last two Chemo treatments this week, but he will this week.
Sept 16
Jamie Running
for her knee surgery on Wednesday; for Mike James (Son-in-law) – he has surgery on Wednesday (cards of encouragement to 101 Kingston Rd. Blountville TN 37617)
Sept 16
Bonnie Ricks
for Jeramey Ricks – He is in Marine boot camp.
Sept 16
Robert Martini
for Jennifer Lane and Nanny (Barbara Lane) – for safety in their return trip from Baltimore.
Sept 16
Doshie Richardson
for James Luck – for safety overseas, he has yet to receive his orders.
Sept 14
Mike Karaty

Please be in prayer for the Campbell Family.
Lois Campbell passed away this morning at home.  Kenny was with her as she went home to Jesus. This only just occurred, so please allow some time for Kenny and Molly to deal with the immediate issues before you call. Please remember Kenny and Molly and the extended family as they face this loss.
A memorial service will be held at a date to be determined.

Sept 13 NGUMC
Rev. Robert Pierce (Lithia Springs UMC) has been diagnosed with lymphoma. He will be ongoing chemotherapy in the coming weeks.
Sept 13 Mike Karaty

Jamie's daughter Ruth came through surgery fine and is now in recovery at Jamie's home.

Sept 13 Michelle McGrory via Facebook Ed got home and was resting in his recliner last night. The doctors found a few more issues with his knee but were able to deal with them all.
Sept 13 Robert Buice

I just wanted to let everyone know that after the prayer in our church that I have less headache than I had before. Also, my B12 has gotten closer to "normal. And last but not least, my blood sugar is staying low at 100 to 140. God Bless everyone at NCUMC.
There was no stroke but severe malfunction of my blood streams.
Love always, Robert

Sept 12 Mike Karaty

Jamie Running's daughter Ruth is undergoing a lumpectomy this morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

Sept 12 Joe Hamilton

In surgery today: Ed McGrory will be having knee surgery today.
Pray for gentle, successful and easy recovery.

Sept 11 Sandra Ivey Our brother in Jesus, Wavelyn Smith had another heart attack on Sunday.  After treatment he is being released today.  Please keep him and Ovis in your prayers.
Sept 11 Doshie Richardson

This is a praise!  My headaches are not as severe, so I want to thank everyone for your prayers. i still go to sleep when they happen but that's ok... we can deal with that.   Thanks you all

Sept 11 Joe Hamilton May we never forget those whose lives were taken by hate on this day in 2001.  May Jesus Christ remove the spirit of evil which would destroy and replace it with the love of God in all our hearts.

Continue to lift up Pastor Michael and his Dad, Robert; Tina and her mom Lydia; as well as the whole family for God's healing, protection and grace.
Sept 9 Paula Finnegan

for Tammy and Greg Hendrix – Greg’s mother passed away over the weekend Arrangements will be shared as they are known.

Sept 9 Tina Dunbar – Praise the Lord for students and parents and the community at Haralson County standing up for religious freedom.
Sept 9 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings – Praise the Lord there are only 5 more radiation treatments for him (out of 90).
Sept 9 Robert Martini for Landon – for health and healing for my friend Tommy’s grandson; Thanks for continued steady work.
Sept 9 Dominick Martini for Cason Jones – for good health.
Sept 9 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Jannie’s sister Ann Smith – she has Alzheimer’s and is facing a change in her home. Pray that God will give her peace of mind.
Sept 9 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and healing.
Sept 9 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for her Aunt, Dearie Cairney – She is in very poor health and is near death.
Sept 9 Brenda Day Heath for Doreen Golet – Malignant tumors on the brain have returned. They treated one, now there are nine.
Sept 9 Doshie Richardson for Doshie and Clayton – To find a home of their own. The house they found turned out to have been broken into and the wiring was stolen so they had to cancel.
Sept 6 Karen Shepard-Hamilton fpr her aunt, Dearie Cairney - Dearie is very ill and is not expected to make it through the night. Please be in prayer for Dearie and the whole family.
Sept 5 Pastor Michael

Please put this out for prayers: We are still dealing with my dad and now Tina's mom in West Virginia is in the hospital with pneumonia and they believe she had another stroke. Thanks Pastor Michael

Sept 2 Clayton Richardson for Carol Whitworth (sister) - She lost her son, Clayton's nephew, Saturday in a 4-wheeler accident. Please pray for the family. He was a believer, praise God.
Sept 2 Shirley Smith for our country – for those affected by the storms (Isaac and others)
Sept 2 Nobel and Jannie Lawler for Alicia (granddaughter) and Matt – Pray God’s blessings on their marriage. May God be the center of their lives; for Noble – He has a skin cancer in his right ear. He has an appointment on 9/14 to remove it.
Sept 2 Bonnie Ricks for Ruth Running – she has surgery on 9/12/12.
Sept 2 Ann Eskew for Nancy (sister) – for healing from surgery last week.
Sept 2 Shirley Barrett for Larry Allen, Kevin, Darlene and Jon (children) – Caroline passed away Thursday morning; for Bob Schaefer – Cancer has returned. He will have a body and bone scan. Pray it has not spread. (cards requested to 7 DuPont Lane St Augustine FL 32084).
Sept 2 Arriell Hill for Malecca Willis – I hope she will come home soon.
Sept 2 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and health.
Sept 2 Paula Finnegan for Michelle, Rachel, Taylor, Kristina, and Candace – all were in the wreck. Pray that everyone gets well from the soreness, bumps and bruises
July 30 Arubra Hembree

for Ronald Parson & Tracy Parson: Both are brothers of a friend of mine and are going thru cancer treatment – please lift them up in prayer.  Thanks..Arubra

July 29 Robert and Marie Buice

There will be a memorial service for Mrs. Grace Lewis this Saturday morning at 10 AM at New Covenant UMC.  We will celebrate her life and her home-going.  Opportunities will be given for all who wish to speak to share your memories of Mrs. Grace.

Afterwards, Robert and Marie have invited friends and family to their home for a reception and refreshents.

The actual funeral and internment will be held later in Nebraska.

July 29 Rev. Michael

My Mother is back in the Hospital. She either had another stroke or seizure. Continue you healing prayers for her.

July 28 Rev. Michael

Grace Lewis, Marie Buice's mother and Robert's mother-in-law passed away today after a brief time of hospice care.  Please be in prayer for Robert and Marie and the family.  As arrangements are known they will be shared.

July 28 George Hall

I just received the following from Cathy Van Meter: "Mitchell has had some more episodes and we have an appointment today with a neurologist near Piedmont who has more of a specialty with seizures. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor and for peace for Mitchell".

July 27 Bonnie Ray

Samantha Ray has been having problems with severe nose bleeds.  They recur frequently.  She was cauterized Friday, but now the problem has returned and is affecting both nostrils.  Surgery will be done tomorrow to seek a long term solution.

Neighbor, David Hutchins, has stage four cancer and prayers are needed now.  Chemo may be tried but the prognosis is difficult.  Pray for his wife Carol and their two boys as well.

July 27 Nita Leathers

from :

Cecil Lawrence, long time member at New Covenant, was found dead in his apartment yesterday of an apparant heart attack.

Arrangements are pending but at this time it appears the body will be cremated and a memorial service is anticipated for Friday.

More information will be shared as it is known.

July 27 Tommy and Kim Cannon

Please pray for Brandon Clark.  He was in a Jeep accident, thrown from the vehicle and is on life support at Grady.  Pray for God's miracle in his life and the life of his family.

July 26 Dee Boreing

Thank you all for your prayers. We have never felt such comfort and peace. Jack is out of surgery and doing good. He will remain in ICU today and may be able to go home tomorrow. God is still in the miracle business.

Blessings, Jack & Dee

July 26

Robert and Marie Buice:

We ask that everyone please pray for the well being of my mother, Grace Lewis.  She had a bad stroke two weeks ago.  Her doctor sent her home.  She is unable to talk legibly and is bed ridden. Hospice is attending to her regularly. Her throat is 95% paralyzed and it is extremely hard for her to drink water even when dropped from a straw. She cannot see in one eye and is able to only see less than 2% in the other and unable to talk except in a very low tone. She chose some time ago to not be put on any type artificial feeding. Her prognosis is less than 2 weeks.  She wants to pass on to be with God and Chris and Jim, her husband.  This is the reason we have not left her in 3 weeks and have not been in church.
Thanks to you and everyone at New Covenant for your prayers. God Bless.

Marie Buice 

July 26 Joe Hamilton Karen has been admitted to Willowbrook Hospital in Ville Rica to have her medications adjusted.  They have been troubling her profoundly for over a week.  Your prayers for God's peace with Karen as she goes through this time and that the Lord will guide all the staff as they help her through this.
July 25 Molly Campbell for Winky Brinson – Winky is having on-going stomach problems.  He needs a diagnosis and healing.
July 25 Jannie Lawler for Noble – Pray for health and healing, he is not feeling well.
July 25 Dee Boreing for Jack – Pray for Jack as he faces heart surgery in Mississippi at 7 AM Monday.
July 25 Ann Shearon for Maxine Smith: - She is having surgery Monday.
July 25 Ann Eskew Please pray for all the young people going off to college and for her grandson, Joshua.
July 25 Joe Hamilton

for Karen Shepard-Hamilton – Pray that God’s peace will rule in her heart.

July 23 Dee Boreing Jack' surgery is scheduled for Monday @ 7. We are praising God for all his blessings.
July 23 Joe Hamilton

A praise and a prayer - Praise God for Karen's relief from back pain.  It is much better by the grace of God.  Also please pray as Karen has had some severe issues arise from medication for her ongoing illness, both physical and emotional.  We really need God's touch.

July 23 Pam Willis

Clayton came through the exams with the cardiologist with flying colors and is good to go for knee surgery in August.  Praise the Lord!

July 23 Arubra Hembree

You may remember the prayer request for David Gardner's neice, Maddy. Here's a praise the Lord update!

Here is David’s little niece who we prayed for – thought you would enjoy seeing her smiling face at home..Arb

Her Doctor in Seattle said she could not ride her bike unless she had her helmet, her brace on and her bike still had training wheels on it…..  Here she is two evenings ago.
She will be doing nails this weekend (“Nail’s by Maddy”) as a fund raiser at Kodiak’s“Relay for Life”  sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  I have been told that she did them for the Doctor’s and Nurse’sinSeattle during hospital stays.  She is really a HOOT, and it’s SO GOOD to have her back home. 
Mike Gardner


July 23 Joe Hamilton

Our brother Clayton Richardson will be having multiple medical appointments this morning related to getting clearance from his heart doctor for his knee surgery.  After his previous visit to the cardiologist, these appointments were scheduled because the doctor found some things that must be resolved before knee surgery can proceed.
Pray for Clayron today and for healing in every way.

Huly 21 Larry Mahle

for Jack Boreing: Jack's heart cath went well in that he does not have a blockage, he does however have an Aortic Aneurysm. Jack will have a CAT scan tomorrow so the doctors can decide on a plan of treatment. Dee said they are looking like open heart surgery. Lets lift Jack and Dee up in prayer.
Dee sends her thanks for the ongoing prayers.

July 21 Bonnie Ricks

for her mother, Kathryn White:
Thanks you for your prayers! My mom's surgery went well this morning and they are hoping for a 90% recovery. Praise God!

July 20 Rev. Michael

My mom’s Drs are puzzled as to what is going on with her.  She is having an MRI this evening to look for neuro and vascular damage. She had another stroke that has affected her left side at this time.  Her short term memory  has been affected and she has become disoriented. She did recognize Wesley and Ryan today and was glad to see them.  Continue to keep her in your prayers.

July 20 Jimmy Nations

Jerri Alverson is requesting prayer for her husband Fred. He has back surgery scheduled on Thursday July 22 at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital.

July 19 Rev. Mike

My sister just called and said that she had to take my mother to the hospital this afternoon. She became very disoriented and her right side went numb. They have done a lot of tests and scans and are puzzled. She is in Neuro ICU at University Hospital in Augusta. Ryan and I are going down in the morning.  Pray for mom’s recovery and our safety on the trip down and back. 

July 19 Dee Boreing

Please continue to lift us up, Jack is scheduled for a heart cath on Wed. If all goes well we hope to be in GA sometime next week for a few days.

July 19 John Palmer Please pray for John and Jan.  John lost his only remaining uncle last week.  He and Jan are on the road to Tennessee for the funeral.  Pray for the family and for their safe travel.
July 19 Clayton Richardson

Clayton had his stress test this morning, required before his knee surgery can happen.  The Doctor reported some heart abnormalities that will require further review before the knee can be addressed.  Please pray.

July 18 Teresa Gould

for Dumah Adams – Please pray that he gets into a better home soon.  He is elderly, alienated and alone.

July 18 Noble and Jannie Lawler

From for the people and the situation in the Gulf – pray that the cap holds and that there are no further leaks anywhere.  Also for President Obama and our country’s leaders.  Pray that they all follow God’s will for our nation.  Also for Beth, Shawn and their children, Ann and Leslie – Pray for guidance and wisdom for Beth and Shawn to do the right thing for all.  For the children please pray for protection, peace, wisdom, strength and renewed hope.

July 18 Kenney and Kimberly Bryant

for Tony Bryant – He had a seizure this week caused by two small tumors on his brain lining and has started radiation treatments.  Pray for God’s healing.

July 18 Tina Rainwater Please lift our church and our church family to God.
July 18 Robert Martini Thank God for continued steady work and a good outcome of the court case Monday.  (from Karen Shepard-Hamilton - follow-up – the court case did not go well.  He is locked up for ninety days, please pray for Robert, Jennifer, Arianna, Dominick and Barbara)
July 17 Sandra Bryant

for Tony Bryant: For those who do not know, we have had a major set back.  The cancer has now moved to Tony's brain, causing him to suffer a seizure.  It was the most awful thing I have ever been through.  We had him transported to St. Joseph Hospital where his oncologist would be handy.  He is now doing radiation on his brain to hopefully treat these tumors.  Chemo will be put on hold until radiation is complete.  He is very weak, but still optimistic.  After spending three days in the hospital, he is glad to be home.  Hopefully the medication will control the seizures.
Please keep us in your prayers.  Our only hope is to receive a God given miracle.
                                  Love to all of you, Sandra

July 17 Bonnie Ricks for Kathryn White, her mother: Finally, Mom will have her back surgery next week, 7/21. Please pray for the surgeon, and for my mother\'s strength and endurance. This has been a long time coming as her back pain has become almost unbearable. She is 83 years old, so my 2 brothers and I know it is risky. After we all 4 met with the doctor, mom decided it is a risk she does want to take. We are praying for an improved quality of life without pain, but we know God\'s will is our refuge.
July 17 Rev. Michael

for his Mom, Mary Martin:
Just a note to let you know that my Mom Mary Martin is back at home, resting and doing well.  She lives in an assisted living facility and has great care available. My brother-in-law Scott works there and will also be keeping an eye on her.  Thanks for your prayers and please continue to keep her lifted up for a complete recovery and a renewed quality of life.    Blessings, Rev. Michael

July 16 Dee Boreing

Jack has been having all his regular heart tests this week and they have called to have us come in Monday to discuss some irregularities they found. Please lift us up Monday. We are walking in peace for we know who is in control.

July 16 Rev. Michael He reports his Mom came through the carotid artery procedure well and is expected to spend a short time in ICU.  As she stabilizes she will be moved to a private room.  He sends his thanks for your prayers and asks that they continue for a full recovery.
July 15 Rev. Michael

My mother has had a mild stroke and will be having surgery to remove plaque buildup in her left carotid artery Friday July 16 at noon in Augusta, Ga. Please pray for the surgeon and for a complete recovery.  Blessings, Rev. Michael

July 15 Megan Simmon

Could you please put William Carbury and his family on the prayer list.  He's a friend of mine and works at college in London, UK where I study abroad.  His sister has, had a drinking problem for a while now.  Here is what he wrote:

My family is in turmoil my big sister Christine has fallen down over 30 concrete stairs.  She was drunk yet again but this time things are really bad her brain is bleeeding badly and she has brain damage as well. 

July 15 Rev. Mike

Tony Bryant is at the hospital this morning about to undergo a Gamma Knife procedure on two spots on the brain.  He has been in profound distress of late in his chemo and this additional issue calls for immediate prayer for Tony and Sandra and the family.
Please pray now.

July 14 George Hall

for Mitch Van Meter: Mitch is in special need for prayer this morning. I understand he had a seizure on the way to work this morning, became disoriented and lost. Cathy located him and he is at home now resting. Please pray for healing and strength and comfort for Cathy.

July 14 Joe Hamilton

I am awaiting the results of a stress test and if all is well will be released this afternoon.

July 13 Joe Hamilton

I am writing this from room 346 at Wellstar Douglas.  I expect to be here overnight for observation and a possible stress test in the morning.  I awoke this morning with pressure in my chest and a pain in the back of my neck.  After a visit to the fire station (thanks Phil!) Karen brought me here.  It appears totally related to inadequate blood pressure meds.  They will monitor things through the night and if tests continue to show no major problems, I will be home tomorrow.
God willing I will see all the faithful friends of the choir at 6:30 tomorrow evening.
Thanks for your prayers and praise the Lord for competent medical professionals.

July 12 Arunra Hembree

Phil will get to go home today, Monday, and we appreciate all of your prayers, calls, concern and love.  He has a patch on so “no smoking” and we’ve told him he has to take it slow for a while.  He has a big smile on his face when I tell him who all has called, prayed or sent a card.  Thanks again for all your love.  Sincerely, The Hembree Family

at this posting Phil is on his way home.

July 11 Johnny Hembree Phil has been moved from ICU to a private room at Wellstar Cobb, Room 205.
Continue your prayers.
July 11 Noble and Jannie Lawler

for Jannie’s sister, Ann Smith – Ann has alzheimer’s and has problems dealing with many daily issues; for Noble’s sisters.  Betty has medical problems and may face surgery.  Alline is still dealing with issues of cancer.

July 10 Arubra Hembree

Phil is doing well this AM. Blood levels are low but they are working on it. As soon as a room is available he will be moved from ICU to a private room..  He is in good spirits and is eating well.  Another stent may be needed for an additional blocked artery.
Please continue your prayers..

July 8 Sandra Bryant

Tony had a chemo treatment on Monday, but his doctor has changed his treatment plan.
Tony will now have a treatment once week instead of a five-day one week treatment.
The aggressive 5-day was was too hard on his body, and was draining him too much. The severe weakness and nausea was making it hard for him to function.  Hopefully this new plan will work better for him.
On a brighter note, my sister Joyce had a PET scan this week, and the results were what we have hoped and prayed for NO CANCER found.  She will take two more treatments, but is now considered in remission. 
Please continue to pray for Tony and the God given miracle we're expecting for him, and praise God for the healing of Joyce.
Thanks again for all the prayers.

July 8 David Barrett Please pray for my friend, Preston Barnes. His business needs capital to operate. He has work, but needs funds to purchase supplies.
July 8 Arubra Hembree

Phil Hembree, our wonderful brother, cousin, uncle, nephew, had a heart attack last nite around 7:30 (Wednesday, 7-7)…his girlfriend, Debbie,  was with him and got him to the Fire Dept. in time and they did an EKG and then rushed him to Cobb General Hospital.  Time was an important factor and all was taken care of within the 90 minute time frame which is important when having a heart attack.  He rested well last night. 
They took the catheter out of Phil this morning (7-8) and he has to remain still for the next 4 hours – He will be in ICU for the next 24 hours.  Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to lift him up.  The doctor suggests no visitors until he is out of ICU.  He needs to remain still and calm so the artery will not start bleeding.  He had 99% blockage but a stent was placed in that area and checking other arteries out now for flow.  The doctors will determine what meds will be needed.  Thank you again and the family appreciates all of your love and support.  Call me if you need any additional information, 404-934-3208.  Thanks - The Hembree’s  

July 7 Johnny Hembree

After Phil's heart catheterization the doctor's inserted a stint in an artery that was 90%+ blocked.  The procedure was successful and he is expected to recover after a few days in Cobb hospital.  Praise the Lord for successful treatment.
The doctors said that his prompt action of going to the fire station and the quick transport to the hospital meant the difference between successful recovery and a less favorable outcome.

Continue your prayers for Phil and the family.

July 7 Mark Shearon

The latest report on Phil Hembree:

Mike Shearon was at Cobb visiting his mom, Ann, when Phil was brought in.  He prayed with him prior to Phil going back for a heart catheterization.  He reports that it appears that the prompt action by Phil of going to the fire station and the prompt transport to the hospital has mitigated any major damage.
Please pray for Phil's continued recovey.  More news will be posted as it is received.

July 7 Arubra Hembree

Phil Hembree had some physical distress this evening and went to a fire station. EMT's ran an EKG and determined he has had a heart attack.  As of this writing, he is being transported to Wellstar Cobb.
Pray for God's hand and immediate healing for Phil.  Also please pray for the entire Hembree family.

July 7 Mark Shearon

Ann Shearon had her heart procedure today and all went very well.  One stint was inserted and no other treatment was needed.  She is doing well and can receive calls today after 6 at Wellstar Cobb, room 204.

July 4 Joe Hamilton Karen Shepard-Hamilton – pray for Karen’s relief from back pain.
July 4 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord for the freedom we have in our country.
July 4 Doshie Richardson

for Clayton Richardson – Clayton will have knee replacement surgery on Aug 23rd at Cobb Hospital.  He will have no income during four weeks of recovery.

June 29 Mike Karaty He will be seeing the doctor today for severe pain from gout. It is preventing him from walking and is causing profound distress. Pray for his healing.
Likewise several members of the hurch cook team are feeling poorly and need prayer.
June 28 Noble and Jannie Lawler

for Ricky Teal – Ricky (age 21) continues to be in need of a kidney transplant.  Both of his kidneys are failing.  Pray for God to move in this need.

June 28 Karen Shepard Hamilton for Tina Rainwater - Tina's fiance lost his job Saturday. Please pray for the family in a difficult situation.
June 27 Noble & Jannie Lawler

for Christi Sprankle – for peace, safety and guidance as Christi and a group of ladies from her church are going soon to the Ukraine on a mission team.

June 27 Sharon Morgan for Kyndal Dawson – Kyndal has anger issues in a new blended family situation with constant stress on all concerned.  Prayer is needed for everyone.
June 27 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord for the successful Yard Sale, all to the glory of God.
June 27 Robert Martini Praise the Lord for steady employment!
June 27 Jennifer Lane pray for employment.
June 27 Shirley Schaefer for Wayne Enlow – He is in the last stages of cancer.  Pray for peace and relief from the pain; also for Frank Kerr – He has pancreatic cancer and hospice has been called in.  Also pray for his wife of 63 years, Jerry.
June 27 Brenda Day Heath for Tony Day (brother) – Pray for his health, guidance and peace in some very difficult times.
June 24 Rev. Mike for Bonnie Ricks' mom, Kathryn White: Bonnie's mom just got out of the Heart Cath test and has no blockages!!! She will be able to have the back surgery she needs without this worry. Bonnie says thanks for all your prayers
June 23 Rev. Mike

Wavelyn Smith came home from the hospital Tuesday AM and is doing well.  Praise the Lord!

June 23 Bonnie Ricks

Bonnie's Mother, Kathryn White, will be having heart catheterization on Thursday.  Pray for God to give her His healing.

June 21 Bonnie Ricks I know a special young woman who is suffering quietly right now. She is special and unique and is carrying a lot of responsibility on her shoulders right now. God knows her name. Please pray for my friend, and God's comfort in her life.
June 21 Rev. Mike  Bob's test results came back cancer free and Wavelyn continues his recovery and will be looking to go home in the AM. Thanks for all your prayers. God has heard and responded with some mighty works in their lives. Isn't God Good!!!
June 21 Joe Hamilton

This morning Wavelyn Smith is having his second operation to clear his arteries.  Pray for God's hand to guide and for his healing to be done.

June 21 Jamie Running for her daughter Ruth - Pray for healing and God's peace for mind, body and spirit.
June 21 Jamie Running for Mike Karaty - Mike is suffering severe pain from gout and other health issues. Please pray for healing and relief from pain for Mike.
June 20 Bonnie Ricks for Kathryn White: Please pray for my mother's continued back and heart problems. She will have a heart catherization on Thursday June 24th. Also, please continue to offer up prayers for our church, Reverend Mike and Karen, and for our dear church friends who are experiencing health issues; Wavelyn & Ovis Smith, Ann Shearon, George Hall, Mollie Campbell, Tina Rainwater, Tony Bryant, Noble Lawler, Bob and Ann Schaefer, Karen Shephard-Hamilton, Clayton Richardson, Pat Addy and family, Mike Karaty, Mike Lewis, and all the others whose names God knows. 
June 20 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Linda Edwards of Lithia Springs:  She is in the last stages of cancer.  Pray for God’s touch on her and the whole family.
June 20 Ann Shearon Please pray for her brothers-in-law, Joe Smith and Homer Booth – They are both in their 80’s and in poor health.
June 20 Ann Eskew

for Bob and Shirley Schaefer: Pray for Bob’s complete healing from his colon surgery and that no trace of cancer is found in the biopsy.  Pray for Shirley to be relieved from her vertigo.

June 20 Pamela Willis

for Chris Edwards: He is having tests done for leukemia on Monday.  Pray he is found to be in perfect health.

June 20 Molly Campbell

for Robert H. King – Pray for Robert; he has diabetes and the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

June 19 Shirley Schaefer Praise the Lord that Bob is being released from the hospital today and is recovering very well from the surgery.  He is in good spirits.  Please continue prayer for good results on Monday from the tests that were done.
June 18 Shirley Schaefer

Bob is doing very well.  He has required no pain meds, the cath has been removed and he is in good spirits.  Praise the Lord.  Keep praying!

June 17 Shirley Schaefer

Bob came through his surgery well this morning.  They removed a portion of the colon and some lymph nodes (for biopsy) and he is doing well.  He will be at the Wellstar Douglas Hospital for several more days.  Please continue your prayers.

June 16 Arubra Hembree

Jerri Alverson is having eye surgery and has requested prayer.

June 15 George Hall

for Bob and Shirley Schaefer:  Wednesday Shirley is seeing the doctor for ongoing vertigo.  Thursday at 6:30 AM Bob is having surgery at Wellstar Douglas on his colon.  Please remember them in your prayers.

June 13 Jannie and Noble Lawler

for Jannie’s sister, Ann Smith and her caregiver – for health safety, peace and guidance for them.  Ann has alzheimers; for Margaret Smith for healing from a severely cracked 1st lumbar vertebra; for our daughters, their husbands and families – for safety, peace and guidance for each of them, and for financial security for those in need; for Allene Taromina for her health and healing from blood cancer, her immune system is very weak.

June 13 Brenda Day Upshaw for Ray Upshaw – for health and healing and guidance to deal with severe medical conditions.
June 13 Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon – Pray that her health will improve enough for her heart procedure to take place; for Bob Schaefer for successful colon surgery on Thursday.
June 13 Shirley Schaefer

From for the doctors to find the cause of her recurring vertigo on Wednesday; for June Thigpen – she has been diagnosed with cancer and given one year to live; for Tony Bryant and Sandra’s sister Joyce; both have cancer.

June 13 Bob Martini

for Tracy Lockwood that he might reenter the workforce without pain in his back and legs; for Danny Lockwood for healing from 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body, suffered in a lawn mower accident.

June 11 Joe Hamilton

For Bob and Shirley Schaefer - Bob's biopsy came back reporting malignancy.  He went to the surgeon today and will have surgery on Thursday to have a portion of his colon removed.  Please remember Bob and Shirley in your prayers.

June 10 Rev. Mike

For the Dowdry family:
They lost a son yesterday. He had been to Six Flags over the weekend and suffered some kind of internal injury and died on the operating table of a heart attack. He was 19. His father works with Pat Addy.

June 10 Chris Standridge

You may remember the prayer request for little Emily, daughter of the Cawthon's, close friends of Chris Standridge.  She has been allowed to come home and here is a note from her mom, Meredith.

"I am so excited to send this update tonight! I just wanted to let all of you know that Emily came home today :)! 
Basically she was released from the hospital almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule and we could not be more proud of her and all she has accomplished in the last 2 weeks and 3 days. Many of the things they told us to prepare for were things Emily did not need and she just progressed faster than anyone expected. Praise be to God!

We are ever so grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses who treated Emily and took care of her at Scottish Rite. She was a favorite among many of the nurses and they were sad to see her go today!
I also have to brag on my little boy and Emily's BIG brother. I was worried about how he would react to Emily's homecoming since he has not met her yet (he was not old enough to visit the NICU) and we have been talking about Emily and "the baby" for quite some time, yet he has never seen her. But, he exceeded all of my expectations and was so sweet to her...he smothered her with kisses and just loved her. I am sure we will have our moments in the days and weeks ahead, but I couldn't have dreamed of a better reaction from him and it just melted my heart to finally see them together :)!
Again, I just can't thank all of you enough for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support. They have sustained us through a very difficult time, and we have seen the prayers answered in Emily. We feel that the journey is really just starting for us now and so appreciate your continued prayers for our family. I especially have a lot to learn about the unfolding mystery of life, and something tells me that I will learn a lot from Miss Em.
Enjoy the pictures and thanks again for EVERYTHING! God is good!!!

June 9 Megan Simmons Could you please put my boss and her family on the prayer list.  Her name is Deanna Reynolds and either her mother or mother-in-law is having surgery to remove a brain tumor today.  After the tumor is removed she will also begin treatment for lung cancer.  The family is in TX.  Pray for healing for the mother and strength and comfort for all.  And, wisdom and guidance for the doctors and medical staff as they treat Deanna's mother.
June 9 Bonnie Ray

Please lift up a prayer for my sister Teana (pronounced Tina) as she will be going to court at 11am today (Wednesday) for her divorce hearing. I ask for comfort, strength and peace for her and God's wisdom and mercy thru the Judge.

Also, for a friend of Brandy & Jennifer's that was transported to the Florida burn unit this past weekend. I don't remember his last name but his first name is Danny.

June 8 Bonnie Ricks

for Tony Bryant:
Sandra asks for prayers for Tony. He had a little bit of good news, but some more news that was not so good. (see message below from Sandra) = = =

We got the results of his PET scan and brain MRI yesterday. We didn't get the good news we had hoped for, but there were some things to be thankful for. The spot on his brain was gone, and the tumors that had shrank before had not grown any. However, he has developed two more tumors, and several malignant lymph nodes that weren't there last time. His doctor is changing to another type of chemo in hopes of controlling and killing the cancer cells. Starting next week, he will begin a 5-day treatment every three weeks for the next nine weeks. He is feeling more tired and weaker than before, but is still optimistic. Please continue to lift him up in prayer for healing, and for the miracle that we know he can and will receive from God. Also, continue to pray for my sister Joyce, who is also battling this devil disease too. She, like Tony, needs a healing miracle. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Sandra

June 8 Jannie and Noble Lawler Jannie Lawler has requested prayer for Noble's sister Margaret Smith who broke her back in a fall this morning. She is in Douglas Hospital. Pray for relief from pain and the medical attention she needs.
June 8 Jannie and Noble Lawler Please pray for Noble's sister Allene Taromina. Her white cell count is very low and needs to come up as she battles cancer.
June 8 Clayton Richardson Ann Shearon was unable to have her heart cath today as there is a kidney issue that must be resolved before the cath can proceed.  Pray for God's graceful resolution to these health issues, and praise the Lord for thorough medical staff that found the problem.  Keep Ann in prayer.  She knows it works.
June 8 George Hall Praise the Lord Wavelyn is home after successful surgery to remove a blockage in his carotid artery.  Continue to pray for a gentle and speedy recovery.  The doctors will do the other side in 10 days.
June 8 Joe Hamilton

Please be in prayer for Ann Shearon today (Tuesday) as she undergoes a heart catheterization and a possible stint.
Pray for God's hands to guide the medical staff and for a clean bill of health for Ann.

June 7 Rev. Mike

received from Rev. Michael re Wavelyn's surgery:
He spoke with Ovis and she said Wavelyn came through the surgery well.  His blood pressure is good.  And with continued good reports will be released Tuesday afternoon.
Please continue your prayers.

June 6 Robert Buice

for the safety of our troops; guidance for our nation;
for God’s hand to work in stopping the oil leak and for the families impacted.

June 6 Jamie Running for Ruth Running for a job, for good health and finances.
June 6 Joe Hamilton for Karen’s recovery and relief from ongoing back pain. 
for Wavelyn Smith and his surgery Monday to clear his carotid artery.
June 6 Tina Rainwater

for Ann Shearon for good health and quick recovery from Tuesday’s catheterization;
for Karen Shepard-Hamilton for quick and full recovery from her back pain;
for Deren Musgrove and his family. He was severely injured in an auto accident and is in a drug induced coma due to his injuries to his face.

June 4 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

I just spoke to Shirley Schaefer, and after Bob Schaefer's endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday a mass was found in his colon.  A biopsy is being run.  Please pray for Bob and Shirley and for a benign result on the test..

June 4 Joe Hamilton

Update on Wavelyn Smith: He was released yesterday and he is at home. I just spoke with him and he is scheduled to return to the hospital for surgery on Monday.  He will have an arterial blockage removed on one side of his neck.  After a time he will return and they will do the other side. 

He appreciates the prayers.  Please continue to pray.

June 2 Sandra Ivey

Wavelyn Smith has had a light stroke and is at Piedmont Hospital.  Please pray now. The latest report indicates he is doing well. He is in Room 447, Ph 404 605 5000

June 1 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Please pray for my Uncle, Howard Lawless. His health is failing and he needs God's comfort.
May 31 Joe Hamilton Pray for all our familes that are on the road this week from Rev. Mike and Karen and Ryan along with Clayton, Doshie, Mallon and Pam and the kids, Bonnie and the family and the Hembrees, plus any others. Pray for traveling mercies all around.
May 31 Joe Hamilton

for Karen Shepard-Hamilton:  Karen has a procedure on her back tomorrow morning designed to bring relief to her ongoing back pain.  The current pain is profound.  Please pray that God heal her.

May 30 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Tina Rainwater: for continuing health and healing after surgery this past Tuesday
May 30 Mike Karaty for Mikey Karaty: He is leaving for Guatemala for a six week course of study.  Pray for safety and for Christ’s presence in his life.
May 30 Shirley Schaefer for Jeri Long:  She had a colonoscopy that resulted in a punctured colon. She will be in a nursing home for an undetermined length of time.  Pray for her recovery.
May 30 Ann Eskew for our youth: that they may grow spiritually and keep the faith through the summer.
May 30 Jamie Running

for Tyler Running: Tyler is 15.  Pray for his relationship with his mother.

May 25 Chris Standridge

A quick update on Emily Brooks Cawthon:

Her surgery this afternoon was a success and she is doing great.   Her mom, Meredith, thanks everyone at New Covenant for their prayers and encouraging emails.  She said they helped tremendously.   Attached is a picture Meredith and Emily (before surgery today) that she wanted to share.

I want to thank everyone for your prayers for Emily as well.   New Covenant may be small in numbers, but I have to believe God must think we have a thousand members from the prayers that go up.   I believe that NCUMC has to be the best church family in Douglas County!   I love you all!

Chris Standridge
May 25 Chris Standridge

I have a prayer request from a friend in North Carolina:
Please pray for my friend’s mother, Carolyn Parker, who thought she had a stomach virus for the last week but was rushed to the hospital this morning where they discovered an intestinal blockage.   They are trying a non-invasive procedure first but will need to do surgery if the procedure doesn’t work.

Also, an update on little Emily Brooks Cawthon:
Emily’s surgery was postponed yesterday due to other emergencies that came up in the NICU at Scottish Rite that required the surgeon’s immediate attention.   Emily is doing fine and is being fed intravenously.   She will hopefully be rescheduled for sometime today.    Please continue  to keep her and her parents in prayer.   They are very grateful that this is Emily’s only health concern but I know they are anxious to have it taken care of so they can start planning for the day they take her home.   Please also keep those little babies (and their caregivers) in the NICU in prayer;  they are all such tough little fighters!

May 25 Joe Hamilton George Hall had his epidural procedure successfully and is back at home.  It will be some time before its efficacy is known.  Pray that the Lord will work through this to ease his pain.
May 25 Joe Hamilton

Pray for our brother George Hall this morning.  He is having his first epidural at the Pain Management Clinic in an effort to ease the pain in his neck, back and hip.  Please remember our brother prayer warrior this day.

May 24 Chris Standridge

I just received an update on my friend, and co-worker, Meredith Cawthon.    Her baby girl, Emily Brooks, arrived yesterday morning at 2:36 a.m. weighing in at 5 lbs. 8 oz..    She was born with an abdominal blockage (which the doctors were aware of beforehand – and which I forgot to mention in my prayer request) and is scheduled to undergo surgery this morning at Scottish Rite to remove it.   Abdominal blockages are very common in Down Syndrome children so the doctors do not expect any complications from the surgery.   And to show that God watches over His special children in a very special way, the surgeon on call this morning just happens to be the cousin of someone in our HR department, which Meredith found very comforting.

Please continue to keep Meredith and her husband, Will, in prayers in the coming days and months as they travel down the wonderful (and sometimes uncertain) road of raising this special child.

May 23 Chris Standridge for Meredith Cawthorne.  She is scheduled to be induced Monday, May 24, and the baby has Down’s Syndrome. 
May 23 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Alline Taramina. She is having a blood test soon to see if her white count is up.  She has CLL cancer.
May 23 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Tina Rainwater.  She lost a dear friend from high school recently.
May 23 Marie Buice for George Hall.  Pray for strength and healing.
May 23 Jamie Running for Joseph Crymes.  Praise the Lord, he is home from the hospital and all current problems have been resolved, all tests are negative.  Prayer works.
May 23 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Ricky Teal (nephew).  He is still in need of a kidney, both of his are dying and he is a very young man.
May 23 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Tina Rainwater.  She is having major surgery on Tuesday, May 25th.  Pray for her health and healing.
May 23 Teresa Gould for Dumah Adams  Pray for God to help us find the help needed for this elderly man.
May 23 Bonnie Ray

for the family and friends of Gina Alfrod and for all suffering with cancer.  They need peace strength and God’s healing.

May 21 Bonnie Ray

Please pray for a friend of mine's daughter, Amanda Smith. She is awaiting biopsy results.They did a scan last Tuesday- a week ago- they found a spot on the chest where she had the mastectomy last year. She is 32 years old with a 4 year old son and a 2 1/2 year old daughter.
This is hard on the family as they just lost their Mother to breast cancer in January of 09.

May 20 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

Our brother Mike Karaty had to make a visit to the ER last evening for chest pain.  He was given nitro and sent home for bed rest.   Please pray for healing.

May 19 Jamie Running

Jamie's 25 year old nephew, Joseph Crymes, is severely physically challenged.  He has been hospitalized since Sunday with pnuemonia and possible heart problems.  Please pray for his healing.

May 17 Kenny Campbell

for Molly Campbell. She has back trouble and needs prayer.

May 17 Mike Karaty Pray for relief from chest pain.
May 11 Bonnie Ray

Brandy just let me know that her Grandma, Hazel West has passed and asked to keep Ethyl & the family in your prayers.

May 11 Chris Standridge

We are asking for prayers for our 6-month old nephew, Dylan Standridge.   He’s been at Scottish Rite since Sunday night with severe bronchialitis but is not improving so they moved him to the ICU this morning.     He cannot breathe on his own right now and is on forced oxygen and steroids to help with the lung swelling.

May 11 Joe Hamilton

Praise the Lord Karen had a good procedure at the pain Doctor this morning and it seems to e providing some relief.

May 11 Bonnie Ray/
Johnny Hembree

Please be in prayer for Brandy & Jennifer's Great Grandmother:  Hazel West
She has congestive heart failure and is not expected to survive the rest of the week and is in a lot of pain. Pray to ease her pain and peace/comfort for Ethyl Lybrand and the family.

May 11 Joe Hamilton

For George Hall:  He will be seeing the orthopedist this afternoon for further insight into his back and hip pain.  Pray for healing and relief.

May 11 Joe Hamilton

For Karen Shepard-Hamilton:  She has an appointment today at 9:15 AM with the pain specialist for an injection into two lumbar disc areas in an effort to provide relief from the ongoing back and leg pain.

May 10 Karen Shepard-Hamilton On Thursday my friend Brenda will have neck/spinal fusion of two vertebrae at Kenestone Hospital. Please be in prayer for her.
May 9 Sandra Ivey for Florence Chapman. She will have a heart procedure this week.
May 9 Wavelyn Smith Ovis is at home and is recovering from what was likely pneumonia. All your prayers are appreciated.
May 7 George Hall Follow up on Ovis Smith: I talked with Wavelyn this morning. He says Ovis is in a room now at Piedmont and they plan to do a stress test today. Wavelyn asked us to let everyone know they appreciate everyone's prayers.
May 6 Sandra Ivey

Sandra Ivey reports that Ovis Smith has been hospitalzed at Piedmont Hospital with heart trouble.  Wavelyn is very concerned and is requesting immediate prayer.

May 2 Rev. Michael

In memory of Bobby Ray "Poppy" Maxwell

Date: December 20th, 1934 - May 1st, 2010

Mr. Bobby Ray “Poppy” Maxwell, age 75, of Villa Rica, Georgia passed away Saturday, May 1, 2010. He was born December 20, 1934 in Muscadine, Alabama the son of the late Mr. Robert Edmond Maxwell and the late Mrs. Lilla Maye Baughns Maxwell. He was of the Baptist Faith and retired as a truck driver working for Universal Furniture. He was a loving husband of 52 years and was devoted to his wife, children, and granddaughters. He had a great sense of humor. He enjoyed gardening and yard work and tending his bird feeders. He also loved his former lake where he enjoyed raising and hand feeding his fish. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a granddaughter, Emma Grace. He is survived by his wife, Dixie Hackett Maxwell of Villa Rica; three daughters and sons-in-law, Bonnie and Paul Kehlringer of Chicago, IL, Donna and Greg Carter of Winston, and Connie and Scott Lashley of Villa Rica; sons and daughter-in-law, Robert E. Maxwell of Atlanta and Ronnie and Jennifer Maxwell of Villa Rica; 6 granddaughters, Amy, Brookelyn, Jessica, Dana, Addison, and Sadie Rae; brothers, Robert Clyde Maxwell, Benjamin Franklin Maxwell both of Smyrna, and Gerald Maxwell of Woodstock; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral Services will be conducted Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 2:00 PM from the Chapel of Jones-Wynn Funeral Home in Villa Rica with Rev. Keith Windmilller and Rev. Michael Martin officiating. In accordance with his wishes, Mr. Maxwell will be cremated following the service. The family will receive friends at Jones-Wynn Funeral Home of Villa Rica, Tuesday, May 4, 2010 from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, those desiring may make contributions to Altus Hospice, 151 N. Bay View Drive, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180 or the American Stroke Association, National Center 7272 Greenville Avenue, Dallas TX 75231. Messages of condolence to the family may be sent from Jones-Wynn Funeral Home of Villa Rica in charge of arrangements. 770-459-3694

In lieu of flowers, those desiring may make contributions to Altus Hospice, 151 N. Bay View Drive, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180 or the American Stroke Association, National Center, 7272 Greenville Avenue, Dallas TX 75231

May 2 Teresa Gould

pray for Stan Cypher my uncle in Pennsylvania.  He has severe back pain and surgery did not help.

May 2 Jim Biles Pray for the people of the Gulf Coast.  The effects of the oil spill will destroy the economy of the coast.
May 2 Jannie and Noble Lawler

Pray for our children and grandchildren.  As the school year ends and tests are here, pray that God will less them and help them do their best.

Pray for our nation, that we might come back to God and the faith of our founders.

May 2 Mike Karaty One of our Celebrate Recovery leaders son was involved in a serious car accident early this morning.  He was life flighted to Atlanta Medical Center in serious condition.  His name is Blake Weaver the son of Larry Weaver.  Please pray for his recovery.
May 2 Ann Eskew Pray for Tony Bryant’s continued healing and for all those with cancer.
May 2 Pat Addy Continue prayers for recovery for Josh Garrett.  Also pray for Kinsley Garrett and Christy Addy.
May 1 Rev. Michael

Dixie’s husband Bobby passed away this afternoon. Funeral plans to follow.
Please keep the family in prayer.

Apr. 30 The Family Please pray for the Donald Ledford. He has been awaiting a liver transplant. Donald is in Piedmont ICU. His kidneys have shut down and has a infection the doctors cannot detect and he is also fighting Pneumonia.
Apr. 30 Bonnie Ray

Please be in prayer for a close friend of mine of many years: Nancy Plowman and her family (husband & 4 sons) lost their home to a fire Wednesday morning. I don't have many details, just that all are OK, praise the Lord, but the house is a total loss.

Apr. 29 Barbara Nations Bobby Maxwell has been moved to his home under hospice care. He has had a few moments of awareness but his condition is not expected to improve. Be in prayer for the family as well.
Apr. 28 Barbara Nations

Dixie Maxwell's husband Bobby, after suffering a severe stroke, has been transferred to Atlanta Medical Center.  He is unresponsive and hospice has been called.
Please pray for Bobby, Dixie and the family in this difficult time.

Apr. 27 Ruth Hall Dixie Maxwell's husband Bobby had a severe stroke this morning and is at Tanner Villa Rica Hospital. Please lift them in prayer now.
Apr. 27 Kenny Campbell

A good friend of mine was taken to Cobb Hospital yesterday, he was disoriented and dizzy, they are running tests today.  His name is Hal Murphy   Thanks, Kenny

Apr. 27 Joe Hamilton George Hall told me he is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow evening. They have found a facility that will allow him to remain seated, which is important given his mobility issues. Pray for strength for the journey and a favorable result from the Lord.
Also, George requests prayer for his brother and sister who are handling the arrangements in his brother Sheridan's death.
Apr. 27 Sandra Bryant

Good news for us today.  Tony got the results of the CT scan from last week, and the tumor on his lung has decreased by two-thirds.  All of the other tumors also have decreased in size.  He will do three more rounds of chemo, one 3-day treatment every three weeks, and then he will have a PET scan.  I am claiming that through the grace of God all the tumors will be GONE.
Please continue to lift him up in prayer, because I know that the good report we got today is a result of the prayers everyone has sent up for him.  Please know that Tony and I both appreciate each and every person praying for him and for me too.
Please continue to also pray for my sister, Joyce, who is battling cancer, and like Tony, needs a miracle of healing.
Thanks again.

Apr. 26 George Hall

My brother Sheridan was called home to be with the Lord yesterday. Please pray for God's peace and comfort for his family. Sheridan fervently loved the Lord and we are comforted in the assurance his soul is with the Lord.

Apr. 25 Molly Campbell for Barbara Hehemann – My boss Barbara is having surgery to remove cancer from her brain on Tuesday.  Pray for God’s hand and healing in the surgery and the recovery.
for Irish Smith – On Monday Irish, my co-worker,  is having orthopedic surgery to repair her ankle.  It is broken in several places.  May God heal.
Apr. 25 Marie Buice for George Hall – Pray for his strength and healing.
Apr. 25 Jamie Running for Ruth Running (daughter) – She is losing her job as a teacher, is not eligible for unemployment benefits and is facing bankruptcy.  Pray for God’s working in her life.
Apr. 25 Robert Martini

for the Martini family – Pray for steady work and for Ariana’s tonsil surgery on Friday.

Apr. 24 Mike & Martha Lewis

Please pass along prayer request for my aunt Clara Freeman.  She was admitted to ICU today at Rockdale Med. Ctr, Conyers, Ga.  Her kidneys are shutting down and they are have to place her on dialysis, also she has congestive heart failure with two leaking valves.  Although she is 80 it is very hard on the family.  She is the last of that generation...only us 1st cousins and 2nd cousins remain.   She is special.  Thanks,
Mike and Martha Lewis

Apr. 23 Friends of Russell Smith Russell Smith is a facebook friend of mine who's a 1983 graduate of DCHS just found out he has cancer again. Please pray for him. This was his blog today - "ok here's the news. I have cancer. It's not good by any means but mine is pretty bad.The cancer cant be treated and removed. The prognosis if it's not slowed down then I am short term. I dont know what else to say but peace, love, and happiness to all." Anyone that knows Russell knows he will fight and fight hard, but a little prayer from everyone can't hurt. 
Apr. 21 Charlene Searcy

I saw Carol Moore yesterday.  Carol and Jim’s son Andy and their daughter-in-law Carla are going through some rough times.
Andy has severe back problems and Carla has fibromyalgia.  They also have a new baby.  Neither are working right now and are living with Carol and Jim.

Apr. 19 Jimmy Nations for Florene Stancil – for healing of her lungs or God’s helps to ease the pain or for Him to take her home.
Apr. 19 Ann Eskew Pray for our youth that they may grow in number and in faith.
Apr. 16 Bonnie Ray

Please pray for a co-worker, Rick Schroeder, who made a turn in front of a motorcycle in Palmetto yesterday morning. The young man, Lucas Gangi, was riding the motorcycle and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. I ask that you pray for both families in this terrible tragedy. Rick has just re-located here to our factory about a month ago. I don't know any details about the Gangi family.

Apr. 14 Rev. Mike

(re his sleep apnea procedure last night) My test and titration was a very restless affair last night and they kept me there longer this morning to make some adjustments. Mainly restless leg issues and some mouth breathing issues on my back. The CPAP was OK and I think it will be very helpful.

Please let the prayer team know that my sister Melanie had her colon reconnection surgery this morning, all went well and she ask for prayers for a speedy healing and recovery.

Apr. 14 Joe Hamilton

Karen is home, praise the Lord!  She was released today for two weeks of home health care by a physical therapist.  While we still do not know the cause of the hip and knee problems, she is much stringer and can get around carefully on a walker.  Thank you all for your faithful prayer.

Apr. 11 Christine Standridge
Please keep the family of Lt. Robert Collins in your prayers.    Robert is the best friend of my co-worker's son and they received word late Friday that Robert died serving our country in Iraq earlier that day.   My friend sent two pictures with her prayer request and I thought I'd pass them on so everyone could put a face with the name. 

   One picture is in battle dress and the other at his Ranger graduation with his girlfriend, Nicole, whom he had dated since middle school.   Robert was an only child and his parents were so very proud of him.  Please keep the family of this fallen soldier in your prayers as they suffer through their great loss.

Apr. 11 Ann Eskew

Please pray for the Lamb family.  Mary Lamb died suddenly leaving a husband, children and grandchildren grieving for this unexpected loss.

Apr. 11 Suzette Willis

for  Joan Taly – Pray for healing from pancreatic cancer.

Apr. 11 Jannie Lawler

for all who are struggling with pain, health problems, and financial difficulties.

Aug. 11 Joe Hamilton Karen remains in the hospital unable to walk. Test have not yet revealed the cause. She will begin some PT Monday in hopes that will help. Please pray for healing by the grace of God.
Aug. 11 Paula Finnegan for Jessie Lybrand: Pray that Jesus is there and helps the people in charge make Godly decisions about Jessie. Let Jessie know that Jesus is there.
Aug. 11 Paula Finnegan for Virginia Russell - Pray for her healing and peace
Apr. 8 Joe Hamilton As many of have heard, after walking the mall this morning, Karen suddenly lost strength and control in her hips and knees.  She can only walk with profound support.  She has been admitted to the hospital (Wellstar Douglas room 214) and after basic tests and x-rays she will be seen by a neurologist tomorrow.  We appreciate your prayers!  We love you guys!
Apr. 8 Bonnie Ray Please continue to pray for my friend Kathy Smith as she prepares to bury her daughter today. I pray that God will place His comforting arms around Kathy to let her know that Ashley is safely in His home now.
Apr. 7 Bonnie Ray

Thank you so much for your prayers for Kathy Smith and her daughter Ashley. Unfortunately, Ashley went home to be with the Lord last night around 10pm. Please continue to lift Kathy and the family up at this difficult time.

Apr. 6 Joe Hamilton

Received from our brother, Robert Buice:
Sorry, we have not been around lately, as I have been under rather "severe" bronchitis  and coughing myself to
death.  I am taking breathing treatments with albuterol sulfate two to three times each day. Plus several drugs that make me dizzy and sleepy. The doctor has again threatened to put me in the hospital as it could turn to pneumonia.  Marie has also had this but not as severe. Please keep me (us) in your prayers.  I know others need your serious prayers more than we do.  Thanks and God Bless!
Robert Buice

Apr. 4 Ann Eskew

Please continue prayer for Tony Bryant for healing from cancer.  Also praise the Lord for the Easter Season.

Apr. 3 Molly Campbell For Maggie Fitch: Maggie is my sister-in-law. She has severe neck pain & they have discovered 2 aneurisms in her brain. Pray for a successful treatment of all these issues.
Mar. 31 Bonnie Ray

Please pray for Kathy Smith as she is facing the hard realities of losing her daughter Ashley. I had requested payers for them earlier this week.  Ashley (has CP I think) has been taken off the ventilator and Kathy had to sign a DNR and has not left her side. Kathy is hurting and is away from her home & family so she needs a lot of strength.

Mar. 31 Tommy Cannon Please pray for the family of Douglas Johnson, Kim Cannon's grandfather. He went home to the Lord at 85 after a life of loving the Lord. Praise God for his witness and remember the family as they grieve.
Mar. 31 Joe Hamilton Please pray for Karen, she had a CT scan cancelled because they could not find a vein for the IV. The doctor is looking at options for this important test. Please pray for God's guidance for all.
Mar. 31 Mike Lewis Please pray for my neice, Carrie Pyrtle, has double pneumonia in Texas. Please pray for her healing.
Mar. 29 Bonnie Ray For Ashley Smith for comfort & healing, Kathy Smith for God's comfort, strength & peace: Ashley Smith is a special needs child and is dealing with respiratory issues. She has outlived her life expectancy so therefore her Mother, Kathy Smith (my sister Teana's friend) is on pins & needles each time Ashley gets sick. Ashley is still at Egleston Hospital but has improved to the point they have taken her off the ventilator.
Mar. 29 Bonnie Ray

For Teana Crunkleton for God's strength, peace & comfort: Teana (it's pronounced Tina) my sister is going thru a bad divorce and the trial begins next week. Also, she has a an adult son, Andrew, that is mentally challenged that is going thru emotional issues and outbursts which is difficult to deal with at times.

Mar. 28 Kenny Campbell For Heather Stewart – She is having tests for gallstones.  Pray for her healing.
Mar. 28 Kenny Campbell For Lucille Martin (aunt) – She is in Northside Hospital Cumming with pneumonia.  Pray for her healing.
Mar. 24 Sandra Bryant

Just a brief update on Tony's condition.  For the most part he feels very good.  He has a few days after treatment that he feels tired, but all in all he feels pretty good.  He will have another treatment the 5th of April, and at that time we hope to find out when they will be doing a PET scan to see how effective these treatments have been.  It is our hope and prayers that this will show the cancer gone.  Thanks for all the prayers, and please continue to lift him up in prayer for healing.  He still remains very upbeat and optimistic, and this has made his treatments much easier.

With Love, Sandra

Mar. 23 Arubra Hembree Pam Mitchell, a past member of ours at New Covenant, lost her father unexpectedly on Saturday.  Please keep Pam, Skip and the family in your prayers.
Mar. 23 Jannine Lawler

for Ann & Leslie Smith: Pray for peace and safety in dealing with Alzheimers
for Mike Seller: for healing from his drug addiction.

Mar. 23 Paula Finnegan for Cissy Lybrand: I pray that she knows that Jesus is with her always and for her to realize how blessed she is.
for Jessis Lybrand: I pray that he feels Jesus' presence. May Jesus lead his path and decisions.
Mar. 23 Ann Eskew Please pray for Bob and Shirley Schaefer as they travel.
Continue praying for Tony and Sandra Bryant for good health.
Mar. 23 Jennifer Lane Please pray for Arianna Martini, for her healing from sickness and for a successful upcoming surgery.
Mar. 23 Mike Karaty Please pray for me and my family. Pray that God comes into our hearts.
Mar. 22 Arubra Hembree Please pray for Ann Shearon and the family.  Ann lost her brother Carl Barkley, after a long illness.  Please remember the family as they grieve the loss of a loved one.
Mar. 22 Charlene Searcy Barbara Harris, my boss, has her appointment with the vascular surgeon on March 25th at 8:30. .I am asking for prayer from the prayer team.
Mar. 22 Jamie Running

Please pray for Becky Barnett.  She will be having gallbladder surgery on Wednesday.

Mar. 14 Chris Standridge

For Lou Panezich. Please pray for his upcoming surgery.  It is complicated by other health problems.

Mar. 14 Ann Eskew For Bo Vest. He is 45 years old and is at the end of his life in the hospital.  Pray for God’s comfort as he makes the transition to the kingdom.
Mar. 14 Shirley Schaefer: For Annie Reese.  She has cancer and hospice has been called in.  Pray for God’s comfort.
Mar. 14 Ruth Hall For Ruth and George Hall. Pray for good health.
Mar. 12 Sanju (via Web) For myself and my father:
I request a prayer for my father who is becoming blind. I also request a prayer for myself as I became partially blind after a brain surgery for epilepsy. I wish that Lord Jesus would restore our sight just like the way he cured several blind people.I am also having severe backpain, skin problems and am unable to eat properly due to swollen gums in my mouth.I have been suffering from childhood and not a single day was I happy. Please pray that whatever curse has befallen me may be removed. 
Mar. 12 Mike Karaty Our brother Mike continues to face profound spiritual battles as he seeks to resolve difficult family issues. Please be in prayer for him daily.
Mar. 12 Arubra Hembree My niece, Jennifer Duren Payne (Johnny's daughter) had her baby today around 3 PM. His name is Brayden Jay. He weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and is 18 in. long. Thanks for all your support and prayers. The baby and mom are doing fine.
Mar. 12 Bonnie Ricks Ruth Hall has been sick for over two weeks with a sinus infection and bad cough . Ruth rarely misses church, but has been forced to stay home with her illness this time. Please pray that God will return Ruth to full strength very soon. We miss her and love her very much.
Mar. 9 Chris Standridge

An update on our baby grand-niece, Aloura Curtis:

The doctors at Scottish Rite ran more detailed testing on her today and rushed the test results.   She does NOT have cystic fibrosis.   Praise the Lord!    She may be a carrier of the gene because her mother is a carrier, but she does not have it herself which means she doesn’t have even a risk of developing it at a later age.

Thank you for your prayers!  God is good…..ALL the time!  

Mar. 9 Jennifer Lane

for Ariana Martini for healing from tonsillitis and an ear infection.

Mar. 9 Ann Eskew

For c ontinued prayer for strength and healing for Tony and the entire Bryant family.

Mar. 9 Mike Karaty

for Jean Karaty (Mom) and himself as he travels to be with her in Miami.  Pray for a gracious resolution to all the family issues as well as good health and travel mercies.

Mar. 9 Joe Hamilton for Linda Moore, my son Jason’s mother-in-law, for healing and good recovery from a bone graft for a broken leg.
Mar. 9 Brenda Day Heath

for Alan Day (brother) for health and healing. He has pneumonia and his health is very fragile.

Mar. 8 Chris Standridge

Please put my stepfather, Lou Panezich, on the prayer list.    He has been having severe problems with his knee (which has been replaced twice already) for the last 2 months and the doctors feel it may be infected internally and feel quite sure it will need to be replaced a 3rd time.     He is 76 and has a variety of heart and lung problems in addition to early Alzheimer’s so surgery is rather risky but if they don’t do it, the infection to could spread to his other knee and both hips (all of which are artificial as well).    Please keep my mother in prayers also as I concerned for her health while taking care of him.

Mar. 4 Joe Hamilton

I was saddened to receive this note from our brother in the Lord, Lamar Beard.  Many of you know him from his speaking to our men's group, working at the parking lot house build, and from this past Saturday working with our team at the Children's Home:

I have some very sad news to report from our home. My youngest son Max Fiandt was shot and killed at his apartment last night where he lived while attending Georgia State. Please pray for our family.

Lamar Beard

Here is the address for cards of condolence:

Lamar and Gail Beard
1530 Haddenham Dr.
Cumming, GA  30041

Mar. 4 Chris Standridge

Update for baby Aloura Curtis:  Further testing concerning cystic fibrosis won't happen until next Tuesday as they need to go to Scottish Rite for the tests and there are no available appts. until then.     Please keep the parents, Stormy & James, in prayers as well.     This is their first and, very likely their only, child since Stormy had a very difficult pregnancy and they are both very scared, as you can imagine.

Mar. 3 Chris Standridge

Please put our new baby grand-niece, Aloura Curtis, on the prayer list.    She is only 4 weeks old and we just found out that they suspect she may have cystic fibrosis.   She will be going for additional testing tomorrow. 

Mar. 1 Charlene Searcy

Please put Cathy Landers Elmore on the prayer list.  She is the daughter of Ed and Pam Landers who go to Bright Star.

Cathy had a baby last week via C-Section and is having major problems with her incision and infection.  She lives in Auburn, Alabama and Ed and Pam spent last week with them but had to return to work in Douglasville this week.

Ed said he would appreciate any and all prayers.

Feb. 28 Ann Eskew for Tony and Sandra Bryant.  Pray for God’s healing of Tony from cancer.
Feb. 23 Samantha Searcy I just found out that one of my teachers, Dr. Summers, his wife has a brain tumor and they are going today to see the doctor to find out when she will have to have surgery. If you could put them on the prayer list that would be great.
Feb. 23 Jamie Running

for Mike Karaty: Pray for wisdom and guidance in dealing with family situations while in Miami.

follow up from Joe Hamilton: Mike just called and wanted to say thank you to the church for the thoughtful and blessed card sent. He got it at the perfect time, as the pressures of circumstance had him at a low point. He said to tell everyone he loved them and thanks to his church family for their care and prayer.

Feb. 23 George Hall

In conversation with Rev. Mike, he shared that he and Karen are under the weather in Colorado while visiting their son Ryan.  Pray for their healing and for a safe return home this week.

Feb. 22 Sandra Bryant

Tony took his first chemo treatment today, and seems to be feeling OK.  He will get a treatment tomorrow and one on Wednesday.  I know this will be hard on him, but he is in good spirits, and has put his trust in God to help him get through this.  Please continue to lift him up in prayer, and I will try to keep all informed on his progress. 

Feb. 18 Ken Barnett Andrea Anderson, a vendor at Ken's workplace (she also helped us on the Allday House), is requesting prayer for her Dad. He is not expected to make it through the weekend. He is suffering from kidney failure and is hospitalized. Please pray or the family.
Feb. 17 George Hall Cathy Van Meter reports that Mitch has been released from the hospital. It was not heart, but there is some disorientation and a number of tests have been run. Please continue prayers.
Feb. 17 Dee Boreing follow up on Dustin, Ginger Alday's son: He had a heart cath done and blockages opened. He needs ongoing prayer as his blood pressure is still up and down. Ginger is, in Dee's words "a basket case." Please pray
Feb. 17 Jan Palmer

Mitch Van Meter has had chest pain and is at the Wellstar Douglas Hospital right now.  Please pray for Mitch and Cathy.

Feb. 17 Anonymous (via web) for a Family in crisis:

request: Dear Church Family: Pray for us. Pray for God's protection as we go thru many tough trials recently. God knows who we are and our hearts desire for us and our children. Pray for God's guidance and strength that we can only get from Him. Pray God will open doors as we go thru these trials, to reveal Himself, to let us know He is there. Thank you.
Feb. 16 Joe Hamilton Pray for our brother George Hall. He has his regular appointment at his doctor today, but has been having strong pain in his hip and back. Pray that he may have relief from this pain and a good doctor's report.
Feb. 16 Chris Standridge

Praises that Chuck’s dad, Chester, is feeling much better and was actually able to come to our house for dinner on Sunday.     Chuck cooked a feast and his mother said it’s the most his dad has eaten in almost 3 weeks!

Prayer request for my stepfather, Lou Panezich, who was taken to the hospital last night by ambulance.    They thought he had a blood clot in his leg but have now determined he has some sort of severe infection centered in his knee, which has already been replaced twice.    Please pray that the infection clears with treatment and he won’t need another knee replacement.

Feb. 15 Ann Eskew Shirley Schaefer's friend Carolyn Najera has gone home to be with God. Remember her family and Shirley in your prayers.
Feb. 15 Jannie Lawler Pray for her sister Ann Smith, Ann's daughter and caregiver Leslie, and her son Mike Sellers. Ann has Alzheimers. Leslie as caregiver deals with the challenges daily, and Mike needs to be freed from his substance abuse problem.
May they all find God's guidance and healing as well as peace, safety and health, and financial stability.
Feb. 15 Mike Karaty

Funeral arrangements for Bishop Rufus Polk are:

Viewing:  Willie Watkins Funeral Home
Sat. 20th from 4-9
Sun. 21st from 4-9
Service at Ephesus Baptist Monday the 22nd at 11am with
burial to follow in the Ephesus cemetery

The Polks address is 7734 Sweetwater Rd., Winston 30187           
Feb. 15 Dee Boreing

(Ginger Allday is our sister in the Lord for whom the house for Mississippi was framed in our parking lot.  Dustin is her son)

Please keep Ginger, Dustin and the kids in your prayers. Dustin was just taken to the hospital with a heart attack. Will keep you posted.

Feb. 13 Mike Karaty Bishop Rufus Polk has been called home to be with the Lord. Please be in prayer for the family.
Feb. 12 NGUMC Holly Shearon, spouse of our brother Dr. Mike Shearon, will be having shoulder sugery today at Parkridge Hospital in Chattanooga.  Prayers for a smooth and successful procedure are sought.
Feb. 12 Joe & Karen Hamilton

Our friend Lois O'Neal wishes to thank everyone for their prayers for her mom, Florence Bowers.  She came through the surgery well and is in the recovery process.  She is in some pain but in good spirits.  Thanks for ongoing prayers.

Feb. 10 Sanju (via the web from India) Requesting prayer for myself as I became partially blind after a brain surgery for epilepsy. I wish that Lord Jesus would restore my sight just like the way he cured several blind people.I am also having severe backpain, skin problems and am unable to eat properly due to swollen gums in my mouth.I have been suffering from childhood and not a single day was I happy. Please pray that whatever curse has befallen me may be removed.
Feb. 10 Mike Karaty

Many of you know Bishop Rufus Polk.  He is in intensive care at DGH, and has stage 4 cancer.  They are keeping him comfortable and now Hospice has been called in till the Lord calls him home.  Please be in prayer for the family as they prepare for many tasks ahead.  He is truly a man of God and loved the Lord dearly. The family request no visitors for him right now, but notes and prayers and well wishes are welcome.

Feb. 10 Joe & Karen Hamilton from a dear friend, Lois O'Neal: My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago. They are going in this afternoon (wed 02/10/10) at 1:00 to do a radical mastectomy. They will also be removing the lymph nodes etc. I'm asking that if around that time it's possible for you, please say a prayer for her. I can not go there (Ohio) to be with her but she does have caretakers to help her through the recovery. Her name is Florence Bowers.
Feb. 8 from Sunday's prayer cards

from Brenda Day Heath - for Trent Day - Please pray for healing for his health.

from Chris Standridge - for Chuck's dad, Chester Standridge.  He has a severe upper repiratory infection complicated by emphysema & COPD.  Please pray for his healing.

from Ann Eskew - pray for the Golden Girls (Ann S. Ann E. and Shirley S.) as they travel; also pray for Tony Bryant's health; and please pray blessings on our Scouts in their 100 year celebration.

from Jannie Lawler - for Noble Lawler - He had a severe reaction to a sulfa drug causing a 3rd degree burn on his leg; also pray for for Ricky Teal - He is still on the waiting list for a kidney - both of his are almost gone.

Feb. 5 Charlene Searcy

After tests Tony Bryant has been diagnosed with cancer and will be beginning chemo on Monday.  Please pray for Tony, Sandra and the Bryant family.

Feb. 5 Beverly Mahle Larry should be released from the hospital by 1 pm and then on his way home for recovery.
Feb 4 Beverly Mahle

After a long delay Larry's surgery has been completed, and he has now moved to his room.  They removed the prostate.  So praise the Lord for successful surgery.  Please continue the prayers for a full recovey.

You can also follow Larry's progress on Beverly's FaceBook page.

Jan. 31 Joan Williams

One of the children at the orphanage in Sierra Leone was severely beaten this morning by another boy in the village.  She has profound injuries and prayers are needed now.
Isata lives in the village of Grafton.  It is composed of refugees and former child soldiers and children of child soldiers.  The trauma that many of these children both endured and/or perpetrated is almost unimaginable.
The Christian work done by Joan and Joshua International through the new school, orphanage and clinic are vital to hope for the future of the people of Grafton and Sierra Leone.
You can see a photo of Isata as you pray for her as well the latest news from Joshua International at

Jan. 31 Paula Finnegan Candace got bottom braces on the bottom and has a lot of pain and possibly some infection in her mouth and jaw. Pray for her.
Jan. 30 Reverend Michael

My mother and sister just called. My middle sister Melanie Villemain, was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured bowel. She is out of surgery now and in recovery. The surgeon said she was fortunate that they caught it before too much toxins escaped into her abdomen. They repaired the rupture and she will have a ileostomy for 8 weeks. Please pray for her to have a speedy recovery from this and the subsequent surgery to remove the ileostomy.  She will be hospitalized for a week to monitor for infection.

Jan. 30 Chris Standridge

(praise regarding prior request for missing 16 year old Tiffany Anglian):
I just got an email yesterday that Tiffany returned home on Tuesday and the family is requesting prayers for her as she is dealing with some difficult things.    

Jan. 27 Arubra Hembree

My heart is telling me I need to get my prayer warriors out today – my nephew, Josh, is under depression and I need to lift him up…Please pray for peace for him, a job and his salvation.  Thanks..Arubra

Jan. 27 Joe Hamilton

from Soundbites devotional - a prayer for Haiti:

Many Christians speculate as to why God allowed this earthquake to strike Haiti , even some on TV.  They say, "God is punishing them.  They deserve it."  God says in Job about their speculations, "Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?" (Job 38:1)  As the world listens, we must make sure that we have a proper attitude in receiving and representing God's will to the hurting people of Haiti and the world.  What is a proper attitude in approaching God after such a display of His awesome power?   I am mindful of Esther's contrite attitude toward her king, "If it pleases the king and if I have found favor before him and the matter seems proper to the king and I am pleasing in his sight..." (Esther 8:5) And what if our actions towards the people of Haiti , including our brothers and sisters in Christ, would be as Mordecai's, "he sought the welfare of his people and spoke peace to all his people." (Esther 10:3b)  

May we speak words of peace and seek for the welfare of all in Haiti , beginning with earnest prayer that God will send many shod with the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ so that a new Haiti will emerge from this catastrophe, born again into God's family. "The scripture says, 'No one who believes in Him will be put to shame.' For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; the same Lord is Lord of all and is generous to all who call on Him. For, 'Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.' But how are they to call on One in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in One of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone to proclaim Him? And how are they to proclaim Him unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'… So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the Word of Christ." (Romans 10:11-17) 

Jan. 26 George Hall John Matthew Davis & Carrie Maniscalco

A good friend sent these two important requests: John Matthew is a five-year-old who underwent serious surgery today for multiple major health issues, including tumors in his vascular system, BRBN Syndrome, Gerd, Anemia, urinary reflux, & chronic lung disease. Pray for God to touch him and heal him, as well as to give comfort to the family. Carrie has been ill for three years. She has been hospitalized 14 times in that time, with an incredible number of serious health issues. In spite of this her faith shines bright. Her story is on-line at Please pray for these two folks and their need for healing and grace.
Jan. 25 Mike Lewis Coworker Karen Wallace's mother Rebecca Pruitt has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Please pray for Rebecca and the family. They will be consulting with the doctor regarding options on Thursday.
Jan. 24 Jannie & Noble Lawler Pray for our daughters, Andrea Roberts and Sherry Sanders. Both are still having health issues.
Jan. 24 Jan Palmer Be in prayer for the upcoming Sisters in Christ Conference
Jan. 24 Shirley Schaefer Bob Schaefer will be having a stress test tomorrow. Please pray for good results.
Jan. 20 Rev. Michael Martin

My friend Kenny Owens had a massive brain stem aneurism. The damage is irreversible and he has minimal brain function.  He is currently on life support to keep his organs viable for transplant and the Dr.’s will determine if he is brain dead in the AM. Please keep his wife Teresa, his daughters Stephanie, Star, and Kaycee, in your prayers. It has been a long night already and tomorrow will be rough for them. Ask God to give me the words and compassion and emotional and spiritual strength to be there for them tomorrow and the days ahead.

Rev. Michael

Jan. 20 Franicis Smith, Emmaus sister

Lois Anderson is the CNA that takes care of John and me three days a week.  She is a wonderful friend and just now is going through every parent's nightmare.  Her 16 year old daughter is missing.  Last seen on Sunday Jan. 17.  Did she run away?  Did she get abducted? Lois doesn't know.  Her name is Tiffany Anglian, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'1" tall, wt. 125 lbs.  Please pray that Tiffany will either return home or call her Mom.  If anyone reading this has seen or heard something about Tiffany, please call:
Douglas Co. Sheriff Dept--(770) 942-2121
Lois Anderson ---770-634-0357
Bill Anderson -----770-634-2399
Most of all, please pray for Tiffany's safety and Lois to have strength to get through this.

Jan. 19 Mike Karaty Jean Karaty: My mother Jean is 94 and her health is beginning to fail. Please pray for her healing.
Jan. 19 Mildred Black and Teresa Gould Dumah Adams: He is an elderly man abandoned by his family. He should be in a nursing home but the system has failed him. He depends on others for everything. Pray he gets the help he needs and soon.
Jan. 18 Joe and Karen Hamilton Our dear friend, Hilda Dutrow has been dealing with leukemia for some time.  She has a match for a bone marrow transplant (her sister).  Also, after prolonged chemo, she is now eligible for transplant.  It will begin on Thursday.  Please pray for Hilda in this year-long process.  She has to move temporarily to NC for the treatment at Duke Medical Center.
Jan. 18 UMCOR/UMVIM We are sad to share that Rev. Clint Rabb, after rescue from 55 hours in the rubble of Hotel Montana in Port-au-prince, succumbed to his injuries after transport to ICU in Miami.  Please pray for Rev. Rabb's family and the entire Volunteer in Mission community in the loss of a much loved leader.
Jan. 18 Joe Hamilton Praise:  After an amazing outpouring of grace, 214 Health Kits for Haiti were packed Sunday afternoon by a wonderful group of volunteers.  They were delivered to the North Georgia Disaster Warehouse this morning and will be trucked to the UMCOR warehouse in Louisiana for prompt shipment to Haiti and the survivors.  Continue prayer for all impacted in any way by this disaster.
Jan. 18 Joe Hamilton

Praise:  This morning another great group of mission servants worked in all the storerooms of the church and did an amazing job of cleaning, organizing, and stocking the various rooms for their appropriate purpose.  Praise the Lord!

Jan. 16 UMCOR

from The United Methodist Committee on Relief:

Previous news reports were in error.

United Methodist Relief Executive Dies Before Rescue from Hotel Ruins in Haiti

New York, NY, Jan. 16, 2010 - The Rev. Dr. Sam Dixon, head of the humanitarian relief agency of The United Methodist Church, died before he could be rescued from the rubble of a hotel destroyed by the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12.

The executive officer of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) was part of a group of mission and relief specialists trapped by the collapse of the Hotel Montana. Other persons in the group of five, including two more from the General Board of Global Ministries, were rescued and were back in the US by the morning of January 16. The group was pinned down for more than 55 hours.

Dixon was reportedly alive in the hotel ruins on the morning of January 15. Confirmation of his death before rescue was conveyed to Global Ministries through several sources, including eyewitnesses from a Methodist guest house in Port-au-Prince, where Dixon and his colleagues had been staying. Frequent press reports throughout the day on January 15 asserting his safety were incorrect.

Please be in prayer for Dr. Dixon's family, as well as for the ongoing recovery of the others rescued, and all survivors in Haiti.

Jan. 15 Joe Hamilton

It is a blessing and glory to God to be able to report that our three UMC friends at UMCOR and Mission Volunteers for whom you have been praying are alive after spending 55 hours trapped in the rubble of the Hotel Montana in Port-au-prince!  

Still, we recognize that for tens of thousands of other families, the news is not so good.  We know that as God calls us to the broken places of the world, and that we will be working in Haiti for many years.

Jan. 14 Kim Cannon

Kim's father, Doug Johnson, is in the Cobb hospital with severe kidney problems and a staph infection.  Please remember him in your prayers.

Jan. 14 The United Methodist Church

Missing mission execs seen entering destroyed Haiti hotel

NEW YORK (UMNS)—Three missing United Methodist mission executives were seen entering the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince shortly before the Jan. 12 earthquake rocked the capital, destroying the hotel. Even as hopes for their survival dimmed, officials with the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries were still holding out hope Jan. 14 that the Rev. Sam Dixon, top executive of the United Methodist Committee on Relief; the Rev. Clinton Rabb, head of Mission Volunteers; and Jim Gulley, an UMCOR consultant, are somehow still alive. Rescue operations at the hotel are continuing.

Please say a special prayer for these men who were serving their Lord in a place of the most profound need, as well as prayers for their families.

Additional information on this is available at the UMC WebSite.

Jan. 14 Joe Hamilton

Ongoing request: Continue fervent prayer for the people of Haiti as the magnitude of the disaster becomes clearer.  Pray that those trapped will be saved.  Pray for the safety of survivors and guidance and safety for rescuers from all over the world.  May God's resources be poured out to help the helpless.

Jan. 14 Charlene Searcy Ricky Dobbs, Douglas County graduate and Naval Academy quarterback is having knee surgery Thursday. Please pray to guide the surgeon’s hands.
Jan. 12 Joe Hamilton

A terrible earthquake (7.2) has hit the nation of Haiti.  Many in the New Covenant family have been to Haiti and can confirm the extreme poverty and the poor construction of many of the homes and buildings there.  There is potential for significant injury and loss of life as well as property damage.  A hospital in the Port-au-prince area has been reported to have collapsed.
Please pray for the people of Haiti and for those engaged in the immediate response.

Jan. 10 Marie Buice Please pray for our daughters, Sheri Brookshire & Karen Chambley, as they face health issues.
Jan. 10 Pat Addy Charles Moore: Continue prayers for Charles in prison.
Jan. 10 Shirley Schaefer Carolyn Najera: She is approaching the end of her life. Please pray that she will find peace and strength. Also pray for her family
Jan. 10 Jannie Lawler Mike Sellers & Ann Smith: Please continue prayers for both of them and their needs
Jan. 7 Shane Delagrange

Pete called me last night for a favor and I found out he has an answer with some of his medical issues.  The doctors did several tests and found that his lungs are perforated.  They are going to fix this problem after they get him out of the hospital.   

Ken Barnett also has to undergo some medical procedures in the next couple of weeks on his intestines.  Let everyone know for prayers. 
Thanks, Shane

Jan. 6 Joe Hamilton

George Hall, after a visit to his Doctor, was diagnosed as having pneumonia. Medication has been prescribed and is having a positive outcome. He is better, but please pray for complete recovery.

Also, Rev. Michael is still dealing with a severe upper respiratory infection and needs our prayer.

Jan. 4 Chris Standridge

Please pray for Lance Ruberti, the 4-month old son of my co-worker, Mike, and his wife, Catherine.   You may recall that we prayed for the Ruberti family when Lance was born prematurely last fall and was hospitalized for several days with lung problems.     He was admitted to Scottish Rite on New Year’s Day with severe bronchialitis.   His older brother, Cole (2 yrs. Old), is also just getting over pneumonia so please keep him (and their parents!) in prayer as well.
Thank you!

Jan. 3 Jennifer Lane Barbara Lane - please pray for her health and for abundant blessing.
Jan. 3 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Karen's dad, Jack Lawless, remains in the hospital. He has been moved from ICU to a regular room and is improving. Please pray for his health and healing and a complete recovery. Pray that he is back at home soon with God's peace in his heart.
Jan. 3 Ann Eskew Please pray for continued recovery from cancer for Ann Shearon and Shirley Schaefer.
Dec. 30 Joe Hamilton

Karen's Dad, Jack Lawless remains in ER overnight.  They are waiting for an ICU bed to open up.  It appears the issue is a severe drop in his sodium level.  He is taking IV fluids and antibiotics and should respond to this treatment.  The extreme low sodium level led the doctor to request ICU so he can be monitored much more closely.
Continue to pray for Jack and the whole family.

Dec. 30 Joe Hamilton Karen's dad, Jack Lawless, was difficult to awaken this morning and is at the Wellstar Douglas ER. Please pray for Jack and Jayne Lawless and the family.
Dec. 28 Chuck Standridge Pete Symanowski is on his way to the doctor now. He cannot walk from the couch to the bathroom without severe pain. Pain meds are not working. He asks for prayer. He is staying with his daughter Adrian and is unable to get out at all due to pain. Please pray.
Dec. 26 Mike Karaty

Praise the Lord again!
I just received word that Jamie's sister Jo is negative for cancer.
It is only pneumonia which can be resolved with medication.
She wishes to thank all those who prayed for her. She said she feels like dancing she's so happy.

Dec. 25 Mike Karaty Please pray for Jamie's sister Josephine (Winnie) Grimes. She has been battling a cough. She went to the urgent care today and was told there was a 4cm x 5cm mass showing on the x-ray. They have ordered a CT scan for first thing in the morning.  Jamie does not know about this, she is in Tenn. Pray for healing and that the test is only pneumonia or just a shadow.
Dec. 23 Joe Hamilton Please pray for Marie and Robert Buice and their daughter. She lost her baby in mid-pregnancy and is in profound need of God's touch and comfort.
Also, pray for Marie. Added to the stress of this loss, she is working long and late hours and it is really tiring and demanding.
Dec. 22 Jomell Keeler to: All My Wonderful Friends and Family @ NCUMC

I want to take time during this wonderful season of praise to thank God for giving me wonderful friends at NCUMC and love you all. I also want to give him thanks for the power of healing he give me this year from cancer, and pray for all my NCUMC family suffering from cancer. I thank him for my home and safety of my family this pass year. GOD IS SO GREAT!!!! ALL of you have a wonderful season of peace... Love you with the great love of GOD.
Dec. 21 Chris Standridge

Please keep the Gomez family in your prayers.   Eusebio Gomez, the 9 yr. old nephew of my co-worker, Mike Gomez, died in his sleep unexpectedly Thursday night.   They do not yet know the cause of his death as he was not sick and did not have any underlying health conditions that they were aware of.    The family is completely devastated as expected.    Please especially keep Mike's mother in prayer as she is in her 80's and the family is worried about her health and also Eusebio's 3 siblings, who are scared by Eusebio's unexpected passing and are questioning if it will happen to them.   The funeral is set for Wednesday.......two days before Christmas.    What makes this even more difficult is that Mike's other brother lost his wife last year between Thanksgiving & Christmas after a very brief battle with cancer.   

Dec. 19 Miek Karaty

I have been having trouble. Almost needed 911 yesterday morning,Mikey was here to witness it. I had the doctor on the phone but withmedicine it resolved. I had to cancel my trip to Miami. I am very upset I cant go but its for the best.  If I had an attack down there I have no doctors there, all my records are here. Please continue to pray for me.
Pray for my mom. She is very upset about this and its understandable.
Mikey is with her.
Keep Christ in Christmas, Mike

Dec. 16 Bonnie Ray Please pray for God's guidance, healing, strength & peace for Jeff Austin who is in re-hab and for his Mom, Loretta Austin, who is concerned about his recovery.
Dec. 16 Jannie and Noble Lawler

for Ann Smith and Leslie - Please pray for peace and joy for them.  Ann has anger issues.  Pray for their safety and understanding and pray for all dealing with Alzheimer's.

Pray for our nation and our soldiers, for peace, safety and unity with God.  We are lost without Him.

Pray for nephew Michael Sellers, that he might stay strong and clean from drugs. He has moved to be nearer to his two sons. Pray for his salvation.

Dec. 15 Reverend Michael Mike Karaty: After further examination, it was determined there was not a blockage in the arteries where Mike's stints were placed. Rather, the chest pain is due to blockage in the tiny capillaries on the bottom of his heart. The only treatment available for this is medication, which has been provided. He should be home later tonight.
Please keep Mike in your ongoing prayers.
Dec. 15 Phil Hembree Ray Frost family: Please pray for the Frost family in the passing of Ray.
Ray's wife, Pat, is a shut-in member of New Covenant. Ray's funeral will be Wednesday. Visitation with the family will be Today, Tuesday, from 5-8 at the Hightower Chapel funeral home in Douglasville.
Dec. 15 Rev, Michael

Mike Karaty is going to have the heart cath procedure  repeated this afternoon at Kennestone.
There have been ongoing issues with chest pain and after visiting his cardiologist this morning the procedure has been scheduled for after lunch today, Tuesday.
Pray for Mike, his mom in Miami, Mikey and the family.

Dec. 14 Arubra Hembree Bob Veatch – Has been at Emory Hospital for 5 weeks and underwent a lung transplant.  This week is very serious, he has an infection and we need to pray for that infection to be out of his body so he can heal and return home soon.
Dec. 14 Mike Karaty

Please place me back on the prayer list.  I am having some complications and may have to go back in the hospital. I see the cardiologist in the morning.
IHS, Mike

Dec. 14 Bonnie Ray

Please pray for a co-worker's husband: Weyman Cato - trying to gain strength while in physical re-hab.

Also, Nancy Ray, my sis-in-law's mom has suffered several strokes and has been placed in Hospice care. Please pray for comfort for the family during this time.

Dec. 13 Tommy Cannon Chandler Cannon and the Cannon family: Please pray for Chandler and the whole family as we work through difficult times and that Chandler may find peace with his own issues.
Dec. 13 Jennifer Lane for cousin Gary: Pray for guidance and strength in his decision making.
Dec. 10 Paula Finnegan Please pray for David Barrett's neighbor, Brenda Davis, for salvation, and for relying on God to solve her problems.
Dec. 9 Reverend Mike

Shirley Schaefer was going into surgery a short while ago (Wed 2:30 PM). Pray that all goes well as she may even be able to come home this evening.

Follow-up: Shirley came through the procedure well and is at home recovering.

Dec. 8 David Barrett Please pray for Chandler Cannon, son of Tommy Cannon. He is being hospitalized for profound emotional issues and faces legal consequences as well. Please keep the whole family in prayer at this time of distress.
Dec. 4 David Barrett Please pray for my friend Tommy. He is under a lot of stress needs intercessory prayer.
Dec. 2 Bonnie Ray

Please say a prayer for the infant son of a co-worker: Alex Garcia was transported to Egleston Children's Hospital with an upper respiratory virus and constricted airway. Pray for wisdom for the medical staff, healing & comfort for the baby and comfort, strength & peace for the parents.

Dec. 1 George Hall

Mike Karaty had his heart cath done and stints inserted this morning.  In a challenging procedure the doctors were successful.  Mike is in his room at Kennestone and with continued progress will be allowed to return home on Thursday.
Thank you all for your continued prayers.

Nov. 29 Mike Karaty Please pray for healing in my procedure on Tuesday and for God's peace over my Mother.
Nov. 25 Marcella Martucci Mike Karaty: I spoke with Mike today and he is having heart related surgery on Tuesday . Lets pray him up! Please join us in prayer and laying hands on our brother Mike this Sunday. God be with the Doctors and Nurses as they provide his care. Amen.
Nov. 23 Bonnie Ray Margie Hunter: for good test results and continued healing.
Nov. 23 Mike For all the smokers. Quit. You can do it, I did!
Nov. 23 Sarah (no last name given) Bill M. and family for salvation. Please ask God to soften his heart toward Him
Nov. 22 Rev. Michael

Please keep Karen in your prayers, She was hospitalized with E-coli a year and a half ago and it settled in her kidneys.  A couple of times a year she gets very sick from it and has to go on heavy antibiotics and pain management meds for a week.  It reared its ugly head yesterday and put a kink in our travel plans. We are still heading to Augusta, though,  once she feels better.
Rev. Michael

Nov. 19 David Barrett Please pray now for Chandler, a 12 year old friend who is under attack by the enemy.  He needs Jesus' intervention now.  Please pray.
Nov. 19 Rev. Michael Dixie Maxwell: I spoke with Dixie this morning and she feel great. The procedure went well and she is glad she made the decision to have it done. The Doctor said she could go back to making Banana Pudding for the preacher (Made that up).
Also from George Hall: Dixie is at home recovering from her surgery. She says she has to rest and be careful for a few days and asks for your continued prayers.
Nov. 19 Jim Biles

Please be in prayer for Michael Shalinski and his family. His father passed away this morning.  Arrangements are not known at this time.
for cards to the family the address is: 6380 Mill Creek Pl., Douglasville, GA 30135-5916             

Update from Mike Karaty: The arrangements are being made by Jones-Wynn, with viewing Saturday (Time TBA) and a grave side service on Sunday. Times will be confirmed as out of town relatives can arrive. Continue your prayers for Michael and the family.

Nov. 18 A friend Johnny G.: For emotional stability, for peace in his life and his soul, and restoration with the Lord Jesus.
Nov. 18 A friend Chandler: That Chandler will comes to know Jesus as his Savior and Lord; that he might be lovingly reconciled with his family, and that God's love surround and protect him.
Nov. 18 Barbara Nations Dixie Maxwell: Dixie is in Piedmont Hospital for a heart catheterization and repair of an artery. She just came out of her surgery and is in recovery. If all goes as expected she will be released to go home later today. Please pray for Dixie\'s complete recovery and for God's peace and comfort for her and her family.
Nov. 17 Jannie Lawler Ann Smith: Jannie's sister Ann has Alzheimers. Please pray for her and her caregivers for peace and safety and for joy in their lives.
Nov. 17 Joshua Barnett Justin Goins: Justin has had a recent bout of appendicitis. Please pray for his health and recovery.
Nov. 12 Chris Standridge

Thank you so much for the prayers.    I am back at work this morning.    I didn't really have a headache; just a sudden strong pressure on the back of my head (like someone was pushing on it) and then I started to blackout.   

A CAT scan didn't reveal anything in my brain which was very good news.   I am following up with a neurologist and my regular doctor today.
Nov. 12 Mike Karaty Chris Standridge: After testing at Douglas Wellstar last night, Chris was released and will have follow up tests this week. Please continue to pray.
Nov. 11 Jim Biles

Chris Standridge: I spoke with Chuck this afternoon and he was taking Christine to the doctor's because she was light headed and a bad headache. He requested our prayers on her behalf.

follow-up: Christine is in Douglas Hospital where she has been undergoing tests. Continue to lift her and Chuck and the family.

Nov. 11 George Hall Don Barton: My nephew Don Barton is hospitalized in Akron Ohio (his hometown)with flu/pneumonia/H1N1 symptoms. He is 67 years old today. His family knows we are a praying Church. They are asking for our prayers for Don's healing and for God's peace and comfort for Don and themselves at this time.
Nov. 11 Joe Hamilton Karen Shepard-Hamilton: Karen received results from her CT scan and no evidence of stroke was seen.  Her blood work showed very elevated thyroid and as a result she is being transferred to Kennestone, room number 420-Green Tower, Bed 1.  Thank you for your continued prayers.
Nov. 10 Joe Hamilton Karen Shepard-Hamilton: Karen was admitted to Wellstar Douglas Hospital (Rm 339) this afternoon with symptoms of slurred speech, equilibrium issues and a low blood oxygen level. They are running blood work and will follow with a CT scan. A consult will be done with her GP, neurologist and pulmonologist. Please pray for her healing and peace.
Nov. 9 Mike Lewis Selina Freeman: Mike's cousin Selina has been diagnosed with Hep-C. She will be having a liver biopsy on Thursday. Please pray for healing.
Nov. 8 Jennifer Lane My cousin Gary: Pray for guidance and the strength to come to Georgia for treatment.
Nov. 8 Jannie Lawler Noble Lawler: Noble's PSA showed an increase and he will have biopsies on Tuesday. Pray for a good report.
Nov. 4 David Barrett Brenda Davis: Pray for renewed fellowship in Christ, reconciliation, healing and restoration, as well as financial concerns.
Nov. 4 Jannie Lawler Noble Lawler: Pray that his PSA will be better than it was last time.
Nov. 4 Mike Lewis from our Scoutmaster, Jeff Haynes:

I wanted to give you an update and way ahead on Chelsie and her Grandparents auto accident yesterday. I sent an email on my blackberry (which I am still learning how to use) and did not have everyone’s email address.
1. Chelsie, my daughter has broken collar bone (R). Will evaluate surgery or just let it heal. Will be primarily what she wants to have based on a 3-4 inch scar or a lump of unknown size on her collar bone fracture site. She has a follow up with the ortho folks and will determine at that time what she wants.
2. My Father-in-law has been released from the hospitals. He is stove up/bruised with a few bumps. Was monitored for heart issue as he was experiencing chest pain where he had a contusion.
3. My Mother-in-law is in CCU at UAB in Birmingham, AL. She had emergency surgery yesterday. Survived the surgery and currently on ventilator and heavy sedation. Scheduled for surgery tomorrow and anticipate several follow on surgeries. Outlook is she will be there for several weeks at best perhaps longer. Her condition is pretty much day to day at this time.

I will keep all updated as we determine where Alisa and I will be as my mother-in-law’s condition progresses. Based on her surgery on Wednesday we will be in B'ham Alabama tomorrow and remainder of the week will be day to day.
We appreciate all your prayers!
Jeff Haynes

Nov. 4 Paula Finnegan

Please pray for a friend of mine. She takes care of her sister-in-law. She is special needs and has started having seizures. She has never done this before.
Pray for God to be with this family and guide the doctors. She is truly special to everyone that knows her.

Nov. 1 David Barrett Michael Shalinski: Michael was struck by a hit and run driver as he was riding his bicycle on Hwy 5 Sunday evening. He was not seriously injured. His arm hurts but the paramedics told him to ice it down and he should be fine. Pray for Michael. He has been such a blessing to all in his work with the men's group at the Pumpkin Patch.
Oct. 30 Larry Mahle

Dave Couey: Dave, an Emmaus brother, is suffering from many heart related problems. Dave has decided to forgo any additional treatment. Hospice has been called in and he is at home resting peacefully. Pray for comfort for Dave and peace for his wife Lynn and the family.

Oct. 29 Joe Hamilton David Barrett: David was in an auto accident tonight. No one was hurt, but the consequences may be very difficult. Pray for God to be with him in a special way right now.
Oct. 29 Joe Hamilton Ginger Allday: Praise God that today, Thursday, Ginger received word that her home has passed inspection for a certificate of occupancy. More than four years after Katrina, she can now move in, praise the Lord!
Oct. 29 Mike Lewis Kevin Woodson: Kevin has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer, a particularly aggressive form of cancer. He begins both chemo and radiation next week. Pray for the work of God in his healing. Pray for his family as well.
Oct. 28 Charlene Searcy

Please add Sam’s friend Amanda to the prayer list.  She just told Sam that the doctors have found a tumor on her pituitary gland.
They will try other treatments to shrink if before trying surgery.

Oct. 26 Bonnie Ricks Please pray for Jesse Fouts, the 6 year old grandson of Bonnie Ricks. Jesse was sent by ambulance to Scottish Rite Hospital on Sunday. He was treated and released for a severe asthma attack. Jesse is now home in Gainesville, GA, but is still having some problems. Please pray the medications will work soon and he will not have to return to the hospital. Thank you !
Oct. 25 Ann Eskew Ann Shearon; Dixie Maxwell; Barbara Nations; George Hall; Karen Martin: Pray for those of our church who have been ill.
Oct. 25 Ariana My friend's Dad: I am praying for his health and healing from a heart attack.
Oct. 23 Mike Lewis

Mike and Martha's son Andrew had to go to the ER this morning with a high fever and chest pain.  After seeing a pediatrician, a diagnosis has not been made, although Swine Flu was ruled out.
Pray for Andrew and the family for speedy recovery and healing and comfort.

Oct. 23 Dee Boreing Ginger Allday (of the House Project) has both praise and prayers. The final inspection for a certificate of occupancy is set for Monday at 9 AM. Pray. A date for dedication of the house will then be set.
Her son Dustin came down with appendicitis and had emergency surgery last week. Praise for his recovery.
Ginger's ongoing battle with cancer has a new issue. A PET scan noted a suspicious mass on her bladder. Follow-up tests are scheduled. Pray for healing and good health.
Oct. 22 Mike Karaty

Karen Martin had her MRI yesterday and Pastor Mike reports the test itself went well.  However she had to have both oral and IV contrast which was very uncomfortable.  They made it home fine.
On Thursday Pastor Mike had some pulmonary tests himself. 
Please keep them in your prayers.

Oct. 20 Reverend Michael Karen Martin: Karen will be having an MRI done on Wednesday. Please pray for a clean bill of health. Pray for Reverend Michael as well. He will be with her through the procedure.
Oct. 19 Dixie Maxwell Dixie Maxwell: Dixie was admitted to Tanner Haspital, Villa Rica last night with erratic and very rapid heartbeat. She is still in the hospital for tests today. Please pray for Dixie's healing and God's peace for her and her family.
Oct. 19 Andrea Roberts Joshua: 5 year old Joshua has been fighting cancer. He was doing better, but now the cancer is back and he is recieving treatments at Scottish Rite and the outlook is not good. Please keep the family in your prayers.
Oct. 18 Robert Martini Lane & the Martini Family: Praise God for steady work and pray it remains steady. Pray for peace and protection for the household.
Oct. 18 Jennifer Lane Barbara Lane: Pray for her healing.
Oct. 16 Megan Simmons

The doctor looked at my MRI of my knee today, and said that there are no tears.  I have some bruising and fluid around the knee, but no tears.  So I have to rest it for a few weeks and then it should be fine.  Thanks for all the prayers.  :)

Oct. 15 Barbara Nations Michael Thibodeaux: My son-in-law Michael is in Kennestone for surgery on his lungs. Please pray for healing and for God's peace and blessing on his family. Also please pray for Phea, 6 yearold daughter of my son's partner who has a congenital bone disorder.
Oct. 15 David Barrett Tommy Cannon & family: Many of you met Tommy as he helped us unload pumpkins last Friday and at last night's Wednesday night dinner. He learned today that his niece Amy was brutally murdered in Clarksville, TN. The family is devastated and needs Jesus' comfort now. Please pray.
Oct. 13 Joe Hamilton Accident victim: A motorcyclist was injured in front of the church this afternoon and life-flighted to treatment. Pray for his healing and recovery and for all those affected by this accident.
Oct. 13 Jamie Running Jamie's grandson Aiden in Tennessee has tested positive for swine flu. Please pray for healing for him and comfort for the family.
Oct. 12 Ann Eskew Ann Shearon & Barbara Nations: Please continue to keep Ann and Barbara in prayer as they recover.
Oct. 12 Chuck & Chris Standridge The Mahew family; the Kim Ball family: Please pray for both families as they lost loved ones this week.
Oct. 12 Chris Standridge Lance Ruberti (3 day old baby): Lance was born six weeks early. He is in neonatal ICU with breathing problems, feeding tubes and IV\'s. Pray for this new life and for his family.
Oct. 12 Jennifer Lane Elizabeth Belcher: Please pray for her healing after surgery. Also pray that she might come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Oct. 12 Shirley Schaefer Carolyn Najera: Carolyn has terminal cancer. Please pray for peace and relief from the pain. Also pray for her family.
Oct. 12 Shirley Schaefer Wayne Enlow: Wayne is facing terminal cancer. Only God can cure him. Please pray for Wayne and his wife, Ola, my sister.
Oct. 12 Bonnie Ray Patsy Rucker: Pray for confort and healing in recovery from hip replacement surgery.
Oct. 12 Jim Biles Jim's Dad came through the heart surgery wonderfully and is recovering well. Please pray for one issue in the recovery. Each time he is removed from the hospital pacemaker, his heart rate is slightly erratic. They may need to install a pacemaker. Praise the Lord for the recovery and pray about the possible need for a pacemaker.
Oct. 13 Shirley Schaefer Linda Shead is a family friend afflicted with cancer. Please pray for her healing.
Oct. 12 Pastor Mike Barbara Nations is home now and will see a surgeon asap.
Oct. 11 Joe Hamilton Karen Shepard-Hamilton: During worship today (10/11) Karen had a severe bronchitis/asthma attack. By the grace of God she had her rescue inhaler with her, and with the blessed help of Martha Lewis, Mike Karaty, Ken Barnett and Phil Hembree, she was monitored and received her inhaler. She is much better and is now home and resting well. Thanks to you all and glory to God.
Oct. 10 Christy Foulks Lorraine Wright: Lorraine Wright(Christy Foulks mother) had a knee replacement Thurs., Oct 8.
She is doing very well. Please pray for her progressive recovery. she is at Piedmont Hospital and is hoping to either come to Christy's home or to a rehab facility.
Oct. 10 Jimmy Nations

Barbara Nations was readmitted to Douglas General for a blood transfusion, 2 units.
Pray for God's healing in her life and for peace and comfort for Jimmy and the family.

Oct. 8 Calvin Waddell

Meridith Morris needs our prayers, in treatment she needs a match for bone marrow. Please add her to your prayers, Our Lord knows the needs, the healing we ask for is in His hands, we also pray that the doctors and medical personnel will be led closer to our Lord as they treat this little child. Be in prayer for the parents, family and friends, giving them faith and strength to weather this crisis, knowing that all things are possible in the hands of our Lord.

Oct. 8 Rev. Michael Barbara Nations came through the surgery and recovery well. After waking up from the anesthesia her spirits were much improved. She is expected to be home soon.
Oct. 7 George Hall Barbara & Jimmy Nations: I just had a call from Jimmy. He says Barbara came through her surgery very well. She is still in recovery at 6:10 PM and they will not be able to see her for a couple of hours. Please pray for Barbara's recovery and healing and for God's peace to her and Jimmy.
Oct. 7 Joe Hamilton Please continue to remember Ann Shearon and her ongoing treatment, as well as Barbara Nations and her pending treatment for arterial blockage.
Oct. 5 Amanda Morris Please pray for me and my Nana and our living arrangements. We have to be out of our house by Oct. 18th.
Oct. 5 Jim Biles

My dad is still in recovery, but he seems to have come through the surgery just fine. I appreciate everyone's prayers.

Oct. 5 Megan Simmons

I went to the Orthopaedic Surgeon today about my knee.  Good news is I didn't dislocate my knee cap again like I was worried I had.  But, the bad news is he thinks I might have torn my meniscus.  I have to have an MRI done Sat morning for my knee to see if there is a tear.  Then next Thurs 10/15 I'll go back to the doctror for my follow up to the MRI.  So I'd like to ask for prayer over the next week for my knee, and that there won't be any major tears or problems.

Oct. 2 Jim Biles Jim's dad, James, is having heart surgery on Monday. Please pray for the Lord to work through the hands of the medical staff for a wonderful healing. Pray for Jim and the family as he travels to be with his Dad.
Oct. 1 Rev. Michael

Ann Shearon is at Marks and slowly recovering from wednesday's surgery. She sounded strong when I talked to her this pm. She is very grateful for our prayers.

Barbara Nations is still on for her surgery next Wednesday. I do not know if she got the results of her cardiac test yet.

Please keep both of these sisters in the Lord in your prayers

Oct. 1 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Bonnie McGhee: Bonnie is a dear friend since birth and has suffered a stroke. She is paralyzed on her right side and is 85 years old. Please pray for God\'s grace over Bonnie.
Oct. 1 Joanna LaConto

received from Joanna LaConto via the scouts and the counselor at South Douglas.  This counselor works closely with us on the Food Pantry/BackPack program and vets these needs thoroughly.  The reference to the kids from Bill Arp and the Pine Lake Mobile home park also touches kids we help with BackPacks.:

"I received an email from Daral Glick-Spencer (counselor) today. A family at South Douglas lost almost everything in the flood. They are now living with relatives in the area. The children and parents need the following clothing items:
Girls size 12 clothing
Girls size 14  clothing
Ladies size 14 clothing
Womens shoes in size 6 1/2 and 10

Bill Arp Elem is also in need. Pine Lake Mobile Home Park was hit pretty hard.
Bill Arp needs:
children's clothing of all sizes, school supplies.

You may drop any items you would like to donate off at South Douglas. Daral will make sure they get where they need to go.

Thanks for you help. : )"Jerri Dangerfield

Sept. 29 Paula Finnegan

Paula's son, Matthew, had a growth removed from his chest. The doctors have asked him to return and have additional flesh removed. Paula was unsure of the diagnosis, she asks for prayer for Matt and a complete healing.

Sept. 29 George Hall

from the Bish family: We are asking everyone to please lift up our little boy Samuel Gordon Bish in prayer. We pray for healing!! We serve a mighty God and we know that HE can heal Sam if that is his will for Sam's life. Please be prayer warriors along with our family as Sam starts this very difficult journey in his young life.

Sept. 27 Bonnie Ray Allene Rowland (mom): Please pray for her healing from her third leg surgery.
Sept. 27 Martha Lewis Mike Lewis: Pray for Mike\'s health, his feet are swollen and causing a lot of pain.
Sept. 24 Dee Boreing

Pray for Jack Boreing.  He is having a nerve block on Friday to relive the pain in his back.

Sept. 24 the Shearon family Ann Shearon has been scheduled for surgery on September 30th.  Pray for healing for Ann, guidance for the medical staff and comfort for the family.
Sept. 24 Joe Hamilton

Please pray for my Aunt Adell Griggs.  She has been diagnosed with colon cancer and is in chemo.  May God heal.

Also please pray for the men at Rock Eagle this weekend, both for spiritual blessing and travel mercies.

Sept. 22 Mike Lewis Ann Shearon: Ann has been diagnosed with cancer and it is going to require immediate treatment. Options are being explored. Immediate prayer is sought for God's healing, comfort, guidance and strength. Please pray.
Sept. 22 Bonnie Ricks Our neighbors affected by the 2009 Flood:
From 2:00 pm to 4:00 PM today (and possibly tomorrow), Prays Mill Baptist Church will be giving out food, water and clothing to those who have been effected by the flooding. The Cobb Civic Center has been set up for the Red Cross Shelter for this area.
Sept. 22 Bonnie Ray/ from co-worker Christine Cole for Bryan and Samantha Kirby:
"Some friends of ours that are in our small group at church had a tradegic situation happen this morning.  They have 2 yr old twin boys.  During the storms last night something caused their A/C unit to act up and kick on the heat upstairs where the boys sleep.  When the mom woke up in the morning and found out it was very hot upstairs she went in to check on her boys and found them both dead in their cribs.  The exact cause it still to be determined whether it was the heat or if carbon monoxide played a part in it. I have never experienced anything like this with someone who we are so close with.  I am asking for prayers of comfort for the family as well as for me to be strong for our friends.  I have questioned God over and over why this happened and I am trying to come to peace with what happened but it is so hard.  I just know that I have to have faith and know that God had a plan for these two young boys to be with Him.  The family has been with them today and our small group is going to see them tomorrow and I am terrified to death about losing it when I see her.  This family has been through so much just to give birth to these beautiful boys!  They've been through invetro and had a miscarriage with twins before the boys.  It has been a tough road for them, but thank God they are strong in their faith and true followers of the Lord.Thank you for your prayers!  Their names are Bryan and Samantha Kirby and their boys are Asa and Eli.
Sept. 22 Beverly Mahle Larry Mahle: Travel mercies for a motorcycle trip to Texas for one week.
Sept. 22 Chuck & Christine Standridge Pat & Alyssia Graham: They lost their mom early Saturday morning to cancer.
Sept. 22 David Barrett Please pray for Employment. David needs $200 for rent by 9/23/09.
Sept. 21 Arubra Hembree & Paula Finnegan

Prayer for the family of David Gardner and Don Warlow. David's youngest sister had a still born child.

Don Warlow was killed when his truck was swept off of N. Helton road. He is the father-inlaw of David Gardner's daughter.
Also killed when his vehicle was swept away was Don's nephew Kevin Hodges, a friend of Amanda Morris.

Be in prayer for these families as they morn the loss of family.

Sept. 21 Joe Hamilton

Clayton & Doshie Richardson & Meat and Suzette Willis were also impacted by the flood.  Water came into their home through the basement garage door. Clayton and Meat have been running shop vacs all day and have removed the moisture.
Pray that the rains tonight do not cause a repeat of this circumstance.

Sept. 21 Joe Hamilton

As follow-up to the previous message below:
The Dog River Bridge is now open.
Mike and Martha will be making a decision on their temporary housing tomorrow and info will be shared at that time.

Also, here are links to road closures: but that doesn't address county back roads.
This link includes some of the county roads but has not been updated lately  -

Sept. 21 Joe Hamilton

Many of our folks have been impacted by the weather, in particular Mike and Martha Lewis. They had water in their home.  It is not liveable now.  They are exploring options for temporary housing.
They will need to move items out of the house at some point.  Mike will let us know when he is ready to move items and help will be needed.
Watch for a follow up info with specifics about times and location.
Also, the Dog River bridge on Highway 5 is closed due to high water making it impossible to assess the bridge's integrity at this time.  An alternate route is Big A - 166 - Hwy 5 or the reverse.
Please be in prayer for all who are impacted by these storms.

Sept. 17 Chuck Standridge

Tiffany Graham: Tiffany is very ill and her family has been called in. Pray for her husband and family, ask for God's will to be done in all their lives and His comfort to be in their hearts.

Sept. 17 Kenny Campbell

Steve Ayres: I just saw him and his wife Peggy and she asked me to pray for him. It appears as if maybe he had a stroke but we're not sure. Pray for God to heal him whatever is wrong. God knows and can cure him whatever the problem. 

Sept. 16 Jamie Running Please pray that Joseph makes the right decisions concerning major health issues.
Sept. 16 Scott McKown Mother in law Betty Andrews: She is 78 years old and is having anxiety attacks and has been unable to sleep for several days. Please pray for healing and for God's peace.
Sept. 13 Joe Hamilton Ruth Hall: Ruth has been fighting sinus trouble that kept her in bed for two days. She is improving, but please keep her and George in prayer.
Sept. 13 Jannie & Noble Lawler Our Country: pray for all of us in this nation and our leaders.
Sept. 13 Paula Finnegan Jessie Lybrand: for peace and guidance in his rough times in his life right now.
Sept. 9 Bonnie Ray

Please pray for my Uncle Roy and our family as we just got the sad news yesterday that my cousin Dane Rowland (Roy's son) was found in his bed. Apparently he went to sleep and didn't wake up. He was 51 years old. It's hard losing someone that has been a friend all your life.

Sept. 8 Janan Brewington A very dear friend's son-in-law is training for active duty National Guard.  He did not pass his PT test this morning due to an ankle injury.  He will get one more chance in 3 weeks.  If he does not pass, he will be kicked out of the guard.  He and his wife are a young couple with two small children.  He desperately needs this job.  Please keep him in  your prayers that his ankle with heal and he will pass his PT test in 3 weeks.  Thank you so much. 
Sept. 6 Shirley Schaefer Carolyn Najera continues to face what doctors have called terminal cancer. Please pray for her.
Sept. 6 Jan Palmer John Palmer has additional tests on Tuesday. Pray for his health.
Sept. 6 Robert Buice Pray for Robert's continued recovery from a lawnmower accident and for Grace Lewis recovery now that she is at home from a hospital stay..
Sept. 6 Jennifer Lane Please pray for the Lane family for peace and healing in the household.
Sept. 6 David Parrish Continue to pray for the First Priority program in our local schools. 12 students accepted Jesus last week, praise the Lord. Also pray for more leaders to work with the program.
Sept. 6 Rev. Michael Doshie's dad Roy Patterson is in CCU at Northeast Georgia Medical Center. I visited with him briefly today. He is experiencing breathing dificulties amoung other things. Doshie and her family are going in to see him at each visiting time. Pray that God will see him through this health crisis and get him back home to Doshie's mom.
Sept. 6 Ken Barnett Visitation for my Mother-in-Law, Brenda, is Monday from 4:00 to 8:00 at Rosehaven and the funeral will be at 4:00 Tuesday at the same place.
Sept. 6 Ken Barnett Becky Barnett's Mother passed away Saturday evening at 9:10. Please be in prayer for the family. Arrangements will be posted when they are known.
Sept. 5 Ken Barnett Becky Barnett's mom: "We got her home last night so she could sleep in her own bed. When she got out of the hospital everyone was more relaxed, even Maw herself.
We have hospice coming out and Becky and her sister Karen will be with her 24/7. I was told the DR.  said she would give her a week. I did a spell check and GOD was not spelled 'DR'. Thanks. Jesus is with us all "
Sept. 4 Ken Barnett

Ken Barnett's Mother-in-law ( Becky's mom ) is in the hospital. She has been there for a couple of days, and was put on a ventilator yesterday as she took a turn for the worse. Please pray for the Barnett family, and give them a call of encouragement.

Sept. 3 George Hall Barbara & Jimmy Nations - At 4:45 PM Jimmy reported that Barbara has just come out of surgery to implant a pacemaker and seems to have come through okay...praise the Lord! It is expected she will be able to go home tommorrow. She will return to Piedmont Hosp. next Wednesday for surgery to clear her carotid arteries. Please continue to pray for Barbara and Jimmy.
Sept 2 Barbara & Jimmy Nations Barbara is in Piedmont Hospital, Room 387, for tests and preparation for surgery to clear blocked carotid arteries and to implant a pacemaker/defibrilator. Jimmy has requested our prayers for himself and Barbara.
Aug. 30 Chris Standridge Mike & Katherine Roberti: Katherine has been placed on total bed rest during a difficult pregnancy. Pray for her, the child and the family.
Aug. 30 Jannie & Noble Lawler Alicia Roberts & students in Grenada: Alicia is back in school in Grenada. Pray for finances, safety, and for all the students there as they return to classes.
Aug. 30 Shirley Schaefer Wayne Enlow; Prayers are requested for Wayne as he faces terminal cancer.
Aug. 30 Robert Martin Praise and thanks to God for the new job.
Aug 27 Bonnie Ricks Please pray for Jennie Horne, my daughter-in-law's mother. She has a serious bladder condition and is facing tests and surgery in September.
Aug 26 Paula Finnegan Pray for Cissy Lybrand.  Pray for her salvation. She knows God, believes in Jesus, but still does work for Satan. Turns to everything else except Jesus.
Aug 26 Jannie and Noble Lawler Please pray for Noble's sister, Alline. The cancer in her bladder has spread to the muscle.  She is undergoing chemo.
Aug 26 Jannie and Noble Lawler Pray for Julia and Mike Cotton:  They have had 2 tragic deaths this past week in their family.  Julia also has cancer and needs prayer.
Aug 26 Paula Finnegan Pray for Eddie Davis.He has been in prison for over 11 years for something he did not do.  Pray for peace.
Aug 26 Amanda Morris Please pray for me and for Krystal Thompson for our living arrangements, and for God to lay hands on Krystal's recovery. 
Aug 26 Dominick Please pray fpr Dad, Mom, and my sister, for finances and stress
Aug 26 Robert Martini Please pray for my family and for guidance in finding a job.
Aug 26 Jennifer Lane Please pray for me and my family that all of our needs be met.
Aug 26 Bonnie Ray Please pray for my sister Teana Crunkleton, for protection for her and her son Andrew.
Aug 25 Tina Rainwater Pray for my son Cain Tanner for health, peace, finances and removal of stress.
Aug 24 Marie Buice Grace Lewis (Marie's mother) came home from the hospital on Friday afternoon. She is doing much better. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.
Aug 23 Chris Standridge

Please continue to keep Terry and Lynn Chastain in prayers.  Terry was diagnosed yesterday with MSRA (that bacteria that people can get from hospitals and which can oftentimes be fatal).   They are both in isolation at the hospital (Lynn opted to stay with him in his room).   To complicate matters even more, Terry also has Lupus which lowers his defense to battle the bacteria.   He's scheduled for another procedure today to implant a filter to try to catch the blood clots in his legs and lungs.   Please pray for healing for Terry and for Lynn to be open to God's guidance in whether or not she should have Terry moved to another hospital that is better able to deal with Terry's multiple health problems.

Aug. 18 Chris Standridge

Please pray for Terry Chastain, husband of my senior attorney, Lynn.   He was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and had surgery to repair damage to his knee and lower leg.  He was rushed back to the hospital yesterday with blood clots and severe pain and is scheduled for more surgery this morning.   Please pray for stamina for Terry and Lynn and wisdom for the doctors who do not know what is causing the clots or severe pain Terry is experiencing.

Aug. 16 Larry Mahle

I received the results of my biopsy this past Thursday and it was positive for prostate cancer. The good news, if there is any, is that it has been caught very early.
I ask for prayer for wisdom, knowledge, and courage to do God's will and make good decisions for my treatment. I have no fear for I know that the great physician is in charge. 

Aug 15 Robert Buice Grace Lewis has been moved to room 282 at Cobb. While it is still ICU, it is a sign of improvement in her health in many ways. Please continue your prayers. She may receive adult visitors now and would love to see you. .
Aug 12 Dixie Maxwell Dixie Maxwell has reported that Jimmy Nations was admitted to Douglas General today for observation and diagnosis of breathing/coughing issues.
Aug 12 Jim Biles Trish's mom & Jim's mother-in-law passed away Tuesday night. She took a turn for the worse on Sunday evening. She was able to see the family and grandkids before passing and Trish was with her throughout. Jim said that "Knowing that God had prepared a place for her made it a lot easier to let her go." Pray for the family as they deal with this loss.
Aug 11 Marie Buice Marie's mother, Grace Lewis has improved enough to be moved from ICU at Cobb to a regular room. Praise the Lord! She also is now stable enough to receive dialysis. Continue your prayers on her behalf.
Aug 9 Bonnie Ray Bonnie's friend, Debbie Atkinson, needs comfort & peace right now. She is dealing with the recent loss of her father (to cancer) and her oldest child is going off to college this weekend.
Aug 9 Joe Hamilton Pray for our brother Larry Mahle. He is having a prostate biopsy on Monday morning. Pray for good results with no problems and God's direction for the medical staff.
Aug 9 Marie Buice Grace Lewis: Ms. Grace has been moved to ICU at Wellstar Cobb. She has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and kidney infection. Please pray for God's touch in the life of Ms. Grace.
Aug 9 Dee Boreing Jack is having knee replacement surgery on Monday at 11 am. Pray for successful surgery and gentle healing.
Aug 7 Robert Buice Grace Lewis, Marie Buice's mother, has been hospitalized at Wellstar Cobb with infection in both kidneys. At 87, Ms. Grace needs our prayers for God\'s grace and intervention.
Aug 4 Jannie Lawler Noble Lawler: Noble has been sick for two weeks. Pray for strength and healing.
Aug 4 Ann Eskew Ann Shearon: Pray for Ann's travel to Mississippi to be with her brother, Carl, who has been moved to hospice. Pray for Carl at this time on challenge.
Aug 4 Chris Standridge Karen Edwards: Pray for her major surgery on Thursday Aug 6.
Aug 4 Jannie Lawler Karen Edwards: Pray for her major surgery on Thursday Aug 6.
Aug 3 Bonnie Ray Laurie Vigil and Gerry Spencer: Laurie needs healing & speedy recovery from total hip replacement. Gerry needs healing & doctors care (no insurance) for a growing cancerous tumor on her face.
July 31 Calvin Waddell

Former member Calvin asks: Please pray for my new grandbaby.   
She is in the neo natal unit, she is having trouble breathing. Mom is ok and should go home tomorrow, but she is upset Addie will not be going with her. 

July 28 Chuck Standridge

Pray for comfort for the family of Martha Standridge Daniel who passed today, her brother Chester and nephew Chuck as well as many extended family members.

July 26 Arubra Hembree Please pray for the family of Tony Abercrombie in his recent passing.
July 26 Bonnie Ray Allen Rowland & Jasmine McCloud: Pray for Allene\'s healing (Bonnie\'s Mom) She\'s in NGA Nursing Home for therapy with her leg. Jasmine (a VBS child) needs comfort and strength through a time of family crisis.
July 26 Shirley Schaefer Carolyn Najera: She has terminal cancer. Healing can only come from God.
July 26 Shirley Schaefer Wayne Enlow: He has terminal cancer. The only healing will come from God.
July 26 Larry Mahle

Larry Mahle: I have an upcoming prostate biopsy, pray for a negative result.

July 22 Pastor Mike Pastor Mike visited Pete today and reports that he is clearly improving. He has more mobility and is responding to the treatment (an ultra sound heat treatment). He has been out of bed and thanks all for their prayers.
July 22 Kylie Hunter I pray that everyone's summer turns out well as we start back to school.
July 21 Calvin Waddell

George Rice: George is in the hospital in the CCU in Rome, GA. Pray for George and his daughter, Rita Lester, for healing and comfort.

July 21 Samantha Searcy

Sam is asking for prayer for her professor-advisor Dr. Robinson.  He fell while visiting in Michigan and has broken his hip.  Surgery is scheduled for this week.  This is one of my favorite teachers and mentor at Reinhardt.

July 19 Teresa Gould Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl: Bowe has been captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Pray for his safe return to his family.
July 19 David Barrett Cain Tanner: Please pray for Cain\'s salvation, protection from evil influences and for divine guidance.
July 19 Jannie & Noble Lawler Verrell Shadix: Verrell has cancer under her tongue and treatment is not going well. Pray for God\'s healing and comfort.
July 17 Joe Hamilton Pam Mitchell, spouse of Rev. Skip Mitchell (Pleasant Hill & Fishers Chapel & former member of New Covenant), is in Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga with complications following emergency surgery.
July 16 Pastor Mike

Pete Symanowski has been moved from Emory Rehab to:
ManorCare Rehabilitation Center
2722 N Decatur Road
Decatur, GA 30033
Pete reports that the treatment he is receiving is proving effective and he expects to be released to his daughter Adrian's home after 10-14 days.

Noble Lawler had tests for a swelling in his throat this past Wednesday and we are please to learn there is no indication of cancer. 
Praise God for these good reports.

July 13 Brenda Day Heath Brenda's father, Howard, has been admitted to Cobb General and is in ICU with kidney failure and an aneurism. Please pray for successful dialysis and recovery.
July 12 Charlene Searcy Mary Jo Clower: Please pray for Mary Jo's healing after her surgery.
July 12 Shirley Schaefer Wayne Enlow: Wayne has terminal cancer. Please pray fro God's healing.
July 12 Clayton Richardson Clayton's wife Doshie, had some chest pain which led to a heart cath procedure earlier this week. The test results were good and they are pursuing other possible diagnoses. Pray for relief and healing.
July 10 Cynthia Turnipseed

Randy Turnipseed got great news from his doctor. The medicine is working!  This is answered prayer so spread the Praise !

July 9 Jon Acree

Please add Charlotte Rook to the prayer list. She is having problems with her gallbladder. She is seeing a Dr. about it later today.

July 8 Chris Standridge

I wanted to send an update on the two precious little baby girls:

Reagan Hamaker:     I just had the opportunity to visit with this precious little redhead.  She is so sweet!    She had an appt. with the pediatric eye surgeon this morning.   Surgery is expected to be on Monday if they can fit her in.  The dr. will be removing three different things from her left eye:   the scar tissue (which is the hyaloid vessel that should have disintegrated during the 3rd trimester), the cataract and today her parents learned he'll also be removing the lens because there is so much scar tissue connected to it.  After surgery the dr. will be able to give them a better perspective of how healthy the left eye is.  They do not know if she will get contacts, go through patching or do any kind of rehabilitation until a week after surgery when they meet with another pediatric eye specialist.   The good news…her right eye is perfectly healthy!  Please continue to pray for her and her parents.  They are completely confident in the Great Physician and continue to marvel at how He is showing His hand in all of this day by day.

Kamryn Thompson:   Her digestive/intestinal problems have abated with the medication and she's doing much better.   The dr. doesn't feel there is a need for any further procedures at this time.   Praise God!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Chris Standridge

July 5 Pastor Mike Mary Martin: Pastor Mike's Mom, Mary, fell and broke three ribs. She is bruised and beat up from the fall. Pray for relief and healing.
July 4 Joe Hamilton Ginger Allday: Our sister in Christ in Mississippi. Ginger Allday, is starting another round of chemo this coming week. Please pray for successful treatment and healing. Her new home is progressing well and the exterior now has siding and has been painted, praise the Lord.
July 2 George Hall Jimmy Nations: Jimmy is in Douglas General Hosp., Room 225. He has what doctor's believe is a reaction to a tick bite. Barbara is requesting prayer for Jimmy's recovery, comfort and his general health.
July 2 Christine Standridge

Please put Reagan Hamaker on the prayer list.   She is the 8-week old daughter of my co-worker and friend.   Her parents found out yesterday that Reagan is blind in her left eye due to a growth within her eye that should have gone away on its own shortly after she was born.  She will need surgery to remove a cataract that has formed and also remove the growth.   The doctor told Reagan's parents that she will need a patch over her "good" eye for several years (at a minimum) until the other eye strengthens and learns how to work.    If the growth had been discovered at 2 weeks (which the eye dr. said is the normal age that this condition is diagnosed) then the recovery time would have been much shorter.  

Also, please pray for Kamryn Thompson, the 6-week old daughter of another co-worker and friend.   Kamryn has been having some severe digestive issues and saw a specialist on Tuesday.   They have prescribed medication which seems to be finally offering relief.   Please pray for continued improvement.

July 2 George Hall Tim Potate, Pastor, The Pavillon Church: Tim had returned to work today after being bitten by a black widow spider at his work several days ago and was bitten again. He is experiencing severe pain and is unable to be at work. He has ask for prayer for relief from the pain and for healing.
June 30 Charlene Searcy

Adrienne Clement (Mom) & Donald Clement, Mom has been diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer's. My brother Donald is struggling with putting her in a care facility - Mom is 93 and has always been independent.

June 30 Mildred Black

Lois Smith: Lois is in the hospital being checked for internal bleeding.

June 30 Pam Matson

Joshua Curdle: Joshua is having tests for possible Crohn's Disease or colon problems.

June 30 Jannie Lawler Noble Lawler: Noble has a thickening in his esophogus and upper stomach and there will have to be more tests.
June 30 Brandy Hembree and Jennifer
Ted Bramlett: Brandy & Jennifer's stepdad Ted is having health problems
June 29 Mike Lewis

An answered prayer is that our brother Pete Symanowski is scheduled for surgery this Wednesday. The bad news is that he has additional blood clots in his lungs.
Pray for God's healing power and His control of those entrusted with Pete's care.

June 28 Jonell Keeler Praise to God: I would like to thank everyone for their prayer and cards during my cancer treatments. My Body scan came back Wed with no sign of cancer anywhere. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSING FLOW. Thanks again to my Wed night study group and all in the church who remembered me. Love you all Jonell Keeler
June 26 Ruth Hall

Dot Reynolds, sister of Sandra Ivey, passed this AM. Be in prayer for the family.
Arrangements are as follow:
Viewing will be on Sunday from 4-7pm at Castellaw Funeral Home
866 Church Street
Smyrna, Ga.
Phone: 770-435-9038
Funeral will be Monday at 11 am at Castellaw.

June 25 Larry Mahle

We just returned from visiting with Pete Symanowski, nine men gathered in Pete's room at Emory Rehab where we enjoyed a time of fellowship, prayed, shared communion, and anointed him with oil.
Pete's request is that the surgeon schedule his next surgery before they dismiss him and that he continue his rehabilitation prior to his going home.
Our brother needs your prayers.

June 25 George Hall Tim Poteat (Pastor, The Pavillon Church): Tim was bitten by black widow spider(s) yesterday. He is in great pain and has other symptoms. Please pray for Brother Tim's relief, healing and God's peace and comfort.
June 23 Bonnie Ray

Allene Rowland (Bonnie's Mom): Allene is at Emory now recovering from another surgery for an aneurysm in the same leg as last month. Actually the doctor wanted to amputate the leg since she had lost circulation for over 24 hours, but she wouldn't hear of it. The doctor did what he could to restore some blood flow so we're hoping and praying for a miracle. She is in a lot of pain and I fear she has given up. I know she needs God's comfort and his healing if it be HIS will.

June 23 Arubra Hembree

Arrangements for Gail Webb:
Visitation for Gail Webb will be at Rosehaven on Wednesday evening from 5-7 PM.
The funeral will also be at Rosehaven on Thursday at 11 AM.

June 23 Arubra Hembree

We lost our dear friend and long time church secretary, Gail Webb, last nite.  As we all know Gail had cancer and had been a trooper through this horrible disease.  I talked to Steve this morning and he is still taking this very hard.  Please keep them in your prayers.  As soon as I find out the details, I will pass them on.  Blessings. Arubra Hembree, Nuture Team

June 21 Shirley Schaefer Please pray for Carolyn Wajera. She is suffering from cancer and there is no treatment available. Pray for her and her family.
June 21 David Barrett Please pray for the Salvation of Cain Tanner, age 12.
June 20 Keith Windmiller

Please be in prayer for Gail Webb as she is very near death. Please pray for God's presence to be a powerful source of peace and comfort for her and her family.

June 20 Bonnie Ricks Judy Miller: Judy is experiencing stomach problems and is undergoing some tests. She has been through so much over the last few years. Please pray this recent health concern will not be serious;, and that she will be touched by God's love and grace.
June 16 Chris Standridge

An update on the previous prayer request:
I just found out this morning that Shannon & Ethan learned late last week that their unborn baby (a little boy) had developed hydrops which caused fluid build-up in the heart & lungs.    Although the doctors tried what they could to remove the fluid from such a little baby, it returned over the weekend and Shannon lost the baby this morning.   Please keep the family in prayers.  Ethan had been struggling with the news that his son had Down Syndrome.  I can only imagine that this will be even more of a struggle for both of them.
Thanks. Chris Standridge

June 15 Charlene Searcy

Could you please put my Mother Adrienne Clement on the prayer list?  My brother had to put her in the hospital Sunday AM.
She was suffering from confusion and anxiety.  Pray for my brother, Donald as well.

June 15 Larry Mahle

Family of Elizabeth Mahle, Elizabeth passed away last Thursday evening after  long battle with cancer, pray for comfort and peace for her three children and seven step-children, and the extended family.

June 15 Joe Hamilton Please keep our Children's Leader, Cynthia Turnipseed in your prayers as she prepares for surgery this week. She will be in recovery for 6-8 weeks.
Jun 14 Kim Davis Boyce Dutton: Boyce is having a liver transplant. Pray for a successful surgery and gracious healing.
Jun 14 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Please pray Eric McDonald and his daughter Rachel: Eric lost his wife, April, on Thursday.
Jun 14 Shirley Schaefer Pat & Ray Frost & children, Denise & Mike: Pat is not any better and Ray has bone cancer. They require full time care. Denise and Mike are staying overnight with them. Pray for God's grace on them all.
Jun 14 Chuck & Christine Standridge Tiffany Graham & family: She has terminal cancer in the bones, brain and blood. Pray for God's grace to her and the family.
Jun 14 Jamie Running Pray for release for Jenn from emotional issues related to marriage.
Jun 14 David Barrett Ginger Allday: Praise for the progress on her house. Pray for the money for taxes.
Jun 12 George Hall for Elizabeth Mahle's family: Larry Mahle's step-mother Elizabeth has passed away. Larry is asking for prayer for her family in this time of loss and bereavement.
June 11 Joe Hamilton Praise the Lord for what he is doing through your team in Mississippi. Ginger Allday's house is really coming together and all the glory goes to God. Pray for the teams safety at work and on the road this weekend.
June 11 George Hall Joy North is requesting prayer for her daughter Val Lott who will require surgery as soon as it can be scheduled. Please pray for guidance for the doctors and for healing, peace and freedom from pain for Val.
June 7 Mike Karaty Mike's cousin Patty has been having continued difficulties with her body's rejection of screws inserted earlier this year. Please lift up Patty by name for God's healing from this problem and her full and complete recovery.
June 7 Mike Lewis from our Pumpkin Patch friends: "Hi folks, can you please add Mary Gilbert to your prayer list? Mary is the mother of Vicki Martindale - a coordinator in Nashville TN. She is recovering from a fractured pelvis, emphyzema, and bronchitis. Thank you so much everyone."
June 4 Chris Standridge

Please put Shannon & Ethan (friend of a friend - don't know the last name) on the prayer list.  They have just received the news that their unborn baby has Down Syndrome and also a condition called "cystic hygroma" which can be fatal even before birth.    They have a strong faith that God will heal their baby but would appreciate any and all prayers.  They live in Charlotte, NC.

Thank you! Chris

May 31 Ann Eskew

Sandra Bryant's mother passed away early Saturday. Here is the information for arrangements.
Visitation is today (Sun, May 31) from 4 - 8:00 pm. The funeral service is tomorrow at Rosehaven at 11:00 o'clock.   Burial is at Sunrise immediately after the service. Ephesus Baptist is providing a meal after the service at their church.  Those desiring to take food to Sandra & Tony's house do so Monday night or Tuesday morning. A meat tray has been provided, so side dishes - all kinds of salads and deserts could be good to  put in the refrigerator to use as they are needed.
Their address is: 5486 Kings Hwy. 770-942-6305

May 30 Teresa Gould

My mom, Mildred Black, was admitted to Wellstar Douglas yesterday for possible colitis.

May 30 Mike Karaty

Patty Johnson, my cousin, is being taken to surgery at 11 am to try and debreed the abscess and find out exactly what is going on.  Please pray that God ease her mind.

May 29 Larry Mahle

Pete Symanowski has been moved to Emory Atlanta, his surgery has been delayed again.

May 29 Sandra Bryant

Pray for Sandra Bryant's mother, she is at Tanner Carrollton near death.

May 29 Mike Karaty

Mike's cousin, Patty Johnson, needs prayer for a rejection of the hardware that was inserted in her back 2 1/2 years ago. Pray for God's healing and His will be done.

May 29 Beverly Mahle

Her step sister, Penny Knotts,has undergone brain surgery to remove a tumor. Pray for healing, and relief from severe pain.

May 26 Larry Mahle Please be in prayer for our brother Pete Symanowski. He is scheduled for more surgery related to his ongoing health issues. The surgery is very delicate and emotionally quite challenging for Pete. Please remember him in your prayers.
May 19 Paula Finnegan

A friend of my father asks that we pray for his daughter, Pam Roland. She has breast cancer in both breasts and her husband died recently of a heart attack leaving her with their 5 children. Pray for healing and peace in this family.

May 18 Phil Hembree

for Joyce Hoage - healing and peace as she is treated for pancreatic cancer.
for Nancy Crawford - for her 5-year-old daughter suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
for Dallas Gaston - for healing from blood clots.

May 18 David Barrett Tina Leonard: Pray for her salvation and for financial relief.
May 18 Brenda Day Heath Howard Day (father): Pray for Howard's healing from the nerve pain of shingles.
Pray for Brenda\'s healing from heart problems.
May 17 Joe Hamilton

We had a great visit with Pete after church yesterday.  Beau and her fiance were there when we arrived and he was in much better spirits and was laughing and sharing with us.  He even joked about his own circumstances, which gave us all a good laugh.
He is still facing ongoing issues with blood clots and circulation that all seem related to his original problem back when all this started.
Keep praying for Pete as they explore further treatment options.  He is in Northside-Cherokee in Canton in room 416.  He may be transferred to Emory at some point.  If so we'll spread the word.

May 16 Shane Delagrange

I received a phone message from Pete this morning about 6:00 am.  He was very upset, and asked for prayer.  He went in to Northside Hospital in an extreme amout of pain, found out it was another blood clot and had emergency surgery.  He is still in an enormous amout of pain.  I'm heading up to visit him tomorrow after church and I think it would be awesome if any other UMM would join me to pray with him.  Please put out the word.  Thanks, Shane D.

May 14 Kenny Campbell Ernest Dowda: Ernest has bone cancer and has developed blood clots. Ernest has been life flighted to Kennestone Hospital. Please pray for Ernest and his family.
May 12 Robert Buice

Please pray for our 2 year old grandson, Mason.  He is having dental work done on a front tooth tomorrow at 9am and they say they will have to put him to sleep.  A little guy only 2 should not have dental surgery, however, the dentist says it is necessary due to a exposed nerve that hurts him.  Please remember him in your prayers.  May GOD bless and keep him. 

May 12 Shirley Schaefer Carolyn Najera: Carolyn has cancer and has been told she has 6 months to live. Pray for relief from pain and God's grace in her life.
May 11 Bonnie Ray

Please pray for my kids Grandfather Earl Ray. He's in the hospital recovering from Hip surgery, pneumonia and has the last stages of Parkinson's disease. He is not doing well and is refusing to take his medicine and continues to be anxious. We request God's peace and comfort for him and the family.

Also, my Mom is still in the hospital recovering from the Staph infection in her leg which has become challenging with her diabetes. She's in pain and needs comfort & healing.

May 11 Charlene Searcy

Please pray for Scott Fields. Scott is a member of Bright Star UMC and today had major heart surgery.  Per his son-in-law, everything went well and the Doctors are very pleased.

May 7 Keith Windmiller We have a new addition to the New Covenant family. Elyse Durden, our youth leader, had her baby last week. Here is a message from her:

"She is here!! She was born Thursday, April 30th at 5:44! She weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz and was 21 inches long. WAY bigger than we thought she would be! The delivery went smoothly and labor lasted about 12 hours with about 30 minutes of pushing...everything was completely worth it! We had a little bit of a jaundice scare when we were about to go home but they still let us go home and she seems to be doing just fine. We take her to the doctor on monday to check on everything and hopefully we will get everything cleared up and she'll be able to come visit everyone at church!"
May 7 Kenny Campbell

Please pray for Mr. Cannon He has mouth cancer, He had to have a feeding tube put in and is not doing good. I think he is only 45 years old. His daughter was one of dad's favorite waitresses at Cracker Barrel.

May 5 Bonnie Ray Bonnie's mom, Allene Rowland has been hospitalized with leg problems. Pray for her healing and release.
May 5 Charlene Searcy The daughter of Douglasville Pastor, Larry Ervin of Tranquil AME Church was shot Saturday night and is being treated at Grady. Please keep Je-Neice Ervin and her family in prayer during this time.
May 5 Paula Finnegan

My nephew, Shane, was badly burnt and was airlifted to Medical College of Georgia Hospital in Augusta. Pray for healing for Shane and comfort for the family.

May 5 Mike Lewis

An update on my brother Tony. He is suffering from Esophageal varices, and the same condition in his stomach. Continue praying for Tony as he is not handling being confined to a hospital bed.

May 4 Joe Hamilton Karen Shepard-Hamilton: Sunday evening Karen was admitted to Anchor Hospital with severe depression. Please pray for peace of mind and that she will know how much God loves her all the time.
Apr. 29 Charlene Searcy Marie Gee ’s brother in Melbourne FL was involved in a motorcycle accident.  He is in the hospital but as of this time, the Gees are not aware of any head trauma, but he did suffer other injuries.  Bobby will update us as they know more.
Apr. 28 Jamie Running Ruth Running- daughter: While in the process of giving a test to her class, she observed a child cheating on the test. When she reported the incident to her superior, she was informed that she might be terminated because she had not observed the incident earlier. Please pray that her job will not be in jeopardy for doing the right thing.
Apr. 28 Charlene Searcy Adrienne Clement- mother: Mother is 93and is getting very forgetful. Please pray for God's blessing and care for her.
Apr. 27 Mike Lewis received through our friends that run the Pumpkin Patch:
Gary Hogman of Warner Robbins, GA and recently deployed overseas, is asking for prayer for his wife, Cindy. She has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and her chances are not good. He asks that all who will pray for her healing and the removal of cancer from her body and that God allow her to remain the loving mother of their 5-year-old son Michael. Gary asks you all to share this prayer across your networks.
Apr. 27 Keith Windmiller I just got word that Pete Symanowski is in Kennestone with blood clots in his legs. Please pray for him,
Apr. 27 Kathryn Acree My dear friend Samantha Morris' grandmother is dying of lung cancer and has been transported to the hospital today. She has not been eating and is not responding to the family. Pray for her and the family.
Apr. 24 Larry Mahle Memorial Service for Robert Campbell:
A memorial service will be held at New Covenant on Saturday April 25th. at 2:00 PM.  The family will receive friends at 1:00 PM and a luncheon for family and friends of New Covenant will be held in the fellowship hall immediately after the service.
Apr. 23 Mike Karaty

My son Mikey received information that his good friend and wrestling partner from high school at Alexander was killed in a MVA yesterday.  His name is Teirson Hollis,known as "T". He is well known at Alexander and many of you read about it in the Sentinel.  Please pray for his family as they prepare to bury their son and for classmates of his. 'T' was outstanding in his faith as a Christian.  May he rest in peace with our Father in heaven.

Apr. 23 Keith Windmiller

Long time beloved member of New Covenant, Robert Campbell passed away this morning.
Please be in prayer for Lois, Kenny, Molly and the whole family.
More information about arragements will follow as they are known.

Apr. 21 Kenny & Molly Campbell Please pray for Linda Talley. Linda has lung cancer and is under hospice care.
Apr. 21 Molly Campbell Please pray for Terry Casey. Terry has stage 3 lung cancer.
Apr. 21 Jonell Keeler Jonell is having total thyroid removal Wed. at 1pm at Fort Sanders Regional Medial Center Knoxville TN.
Apr. 20 Joe Hamilton Please pray for my old boss, Rev. Nick Elliott of UM Volunteers In Mission. Nick has a troubling stomach problem that may be stomach cancer. He has a CAT scan later this week. Please pray for Nick.
Apr. 12 Bonnie Ray Bob and Ann Murburger: For healing and comfort. Bob has lung cancer and a brain tumor. He has been given three months to live.
Apr. 12 Andrea Roberts Mary Watters: Pray for her healing. She was in a car crash two weeks ago. She broke several bones in her arms and legs. Hopefully they can stabilize her for surgery to repair the damages. Pray for her peace. The couple in the other van died and left behind two young children.
Apr. 7 Larry Mahle

Pray for our brother Cecil Lawrence, his general health is not good, especially his diabetes. He has no means of transportation and is basically a shut in.

Apr. 5 Noble & Jannie Lawler Julia Cotten: Julia has cancer and she had a light stroke last week. Pray for God's healing.
Apr. 5 Noble & Jannie Lawler Alline Taormina: She is facing surgery for bladder cancer. Pray for healing.
Apr. 5 Jim Hall Lamar Baggett family:Lamar died suddenly on Saturday, Apr. 4. He left behind his wife and two young daughters. Please pray for them.
Apr. 3 Bonnie Ray

Please be in prayer for my Mom Allene Rowland as she goes into surgery this morning for an aneurysm in her leg. I pray for God's comfort & speedy healing for Mom and wisdom and guidance for the Doctor performing this tricky procedure.

Mar. 31 Phil Hembree Frank Camp: Frank is back in the hospital with throat problems. Pray for his health and healing.
Mar. 30 Gail For Daughter Christina: My daughter has mental health issues and is turning to drugs and alcohol. The best medical treatment she needs is beyond our means. This journey of struggle and destruction has taken a toll on her, myself and my marriage. I am now struggling with my faith and have never felt so alone. Please pray for God to protect her and show her his love, for her healing in spirit and mind, my marriage, that I may find my way back to God, and lastly for some way to obtain the treatment she needs. I thank you for all your prayers.
Mar. 24 Ann Eskew Sandra Bryant is having gall bladder surgery today, Tuesday the 24th. Please pray for healing.
Mar. 23 Jannie & Noble Lawler Alline Taromina: Alline (Noble's sister) was informed today she has Stage 4 cancer in her bladder. Please pray for her.
Mar. 22 Steve Leathers
Please add my cousin Pat Hurst to the prayer list along with her son John. Her son Jay passed away this past Sunday. Jay and John's father Kenny passed away in September last year. Jay had one son, William Ronald Ballou. Moreland Georgia.
Mar. 21 Kathryn Acree My dear friend Samantha Morris' grandmother is dying of lung cancer and the needed chemotherapy is damaging her heart. The doctors say she has six to nine months. Pray for her and the family.
March 19 Ken Barnett

Please pray for Ashley Shaw: In her own words "Hi! On Feb 8, Mom and Dad noticed a "bump" on my cheek. After treating so many likely causes, on Mar 26 we found out that I had cancer - and a few days after that we learned that it was embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma. That's a big word that means I need treatment for a while - but I know God is bigger than my biggest problem and I'm in His Care!"

There is a bike ride this Saturday Mar 21 (her birthday) to support her and the family from the parking lot of Crossroads Church, D'ville - more info at -

Ma. 17 Chuck Standridge

Please pray for Chuck's good friend, Pat Graham, his wife, Tiffany and their daughter, Alyssa.   After a long battle with breast cancer, and many mini-miracles along the way, they were told today that Tiffany's cancer has completely enveloped her brain and there is nothing more that the doctors can do.   They have given her 3 weeks to two months at the very most.     Please pray for one final big miracle if it is God's will….and if not, then a peaceful and painless passing into His Kingdom.   Please keep Pat and Alyssa in prayers as well.   Pat is a police officer and Alyssa is only 9 yrs. old.

Mar. 17 The Barnetts Tony: Our neighbor Tony has cancer. Pray for his healing.
Mar. 17 Becky Barnett Amy Nicholes: She is having surgery for possible cancer. Pray for healing.
Mar. 17 Kylie Hunter Jeff Hunter (Dad): Please pray for his safety on the highway as he drives a truck.
Mar. 15 Charlene Searcy Mike Karaty: His cardiologist has told him to take 48 hours of complete rest to reduce fluid retention and relieve swelling in his legs.
Mar 13 Mike Karaty

I want to update you on my dear friend Troy Dodson. First of all let me PRAISE GOD because Troy has started praying again and has opened his bible.  I have prayed for this for almost 9 years. Praise God for answered prayer.   
Second, he has found a surgeon that is going to perform bypass surgery on his bad leg and has given him a 75% chance that he will be able to keep his leg.  Surgery is tomorrow Friday the 13th at 11 am at Piedmont.  Please pray for him during his surgery.  THE MIRACLES HAVE ALL READY STARTED !  THE POWER
OF PRAYER IS AWESOME.  I am celebrating just for the fact that he has started praying again.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and I will keep you updated...............
Your brother in Christ,
Mike Karaty

Mar. 10 Joe Hamilton from my friend, Eddie Coffee: Please pray for my grandson, Hunter Law. He will be undergoing some extensive tests in the next few days. It will be 2 1/2 weeks before results will be in. He's 9 years old and is having trouble w/ reflux and puttng on weight. also small amt of blood in stool. Please put him on any prayer chains you may know of. Also pray for his parents that they may have confidence in God and His ability to heal.
Mar. 8 Jannie & Noble Lawler Martha Houston & Alline Taromina: Martha (Jannie's sister) has a terible cough and cold for over two weeks. Alline (Noble's sister) is facing more cancer. Pray that she receives the best treatment. Pray for the Lord's healing for both.
Mar. 7 Mike Karaty

I am asking for prayer for a dear friend of mine of many years Troy Dodson. He is troubled with many health problems and one of them being diabetes. 
He has been told by one doctor that he must have his foot amputated up to the knee.  He is devastated.  He knows the Lord but has drifted away from Him over the years and has a hard heart. I ask that all of you pray that God touch his heart and
his left leg with his healing power. Troy needs God's intervention and the only way for him is with prayer. Please help me pray for him that God do a mighty work in his life. I will update you. 

Yours in Christ,
Mike Karaty

Mar. 2 Joe Hamilton Joan Williams of Joshua International in Sierra Leone has requested prayer for the mission. She may have to close 2 of her 4 schools serving Bible classes and a hot lunch for the children every Saturday because of a sharp decline in donations. Pray for the Lord's provision for this wonderful work.
Mar. 1 Noble & Jannine Lawler Verrell Shadix: Verrell is 96 years old and having kidney trouble, as well as fluid on her lungs. Please lfit her in prayer to the Lord.
Mar. 1 Sandra Bryant & Bonnie Ricks Lisa Bryant: Lisa has a mass in her liver. She is 33 with two children. Please pray this mass is not cancer and can be treated simply and quickly.
Mar. 1 Shirley Schaefer Eric, Marie and Elise Crowe: Eric needs a job.
Mar. 1 Noble & Jannie Lawler Rick Teal & Ann Smith: Ricky is still waiting on a kidney transplant. Ann is dealing with ongoing Alzheimers
Mar. 1 Noble & Jannie Lawler Alline Taromina: Alline was diagnosed with a cancerous mass in her bladder. Pray for her healing and successful treatment.
Feb. 24 Shirley Schaefer Eric Crowe: Eric lost his job this past Friday and needs a job desperately. He and his family have no financial cushio. Please pray for Eric.
Feb. 24 Phil Hembree Frank Camp: Frank is in the hospital with intestinal bleeding after a heart attack. Pray for healing.
Feb. 24   Paul Bennett: Paul lost his job two weeks ago and had a terrible accident last Friday. Please pray for Paul and his family.
Feb. 23 Keith Windmiller

Due to an accidental misplaced set of requests, please make a special prayer for these long-standing requests:

From Jamie Running: pray for the marriage of Mike and Martha James.
Continue to pray for Mike Karaty and his ongoing heart issues.
From Chris & Chuck Standridge: pray for Tiffany Graham and family as they deal with Tiffany's terminal cancer.

Feb. 23 Shirley Cagle Pray for Stacey, Shirley's daughter for healing after liver test results.
Feb.22 Melody Brannon

Pray for the family of Cathy Brooks:
I am a former New Covenant member along with Cathy Brooks. As many of you may know from Charlen Searcy\'s posting, Cathy has been fighting a long battle with cancer. Unfortunately, on Feb. 19th Cathy passed away. I know she would have wanted those of you who know her to be aware of her memorial service which will be on Feb. 28th at 10:00 am at Concord UMC in Carrollton. On behalf of myself, Cathy and her family, I want to thank you for your prayers. Also for those of you who know us, you'll remember she and I were best friends for 31 years and for me this is like loosing a sister. Therefore, I would like to ask if you can pray for her family and I during this difficult time. Thanks and God bless

Feb. 20 Joe Hamilton Karen will be having her shoulder replacement surgery this AM at Wellstar Douglas at 10:30. Please pray for a trouble free operation and a gentle recovery. Therapy will continue for some time.
Also pray for our friend Hilda Dutrow of Statesboro, GA. She has been fighting leukemia for some time and is back in the hospital for a related intestinal problem.
Feb. 19 Keith Windmiller Pray for Gail Webb. Her treatment for cancer is no longer effective and she has begun to receive hospice care in her home. Pray for her and Steve and the family in this time.
Feb. 17 Larry Mahle

Pray for the family of my brother, Dan, he passed away this morning. Beverly and I will be traveling to Ohio tomorrow. Pray for safe passage for us over the next few days.

Feb. 15 The Lawlers Alline Taromina: Alline has a mass in her bladder. Pray that it can be cleared up with treatment and is not cancer. Also pray for all who are diagnosed with cancer and all who are ill.
Feb. 10 Karen Shepard-Hamilton My sister-in-law, Angele Lawless has a brother-in-law, Mike Quinllin who has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Immediate prayer for his healing is needed.
Feb. 8 Kenny Campbell Keep Kenny's dad, Robert in prayer as he proceeds with his treatment for his lung. Also his mom Lois continues to need prayer.
Feb. 8 Kenny Campbell Kenny's friend, Charles Pinkertonhas a spot on his lung and may have a recurrence of colon cancer. Please pray for Charles.
Feb. 8 Marie Buice Sheri Brookshire: Sheri has health problems. her throat is troubled by acid reflux. Please pray for healing.
Feb. 5 Larry Mahle

Mike has come through his heart cath ok. They will be treating his ongoing heart issues with medication. He came home after the catheterization was complete.

Feb. 3 Becky Barnett Pray for Patty Morris. She is being treated for breast cancer that has spread to the lung.
Feb. 3 Bill Simmons Bill's son Kirk sustained a compound fracture of the lower left leg. He had successful surgery but needs prayer for his continued recovery. Prayer for physical and emotional healing.
Jan. 31 Joe Hamilton After Mike Karaty's doctor visit Friday, the Doctor has decided that due to symptoms reported, and in order to get the best picture of Mike's heart’s health, He will be going to Kennestone for a heart cath on Thursday at noon.
Jan. 27 Joe Hamilton

Here’s an update on Karen’s condition.

After x-ray’s were done, it was discovered that Karen’s fall two weeks ago resulted in a broken arm.  Her humerus was fractured near the shoulder socket.  The orthopedist is to see her tonight (Tuesday) and she is to remain in the hospital one more night.  Thank you all for your prayers.
Jan. 26 Joe Hamilton Karen Shepard-Hamilton: Karen has been kept overnight at Wellstar Douglas for observation after suffering from severe headache and chest pain today (Monday). It does not appear to be heart related, but the Dr. felt that after the fall she suffered 2 weeks ago her neurologist should be consulted. Please pray for a clear diagnosis and swift recovery.
Jan. 25 Cynthia Turnipseed My mother's cousin, Claudine, was found dead in her kitchen and her husband is greiving profoundly over this loss having lost their son some years earlier. Pray for the whole family.
Jan. 21 Larry Mahle

Our Emmaus brother and retired Methodist Pastor, Jim Aiken, had surgery at Crawford Long on Friday, January 16 at 8 am to remove a cancerous tumor from his esophagus.  The surgery involved removal of  70% of his esophagus and 30% of his stomach and then reattaching them together.  He will be in the hospital for 10 to 14 days and then have a 2 to 3 month recovery period at home.

Please pray for Jim, Alice, the family, and their church family. Also, pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors, nurses, and caregivers at Crawford Long Hospital. Likewise remember those aiding & assisting Jim as we claim his complete recovery.

Jan. 21 Shane and Pinky Delagrange FOLLOW-UP: Please, let everyone know that Jamey's mom is alive and in a drug induced coma.  Please, continue to pray for Jamey, his mom, and their family. 
Thanks, Pinky
Jan. 21 Shane and Pinky Delagrange

Be in prayer for the mother of Jamey Hicks, a friend of Shane and Pinky Delagrange. She is in the hospital and they have called a code on her and are trying to resuscitate her as I write this.
May God provide for her every need, guide those charged with her care, and give Jamey and his family your comfort, in Jesus name.

Jan. 20 Lori Windmiller Richelle & Shawn Carter & family; Marc & Alyssa Cook & family
request: Richelle Carter is in a high risk pregnancy. Marc Cook has been laid off from his job.
Jan. 20 Phil Hembree Jimmy Danielle: Jimmy is in the hospital for COPD and it is affecting his Parkinson\'s dsease.
Jan. 20 Shirley Schaefer Wayne Enlow: He has cancer in the liver, lungs and colon. Chemo is the only treatment available. Pray that it will be effective.
Jan. 20 Sharon Shayaer Allen Clark & Kevin Starfield: Both men are serving our country in the military. Pray for their safety and service.
Jan. 20 Brenda Day Heath Ray Upshaw (Husband of Brenda Heath Upshaw): He is facing possible heart surgery for the third time.
Jan. 13 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Patricia Evans, sister of Shirley Cagle, passed away this morning at 7 AM after a long illness. Please pray for the family, especially Patricia's daughter Lisa, and sister Shirley.
Jan. 11 Shirley Cagle Patricia Evans and family: Pray for peace and comfort as she receives hospice care at her daughter's home.
Jan. 11 anonymous Melody Willoughby: Pray for Melody. She has brain surgery this week.
Jan. 11 Kenny Campbell Robert and Lois Campbell: Robert is having a biopsy on his lung on Tuesday morning. Pray for mom, Lois' healing.
Jan. 11 Noble & Jannie Lawler Pray for our new President. Pray that God would be at work in his heart about abortion and marriage. Pray for our nation.
Jan. 10 NGA Conference

Lucy Evans, sister of Rev. Skip Mitchell, formerly a member of New Covenant, and current pastor of Pleasant Hill-Fishers Chapel, died Wednesday, January 7th.  The date of her memorial service has not been announced. 

Pray for comfort for Skip and the family.

Jan. 5 Arubra Hembree

Rebecca Mathis’ mother has cancer – remember her in your prayers.

Rod, a family member of my niece Elizabeth, is in ICU on life support. Pray for healing and peace for the family.

Jan. 4 Charlene Searcy Sina Mooney: At age 92, she has had a heart attack. Pray for her healing. Pray for wisdom as she relocates. Her children are scattered in many states.
Jan. 4 Jannie Lawler Ricky Teal: He went to Emory last week and had a shunt put in his neck, along with four sessions of dialysis. He is home now and needs prayer that a kidney will be found.
Jan. 4 Larry Mahle Danny Mahle: Pray for healing from a stroke and liver cancer, as well as comfort for his wife Diane, his son and grandchildren.
Jan. 4 Bill & Becky Simmons Morgan Simmons: Morgan is having out-patient surgery for lumps in he rbreat on Jan. 7th. We pray for quick healing and a benign test result.
Jan. 4 Joe Hamilton Dave Keener is a dear friend who is a missionary at Source of Light in Madison, GA. Dave has had a stroke and has been hospitalized. Please pray for his recovery. He has worked for years spreading God's Word through Bible lessons distributed all over the world. Pray for Dave.
Dec. 29 Nita Leathers

Jerry Tuggle, a friend of ours had a heart attack on Dec. 23, had surgery and was sent home on Dec. 27. Six hours after returning home he had a stroke, is suffering from seizures and a blood clot in his leg. Pray for God's intercession in his health problems and his continued care.

Dec. 29 Larry Mahle

Update on Larry, many of you have asked about my health problems. I am happy to report that my stress test came back normal, there are no blockages. The cardiologist said this test was better than one taken 2 1/2 years ago. Praise God!

Dec. 26 Shirley Cagle Shirley's sister Patricia has taken a bad turn. She was set for transfer to a long term care facility, but has since had two seizures and is in ICU in a coma and is on a ventilator. Please pray for Patricia, Shirley and the family.
Dec. 24 Megan Simmons

Could you please add Nate Adrian's uncle to the prayer chain?  His uncle in Wisconsin is in the hospital with a heart arrhythmia and has a clot in his lung.  They were going to see if they could remove the clot today.  His aunt suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.  So she is not in the best of health either.  Please prayer for health, healing, wisdom and comfort for Nate's uncle's family during this time.

Dec. 23 Chris Standridge

This Air Force 2nd Lt. sent this letter to his family in the states asking for prayer for his "other family" in the middle east. Lets lift all of our soldiers up in prayer this Christmas season. Following is the letter he e-mailed his family.

Hey Mom, Dad, Courtney, and Grandma,

I was just writing to let you know that I will be heading home here in a couple of hours after the Commander's Call. I am so blessed to be able to come home to ya'll for Christmas. Sometimes it gets kind of lonely out here without you, and I'm sure you are worried about me. Just know that I am with my other family out here, and they take care of me just like ya'll. Along with that, I have been thinking about the soldiers over seas and how they can't be home for the holidays to see their families. If you can, just take a few minutes today or whenever to pray for them. Do not be sad though, because they are also with their families out there in the field. They, along with I knew the sacrifices we would have to make in serving this country. But freedom is well worth the price. As you have heard many times before, freedom isn't free, and we all understand that. Anyways, I just had a few minutes to write this before the CC call, and just wanted to say I love you and will see you soon. 

Lots of Love,

Dec. 23 Ann Eskew

During this season of outreach may God be glorified and someone be touched.

Dec. 23 Shane & Kim Davis

Tegan Ebberman is a relative of ours. She is 3 years old and the doctors found a tumor on her brain. Please pray for healing.

Dec. 20 Joe Hamilton Joan Williams of Joshua International is leaving for Sierra Leone Sunday. As she was packing last night she received word that the first child received into the orphanage she has established in Grafton, SL, has died from ongoing health complications. He was three years old and had only recently become strong enough to walk.
Please pray for her, for the child's family and for the other children continuing to be served by her loving ministry. She received this news as she was packing items to take to him on her trip tomorrow. She knows he is in the arms of God, yet her sadness at his suffering and her wish to have been able to do more has caused deep sadness. Remember all this in your prayers.
Dec. 20 Denise Shelby

A lady my daughter refers to as "mom", Barbara Haynes is a nurse @ Douglas General  - She lost everything this week in a house fire.
She lived in an apartment, where three were connected, one of the apartments caught on fire,  they were able to get out, however, when the fire reached her place, the gas tank on porch blew, anyway she lost everything - no rental insurance.
If you know anyone or have anything you are willing to part with, anything will be greatly appreciated as she has to start completely over.

Dec. 20 Mike Karaty

A dear friend of our family is in Mt. Sinai hospital in critical condition with heart problems. Her family has requested that our group please pray for healing. Her name is Maryann Quinones.  I will forward updates as I get them.
My cousin Patty Johnson called today and is home re-cooperating from her surgery. She wishes all a Blessed Holiday and sends her love to all.  She plans to write to us as soon as she is able.

Also pray for me while I travel.  I have problems flying.( I hate it) also I have claustrophobia.

Dec. 18 Arubra Hembree Elizabeth, my niece shared that her friend, Rod, is in the hospital with a brain tumor…it is not good and he needs our prayers.  He is only 25 and just started fainting and then the doctors found this.  They do not have insurance so please lift him and the family up in your prayers..We know that God is an awesome God, so let’s believe in a miracle.   Thanks..
Dec. 16 Kenny Campbell Robert Campbell has a spot on his lung. He is having more tests on Friday, Dec. 19th to see what it is. Please pray for a good result.
Dec. 16 Molly Campbell Betty Gable has lost two daughters in the past year. She is not in good health and is in recovery from cancer and has diabetes. Pray for her health in every arena, physical, emotional and spiritual.
Dec. 16 Steve Leathers Debbie Bankston's father just passed away. She is very concerned for her mother, as her father passed away just short of their 58th anniversary (Christmas Eve). Also Debbie is seeking employment. Please lift her and her mom in prayer.
Dec. 14 Joe Hamilton

Our brother in Jesus, Larry Mahle, suffered chest pains yesterday and was admitted overnight for observation.   All the tests run at that time were normal and they believe it may have been severe acid reflux. 
As a precaution, he will be undergoing a stress test Tuesday morning.  Please pray for Larry and the family that test test will likewise be good.

Dec. 13 Larry Mahle

My brother, Dan Mahle has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Doctors have told his wife, Diane, that there is nothing they can do. We know that there is something we can do. I ask that you pray for healing for my brother and comfort for his wife, son and grandchildren.

Dec. 9 Mike Karaty

Prayer warriors,
Just an update on my cousin Patty Johnson. She is still in the hospital undergoing intense antibiotic treatment. She is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow maybe depending on lab results, then to follow up daily at the doctors office for shots of pennicillin. She says that she feels great and sounds great also. Patty sends all of you her love and gratitude and promises to write as soon as she goes home. She can't express her thanks for the prayer warriors enough and how much you all mean to her. She only wishes that she was here to be able to express her thanks in person at the church.  Isn't God Wonderful.  GOD IS GOOD ... ALL THE TIME!   I will update when she goes home.
In His Service,
Mike Karaty and Patty Johnson

Dec. 8 Gina Lybrand

I lost my job ...i have no idea what i will do.........i need a job. Please pray for my son's salvation. Thank you

Dec. 8 Charlene Searcy

A former member of our church, Cathy Brooks, has been very ill with cancer and they expect to move her to hospice come January.  Please pray for the James, Junior and Josh as well as Cathy.

Dec. 5 Dee Boreing Robert Sharp (the UMCOR Coordinator on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Jack and Dee's boss) continues to face problems that came from a clot on his lung. He had to be hospitalized again and needs prayer now.
Dec. 3 Mike Karaty

Prayer warriors,
Just an update on my cousin Patty Johnson.  I spoke with her tonight.  The surgery was a success and the lung re-inflated.  She still has to stay in the hospital for about 5 days for antibiotic therapy then to continue 6 more weeks as out patient.  She asked that I tell all of you this:
"Thank all of you for your many prayers. I felt them at work before my surgery and when I came out.  I could not of done it without your prayers. I love all of you and thank you from
the bottom of my heart. God is so good and your prayers are a blessing to me."
Love you all,
Patty Johnson

I will update as I know more.  Thank you all. I remain your brother in Christ
Mike Karaty

Dec. 3 Mike Karaty

My cousin Patty Johnson went into surgery at 2pm and came out at 415pm.  The surgery was done in half the expected time and the lung re-inflated well and the surgery was a success. Shewill be going into ICU and my cousin (her husband) will update me around 8pm and I will pass it along.  Please continue to pray for her recovery. Once again prayer was answered, PRAISE GOD. Now we pray for her successful recovery.
God Bless,
Mike Karaty

Dec. 3 Larry Mahle From an Emmaus sister; Dear Family in Christ,

As some of you know, my dad is a minister in down town Covington, Kentucky. It is a very poor area yet the church is doing some great ministry there. One of the women in the church is in her 40's, has a 2 year old and just had a baby. After years of trying, this has been a huge blessing! She is a nurse and though she knew the problems associated with pregnancy so late in life, she never could have predicted this. During her pregnancy, she developed cancer. It has taken over her liver, kidneys, lungs, and most of her body. She may not have long. She begins treatment very soon. I am
asking for some very specific prayers. I am also asking that you send this on to any prayer chains you can. I know that Mayfield UMC has a prayer team, Emmaus has prayer teams, and Wesley UMC has a prayer team. PLEASE SEND THIS ON!

1. I believe that praying for healing is appropriate in this case. God works through prayer! Sandy has the Doctors and the medication she needs. Now we need to provide for the spirit and pray for healing, body, mind, and spirit!
2. Pray that the Meier family (Mom-Sandy, Dad-Nicholas, son-Nicholas, and baby-Henry) have the strength, hope, love, faith, and support to get through this.
3. Pray that the anger, frustration, confusion, and other negative emotions might not keep them from making the most of the time they still have.
4. Pray that those ministering to the family (my dad-Eugene Penn, the church- Epworth UMC) might have the words and wisdom needed to guide this family.

Thank you for your love and support! Thank you for being there for a sister in Christ that you may not have met but already know because of our sacred kinship.

Many thanks
God bless
Dec. 2 Jamie Running Lorraine Wright has a bad hip and needs prayer.
Dec. 2 Larry Mahle Elizabeth Mahle is Larry's stepmother and has lung cancer. Please pray for healing.
Dec. 2 Jon Acree Charlotte Rook has been diagnosed with glaucoma and has already suffered significant vision loss. Please pray for her healing.
Dec. 1 Mike Karaty Patty Johnson: Patty is Mike's cousin. You may recall she had back surgery for scoliosis a couple of years ago. We prayed for her, she recovered and expressed her thanks for our prayers many times. Patty is in critical care in a hospital in Orlando with pneumonia and needs surgery. She has asked for our prayers.
Nov. 26 Shirley Cagle Shirley's sister, Patricia Evans, had her foot amputated above the knee, and the pressure relieved on her brain in surgery today and is in recovery now.
Nov. 23 Chris & Chuck Standridge Will Standridge: Will is having his tonsils out on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Pray for a smooth and easy procedure and recovery.
Nov. 23 Molly Campbell Donna McCluskey: Donna is having lower back surgery on Dec. 1. Please pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
Nov. 22 Shirley Cagle Shirley's sister Patricia has been taken by ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment of possible lung and brain cancer. Please be in prayer for her, her family and children.
Nov. 14 Gayle of the Pumpkin Patch

Kristy Ingraham is the Pumpkin Patch coordinator for the state of Georgia and has the following request:

Please submit to all prayer warriors you can to lift up my brother in prayer and that he is able to accept the help that is being offered to him and realize how precious he is to not only us as well as everyone he has touched. He is a non-believer who desperately needs treatment.

also - from April Oberkrom (another Pumpkin Patch coordinator [TX]) My son is in need of many prayers.He has gone undiagnosed and we are anxious to find out what is going on with him. He is a 16 year old that has lost 25 pounds in the last month. He has no appetite and feels full before completing one bite of food. Even though he is eatingfrequent small meals, he is still losing weight.He also has trouble thinking and concentrating. He is a top honors student who has frustratingly watched his grades drop. Please keep him in your prayers.

Nov. 14 Joe Hamilton Robert Sharp: Robert is a good friend who is the UMCOR Coordinator for the Mississippi Gulf Coast recovery of the UMC (Jack and Dee\'s boss). He is in the hospital for a clot on his lung. Please pray for Robert and those charged with his care.
Nov. 12 Jannie Lawler Pray that our rental house will sell. It's getting harder each month to pay bills. We need desperately to sell this property to pay off our commitments.
Nov. 12 Noble & Jannie Lawler Aron Storm: Aron is suffering from anh aneurism that is not getting better. Pray that the doctors will be able to help him and that God would heal him.
Nov. 12 Ann Shearon Please pray for Bob Schaefer. He has clots in his legs and lungs. Pray they dissolve.
Nov. 12 Beverly Mahle Steve Wilson: Pray for strength for Steve as he moves his mother from Texas following his Dad's death on Father's Day. Since that time his mom has been grieving deeply.
Nov. 11 David Parrish II

Please pray for David Parrish (Dad) & First Priority

My Dad, David Parrish, has colon cancer, alcohol, and smoking issues. Pray for his healing and stength in all areas.

Pray for 1st Priority (ministry to school children) - we are starting new clubs each semester. Temple Middle School's club is one month old and averaging 85+ students. Pray for more man power from local churches and continued financial support.

Nov. 11 Joe Hamilton Praise the Lord this Veterans Day for those who have served and are serving our nation in the Armed Forces. May their service be to the glory of God and may those currently serving be protected by His grace.
Nov. 11 Joe Hamilton Please pray for Jon, Phil, Johnny, Clayton, Marcella, Denise and Joe as they travel and serve the Lord in Mississippi this week. May God be glorified in all.
Nov. 11 Sandra Bryant Please pray for Scott Bryant - Scott has been physically unable to work for two years. He now has a Social Security Disability hearing set. Please pray that his request will be granted.
Nov. 10 Lamar Beard for Rodney Brewer & family: Yesterday Rodney and a friend took a new boat out from Long Beach MS. The boat capsized and the friend was rescued after swimming some distance to flag down a boat. Rodney was left on a floating cushion and when the boat returned he was not seen. The Coast Guard continues to search. Rodney is an employee of Lamar Beard, a NG UMM who works on homes in coastal Mississippi. Please pray for Rodney and his family.
Nov. 7 George Hall

I just talked with Jimmy Nations at 11:15 AM.  He says Barbara will be leaving the hospital /going home later today. As information, he says he doesn't think she will feel like having visitors for a few days but he does ask for our continued prayers for her healing. 

Nov. 4 Keith Windmiller Barbara Nations was up and walking several times today, but her spirits are still down. She may be home by the weekend. Please remember her and Jimmy in your prayers.
Nov. 4 Kenny Campbell Kenny's Dad, Robert Campbell, needs prayer that his upcoming tests will have good results.
Nov. 4 Kenny Campbell Pat and Winkie Brinson are facing health issues and are in need of prayer.
Nov. 4 Cynthia Turnipseed Please pray for Josalyn Jones, a 16-year-old in critcal condition after a car wreck while on the way to perform in a youth drama.
Nov. 4 Chris Standridge Pray for Susan Davis and her son Paul. He was involved in an auto accident resulting in a fatality and has been charged with DUI and Vehicular Homicide. Susan is a single mom and they need prayer in this terrrible time.
Nov. 4 Steve & Nita Leathers

Praise the Lord for Peggy Pope's successful thyroid surgery. She is cancer free!

Another friend, age 35 is on the heart transplant list and needs a job that will allow him to work with his condition. Please pray.

Nov. 4 Jannie Lawler Ann Teal Smith suffers from Alzheimers. Please pray for her health and peace and pray for her caretakers.
Nov. 1 George Hall Jimmy reports that Barbara has been discovered to have fluid on her other lung which will require adjustments in medication and time in the haspital for treatment, probably at least through next Thursday. Jimmy ask that we continue to pray for her comfort and recovery.
Oct. 28 Ann Eskew

Ann Shearon’s nephew passed away.  He was developmentally challenged, and lived in a home for some time in Mississippi.  She, Mike, and Mark will be traveling to there for the service.  Mike is preaching the funeral.  Pray for comfort the Shearon family in Mississippi, as well, and traveling mercies for Ann, Mike, and Mark.

Ann’s eye is still healing from her fall.  Pray for continued healing.

Oct. 27 Paula Finnegan

Please pray for my uncle Eddie I just found out he has been in St.Joseph's since Wednesday and has had a heart attack,kidney failure and other problem's just pray for God's will be done and pray for the family's peace in whatever that is. 

Oct. 27 Larry Mahle

Jimmy just called to say they expect that Barbara will be transferred from ICU to a room today.
They believe this indicates great progress and, of course, answered prayer!

Praise GOD!

Oct. 27 Joe Hamilton

My uncle Marvin has not recovered and the doctors have determined that he should be removed from life-support shprtly. He is expected to survive from a few hours to a few days. Please pray for a gentle entry into the Kingdom of God and a joyous welcome to his new eternal home.

He has been received home now. He passed on Saturday at 3 pm.

Oct. 24 Larry Mahle

Jimmy said that Barbara had a rough night last evening, in addition she is having difficulty breathing and will be put back on a respirator, in addition she has a heart rhythm problem.

Jimmy ask for continued prayer for Barbara's healing.

Oct. 24 Brenda Day Heath

for Shannan Heath - for God's peace
for Alan Day - Alzheimers
for Howard Day - for grace to withstand the pain of very bad knees until surgery can be performed in February.

Oct. 24 The Barnetts Jim Anderson has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Please lift him in your prayers
Oct. 22 Larry Mahle

Barbara Nations came through surgery just fine although she still has some problems to overcome. Pray for a quick and pain free recovery.

Oct. 20 Larry Mahle

Barbara nations went to have pre-op testing done this am and they are going to admit her. The doctors were afraid that she might have a heart attack prior to her surgery. They have moved her surgery up to Wednesday, 8:30 AM. Be in prayer for Barbara and Jimmy as well as the surgical team who will be taking care of her. Barbara is in Piedmont Hospital, room number 677.

Oct. 20 Joe Hamilton My uncle Marvin is not doing well. They did not take him off dialysis as earlier thought and he's still on the ventilator. When they visited today he was unconscious and seemed not to know they were there. Please continue prayers for his health and recovery.
Oct. 18 Bonnie

Please pray for Danielle Godwin, who is pregnant with her 4th child and has been hospitalized a second time due to extremely high blood pressure. Even though she has several weeks left until full term, the doctors are discussing whether to go ahead and induce labor at this time. Please pray for her healing, protection over the baby, wisdom & guidance for the doctors and strength for the grandparents taking care of the other three children (aged 7 & under).

Oct. 17 Mike Karaty

I am sad to tell you all that I was just notified of the death of Tim Daniels.  Many of you know him from Fairplay and he was the owner of Daniels Nursery on Post road.  He was the son of Gene Daniels.  Tim was in his late 40's and passed away this morning at 7:15. 
Visitation will be tomorrow at Rosehaven from 4-8 pm., with the funeral Saturday 2pm at Friendship Baptist Church. 
Tim was a well liked person.  He helped us out many times with
support for our scouts and donated all of the plants for the prayer garden at the lower entrance of the church. Tim will surely be missed by many.  Please pray for his family and especially his
father Gene as he is struggling with health problems.

Oct. 17 Larry Mahle

Memorial services for Neil Acree, father of Jon Acree

Sunday October 19, 2008 at 2:00 pm
Services will be held at First Baptist Church of Marietta
148 Church St
Marietta, GA 30060

Oct. 15 Joe Hamilton

Praise the Lord for the birth of Joanna and Mike LaConto's new son, Mason, 7 lbs. 13 Oz., 18.5 in. born Oct. 13th at 1:54 PM. Also pray for this infant as he is having some tests run after he briefly turned blue. All tests given thus far have been negative.

Pray for our brother Mike Karaty. He continues to face stomach distress and needs God's healing.

Oct. 15 Keith Windmiller

Jonathon Acree's father passed away yesterday evening. Please pray for God's comfort and strength to be with him during this loss.

Oct. 14 Joe Hamilton Followup on my uncle Marvin indicates they have been performing dialysis. It is needed to improve kidney function in order to do effective chemo. His lymphoma is the highest prayer priority, but also pray about his congestive heart failure and lung function as well.
Oct. 14 Mike Lewis

Mike's granddaughter, Gia, age 1 1/2, has a severe iron deficiency. Please pray that these levels return to a safe and normal level.

Also Mike's 1st cousin, Jerry, was admitted for emergency brain surgery this afternoon. Pray for his healing and for the work of the medical staff.

Oct. 12 Jamie Running A dear friend of many years, Lohr Gonzalez, has blood clots on his leg. Pray they disappear.
Oct. 10th Joe Hamilton My Uncle Marvin has been diagnosed with lymphoma. He has been having stomach trouble for some time. No treatment plans have yet been made. Please pray for him and the family.
Oct. 10th Joe Hamilton

Three praises and prayers (It's wonderful to remember the good things God is doing in our lives!):

  1. Joanna and Mike LaConto continue to await the birth of their baby, with delivery set for 10/17 if the child doesn't come sooner on its own.
  2. Wedding shower for Kimberly Thompson and Kenney Bryant Oct. 12th @ noon, with the wedding 11/1 @ 5 PM
  3. Wedding shower for Susan Searcy and Joseph Holcomb Oct. 26th @ noon with the wedding 11/15
Oct. 8 Keith Windmiller

We just found out that Barbara Nations had her tooth extracted yesterday, that is a praise for answered prayer. Arrangements are being made for her heart surgery to be scheduled later this month.

Oct. 8 Joe Hamilton My son and daughter-in-law, Jason & Leigh Ann are in need of prayer for Leigh Ann's job. Last night she learned that due to down-sizing, she will be out of work on Oct. 17th. She has been actively seeking a new job but no offers have been received yet. Please pray for God's peace and God's provision in this need.
Oct. 7 Prayer team Please pray that Barbara Nations can find a dentist who will perform needed work under local anesthesia. With her on-going preparations for heart surgery, full anesthesia is not an option. Without the dental work, the heart operation cannot proceed.
Oct. 5 Jannie Lawler Pray for Rick Teal. His kidneys are failing and it is affecting his heart. He needs a kidney transplant. Pray for the right doctors from God, for guidance and for healing.
Oct. 5 Jannie Lawler Pray for Alicia's midterms at medical school in Grenada.
Oct. 5 Kenny Campbell Pray for Mom and Dad, Lois and Robert Campbell. Mom is not feeling well and Dad has knee trouble
Oct. 5 from her friends Continue to pray for Barbara Nations and Jimmy as she prepares for further surgery to deal wth her heart issues.
Oct. 3 Jon Acree His father, Neil, has now been diagnosed with colon cancer. Treatment options have not yet been determined. Please pray for a powerful move of God.
Sept. 30 Shirley Schaefer Pray for Bob. He has a questionable left lung condition and is having a P.E.T. scan. Please pray it is not cancer.
Sept. 30 Shirley Schaefer Please pray for Wayne Enloe. The cancer has progressed from his lungs into his liver and colon.
Sept. 30 Kenny Campbell Please pray for Mom's health and Dad's patience.
Sept. 30 George Hall After Barbara Nations' heart cath today it has been determined that she wil need a valve and bypass surgery. It will be performed in two weeks after her system has had the chance to clear of some medication she is currently taking. Please keep her and Jimmy in your prayers.
Sept. 29 Maria Wilson My Dad went to heaven Thursday night. We had the funeral and some good memories were shared. We are doing fine. Maria
Sept. 29 Larry Mahle

Pray that the Lord would move in the heart of Jeremy Johnson, husband of Danielle Moore Johnson. Danielle is a Chrysalis alumni and wants her husband to experience the joy of the Lord and the love of the body of Christ that she knows.

Sept. 28 Jon Acree Please pray for his father, Neil Acree. He has been hospitalized with fluid on his lungs. His right lung is full and he suffers from pneumonia and other health problems.
Sept. 25 Chuck & Chris Standridge

Please put Chuck's dad, Chester, on the prayer list ASAP.    He had what they thought was an allergic reaction to an antibiotic yesterday and started having trouble breathing last night so Bonnie took him to Cobb General.  They expected to only keep him overnight while the med worked its way out of his system, but Chuck just got word from Bonnie that they won't let him go home and they have moved him into ICU because they think the drug (something sulfa-based) has affected his heart.  
That's all we know right now.   Chuck willing be heading to the hospital in a few minutes so we should know more later today.
Thank you, Chuck and Chris

Sept 21 Shane Delagrange Pray for his daughter Ginger who has had a bad sore throat and fever. Pray for her physical healing.
Sept 21 Brenda Heath Please pray for Shanan Heath for the peace of God. Pray for healing for Alan Heth who has Alzheimers .
Sept 21 Kenny Campbell Please pray for Lois Campbell who has been having stomach trouble.
Sept 18 Keith Windmiller

Lori's Uncle Dalma Reid passed away in his sleep after a long illness. Lori is driving up there today.  Please pray for the family and for Lori's safety in travel.

Sept 15 George Hall

I just talked with Wavelyn. He says Ovis fell a couple of weeks ago and broke a rib and had other various bruises.Sha has experienced a lot of pain but is slowly recovering. So, a blessing that her hip was not broken but she and Wavelyn ask us to pray for them.

Sept. 15 Bonnie Marcovecchio

A co-worker of mine, Jim Rucker, had to put his father in Hospice care over the weekend. He has been ill since December. Please pray for strength & peace for the family.

Sept. 15 Keith Windmiller I heard late yesterday that Ovis Smith had suffered a broken hip and other injuries due to a fall. I tried to contact her, but have not yet gotten in touch. I know people will want to pray for her and Wavelyn.
Sept 15 Charlene Searcy Please pray for Andrea Watts: Andrea's mother was in my office asking for Guardianship papers for her three grandchildren and asked me to please pray for her. She was stabbed and I believe that it was a domestic dispute.
Sept 14 Ann Shearon Please pray for Gail Webb and her husband. She will be in chemo for the forseeable future and Steve is facing treatment for heart blockage and is unable to work.
Sept 14 Lesley Thompson & Amanda Morris Harry W. has been found to have stomacg cancer. Please pray for his healing.
Sept 14 Lori Windmiller Please pray for the survivors of Hurricane Ike.
Sept 14 Lori Windmiller Her uncle, Dalma Reid is very ill and in the end stages of lung cancer. Pray for comfort and peace for the family.
Sept 10 prayer cards

The following prayer requests were received seeking your prayer on their behalf:

from Ann Eskew:
1.  pray for those in Haiti recovering from the recent storms
2.  pray for our nation and our military
3.  our church
4.  the upcoming election

from Robert Buice:
pray for Grace Lewis who has been ill

from Chuck & Christine Standridge:
The Graham family (Tiffany) and the recurrence of the cancer they have been facing, and the upcoming operations

from Paula Finnegan
1. pray for Ray McCarroll who had another spell with his health and his daughter Sherry and her back pain
2. for Paula's ongoing disability claim, that God's will be done

From Kenny Campbell:
Ms. Wilson at age of 91 in the nursing home in Marietta

Sept 9 Mike Karaty

Dear prayer warriors,
I just spoke with Lynn Steed.  Many of you remember her as a member of our church before they moved. 
Some of you might have read today's paper and seen her son Zachary on the front page.  He was involved in a terrible auto accident in which the passenger, his best friend, was killed.  Lynn and her family are havily great difficulty dealing with the situation.  She cried and so did I.  They are a great family and need our prayers desperately.  She asked me to post this for us to start praying for Zachary.  He is severely depressed and does not want to go on anymore.
Please remember them in your prayers,  Thanks to all prayer warriors.
Your brother in Christ,
Mike Karaty

Sept 7 Jon Acree

Jon Acree lost his uncle Charley Acree today in a motorcycle accident.  Please remember the family in your prayers.

Sept 5 George Hall Thanks for all your prayers, calls and visits at the hospital. Ruth is at home doing well. She will have a follow-up visit with her cardiologist in a couple of weeks but everything stress-test related seems to be okay.
Sept 4 Joe Hamilton

Follow up on Ruth Hall:
She remained in the Douglas Hospital Wednesday night for continued observation.  It is understood that her stress test went well and there is no report of heart trouble.  It is thought that the problem may be related to a prior ulcer.  Continue to pray for her and George.

Sept 4 Jon Acree

A friend of my from work, Eddie Henley, lost his 4 month granddaughter on Sunday. Please be in prayer for the family.

Thanks, Jon

Sept 3 Andrea Roberts Joshua Cade Johnson - Joshua is a 9 year old boy. The Grandson of one of my friends. Joshua is a very sick little boy. They are at the point where they are waiting to be able to harvest stem cells and then he will be in isolation for a long time with the stem cell replacement. Please pray for Joshua for his healing and for his family to remain strong and have faith. Thanks.
Sept 1 Dee Boreing

from Van Cleeve MS during Hurricane Gustav

We are safe inside the building here at Camp Hope with 15 other people including our D.S. We will become a 1st responder center if we need to be.

Thank you for all the prayers going up on the behalf of the people here. Its gong to be a long season. Jack and I are scheduled to speak at a disaster workshop in Charleston SC on the 7th, but with Hanna headed to the east coast we're not sure if that will happen or not. If it does we might be at church on the Sunday.

Tell everyone 'Hi' for us and thanks for the prayers. I will check back in tomorrow to let you know how things are. "

Aug 29 Ron Marcovecchio Please pray for Barbara Freeman, a friend of Ron's who works at the Purina plant.  She has cancer that has been diagnosed as terminal.  Even so, her faith in God has proven a powerful witness in the days she has left on earth.  Please thank God for her life, for His blessing on her in this time of trial, and for the lives she has touched and continues to touch with her calm spirit.
Aug 27 Joe Hamilton

Looking at the weather forecast, Tropical Storm Gustav looks to be on the same track as Katrina. It just left Haiti and in a few hours will be over the western end of Cuba, then the open Gulf. If it follows the projected track, it will likely strengthen to Hurricane strength over the Gulf and by Monday AM be right over coastal Mississippi and Louisiana.

Pray now. Let us not wait until after the storm hits to call on the Lord for help, safety and protection for our friends and loved ones, our brothers and sisters on the Gulf Coast.

Aug 25 Christy Foulks Please pray for Lorraine Wright (mother). She will has gall bladder surgery on Tuesday Aug 26th .
Aug 25 Ann Eskew

Please pray for the family of Jim Davis.  He has passed on.  He was a dear friend and associate.  Thanks for your Prayers.

Aug 19 Bonnie Marcovecchio

Jimmy Furr is a co-worker of mine and a close friend to Ron. Please pray that God will give the doctors the wisdom to figure out what is going on with him and for a speedy recovery.
He was suffering chest pains and shortness of breath.

Aug 19 Shirley Schaefer Bob Schaefer is having further tests. Prayer is needed.
Aug 18 Paula Finnegan

I have a good friend that is having surgery on her neck today.Please put her on the prayer list.She was rushed into this and she has 5 children and a special adult she takes care of.  Her children range from 5 years old (kindergarten) to 21 (college).Pray for healing and peace for her family.

Aug 11 Lori Windmiller

Be in prayer for Sharon Gladstone, an Emmaus sister, she had a stroke Friday while in Florida.  She will have an MRI today and is in Thomasville, GA.  If she progresses well, she may be home Wednesday or Thursday.  Please lift up Sharon and Guppy, her husband, and her family as she recovers from this stroke.

Aug 11 Larry Mahle Talked to Chris Standridge this AM, Chuck had the heart cath and it proved negative, praise God. He should be released from the hospital soon, he is being referred to other Drs. for further evaluation.
Aug 10 Larry Mahle

Mike Lewis's son, Mike is doing much better. The brain bleed is controlled and his brain pressure is diminishing. He should be moved to a regular room tomorrow.

Chuck Standridge is doing well also. I talked to him late this afternoon. He is scheduled for a heart cath tomorrow to check the condition of an existing stint, they will replace it if needed. He will also be tested for an irregular heartbeat and he may need a pacemaker.

Continue to pray for both of these men as well as their families. They need God's healing and peace.

Aug 9 Joe Hamilton

Larry Mahle reported to me this evening that Chuck Standridge has been transported to Cobb Wellstar Hospital with syptoms of a heart attack.  No more information is available at this time. 

Please be in prayer for Chuck, Christine and the kids.

If you receive further information, please pass it on and so we can update everyone. 

Aug 9 Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis Jr., son of Mike Lewis is in the hospital in Pensacola, FL. with a brain bleed, Mike Jr. is a hemophiliac and the family needs for God to intervene. Mike Sr. ask for prayer for healing for his son.

Aug 7 Phil (no last name given - received via the web) Pray GOD brings me my soulmate now.This is all I think about every waking moment,for 13 years...TORMENT
Aug 6 Kenny Campbell

Please pray for Winky Brinson. He has been in Douglas General since Saturday with the stomach trouble that he has been dealing with for many years. The Dr. removed his Gaul- bladder yesterday, Pray this will cure his problem. He might get to come home today if his blood work is ok. 

Aug 6 Charlene Searcy Please pray for Cassandra "Cassie" Gorham. Cassie was shot last Monday in Tampa, Florida by a young man who had been stalking her. Please pray for physical and emotional healing. Her grandmother, Marilyn is my co worker and has visited out church on occasion.
Aug 6 Charlene Searcy My Mother, Adrienne Clement, passed out while out to dinner with my brother. She was rushed to the hospital and they determined that she needed a pacemaker . Mom is 92 and came through the surgery just fine. She even had the doctor\'s laughing with her sense of humor.
Aug 5 Lori Windmiller

Please add Quinn Evans to the prayer list.  She is a 6th grade student at Central Middle school in Carrollton and her mom teaches at CMS and the cousin of my principal, Carla Meigs.  Quinn had developed pneumonia recently and now the virus has attacked her heart.  She is at Egleston Children's Hospital in ICU on life-support.  She had coded 4 times and one was about 4 minutes long.  The doctors will soon run brain test to see if there is activity.  She has not regained consciousness.  Tabernacle Baptist Church in Carrollton is holding a prayer vigil tonight for Quinn.  Please keep this family in your prayers. 

Aug 4 Kenny Campbell Molly's mom, Pauline Fitch, has a tumor on her kidney. Pray for her healing.
Aug 4 Jannie Lawler Pray for our family (the Stone's, Roberts, Sanders & Lawler) for God's guidance and strength and protection for each of us. Ricky returns to public school after a year of home schooling; Alicia leaves for Vet shcool in Grenada on Aug 11; for Sherry and for her husband's salvation; for Kim & Kevin as they return to school; for God to put Christian people in their lives; and for our health. Praise God for answered prayer and for His care.
Aug 4 Pinky Delagrange Shane is interviewing for a new job after being downsized at his old company. Pray for God to lead him to the right job.
Aug 4 Judy Rainey

Please ask the people to pray for my dad, his name is John Shipman.  He has COPD and only has about 30% lung capacity. He broke a disc in his back the end of June seemed to be getting better but has taken a serious turn for the worst.  I had a friend that lives in Mt. Vernon, MO take him to the ER in Springfield one day last week; however since his Dr. was on vacation they would not keep him. It is hard for me being so far away to determine what I need to do. I just ask that God watch over and protect him. He is confused but that is partially because of all the pain meds that they have him on. I just ask that everyone pray for him and for Gods will to be done.
Love and blessings, Judi Rainey, Emmaus sister

Aug 2 Jon Acree My friend and co-worker Ashley Nelson has been diagnosed with Addison's disease. She suffers from lowered blood pressure and decreased cardiac output. It will require hormone replacement for the rest of her life. She is 27. Please pray for God's healing and comfort.
Aug 1 Mike Karaty

I was just contacted by a family member in Palm Beach and informed that my 6 year old cousin Phoenix is being abused physically and mentally. He is in grave danger and my family ask that we start praying for him.
Pray that God protects him until the proper people can intervene.  Pray that God bless him and fill him with his love and let him know that everything will be ok.  Phoenix is already showing signs of abuse.  The family is just sick over this and are doing everything they can but need our prayers. Please pray for Phoenix.  I will update as I hear more, Your brother in Christ, Mike Karaty

July 27 Paula Finnegan Paula has applied for disability numerous times only to be denied repeatedly. Please pray for God's will to be done as she continues to pursue her case.
July 27 Jannie Lawler Our grandaughter, Alicia Roberts has been accepted at a Vet school on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean. She leaves on Aug 11. Please pray for her travel , her guidance in a new place and for her safety and a successful education.
July 22 Karen Hamilton Doshie Richardson had an upper GI scope done today and while the test went smoothly, it was once again inconclusive. The scope could not reach the area the doctor wished to view. Please pray that Doshie finds relief from the ongoing digestive issues which have caused such dramatic weight loss.
July 20 Kathryn Acree Pray for my mom, Charlotte. She has been in the hospital with medication problems. Pray for her healing from God.
July 13 Kenny & Molly Campbell Alyssa Wright, age 15, has had an undiagnosed fever for five months. Pray for God's guidance for the medical personnel and for effective treatment and a recovery.
July 13 Nita Leathers Gidget Wright is only 34 but has rheumetoid arthritis and possibly lymphoma. Pray for healing and comfort.
July 13 Andrea Roberts

Please pray for her daughter Alicia. She has applied for vet school in Grenada. Pray that God's will be done and she have safe travel.

Also pray for her son, Ricky. Home schooling is not going well and he is not completeing the required wor. He may have to return to public school. Please pray for God's intervention and His guidance.

July 8 Joe Hamilton To follow up on the previous request, praise the Lord! Linda Morre is better. It appears the issue may have been related to a powerful pain patch she had been prescribed. Even though she received a very small dose, it seems that taking her off the med has restored her clarity and focus. Yesterday she spoke clearly and lucidly with her family and had almost no memory of the day of the fall. Praise God!
July 6 Joe Hamilton My son Jason's mother-in-law, Linda Moore, fell this morning and is in the ER at Kennestone. She is disoriented and unable to process thoughts clearly. She has a history of falls and additionally has a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimers. Please pray for Linda and the family.
June 27 Larry Mahle

The funeral for Mrs. Ada Hall will be tomorrow June 28, 2008 at 11:00 AM at;

    Townsend-Rose Funeral Home
    Murphy, NC

George has asked that in lieu of flowers a donations be made to the Murphy Nursing Home @ the Murphy Medical Center.

June 26 Larry Mahle

Mrs. Ada Hall age 99, George Hall's mother passed on to our Lord at 2:30 this afternoon. George is at peace knowing his mother is now with Jesus. Pray for the extended Hall family in Ada's death.


June 24 Molly Campbell Shelly has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She needs our prayers.
June 17 Larry Mahle

Pray for decisions to be made about a job and future employment opportunities to be made by our sister Vivian Timms.

June 17 Joe Hamilton

Russell is the son of one of my Mexico team members. He has cancer and flew to GA today to visit his father. The cancer is quite severe and shortly before his flight from San Francisco he had received radiation for new tumors on his brain. When he arrived in GA he was disoriented and confused. His motor skills are dysfunctional. He requires constant care and monitoring as his judgment is impaired profoundly.

He and his family need God's hand on their lives in every way. Alex is an agnostic, but we know God loves him all the same. Please lift up Russell, Alex and the whole family to the throne of grace, as grace is the need right now and always.

June 17 Bonnie Marcovecchio Please pray for Barbara Freeman & Faye Phillips for healing and comfort, and for wisdom for the medical staff in pursing the best treatment for cancer.
June 17 Shirley Schaefer Pray for Wade Enlow, who has been unable to take needed chemo for lung cancer because of low platelets
June 17 Shirley Schaefer Theresa Samples will have surgery this Thursday. Pray for a successful operation.
June 13 Charlene Searcy Please pray for the family Of Rae Linn Bailey. Rae Linn is the sister-in-law of Shawn Brown one of our Scout Troop leaders and she passed away Wednesday June 11th. Please pray for the Bailey Family.
June 12 Joe Hamilton I am suffering what appear to be symptoms of a detached retina. I will be seeing an ophthalmologist on Friday. Please pray that God take care of this in His perfect way.
June 11 Chris Standridge

Please continue to keep our granddaughter, Ryleigh, on the prayer list.   She made enormous progress over the weekend and, as of Sunday night, the drs. were saying she could be sent home Monday or Tuesday.   However, during the night on Monday, she had an episode of sleep apnea and stopped breathing.   They don't know if it was just a one-time thing or if there is something else wrong, so they are now keeping her until at least Friday to run more tests.    The doctors told her parents that sleep apnea is related to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) so of course we are all very concerned and Jessica is beside herself.   BUT, we are praising and thanking God that this episode happened at the hospital where it was immediately addressed, and not at home when she was in her own bed.
Thank you!!

Chris Standridge
June 11 Joe Hamilton George Hall is due to be released to home health care today or tomorrow, praise the Lord!
June 8 Pastor Keith

Today before morning worship, at about the same time a group at the church was in prayer for George Hall and his need to have the ventilator removed after surgery, 'it just so happened' that physicians and nurses at Kennestone Hospital successfully removed the vent. George is now breathing on his own, sitting up in bed, laughing and conversing with friends and praising God.

Glory to God!

June 8 Pastor Keith Doshie Richardson has been released for the hospital and it appears that a diagnosis and treatment for long term stomach distress is now in place. Pray for ongoing healing and weight gain.
June 8 Kenny Campbell Clifford Ward is a long-time resident of a nursing home and is nearing his time to go home to the Lord. Please pray that God will give him a peaceful time of transition home.
June 8 Brenda Day Heath Allen Day, Brenda's brother, is in the early stages of Alzheimers. The family is facing tremendous challenges and needs your prayers daily.
June 6 David Parrish As David seeks to expand the Christian program of First Priority into Heard County he has requested prayer for the following:

"... pray for God to allow me to share with this group in a way that moves them to act ion. Pray I will cast God's vision for First Priority and pray they will catch His vision and His burden and love for the generations of students in Heard County.

... pray for this meeting and the many other meetings like it that I will be attending over the summer.  I am currently working with teams in the cities of Bremen and Temple and Haralson Count.

Also please continue to pray for our existing clubs throughout Douglas and Carroll Counties. Some of these clubs are now a decade old. Pray for continued success in reaching an ever changing culture and community with the never changing Truth of Jesus Christ.  

Thanks for your faithfulness in praying, serving and giving to First Priority. God is moving in our schools, in our communities and in the hearts of our children. Amen"

June 6 Bonnie Marcovecchio

Please pray for a co-worker of mine: Barbara Freeman who was just diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She is in her sixties and is not sure if she will proceed with a treatment plan. She will see a surgeon on Tuesday so please pray for a good course of action, strength and healing.

June 6 Larry Mahle

Pray for my friend, Mark Barrett, he is recovering from colon cancer and his PSA is very elevated. He will see his oncologist Monday to be evaluated. May God lay his healing hands on Mark and, if it is His will, heal him.

June 5 Chuck and Chris Standridge

Please put our new granddaughter (Jessica's baby) on any prayer lists that you can.  Ryleigh Michelle was born Tuesday evening with fluid in her lungs.   She was immediately taken to the NICU and diagnosed (several hours later) with respiratory distress syndrome which the Dr. said was common in premature babies (although Jessica's Dr. said she was a full term).   She made small improvements yesterday; the fluid was gone by last evening, but she's still on oxygen and a CPAP machine to force air into her lungs.  But she looked much better last night than the night before.  However, we just got word that more fluid has accumulated in her lungs so are now testing her for infection as well as other possible causes.  As you can imagine, we are all very concerned, but we know that the Great Physician is in charge and He will take care of her.

June 5 Ruth Hall George is continuing recovery in ICU. The specific prayer need now is that his oxygen level improves to the point they may take him off the ventilator. Also, Ruth would like to express her profound thanks for all the prayers on George's behalf. She says that she can clearly feel God's power through the faithful prayers of so many.
June 3 Larry Mahle

Per late news from Ruth Hall, George Hall will have bypass surgery on Wednesday, not Thursday. Please continue your prayers for him.
George is in Kennestone Hospital in room 713 of the blue tower.

June 3 Karen Hamilton Please continue to pray for dear friend Belle and her family in this trying time of illness. She has been moved to hospice and the family is with her.
June 3 Joe Hamilton The prayer team also visited with Doshie Richardson this morning at Cobb hospital. She spent the night in ER but has been admitted today. Tests are inconclusive but a GI specialist will see her in the hospital to try to determine the cause for her weight loss. Keep her and Clayton in your prayers.
June 3 Larry Mahle The prayer team went to the hospital this AM to pray with George Hall prior to his heart cath, but they had already taken him at 7:30. Saw him immediately afterwards and he has at least three blockages. George has been transferred to Kennestone Hospital for bypass surgery, possibly this afternoon.
Again, pray for George and the family as he goes through this stressful time, pray for a successful outcome and a quick and painfree healing process.
June 3 Samantha Ray She is praying for help for the family in their move to their new home.
June 3 Jannie Lawler Please pray for my grandchildren and all the children of the church, that they all may open their hearts to Christ and that God will guide their lives and keep them safe in His care..
June 3 Dee Boreing Pray for her grandson, Jessie Acree, that he will follow God's guidance in his life choices.
June 2 Karen Hamilton Doshie Richardson is in the ER at Cobb regarding her ongoing health issues. Please pray for her and Clayton.
June 2 Ruth Hall George will be having a heart cath at 9 am on Tuesday at Wellstar Cobb hospital. After results are known further treatment will be determined. Please continue your prayers.
June 2 Ruth Hall

George Hall went to the doctor for a stress test this AM and the doctor immediately ordered him admitted to Cobb hospital for further tests.  He will undergo a heart cath this afternoon or tomorrow.
Please pray for George and Ruth that his health may be perfectly restored by God's grace.

June 1 Joe Hamilton Many of you know personally our close friend and coordinator in Mexico, Fernando (Ferny) Martinez. Ferny is asking for prayer for a dear personal friend, Osvaldo. Osvaldo has been kidnapped and his family is desperately praying for his safe return. Please join them in this prayer.
May 28 Joe Hamilton Please pray for Doshie Richardson. She will be undergoing a procedure at Cobb Hospital this morning to help diagnose her digestive trouble and weight loss. Please pray for guidance for the medical team and healing for Doshie.
May 27 Bonnie Marcovecchio

May I request that prayers be sent up for this house that I'm bidding on in Villa Rica? I hope that the price will remain low so I can remain the highest bidder.

May 27 Pinky Delagrange Prayer is requested for Woody Woods, spouse of Sue Woods, an Emmaus sister. He is having a heart catheterization today to discern his problem. Pray for his healing.
May 27 Karen Hamilton Please pray for my best friend Belle Graham. She was admitted to the hospital last night with complications from her ongoing treatment for brain cancer. Please pray for her healing. Also pray for her husband Steve as her primary caregiver.
May 18 Jannie Lawler Beth Odum needs prayer for ongoing health problems and on going cancer treatment. She has also had to put her home on the market.
May 18 Kenny Campbell Please pray for Brabara Moody who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.
May 13 Joe Hamilton Please pray for my wife Karen who has sprained her ankle, causing pain and swelling.
May 13 Ruth Hall Please pray for her husband George as he visits an orthopedist for the ongoing pain in his hip and leg.
May 13 Keith Windmiller Please pray for Joy North as she faces an unknown stomach issue causing her distress.
May 11 Debbie Prator Please pray for Diane McGhee who is suffering from bone cancer.
May 11 Ann Eskew For all the Mothers who are still with us and in honor of those who have gone home before us.
May 11 Becky Barnett Prayer is needed for Cheryl Bailey for health and healing.
May 11 Lori Windmiller The Saunders family was in a severe auto accident Saturday night and mother & daughter had to be airlifted out. The daughter did not survive. The son was able to walk away uninjured. Please pray for this family at this time of profound need. They are members of Old Camp UMC.
May 7 Ann Eskew Please pray for Ann Shearon's brother Carl. He has alzheimers and is in a nursing home in Mississippi and he fell recently. Also Ann needs traveling mercies as she visits.
May 7 Paula Finnegan Christine Nicholson has brest cancer and needs your prayers
May 7 Shirley Schaefer Wayne Enloe has small cancerous spots on his lung that are growing. A CT Scan is to be done May 9. Please pray for healing.
May 7 Jannie Lawler Please pray for Sherry, Kim, Kevin and Gene for unity, guidance from God and that they may know the love of Christ completely.
May 7 Jannie Lawler For Jannie's sister, Ann Smith and her daughter Leslie, her caregiver. Ann's illness has caused serious anger issues and the request is for God's peace in the home.
May 7 Don and Joanna Madlena
Ambassador Church Ministries

follow up - I wanted to give you all an update on Baby Hayden.  The little fellow is still hanging on.   He is stable right now.  He is on antiboctics.  They took him off some of the sedation medication to see if he would have any movement.  He has been switching and making sucking motions with his mouth (he does that when he is hungry).  That has been encouraging to see.  I asked Jessica, the mom, what we can be specifically praying for right now and she said that his left lung would clear up.  His left lung is his best lung and the worst with all the fluid right now.  Due to other health problems he experienced earlier with his heart, his right lung is only working at 30% of what it should be.  The doctors were wanting to get out some of the fluid out of the left lung soon.  God is working here in this little fellow's life, so please keep praying.

May 1 Don and Joanna Madlena
Ambassador Church Ministries

We have a urgent prayer request, This is a family we have know for about 17 years and they have a baby that needs a miracle right now.  He may not make it through the day.  If you would please pass this along to your prayer groups we would appreciate it

Please pray for Hayden, a 18 mo. old baby boy.  He was born with a clef lip and palet, a heart defect, and immunity problems.  He was to have a transplant to correct the immunity problem this month.  Last Monday (a week and half ago), he has admitted to Egleston Childrens Hospital because of a high fever.  At the hospital it was 107 degrees.  The doctors thought their thermometer was broken, but it wasn't.  They had never seen a temperature that high before.  For the past week his body has been fighting with the high fevers, high and low blood pressures, a racing heart (beating 4 times a second).  The CDC came and could not figure it out.  All the tests came back negative.  They put him on a eco machine and they filtered his blood last week.  He was showing improvement at the beginning of the week so they were slowly weaning him off the machine. He was showing improvement.  Yesterday, he took a turn for the worse, they turned up the machine as high as it could go with still no improvement.  They said he wouldn't make it through the night.  Today, he is still fighting for his life, the doctors say it doesn't look good.  He need's a miracle from our Great Healer.  He is bleeding from his nose again and out of his liver, and his body is still swollen.  They are saying now that it looks like he has a bad case of pneumonia, because of the way his longs look.  They say it is like the pneumonia that AIDS patients gets.  Jessica, the mom, is taking things pretty hard.  She feels everyone is against her and her son.  She is going through denial.  Please pray for Beto (the dad), Jessica and especially Hayden, and the rest of the family during this difficult time.  It would be awesome to see a miracle, for a total a complete healing for this little one and from any lasting effects.  They say because of the high fever that he will have some brain damage.  Pray that if God does decide to take him home, that he will comfort the family and draw them closer to Him, and/or not to blame Him. 

We'll keep you informed on what happens.

April 29 Ann Eskew Please pray for Bob and Shirley Schaefer in Bob's continung recovery from surgery.
April 28 Kenny Campbell

My friends dad, Dennis Lindsay Sr. has been taken to the hospital today with numerous medical problems he is 77 and been in bad health for years. Remember him and his family in your prayers.   

April 28 Bonnie Marcovecchio

The kids and I will be moving this summer, I pray that God will send us the right house: location, cost, enough room.... and of course strength for the changes ahead. Pray for us and for God's direction.

April 28 Joy North

Catherine Reid has been having dizzy spells and she fell yesterday and hurt her arm badly and had to go to Kennistone Hospital and get it sewed up. She will get the stitches out Wednesday, pray for a pain free healing of her arm and a diagnosis of her dizziness.

April 25 Joe Hamilton Lamar Beard, a long-time friend of our UMMen and active in mission, lost his mother, Betty Beard, last evening in a severe fall. The injuries were so profound that she could not recover. Please remember Lamar and the family in prayer.
April 23 Barbara Nations Dixie is asking for prayer for her husband Bobby. He has a spot on his lung which is suspected to be lung cancer. Dixie has an appointment with the doctor tommorrow for more definitive information. Dixie also has an unspoken request for prayer for a dear friend.
April 23 Joe Hamilton Please pray for Barbara Nations. She will be seeking treatment for an ongoing issue with her throat on Friday.
April 22 Shawn Brown One of our Cub Scouts, Shawn Brown has asked that we pray for
Raelinn Bailey. She has been taken to hospice and is ready to go home, but her family is not.
Apr. 21 Angie Franklin Angie has asked the church to pray for her brother, Tommy Lymonstoff. He has suffered a heart attack and is in Piedmont Hospital.
Apr. 21 Molly Campbell Winky Brinson (see below) is improving but needs our continued prayers.
Apr. 15 Molly Campbell Winky Brinson is at Kennestone Hospital. His Doctor thinks he might have had a small stroke. Pray for a correct diagnosis and for healing.
Apr. 15 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Please pray for my friend Belle Graham. Her ongoing treatment for her brain tumor is not going well. She has experienced brain swelling and has an emergency appointment Wed. for additional treatment. This is a very severe illness and God's intervention is needed.
Apr. 15 Keith Windmiller Bob Schaefer is having emergency bladder surgery this morning. No more is known as yet. Please pray for Bob and Shirley and that God will guide the hands of the medical staff and their is complete healing.
Apr. 14 Ann Eskew Pray for Ann's nephew, W J Moeller VI. He is currently serving with the US Army in Iraq.
Apr. 14 Debbie Prator Please pray for Mary Poucher. She is receiving results of a biopsy on Tuesday, Apr. 15.
Apr. 13 Joe Hamilton John Palmer's sister Judy continues to be in ICU after her terrible car accident. John said she is expected to make a full recovery. However, it will be a very long road as the accident was severe. Please pray for her and the family as they begin this time of extended recovery.
Apr. 13 Keith Windmiller Continue to pray for Gail Webb, our secretary. The cancer is currently too widespread to allow surgery. A new treatment which will deliver ongoing chemo treatment directly to the liver is being explored. Pray this is successful and will improve her condition sufficiently to allow for surgery to be done.
Apr. 13 Ruth Hall Please pray for George. He has had some pain in his hip that is causing real difficulties walking.
Apr. 11 Bonnie Marcovecchio This is an appeal for urgent, sincere prayer for a successful
recovery of the health of 6 year old Kate Stephens. After suffering extended seizures, the doctors have not been able to diagnose a cause. Due to the length and severity of the seizures, little Kate's doctors do not know what, if any neurological consequences there might be. She continues to be monitored by EKG. Pray for God's complete healing for the child, peace for her family, and wisdom for the doctors charged with her care.
Apr. 8 Shane & Kim Davis

Please pray for Anthony Biangasso for guidance, peace and sobriety.

Apr. 7 Becky Lynn Jenney Pray for my art work to be blessed by God to inspire hope and healing to those around the world. I wish to be a spiritual healer within God's will. I ask for healing to come straight from God to my hands. Jesus I Love You so much I want the world to know. Becky Jenney
Apr. 5 Larry Mahle

Judy Yeary, John Palmer's sister, was in a carwreck yesterday. She has several broken ribs, a punctured lung and is in critical care at University of Tennessee Hospital, Knoxville. Please pray for her healing for her and safe travel for John and Jan as they go to help with her care.

Apr. 3 Shirley Cagle

Nadine Bartlett, former member of New Covenant, lost her mother, Willie M. Wilson, last night. Funeral at Rosehaven, Douglasville @ 11 am Saturday.
Visitation is Friday evening, 5-8 PM.

Apr. 3 Chris Standridge John is a co-worker. Drs. have found a lump in his abdomen and will be operating next week. Please keep him and his family in prayer. We are claiming a good report and full recovery!
Apr. 2 Bonnie Marcovecchio

Visitation for my father, Ray Rowland, will be Thursday, April 3rd from 4pm to 8pm and the service will be Friday, April 4th at 3pm at Jones-Wynn Funeral Home in Villa Rica, GA. Web site:

Apr. 2 Bonnie Marcovecchio

Just in case you didn't know... Dad passed away Tuesday evening at 5:40pm. We will go later this morning to make the arrangements at Jones-Wynn funeral home in Villa Rica. I will let you know more when I know for sure. We will probably have visitation Thursday and the funeral Friday but that's not for certain just yet. Thanks for all your prayers and concerns during this difficult time.

April 1 Larry & Bev Mahle from the road in Greece:
Leaving Patmos at 3:00pm will travel to Athens this evening then fly to Newark, NJ tommorow morning and be home tomorrow evening. We are both very tired but have been blessed many times through our travels. Had worship service and communion in the amphitheater in Ephesus yesterday, a very moving experience. Love to all, pray for a safe flight tomorrow. God bless all of you, Larry and Bev.
Mar. 31 Molly Campbell Heather & Brad Stewart's infant son, Gavin,is ill at Scottish Rite Hospital. Pray that the doctors are able to diagnose and effectively treat Gavin.
Mar. 31 Molly Campbell Charles & Carmen Burns - Charles had a stroke last week. Charles & Carmen need our prayers.
Mar. 31 Cynthia Turnipseed Martin Mahle left for Navy boot on Sunday. Pray for his journey for the next eight weeks.
Mar. 31 Jannie Lawler My husband Noble is having medical tests during the next two weeks. Please pray for good results.
Mar. 31 Lori Windmiller Tee & Carla Meigs - Pray for healing of a knee injury for Tee. Also pray for Carla's healing in her calf muscle. Lift up Tee for a positive report from the Doctor and that he will be able to continue to play baseball and that he might be a positive contributor to his team.
Mar. 31 Kenny Campbell Pray for the Milton Strickland family. Milton passed away on Saturday evening at the age of 83. Please pray for the family.
Mar. 31 Chris Standridge

Please continue to pray for Donna Carter and her family (husband Dee and their children). Donna was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer last week and she has not been able to recover from the surgery that revealed the cancer. Lithia Springs UMC will have a healing service for her this coming Sunday (April 5th). I don't know the time yet, but will know by Sunday.

Please pray for my son Will's service coordinator from "Babies Can't Wait", Brenda Oliver. I found out Friday that she has the beginning stages of lung cancer. Brenda has been an angel in our lives over the last couple of years and loves Will as if he's her own; I know that she is a TRUE Servant and I feel blessed to now serve her by offering up a prayer for healing.

Mar. 30 Theresa Parrish Please pray for my dad, John Glover, for his health and that he might become stronger and go home from rehab.
Mar. 30 Lori Windmiller

Dell & Charles Griffin & son are asking for prayer for guidance in their son's relationship.
Evelyn & Derrick Waters and their son Steve seek prayer for their son Steve in his recovery from alcohol problems and the issues that led to the alcohol abuse.

Mar. 27 Phil Hembree For the family of Lt. Johnnie Rudd. Please pray for the comfort and grace filled love of God in the death of Mrs. Johnnie Rudd\'s husband.
Mar. 20 Charlene Searcy Ms. Doris Gibbs, who is my sister-in law's Mother, passed away this morning. Please pray for the family.
Mar. 18 Karen Hamilton Please pray for my dear friend Belle. She is in long term treatment for a cancerous brain tumor. The treatment has been difficult. She is confused and troubled and also concerned for her husband Steve's health.
Mar. 17 Bonnie Marcovecchio

Please continue to pray for my family... my Dad (Ray Rowland) will be transferred back to the nursing home under Hospice Care. They have decided to discontinue the feeding tube and IV fluids since his body is not absorbing it, he is starting to swell.

Mar. 17 Charlene Searcy Doris Gibbs, my sister-in-law Delaine's Mother, has been back and forth to the hospital. Delaine told me it seems to be heart and or breathing problem, but the Doctors do not seem to be very sure. Please pray for Doris and her family.
Mar. 16 Bonnie Marcovecchio Bonnie's father, Ray Rowland, continues to face profound health issues. She and the family will be meeting with the doctor to discuss the limited options available. She asks for God's direction, peace for the family and that her Dad doesn't have to suffer.
March 13 Lucie Herring

Stephen Werner was killed in an accident on I 75.  Stephen was a Sr at Kennesaw State. His funeral was Friday. 

On Wednesday, Frank's sister, MJ Weakes, was in a head on collision in Memphis (where she lives) and is currently on life support in a medically induced coma to allow for stabilization of the pressure in her head which is the result of the trauma to her brain (head injury).  We're taking this all a day a time.  She improves slightly at times but then takes a step back. They are not able to attend to her other injuries (broken neck/back/leg/ankle) until they are able to stabilize the brain injury.  There is risk of infection or pneumonia due to the length of time that she has been on the ventilator without any elevation to her head/body which is not possible until the brain stabilizes.  Please keep her and the family in your prayers as this is such a very difficult time.  We have strong faith that God is in control of this situation.

Mar. 12 Keith Windmiller

Please be in prayer for the family of Chris Buice, son of Robert and Marie Buice and grandson of Grace Lewis.  Chris went home to be with the Lord this afternoon, Wednesday, March 12 at Northside Hospital.
Visitation will be held 5-7 PM on Thursday at Rosehaven in Douglasville on Rose Avenue.
Funeral will be held Friday at 2 PM at Rosehaven.
Please remember this church family in your prayers.

Mar. 12 Charlene Searcy Praise and prayers for the baby, Matthew Westbrook. Two months premature and weigh around 2 lbs, he is now off the respirator, gaining weight, and has been held by Mom for the first time. The family thanks everyone for their prayers.
Mar. 12 Bonnie Marcovecchio

Just thought I would ask you guys to pray for Dad (& Mom), he's at Cobb Hospital. He's having seizures again and has fallen three times: first or second time - busted the back of his head which required 6 staples. Third time fell forward and broke his nose. They just transported him to Cobb last night to be able to do Neurological tests to determine what is going on. It's been rough but we're all hanging in there.

Mar. 9 George Hall Pray for Chris Buice and his family. He is in ICU on life support and difficult decisions must be made. May God give them guidance and comfort in this most difficult of decisions. Also pray for Pator Keith as he ministers to them in this time.
Mar. 9 Amanda Morris Dayna Thompson is having a procedure done to reduce the pressure on her optic nerve and to mitigate her vision problems. Pray for her healing and also that I know the words to say to be a comfort to her.
Mar. 9 Paula Finnegan Please pray for Jessie Lybrand, a member of the Air Force, whose assignment has been in limbo for some time. He does not know where he will be going and prays for God's leading for all involved in this decision.
Mar. 9 Jannie Lawler Please pray for her sister, Martha Houston. Tests are being done to determine the cause of chest pain that doesn't appear to be heart related. Her back pain also continues and healing is sought.
Mar. 5 Amanda Morris Dayna Thompson is in Emory Hospital with a serious brain illness that has caused a loss of some of her vision. Please pray for Dana as the doctors work to treat this serious illness.
Mar. 4 Jannie Lawler Pray for Julia Ann Smith. She needs healing, safety, peace and guidance as she continues to struggle with alzheimers.
Mar. 4 Paula Finnegan Paula's friend and neigbor, Faye, was taken to the hospital this weekend. Pray for healing. She also has a profound need for home repair and currently has a hole in the roof and very limited resources.
Mar. 4 Kenny Campbell Winky Brinson is in need of prayer for healing for an on-going stomach issue.
Feb. 29 Keith Windmiller

I visited Chris Buiceyesterday. He is still in ICU although he is showing a small improvement. He is now on 50 percent oxygen instead of 100 percent. He is still in very critical condition and needs all of our prayers. Please pray for his parents Marie and Robert, as well as his grandmother Grace. They all need God's strength during this trying time.

Feb. 26 Doshie Richardson Doshie & Clayton's son-in-law Brian is undergoing follow up surgery from his cancer surgery. His kidneys are not functioning and pray is requested.
Feb. 26 Dixie Maxwell Please pray for Ronald Nelson. He suffers with ling cancer and has been released from the hospital to hospice care.
Feb. 25 Larry Mahle

Jimmy Nations needs prayer. His feet and legs hurt terribly and it is a struggle for him to walk. In addition he has some blood in his eye. He will be seen by a doctor tomorrow. Pray for healing and God's guidance for those medical personnel who will attend to Jimmy.

Feb. 25 Larry Mahle

Carol Moore's brother, Gary, the one to whom she gave a kidney, died suddenly. Pray for Carol, Jim and the family.

Feb. 25 Larry Mahle

Joyce Hosmer, our church nursery workers, mother-in-law is very ill with a heart condition.  She has been put on a respirator.  Joyce and her husband, David, are leaving for Alabama tonight and request our prayers.  Please pray for Mrs. Hosmer. 

Feb. 25 Shane Delagrange

John Prator's mother passed away Sunday afternoon, pray for comfort for John and his family.
The viewing is tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at Horis Ward Parkway Chapel from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, it is located at 1000 Forest Pkwy., Forest Park, GA. Phone 404-366-3522.
I-285 south to I-75 south to exit #237 east on Forest Pkwy to the 8th traffic light, (Phillips Dr.) left across RR tracks. Funeral home will be on the right.

Feb. 25 Robert & Marie Buice

(follow-up to the message below about their son, Chris )
Just a note to let you know that Chris' condition is beginning to show slight signs of improvement.  The pheumonia is first and foremost to get under control.  The doctors have decided that they will wait until Monday to switch his blood.  They did not have enough whole blood on hand to make the transfer.  Please keep us all in your prayers and God Bless.
Robert & Marie

Feb. 22
Grace Lewis Grace Lewis called to ask for prayer for God's perfect will for Chris. He became very ill today and was taken to the emergency room. He was diagnosed as having double pneumonia and kidney stones. He is in intensive care. She also ask for prayer for God's peace and comfort for Robert and Marie.
Feb. 21 Charlene Searcy Mrs. Westbrook, who was Samantha's cheerleading coach/teacher, gace birth to a new son yesterday. The baby was only 2 lbs. but is reported to be breathing on his own, Mrs. Westbrook has had several difficult pregnancies. Samantha and I have been praying for her, her child and her family.
Feb. 19 Kylie Hunter Pray for my father, Jeff Hunter's, safety as he drives to South Carolina each week.
Feb. 19 Larry Mahle

Please pray for Larry and Bev's daughter, Chelsea. She needs prayer that her Dr. can find a cause for and a treatment that will give her relief from her migraine headaches.

Feb. 18 Larry Mahle

Be in prayer for Brian Wallace, son-in-law of Clayton and Doshie Richardson. He had surgery today and is in recovery. He will be transferred to ICU when appropriate. Pray for healing and a pain free recovery.

Feb. 16 Jon Acree

My aunt's mother is in the hospital and is not expected to make it through the night. I ask that everyone pray for peace for the family no matter what God's outcome may be.

Feb. 15 Larry Mahle

Please pray for our sister Judy Miller. Yesterday she had the port for chemo treatment implanted in her body and she is in "terrible pain".

Feb. 13 Mike Karaty

I wanted to take a minute to update you on my cousin Alexis and the results of the surgery.  She underwent surgery on her leg today around 1:30 pm for placement of a titanium rod.  I spoke with my cousin (her husband) around 5 and she was beginning to wake up.  The doctor said the operation went well and they plan to start the physical therapy first thing in the morning.  It is very important to start it as soon as possible due to the previous case of polio.  Alexis wants to thank everyone that took part in praying for her.  She said it really helped calm her and give her a sense of peace and security.  The fact that other Christian brothers and sisters were standing in the gap for her when she was down was wonderful, knowing that intercessory prayer warriors were praying for her. 

Feb.12 Brenda Day Heath My Dad (age 88) is scheduled for bypass surgery today at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. Please pray for a successful surgery and for the whole family.
Feb.12 Kenny Campbell Heather Stewart has had a beautiful baby boy, however she still continues to have high blood pressure problems. Pray this is resolved
Feb. 11 Kim Stone Please pray for Erin Strickland. She is in need of a heart transplant.
Feb. 11 Mike Karaty

I just learned that my first cousin, Alexis Ehrenhaft, that lives in Miami suffered a nasty fall this afternoon going from her kitchen out to her garage.  She broke her leg in several places between the knee and the ankle.  She was by herself  and had to crawl back into the house unable to get help. 

The big problem is that when she was a small girl she was diagnosed with polio in that leg.  She wore leg braces for many years and that caused the leg to be much smaller. 

She is in the hospital now and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow around 2pm in the afternoon.  They plan to place a rod inside her leg due to the type of fracture and the polio she had.  Please pray for her, as she is in a lot of pain and very afraid.  She was very happy to know that we would be praying for her and thanks everyone.  I will update everyone as I hear some news. 

Feb. 7 Paula Finnegan

Please add my father in-law to the prayer list. He has had some chest pains and is having the dye test Thursday at Emory.

Tracey Bell is a student teacher in Whitesburg. The teacher she has been helping lost his wife today (Wed). They have an 18 year old daughter that is a senior this year. God knows their names. Please pray for the family in the death of this wife and mother.

Feb. 7 Kenny Campbell

Please pray for our neighbor, Barbara Moody, her cancer has returned.

Feb. 5 Joe Hamilton Please pray for the Holy Spirit to take charge as our church begins to explore sharing our faith through connection in a spiritual friendship with a faith-sharing partner.
Feb. 5 Barbara Nations

Barbara Nations asks for prayer for her friend, Gladys Hennesy, who is in Emory Hospital in critical condition.

Feb. 1 Ann Eskew

Angel Price's service is tomorrow (Sat) at Whitley - Garner.  Please keep  the Potate and Price family in our prayers.  They are just devastated - it was so sudden.  The parents are having to bury their child. 

Jan. 31 Keith Windmiller

Be in prayer for Gail Webb, Gail was supposed to have surgery yesterday, it was canceled because she has to much cancer in her liver. Gail is very upset about this because it means she must start chemo again. She is also dealing with some family issues.
Pray for God's intervention in all of Gail's problems.

Jan. 30 Ann Eskew Tim Potate's sister in law, Angel Price, passed away uexpectedly this past Monday. She leaves a family with two children. Please lift them all in prayer.
Jan. 30 Charlene Searcy

Please pray for Doris Gibbs. Her cancer has returned. She is the mother of my Sister-in-law Delaine Searcy. (Doris’s other daughter is Sharon Johnston)

Jan. 29 Charlene Searcy

There is a young lady Jocelyn Hollingsworth who passed away this weekend.  She use to go to New Covenant and was a member during the time Michael Peace and Amy Parrott were active in our youth group.  She was also member of the youth group.  Her mother and she work (ed) at the law firm of Hartley, Rowe and Fowler.
Please put her family on your prayer list.  She was married with two children and apparently her husband is in the service and scheduled to go back to Iraq. 

Jan. 29 Ann Eskew & Ann Shearon Continue to remember our sister, Judy Miller as she facing a difficult chemo regimen as a result of a recurrence of cancer.
Jan. 29 Joan Williams

Joan directs Joshua International Ministry, the mission we support in Sierra Leone. The wonderful project she is undertaking of building a clinic and school in Grafton village (a war refugee resettlement community) is facing issues of a higher than anticipated construction cost. This most worthy project requests prayer for this work and is scheduling a specific time of prayer this Sunday afternoon from 1:15-2:15 PM.

Please pray regularly for this work and join with her this Sunday afternoon in lifting this need to God.

Jan. 29 Paula Finnegan Paula's neighbor, Faye, is living in a hospital bed in the living room of her home. This home has need for a number of repairs, especially her roof. Likewise, Faye needs help with normal errands that become a challenge for a bed ridden individual. Also, Faye appreciates visits. In spite of her own needs she is a praise as she constantly thinks of the needs of others.
Jan. 29 Kenny & Molly Campbell Kenny & Molly's friend Heather Stewart is expecting her first child. She is experiencing blood pressure problems and needs prayer.
Jan. 23 Larry Mahle

I just received a call that our sister Judy Miller was told today that her cancer was apparently spread.  The doctors want her to undergo chemo therapy.  As I understand it the biopsy showed more than one different kind of cancer.  Judy is not handling this well and is in need of prayer.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Jan. 23 Keith Windmiller Gail webb continues to be in need of our prayers. She was scheduled for surgery but it has been delayed because of funding. She has no insurance. Her treatments have caused the cancer to be isolated to her liver and this surgery is the best chance to get her a clean bill of health. Please pray that God will make a way for this surgery to proceed prompty.
Jan. 21 Samantha Searcy

One of my good friends at school, paul heyback, died saturday evening at a friends house. I was pretty close to him and I would like you to put him on the prayer list at the church for his friends and family. Thank you very much.

Jan. 18 Phil Hembree My friend and co-worker's mother, Ms. Effie Walker, died this past Wednesday morning. Please pray for strength for the two daughters and Husband in this time of loss. They are a Christian family who know they are blessed by God even at this time.
Jan. 17 Karen Hamilton Praise the Lord for Judy Miller's good report on her recent tests. They came back negative and she continues to recover.
Jan. 11 Pastor Keith

Pastor Keith has asked that we daily and diligently be in prayer for the service on January 20th.  We need to daily ask God to take charge completely, to unite our hearts, our minds, our words and our actions that we may be completely obedient to His call for His church.

Jan. 8 Larry Mahle

Judy Miller will be having surgery (mastectomy) tomorrow morning at Cobb General. Pray for a successful outcome and healing after.

Pray for our sister Paula Finnegan for guidance of a decision she needs to make.

Our Emmaus brother, Rev. Bert Love has a recurrence of his cancer and is in treatment.

Jan. 8 Phil Hembree Mrs. Walker, mother of a co-worker, is awaiting treatment to repair her heart condition. Her current status is critical but stable. Pray for her healing and for those who will be treating her.
Jan. 8 Robert Buice Pray for health and healing of Robert's son, Chris.
Jan. 8 Ann Shearon

As a follow up to the previous prayer request we are pleased to report that Jessica and Sissy are in good health, with no physical after-effects from their accident.

Also Pray for Ann's cracked rib and her brother Carl.

Jan. 7 Ann Shearon Jessica and Sissy Shearon were in a serious auto accident this past weekend. Sissy will be seeing the doctor for analysis of her back. Jessica was unhurt. Please pray for them and the whole family.
Jan. 6 Karen Hamilton Please pray for Judy Miller. She has received results of her biopsy and surgery is scheduled for Wednesday.
Jan. 6 Chris Standridge This is a prayer request for my friends, Carol & Bill Sorensen.
Bill went in for a simple heart surgical procedure on 12/27 and was supposed to be released that evening, but had complications and couldn't come home until New Year's Eve.   They've just rushed him back to the hospital and are prepping for emergency surgery.   Carol is severely sick with the flu as well so please pray for her wellness too.
Dec. 28 Karen Hamilton

Judy Miller went through her biopsy procedure well today and is resting at home. Results will not be known for some time so please keep her in prayer.

Dec. 28 Clayton & Doshie Richardson  Clayton just called to say the diagnosis of the issue in their son-in-law's mouth IS NOT cancer! Praise the Lord. However the doctor did discover an "8 cm tumor" on his kidney. Doctors plan for biopsies and possible surgery as quickly as they can schedule it. Clayton is asking for our prayers regarding diagnosis, treatment and healing for Bryan Wallace. 
Dec. 27 Charlene Searcy

Judy is my co-worker whose sister-in-law is now in a coma and has been for about 9 days.  She is in the last stages of cancer. We lifted her up Wednesday night after choir practice.  Please add her to our web prayer list and continue to pray for the Miller and the McCleskey families.

Dec. 23 Sandra Bryant Doris Hendrix has fallen again and has ruptured the eye orb. She is totally blind. Surgery has been done to repair the eye, but she is uncertain of regaining her sight. Pray for healing and comfort from the Lord.
Dec. 21 Larry Mahle
Judy Miller's biopsy was rescheduled for Thursday, be in prayer that whatever the doctors find will be non threatening.
Dec. 20 Doshie & Clayton Richardson Doshie and Clayton Richardson request prayers for their son-in-law Brian who will have tests on Friday, Dec. 21 for cancer.
Dec. 20 Judy Miller Judy has again been scheduled for a biopsy. She will be going in on Dec. 28th for the outpatient procedure and requests your prayers. She is continuing to recover from a previous bout with the same illness and treasures your continued support in prayer.
Dec. 19 Arubra Hembree
Deborah Krotenberg, a co-worker of Arubra, who we have been praying is in Shepherd Spinal Center in recovery and doing well.
Deborah asks healing prayer for a friend she met at Shepherd, Dan, who was paralyzed much like Pete, for no apparent reason. He was returning from a vacation and could not stand up when it was time to deplane. Deborah is convinced that prayer was instrumental in her recovery and knows that Dan could use prayer also.
Dec. 19 Joe Hamilton Pete has returned home and is improving. Please pray for continued recovery and especially for the circumstances that inevitably follow regarding replacement of his truck (a hand drive model) It was a total loss.
Dec. 14 Joe Hamilton Please pray for Pete Symanowski. While traveling to his father's funeral at Arlington National Cemetary, he totaled his truck in Roanoke, VA and was unable to attend. He is OK with some bruises and soreness. He is not hospitalized and is with family. Our UMM attended his father's funeral and were blessed to be with the family at this time. Praise the Lord that the men have safely returned to GA.
Dec. 12 Larry Mahle

Several folks have asked about an update on the little girl, Ivory, who was severely injured in a go cart accident.  Several folks have done some research and found that Ivory is from Conway, South Carolina which is just outside Charleston.  Here are links to articles that have been written about Ivory and her family's situation.  This is a very sad situation and continued prayers are what they need.  Thank you.

Dec. 11 Jon Acree (follow-up)

Kathryn and I just left the ER. They were unable to find anything wrong. We need to do a follow up with her Dr. Thanks for the prayers. Jon

Dec. 11 Jon Acree Jon's daughter Kathryn had a seizure this morning and is at the pediatricians being checked. Please pray for Kathryn.
Dec. 7 Chris Standridge
I have a praise to report!   Carolyn had her hearing re-tested this morning and it's improved!!    The audiologist said that, although it's unusual, it's not unheard of that having tonsils & adenoids out can actually help improve hearing loss, especially if they were large (which Carolyn's were).     She will always have some degree of nerve loss, but her hearing at the lower tone levels has improved enough that the audiologist was able to delete one of the automatic programs that her hearing aides switch to in certain noise situations because she's now able to differentiate between sounds at those levels.  She expects that within the next 6 months we might see a little more improvement, too.  
God is good....all the time!
Praise Him! Chris Standridge
Dec. 5 Ann Eskew Ann Shearon had foot surgery again today. Please pray that this troublesome problem is now fully resolved and healed.
Dec. 5 Kylie Hunter Happy B-day Jesus and to all who have B-days in December!!!!!!!
Nov. 30 Mike Karaty
Thank all prayer warriors for the prayers for my mother during her illness.  Mom is now 100% and up and doing well.  She and I both thank all of you for your kind prayers and cards.  PRAYERS DO WORK, I AM LIVING PROOF !!!
God bless all of you,
Mike Karaty and Jean (MOM)
Nov. 30 Phil (no last name given)
Please pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in Gods eyes,GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now,Pray GOD raises me a mile above those used by Satan to glorify GOD,Pray GOD Blesses me financially now and always and GOD brings me the girl He has for me now.Thank You
Nov. 29 George Hall
Sheila Posey is a 33 year old coworker with our daughter Barbara. Yesterday her husband died suddenly at his work. She has a 14 year old son C.J. Please pray for God's guidance, peace, comfort and provision for her and her son in dealing with this loss in their family.
Nov. 24 Jannie Lawler
Prayer is requested for Chris Timms, a 21 year old female, who was injured in a motor vehicle accident yesterday. She is in intensive care and in very critical condition. Pray for healing for Chris and comfort for the family.
Nov. 22 Chris Standridge click for a beautiful 'Thank you" for the church's expression of sympathy to Chris Standridge and the family in the loss of Chris' father.
Nov. 21 Larry Mahle
Pray for healing for Peggy Brown, mother of our waitress at Topps, she is very ill with heart and respiratory problems. Also pray for her daughter, Debbie, for comfort during these holidays.
Nov. 19 Larry Mahle
Calvin Waddell, a former member asks for prayer for his wife Susan. Susan will have back surgery Monday 11-19-07. Pray for a successful outcome.
Pray for Caroline Standridge, she will undergo surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids and have tubes placed in her ears on Wednesday 11-21-07. Pray for a good outcome and a painless recovery.
Nov. 17 Keith Windmiller Please pray for the daughter of Betty Mayfield. Betty is a grandmother that is helping raise her three grandchildren and contacted the church about helping them with Christmas. Her daughter is in ICU at Douglas Hospital after suffering severe siezures.
Nov. 16 Larry Mahle Pray for Martin's blood pressure to be within normal limits next week for three consecutive days. He took his physical for the Navy this past Wednesday and it was very elevated, He was rejected for service unless he can get it down for three days next week.
Nov. 13 Larry Mahle We're in the midst of the worst drought the Southeast has seen in over 100 years.  What should we do???

James 5:17-18 reads, "Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years.  Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops."

I Samuel 12:18 reads, "Then Samuel called upon the Lord and that same day the Lord sent thunder and rain.  So all the people stood in awe of the Lord..."

2 Chronicles 7:13-14 reads, "...if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered..."

Start where you're at right now with a prayer to the Lord. Continue praying daily "without ceasing".  Don't forget to praise Him when the rains come (not "if", but "when" rains come)!  Pass this along to other prayer warriors, to your church family, to your prayer groups, to unite in fervent prayer... we, too, will stand in awe of the Lord!

The Lord says "Fear not", "Do not worry"... He is in control.  He promises that if we ask, we shall receive!  Praise Him! Amen!!!
Nov. 13 Paula Finnegan Pray for Ivory, a 7 year old girl, injured in a go-cart accident. She suffered a broken back and neck with spinal cord injury as well as many more cuts, contusions, and abrasions. She is in the hospital in critical condition. Pray for God's will to be done. 
Nov. 12 Mike Karaty
Please pray for my mother, Jean Karaty.  She was being taken to the hospital tonight.  She is 90 years old.  I might have to drive to Miami so pray for traveling mercy for me also.  I will update you asap.
Nov. 9 Chris Standridge Chris' father has passed away. Here is her note on the arrangements:
The only arrangements will be a memorial service in Buffalo on Wednesday morning.   My dad is being cremated and did not want a funeral.   Please pray for my brother, sister & I and Chuck as we travel to NY.    He went very peacefully and was not alone at the end, for which we are very grateful.   He is in a better place and is fully healed from the health and emotional problems he suffered from for the last few years.
Nov. 4 Arubra Hembree Ronald Parson is a friend of my brother & we need to pray for him. He has a rare type of melanoma.  It has no pattern & is unpredictable in that they never know what it will do or go.  He is having serious surgery the end of this monthHe needs lots of prayers! 
Nov. 4 Arubra Hembree Praise the Lord for Lee Southwell's recovery from a stroke and his return home after 3 months of recovery. God is good!
Nov. 4 Paula Finnegan
Cindy Hogan, is 32 years old and has just been  diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. Her husband, Gary is in Iraq. Pray for healing and comfort.
Nov. 3 Joe Hamilton Please pray that Paul's prayer for the Ephesian church is true for New Covenant as well. "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."
Nov. 1 Chris Standridge
From Chris Standridge: a friend of ours, Tiffany Graham has cancer. She was in remission from breast cancer but it has returned, test show that it has metastasized to her lungs and heart. She will be going through aggressive chemo, but doctors are not optimistic. Pray for God's will, healing and comfort for her family, Pat her husband, and Alyssa her daughter.
Nov. 1 Doshie Richardson Doshie's mother fell Monday night and broke her hip. She had successful surgery today and is in recovery.
Oct. 22 Chris Standridge Chuck  Standridge's aunt, Sarah White, died suddenly today. Please pray for Chuck, his father Chester and the rest of the family for God's peace and comfort to be with them.
Oct. 22 Chris Standridge A co-worker has asked prayers for her friend, who is 12 weeks pregnant and received some very upsetting news about her baby this week. Tests show that there is something very wrong with the baby.  Please pray that this first time mother-to-be is guided by the Holy Spirit to make the right decision and not by those who might tell her that the situation is hopeless. I know of so many people who were given bad news during their pregnancy (and were urged by doctors to "explore options") only to rejoice in a completely healthy baby after delivery.
Oct. 15 Molly Campbell
My sister just called me and said that my Mother is in the hospital.  The doctors think she has a blood clot in her lungs.  I will know more tomorrow, but for now please keep her in your prayers.
Thank you,
Molly Campbell 
Oct. 9 Keith Windmiller
Please pray for Pete Symanowski and his family.  Pete lost his father in Virginia and will be driving himself up there on Wednesday.  Please remember the whole family in this loss and Pete in his travels.
Sept. 27 Joe Hamilton Praise for an amazing Charge Conference. God is truly blessing our church with a clear vision for His future for the church.
Sept. 26 Joe Hamilton Pray for Molly Campbell's recovery from thyroid surgery.
Sept. 11 Larry Mahle On this anniversary of 9/11, I understand that life in Iraq is very difficult to bear right now. Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance and safety.  
Sept. 11 Karen Hamilton After talking with Jannie, Noble Lawler's heart catheterization went well. All is clear, praise the Lord!
Sept. 11 Paula Finnegan Nathan Thomas (24), and his pregnant girlfriend (19) were robbed and beaten. Nathan has a brain injury and will require surgery.
Sept. 11 Arubra Hembree Maria Wilson's father has fallen and broke his hip, pray for healing and comfort.
Sept. 11 Chris Standridge Please put this little boy and his family on our prayer list.     We received this today; Brayden will be here tomorrow to meet Truett and eat some nuggets!   His story would touch the heart of anyone.    He fell while playing with his brother at a pool in July.   His parents took him to the hospital to make sure he didn't have a concussion and instead the doctors found a large mass on his brain stem which turned out to be a very rare form of childhood cancer that is extremely aggressive and does not typically respond to treatment.    Had he not fallen, they would have never found it until it was too late to do anything to either help him heal or make his childhood dreams come true.   God works in wonderful & mysterious ways….. Chris Standridge
Sept. 7 Lamar Beard
I just spoke with Natalie Thomas. She was in a wheelchair in a FEMA trailer until she OD'd on some drugs last week. She is doing much better.
Natalie is staying at the following hospital for the next two (2) weeks until she will be moved to another ReHab center:
     Singing River Hospital
     Ground NW - Room 6122
     Attn: Natalie Thomas
     2809 Denny Ave.
     Pascagoula, MS  39581
     Tel. 228-809-5000 or 228-809-6122 (direct dial to Natalie)
I know that many of you are great encouragers. Most of the folks along the coast need encouragement. Please consider taking a little time to call Natalie or drop her a quick note of encouragement and hope.
Sept. 6 Arubra Hembree I talked to Gail Webb yesterday and she has continued to have chemo and when she does it makes her really sick and she has had to go into the hospital.  She is at home now but still weak, if you would like to call her, 770-942-5224 or send a card, 5234 Dukes Road, Douglasville, GA  30135..I’m sure she would love to hear from you.  Have a blessed day…Arubra
Sept. 5 Jannie Lawler Noble Lawler will be going on Monday for a heart catheterization. Please pray for a clean bill of health. Pray also for Noble to have peace and comfort from the Lord Jesus in the whole process and in all of his life.
Sept. 3 Joe Hamilton Natalie Thomas is still in ICU but is improving. She would benefit greatly from prayers and especially cards of encouragement. Bring cards to Joe Hamilton at church for delivery.
August 29 Joe Hamilton Ms. Natalie Thomas is in profound need of prayer.  She has been hospitalized with what appears to be an overdose of medication.  She is disabled, wheelchair bound, and since Hurricane Katrina, has been living in a FEMA trailer in Mississippi.  Today is the two year anniversary of the storm.  The stress on all coastal residents, especially those of limited means and in minimal recovery, means they are in need of our most fervent prayers.  Please don't forget them.
August 27 Arubra Hembree David's brother Stephen passed away Sunday evening. Viewing is Tuesday evening, 4-9 PM at Jones-Wynn in Douglasville. The service will be Wednesday, time TBA. Please pray for the family.
August 14 Arubra Hembree David Gardner's brother, Stephen, is in Douglas General ICU in critical condition. He has hepatitis and his body is shutting down and pneumonia may be setting in. I ask for a special prayer for healing of his body today. 
August 14 Ann Eskew Ann Shearon had foot surgery this week. Please keep her in prayer.
August 13 Mike Karaty A bike went down today at the intersection of hwy 61 and northside drive. I don't know if he ran a red light or a lady did in a car. Details are slim as of now.
The man's name is Ricky North of Carrollton. He and his wife Debbie use to own Brewesters ice cream shop next to sears. Please pray for him for he had to be flown to Atlanta, and they said it was a nasty accident, and usually the bike looses!
August 6 Teresa Gould Teresa Gould has requested prayer for her mother, Mrs. Mildred Black. Mrs. Black has had digestive disorders that have required emergency treatment ove rthe past 2 weeks. Please pray for her healing and God's peace to her and her family.
August 4 Joe Hamilton Pray for the homeowners in Mississippi seeking financing to rebuild. As this prayer is answered, we will be able to frame a home for a recovering family on our church parking lot.
August 4 Mike Karaty Pray for Judy Miller in her ongoing recovry from surgery. The pain associated with the recovery is debilitating and prayer is needed.
August 2 Gayle Yeager Hi folks, one of our partners' (in the Pumpkin Patch business) has a sister, Judy Ralston, that is having cancer surgery Friday - please remember her & her family in your prayers. Thanks everyone.
July 27 Chris Standridge Please pray for the family of Cory Grunden. During efforts to bring him out of a coma, he died. He was 22 years old. Especially remember his family and his mom who has lost her only child.
July 25 Arubra Hembree A lady I work with at Heritage Bag Company, Dee Bledsoe, is looking for her 19 year old son, Isaiah Bledsoe. If you have any leads of his whereabouts please contact the police or Dee Bledsoe @ 770-942-1222  . Isaiah left home Monday, July 16th and has not been seen since. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, and black shorts. He has no money and he only took along a backpack. Isaiah has a form of autism which is called Asperger's. Please if you have any information contact the Douglas County Sheriffs department or Dee Bledsoe. Let's all pray for Isaiah's safe return. God Bless you all!
July 24 Arubra Hembree Larry McMichen went back to the hospital Saturday and had another surgery. They did another appendectomy, this time correctly.  He is still in the hosspital but feeling a little better.  His doctor said he believed this surgery was successful and Larry should be improving. 
July 23 George Hall Larry McMichen is in Emory Adventist Hospital for a second (or possibly third) emergency surgery. Details are sketchy at this time but we know he is in need of prayer for healing and comfort.
July 21 Chris Standridge Chris writes that a co-worker's son, Cory Grunden, a 22 year old college student has suffered a seizure, stroke and as a result has extensive brain damage. Cory is her only child and she is desperately trying to get a flight out to be with him.  Please keep
them all in prayer and pray that Kathy will be able get out there quickly and safely and, of course, that God's hand touches Cory and heals him. 
July 17 Bill Simmons Pray for daughter Morgan's complete healing from three lumps (believed to be benign). Doctors say surgery may be required. Pray for her peace and healing.
July 17 Mike Karaty Please pray for Mike. He has a blood clot in his leg. Pray that God will dissolve it.
July 14 Jannie Lawler

Lloyd and Martha Houston are Janie\'s brother-in-law and sister. Lloyd has cancer and is in hospice. Please pray for freedom from pain and the Lord\'s will to be done. Also pray for strength and God\'s peace for Martha.

Additionally, Janie and Martha\'s sister Ann Smith (who left her home in Arkansas more than a year ago to help with Lloyd\'s care) needs prayer for a back injury she suffered while caring for her brother-in-law Lloyd.

July 11 Kathryn Acree Her Aunt Carol's mom is in the hospital. Please pray for her.
July 9 Paula Finnegan
Please everyone pray for my best friend, Denise Shelby, I just found out she is having surgery today she is at Douglas General.
Thank you and God Bless, Paula
July 9 Keith Windmiller Praise the Lord for God's grace in providing a way for Keith and Tori and maybe Reid to participate in the church's mission to Mexico.
July 9 Joe Hamilton Praise the Lord for the wonderful response to the Benefit Singing for the Lewis's. The fellowship and love shown showed God's presence in a powerful way.
July 5 Larry Mahle Pray for Martha, Mike, Thomas and Andrew Lewis of our church family. This evening they lost everything in a house fire. Click for more information.
July 1 Joe Hamilton Praise the Lord that Jimmy Nations was able to return to church services today. God is good...all the time!
July 1 Jannie Lawler

Pray for Lloyd and Martha Houston. Lloyd is in the final stages of a terminal illness and the whole family needs prayer.

Also, Jannie's niece, Cheryl Shadix, will be receiving the results of a biopsy from the doctor on Monday, July 2. Please pray for a good report.

June 28 George Hall Judy Miller is at home. She says she is having pain as expected but is thankful to be home. She ask that we continue to pray for which I assured her we will do. Several have ask for her home is: 6634 Phillips Mill Road Douglasville GA 30135
June 27 Barbara Nations Please continue to pray for Jimmy Nations in his ongoing recovery from gall bladder and pnuemonia.
June 26 Ruth Hall Judy Miller came through her cancer surgery well. Tests will be performed and results known in a few days. Please keep Judy in your prayers.
June 26 Joe Hamilton Larry & Bev Mahle - That they have a safe and pleasant journey home to Georgia. We have missed them terribly and will be so happy to be with them again soon.
June 25 Pastor Keith Judy Miller will have surgery on Tuesday. Please keep her and those who will serve her medically in your prayers.
June 25 Bobby Gee Gail Webb has begun chemo earlier than expected. Please pray for her treatment and that God will be glorified through her healing.
June 23 George Hall Jimmy Nations remains in Douglas General Hospital. He has done well with the gallbladder surgery and had hoped to go home today, however he has developed pneumonia in one lung which will require some additional treatment, testing and time in the hospital. Please continue to pray for Jimmy\'s complete recovery and for Barbara\'strength and peace.
June 23 George Hall
Our sister Judy Miller has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is scheduled for surgery at Cobb General next Tuesday. I will pass more info to you as it is available.
Please pray for Judy.
June 22 Doshie Richardson Please pray for Doshie's step-father, Roy Patterson, who has serious health issues.
June 21 George Hall Jimmy Nations had emergency gall bladder surgery today. He came through the surgery well. Barbara and Jimmy will appreciate your ongoing prayers during his recovery.
June 16 George Hall Our sister in Christ, Joyce Walters, went home to be with her Lord on June 16th. We will miss her love of Jesus and her fervent prayer life on behalf of her church family. We know she is healed and at home with Jesus. We praise God for the witness of her life and love of the Lord.
June 10 church staff Praise the Lord for our Brother Pete Symanowski's return home. He is learning to use his wheelchair well and was at church Sunday, 6/10 & 6/17. Keep him in continued prayer.
June 5 church staff Our secretary, Gail Webb, is at home recovering from surgery. She will be evaluated 6/15 for ongoing chemo. Pray for her healing and for her family