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Prayers and Praises!

June 29, 2011

Mike Karaty

My cousin Terry will be having surgery TOMORROW THURSDAY THE 30TH to reverse the colostomy he received. We have been praying for him for several months. He is anxious and excited to get back to normal life. He and his wife Patty thank all of you for your prayers and ask to continue them for a little longer. Also please pray for Livia James, a dear friend that has cancer and is having complications.

June 29 Bonnie Ray Please say a prayer for my Mom, Allene Rowland. She's at Emory Hospital, they are about to take her down for a clot-busting procedure and then will keep her in ICU to monitor any clot movement. Also, for guidance for the doctor that the procedure will go well and they won't have to do any more invasive surgery.
June 29 Paula Finnegan

Please pray for Tracie Bell's Father. They just found out he has cancer. I don't know details yet but she lost her mother (a drunk driver hit her and killed her) when Tracie was a teen so he is it for her.Please pray for healing and peace in the family.

June 26 Joe and Karen Hamilton for Lois O’Neal – Lois sends her thanks and praise.  The Lord has answered the many prayers lifted on her behalf.  She has to move on June 30th.  God gave her a beautiful home today that is within her budget.
June 26 Ann Eskew for Sharon Baker – She is in her fourth round of cancer treatment.
June 26 Kenny Campbell for Kaye Murphy – She had knee replacement surgery Friday.  Pray for a speedy recovery.
June 26 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Jannie and Noble Lawler – for Jannie for relief from depression – for Noble for healing from knee trouble.

June 24 Pastor Michael Dunbar

for New Covenant UMC - My family and I praise the Lord that He has blessed us with a new church family. We look forward to worshiping and working along side of you for the glory of the Lord.

June 20 Barbara Nations

for Jeff Tomei – He has several bad health problems.

June 20 Brenda Day Upshaw for Chase Harmon – for safety, guidance and health for my 16 year old grandson as he moves to Florida.
June 20 anonymous for our fathers on Father’s Day – Blessings on Fathers still here and praise for those who have already gone to the Heavenly Father.
June 20 Teresa Gould for Wally Gould, Sr. – My father-in-law is back in the hospital.  We ask for prayers for healing of respiratory and heart issues. (cards requested to 8414 Downs Rd. Winston GA 30187)
June 20 Gwen via web for Frankie Thomas & Our Family -  He has end-stage emphysema. He has to wear oxygen now at all times, unable to work. We are trying to get a loan modification for our home so he can stay in the home he has worked hard for. Please Pray for Him God give him strength to be strong, God Touch Him With Your Loving Hands, Guide Me & Help me be a good caretaker for him, I break down when I’m alone, Then I Pray Unto You GOD !! With Out You God And Family, Friends I Know I Could Not Do This Alone. Keep Us In Your Prayers. (cards requested to Frankie Thomas 6810 Regal Ct Douglasville, GA 30135)
June 20 Arubra Hembree UPDATE on Phil: All o.k., leaving hospital, did blood work, feeling better and so glad all is fine; if you didn't do the email yet, we are o.k., if so...prayer works.  Praise God.  Thanks..Arubra
June 19 Arubra Hembree I'm asking you right now to stop and pray - they had to take Phil Hembree, my sweet brother, to Cobb General, the doctor is checking him out now, he was sweating and having pain was this time last year that he had a heart attack and a stent put in.  We pray in Jesus name that everything will be o.k.  Thanks for your support and prayers...Arubra
June 17 Charlene Searcy

This was sent to us by my co-worker Brenda. We have been praying for her sister Sandy and I wanted the prayer team to have an update on her condition. Charlene
Sandy just called me after she left the doctor’s office. The pet scan came back showing no cancer except for the tumor. The oncologists moved her from a 4 to a 3 and they started chemo today. They are hoping that chemo will shrink the tumor. This is the most positive news she has had since all this started. She is really upbeat and is praying that this treatment will either shrink it or keep it from growing. Thank you for all your prayers and concern. She is so strong willed that she may just beat this thing cause she said she had a bucket list to work on.

June 16 Jonell Keeler

Our son Jim Keeler Jr., come in off the road last week feeling bad, went to his family Dr, was sent to hospital for test and was admitted with lung cancer...Don't know the type right now, however, chemo will be starting tomorrow...Please keep our family in your prayers... His wife Lise, daughter Courtney, and son Cody and their families...thanks to New Covenant friends for your love and prayers... Jonell and Jim Keeler

June 12 Jan Palmer

for Joe (a friend from school) – He has pancreatic cancer and needs prayer and God’s touch.

June 12 Carolyn Standridge for Carolyn and Dad – “That we will be safe riding my Dad’s motorcycle.”
June 129 From all of us

Thanks and praise for Rev. Mike and Karen and their time with us.  May God bless them in their new ministry.

June 7 Rev. Michael

My sister Melinda Osment is in Doctor’s Hospital with severe pancreatitis. This has been an ongoing bout on and off for several years. She was scheduled to go on a mission trip Saturday, but that is out of the picture. Pray for a quick recovery and the strength to endure the pain.

June 7 Charlene Searcy

We are asking everyone to say a prayer for "Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan & they have lost 12 marines in 4 days. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE the message spread if more could pass it on. God Bless America and God Bless the United States Marine Corps... Semper Fi, Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever

Justin Allen, 23,
Brett Linley, 29,
Matthew Weikert, 29,
Justus Bartett, 27,
Dave Santos, 21,
Chase Stanley, 21,
Jesse Reed, 26,
Matthew Johnson, 21,
Zachary Fisher, 24,
Brandon King, 23,
Christopher Goeke, 23,
Sheldon Tate, 27,

All are Marines that gave their lives for YOU this week!
Pray for all our Troops and their families no matter what branch they serve.

June 6 Bonnie Ricks

Please be in prayer for my former DFCS supervisor, Sylvia Jones, who took disability retirement from her job some years ago. Some of you may remember her as she attended NCUMC for a time and even took part in helping with the Katrina efforts through our church. A friend of mine from DFCS made contact with Sylvia's daughter Brianna, and found that Sylvia is in a special Assisted Living Facility for people with Alzheimers Disease. We were told that Sylvia seems content and happy where she is in her comfortable and secure surroundings, but rarely is able to recognize people from her past even her cousins. I was glad to hear Brianna was able to find her mom a good placement, as she had tried to keep her herself for several years. Please pray for Sylvia, and her daughters Brianna and Lauren. If you would like to send Sylvia a card, her address is: 11405 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 410, Johns Creek, GA 30097

June 5 Ann Eskew

for grandson Alex – He had eleven stitches in his foot from a swimming accident.

June 5 Robert Buice for Marie – God bless Marie as she continues to have health problems.
June 5 Jannie and Noble Lalwler for Everyone – that we all will come to know what God has done and will always do for us all if we will only believe and trust Him.
June 4 Bonnie Ray

Last night Bonnie totaled her van. She is sore but OK. The lady in the other vehicle sustained more injuries and prayer is sought for both ladies.

May 29 Paula Finnegan

for Matthew Finnegan – Pray that he keeps God in every move and decision he makes.

May 29 Paula Finnegan

for Joe Finnegan – Pray for a speedy recovery, he has to go to rehab after hospital.

May 29 Ann Eskew

for Shirley Schaefer – Having an MRI on her right lung this week.

May 29 Shirley Schaefer for Caroline Allen - She has ALS and is not doing well; for June Leatherwood – she has cancer everywhere and has been told that she has days to weeks to live; for Ann Shearon – travel mercies.
May 29 Dominick Martini for his dog Kazi – that he will stop biting his leg (He has been ill for some time).
May 29 Cason Jones for Nat, Mom, & Brother – to keep them safe and cared for.
May 29 Barbara and Randy Williams for son Jason – He left for Iraq this weekend. Pray for safety for him and all our troops.
May 27 Jan Palmer

for Rory Peterson, newborn grandson of Jill Peterson - Rory was born on Monday and has had to be transported to Scottish Rite today with severe jaundice. Urgent prayer is needed.

May 27 Charlene Searcy for Sandy - Snady and her family appreciate the prayers as Snady has been moved to hospice in Austell near Cobb General.. Family member Brenda has been dealing with all the issues on Sandy's behalf and is both stressed and devestated with the need for hospice. Please pray for them all.
May 25 Joe Hamilton

: My daughter-in law, Leigh Ann Hamilton, has had some shortness of breath and the doctors at the medical office where she works examined her and have sent her to a cardiologist nearby for further examination. Please pray for her now.

May 24 Ruth Running (Jamie Running's daughter)

I wanted to get a thank you out to everyone who had me in their thoughts and prayers during my surgery and recuperation. I am doing very well and I appreciated the kind thoughts and words.

Thank you, Ruth Running

May 24 Karen Shepard-Hamilton & Joe Hamilton

Our dear friend Lois O'Neal needs urgent prayer. Her landlord is raising her rent July 1st. She cannot afford the new rate and will be forced to move. Pray that a place is found before July 1.
Also, her truck is having an engine replaced by the grace of God through some Christian friends, but they cannot find an essential idler pulley for her older Ford Ranger. Pray that the Lord leads them to a source.
As you might expect, this is all weighing on her heavily and she is very depressed about the forced move. So please pray for peace of mind and God's touch to carry her through.

May 22 Carolyn Standridge

for John and Carolyn Standridge – that we will be safe riding our dad’s motorcycle.

May 22 Paula Finnegan for the Bryant family – Pray for peace during these trying times; for Joe Finnegan (FIL) – Pray he continues to get better.
May 22 Chuck & Christine Standridge Praise for their 9th anniversary 5/25.
May 22 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Alline Taromina – Having some tests this week. Pray for good results and healing.
May 20 Jan Palmer

Update on Joe Anderson:  His condition is very critical.  He remains hospitalized and continued prayers are requested.

May 19 NGA UMC Helena Boone, spouse of Rev. Frank Boone (Wesley Chapel, Villa Rica and long time friend of New Covenant), had hip replacement surgery on Thursday, May 19th. Pray for a gentle and complete recovery.
May 19 Megan Simmons Adrian

Please add Julie Thatcher Rhodes to the prayer list. Julie is a friend of mine from college who 5 yrs ago had a heart transplant. Her body is now starting to reject the transplant. Please prayer for a miracle and healing for Julie, her husband Chase and their little 1 year son. Also, pray for wisdom in the medical professionals treating her.

May 19 Paula Finnegan

Keep my father inlaw in your prayers{Joe Finnegan} he is doing alot better today. He is responding to simple commands today keep his family in your prayers this illness has brought out the evil in everyone!!!!!

May 19 Bonnie Ray

Update on Martha Dodson - Martha went home Tuesday after the doctor put in three temporary stints on Monday. She will have to return later for a permanent solution. Thanks so much for your prayers, it obviously helped a potentially serious situation. Please continue to pray for her health and peace for the family.

May 18 Jan Palmer

One of the students on Jan's bus, Joe Anderson, has been transported to Kennestone for emergency surgery. He has an intestinal blockage that gives signs of possible pancreatic cancer. Please pray now for God's hand to heal.

May 16 Mike Karaty

(Update) Praise God Terry (Mike's cousin's husband) was allowed to come home (after infection from a perforated bowel during surgery). Still having a lot to do. Pray for his wife Patty who is his primary caregiver and having difficulties. Will update more asap.

May 15 Bonnie Ray

for Martha Dodson – (Update) Martha was rushed bacl to Emory today with severe complications form the artery that was severed in a prior procedure this weekend. Her condition is very poor and prayer is needed now.

May 15 Paula Finnegan for Joe Finnegan – Pray that God works through the doctors in healing Joe’s heart. He had triple bypass Tuesday.
May 15 Shirley Schaefer for Carolyn Allen – She has ALS and had to have a feeding tube installed.
May 15 Shirley Schaefer Brenda Day Upshaw for Tony Day – for peace, health, comfort and healing during some very difficult times for him and his family.
May 15 Ann Eskew for our graduates and for those needing jobs.
May 15 Jimmy Nations

for Tony Nations – Pray for health issues after an emergency ambulance trip to the ER.

May 12 Bonnie Ray

Davie's friend Tyler Dodson's mom was having a heart stint today when they ripped her Artery. She will be transported to Emory for corrective measures. Please pray for guidance for the doctors, speedy healing for her (Martha) and peace for the family.

May 12 Paula Finnegan

Please pray for my father-in-law Joe Finnegan he had a triple bypass surgery Tuesday afternoon at Emory and has taken a turn for the worst tonight. Please pray for God's will to be done and peace within the family.bring them closer to Him in this trying time.

May 12 Mike Karaty

My family is having a meeting in Miami today at lunch time. This is a critical meeting.
If God's hand is not in this meeting it could be bad for all. Pray that God's mighty hand and power be there and that the enemy will not prevail. PLEASE PRAY HARD

May 8 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Tina Rainwater – Tina continues to face serious health problems and is moving in with her Mom in Carrollton.  All of the stress is really hard on her. Pray for God’s healing: for my Aunt Dearie Cairney – following her colon surgery she is moving to a rehab center for two weeks and is stressed by the process.

May 8 Kenny Campbell for Dee Morrison – She is going for a biopsy Thursday for a tumor on her kidney.  Pray that it is benign. Card requested to Dee Morrison, 4552 E Elmhurst Dr Douglasville GA 30135; also pray for Mark Pitts – He has cirrhosis of the liver from years of alcohol abuse.
From Ann Eskew for our country and our military.
May 8 Mike Karaty for Mike Karaty III – for God’s hand and guidance in wisdom and truth.
May 8 Megan Jensen for grandmother Lorene Vernon – for healing.  She has surgery Tuesday to have her sternum removed.  It is infected by a staph infection.
May 6 Mike Karaty

Ruth Running came out of surgery around 10am and is in recovery. Surgery went well and Jamie is by her side.

Terry Johnson is having all kinds of misfortunes associated with the colostomy. A colostomy can be very devastating to an individual and their family.  He is still having issues with infection.  Please continue to pray for Gods hand in healing. Also pray for his wife Patty as this is having an affect on her as well.

May 6 Mike Karaty

Just a reminder to pray for Jamie Running's daughter Ruth on Friday morning the 6th. She will be in surgery this morning early.  Will send updates as I hear from them.

May 1 Paula Finnegan

for Matthew Finnegan – pray he graduates on time! And he keeps God in everything he does now and forever. (Card requested to 8425 West Carroll Rd. Whiteburg GA 30185)

May 1 Mike Karaty for Jean Karaty – for health and peace.
May 1 Carolyn Standridge for self – “I fell and caught my arm on the playground bars.”
May 1 Joe Hamilton

for all touched by the storms – pray that the survivors are strengthened and comforted by God’s grace. Also for the recovery workers.

Apr. 27 Mike Karaty I received a call after midnight from my cousin Patty. Her husband Terry was being rushed back to surgery at that time. He has a severe infection and will have a colostomy put in. We don't know if it will be permanent. Please pray this is serious.
Apr. 26 Joe Hamilton

for my family in Athens, Alabama - My cousin Bruce Griggs was found dead in the local creek this morning. The circumstances of his death are unclear at this time.  Foul play has not been ruled out.  An autopsy is being performed. Please pray for my Uncle, Tom Wade Griggs and the rest of our family.

Apr. 26 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Dearie Cairney - Aunt Dearie is having surgery to remove a portion of her intestine due to colon cancer on Thursday.  She is 80 years of age and a 25 year survivor of a liver transplant.  Pray for a successful operation and a gentle recovery.
Apr. 26 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jennifer Lane:  Jennifer spent 10 hours in the ER yesterday with severe abdominal pain. After a CAT scan she was sent home on a clear liquid diet and will follow up with a Doctor.  The pain remains profound so please pray for Jennifer's healing and relief.
Apr. 24 Ann Eskew and Ann Shearon

He is risen; Praise the Lord!

Apr. 24 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Lois O’Neal – Lois work a low paying job with minimal hours and is having trouble making ends meet. She also has a truck that needs a new engine. Pray for God to work in all of this; Also for Tina Rainwater – She fell and severely bruised her hip and tore many muscles. Also, she fell because at times her equilibrium is unstable. She sees the neurologist Tuesday. Pray for answers and healing.

Apr. 24 Molly Campbell for Pauline Fitch – for successful physical therapy and better mobility.
Apr. 24 Bonnie Ray

for Elena Corn and kids – for financial help and guidance and healing peace for a family in crisis.

Apr. 22 Mike Karaty

My cousin Terry has been taken back to the hospital with complications from the surgery and infection. He is also in a lot of pain. Patty is asking that we pray again for his recovery. Will update you all when I know more.

Apr. 21 Mike Karaty I just spoke with my cousin Terry Johnson and he was on the way home from the hospital. He is feeling great and wants to thank all for the prayers. The final biopsy showed a 4mm spot of cancer that was removed in total. PRAYERS ARE POWERFUL...
Apr. 20 Teresa Gould for Ann Breauchy - Ann has cancer, the chemo and radiation treatments are making her extremely ill. She is in pain, can\'t eat and is very weak She needs our prayers. Having a blood transfusion today. Thank you.
Apr. 17 Cathy Dallas for Gayle Dallas – for her health, she had an aortic aneurysm and arachnoid cysts on her spinal cord.
Apr. 17 Jan Palmer for Jill Peterson – she has a biopsy April 30.
Apr. 17 Carolyn Standridge for her dad, Chuck – May he be safe from the big mean dogs.
Apr. 17 Ann Eskew for her grandson and bride – They were married Saturday, it was a blessed event.
Apr. 17 Ann Shearon for Shirley and Bob Schaefer – travel mercies.
Apr. 17 Bella Dobbs pray for safety for the Christians in China who are hurting.
Apr 15 Mike Karaty Update on my cousin Terry Johnson - He went into surgery Friday at 120pm and came out at 330pm. The surgeon removed a few inches of his intestine but was pleased with the way the surgery went. He will be re-cooperating in the hospital for a few days and then go home. Thanks to all for the prayers. His wife Patty is also doing well.
Apr. 12 Mike Karaty

Just an update on my cousin Patty's husband Terry. He is scheduled to have the tumor removed this Friday the 15th. Surgery is to begin at 1pm sharp.  Praise God for the miracle of changing the diagnosis from malignant cancer to non-malignant.  Now we need prayers the the surgery goes well and pray for the surgeon's hands.  The Johnson family thanks all of the prayer warriors for their support.

Apr. 11 Joe Hamilton

for Bonnie RIcks mom, Kathryn White - She is now in rehab and is making some slow progress.  After being on blood thinners she had fallen and sustained an aneurysm and brain bleed requiring surgery.  She now is in a slow processof rehabilitation.  She fluctuates in her ability to process her surroundings.  Please continue prayer for them both.

Apr. 11 Natasha V. Cannon via the web for Heather & Raphael: They are going through a painful divorce and have three children, eight and under.  Also for Jimmy Guckert: He has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Surgery is being scheduled soon. He is very frightened.
Apr. 11 Arubra Hembree

We have just learned that Wavelyn Smith is ill. No other details are known at this time. Please keep Wavelyn and Ovis in prayer. If you learn more please let us know.

Apr. 10 Molly Campbell

for Dee Morrison for health concerns and tests to be done on a suspected tumor on her kidney.

Apr. 10 Noble & Jannie Lawler for Jeff Hensley and Julia & Mike Cotton – for health, healing, peace, safety and guidance – Jeff for mental health – Julia and Mike for healing from cancer.
Apr. 10 Ann Eskew for Vickie Alsabrook – pray for her surgical procedure 4/11
Apr. 10 Brandy Hembree for Lisa Pilgrim – for the Pilgrim family. Lisa’s son died in a car wreck in Carrollton.
Apr. 10 Dominick Martini and Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane II for healing.
Apr. 10 Robert Martini for Robert and Arianna – for new employment and Arianna and my migraines.
Apr. 10 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for self - for God’s peace in my dental surgery Tuesday afternoon.

Apr. 8 Mike Karaty

Check your DC Sentinel for a wonderful article reporting honors received by our own Samantha Searcy (daughter of Charlene) as an honors student at Reinhardt College.

Praise the Lord!

Apr. 5 Bonnie Ricks

for Kathryn White (Mom): Praise! Mother is doing better following surgery. She will go to Rehabilitation in Fayetteville on Thursday, as she still has a very long way to go. Thank you for all of the prayers! 

Apr. 5 Megan Simmons Adrian

Baby boy Gabriel Robert Adrian is here. He was born 7:34 pm on 4/4. Mom and baby are doing good and leaving Cobb hospital sometime today.

Apr. 3 Joe Hamilton

for George Hall – George has started a regime of physical therapy to help with ongoing neck, back and hip pain.  Pray for successful treatment to enhance his mobility and strength and pain relief.

Apr. 3 Kelly Davis for Josh Smith and family – for help in the loss of their grandfather.  He was taken off life support.  Please bring peace to the family – for Brian Saxon’s family.  He was killed in a car crash at age 28. – for Mel Burton’s family.  She lost her battle with cancer at age 31.
Apr. 3 Ann Shearon for Oscar Burton and family – Ms. Burton was killed Saturday night in a car wreck.  Pray for the family.
Apr. 3 Jamie Running for Lohr – He is 80, facing health issues and does not know the Lord.
Apr. 3 Jan Palmer for Jill Peterson – for her upcoming test to have a favorable outcome.
Apr. 3 Pam Willis for Wayne – He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Apr. 3 Arubra Hembree

for  nephew Josh – for his salvation. – for Naomi, a friend of my niece. For peace. – for Olivia who has cancer.

Apr. 2 Bonnie Ricks

for Kathryn White (mom) - My mom experienced complications from her congestive heart failure due to blood thinners, & had a brain bleed. She is stable at the moment as the bleeding has stopped. Please keep her in your prayers. 

Mar. 27 Jamie Running

for Ruth (Daughter) – pray for her finances, health, guidance and job issues.

Mar. 26 Mike Karaty


Just spoke with my Cousin Patty Johnson and the results of the biopsy on her husband Terry's tumor came back negative after they said it was cancer. !!!!!  However the tumor needs to be removed to keep from possibly turning into cancer.  He will have to undergo surgery soon so keep up the prayers. Thats ok they said "we can deal with this" and they want to thank everyone for their prayers once again and keep praying till the surgery. 

Blessings, Mike

Mar. 26 Karen Hamilton for Dearie Cairney (Aunt) - Dearie is a 20 year liver transplant survivor and is facing additional health issues at age 82.  Please keep her in prayer.
Mar. 26 Sanju via the web I request a prayer for my father who is going to undergo a surgery on Monday. I request a prayer that his surgery is successful
Mar. 24 Charlene Searcy

Judge Barbara Caldwell had unexpected surgery this past week. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Mar. 24 George Hall

for Harold Duvall - Harold had surgery on Monday to remove the tumor he was so concerned about. He is feeling beat-up but the good noews is the tumor was benign!  

Mar. 22 Bonnie Ricks for the Women of New Covenant - Praise God!  We had a wonderful ladies' meeting tonight.  Thanks to all for the great food, fun, fellwoship and most especially the informative meeting coinducted by Judy Thomas.  Everyone participated together and we accomplished so much.  Many thanks especially go to Jan Palmer for the inspiring devotion and the beautiful yellow roses.  I am so proud to be part of such a loving Christian group of women.
Mar. 20 Ann Eskew

for her son-in-law – He has a job interview on Wednesday.  Pray for God’s favor.

Mar. 20 Chris Standridge for Lou Panezich (stepfather) – pray for healing from a staph infection.  He has to spend 6 weeks in a nursing home during recovery.  (cards requested to 5821 Shae Court Powder Springs GA 30144.
Mar. 20 Mildred Black for Sharon Hall (daughter) – Pray for healing.
Mar. 20 Carolyn Standridge for dad, Chuck – I pray that he is safe from the mean dogs at work.
Mar. 20 Kim Stone for Aaron Muskovich – Pray for his safety as he is deployed to Kosovo.
Mar. 20 Dominick Martini for Mom, Dad, Henry and Ariana – I hope they will be OK and that God will protect them.
Mar. 20 Tammy Hendrix for Patsy Boyd (mother-in-law) – Pray about her upcoming surgery in 2 weeks to insert s stint. We are very anxious.
Mar. 20 the Lawlers for the people of Japan. 
Mar. 20 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Karen and Joe – travel mercies and blessings on our anniversary trip to Blairsville this week.
Mar. 19 Mike Karaty

I spoke with my cousin Patty Johnson in Orlando that many of you know and prayed for. Her husband Terry went for a routine colonoscopy yesterday and the found a large cancerous tumor in the upper colon region. As many of you know Terry also has heart issues. Patty is asking again for our prayers and I have assured her that we will do so.  I will update you when I know more.

Mar. 17 Bonnie Ricks

Praise from Bonnie Ricks:  follow up on Hazuki Omi in Japan - Word has arrived that Hazuki Omi is truly ok, and so is her family. They did evacuate but are now back in their home. They have been reunited with her brother who was separated from the family at the time of the disaster. Thank you for your prayers.

Mar. 13 Joe Hamilton

for son Jason – he is having a CT scan done at the ER now.  He has been having severe headaches, elevated BP and nose bleeds.  He is a survivor of a brain aneurism so the Dr. ordered the scan stat.  Please pray for him and our family. - follow up - Jason has been treated and released for a severe migraine. He is home and improving.

Mar. 13 Shirley Schaeffer for Caroline Allen – She has been diagnosed with ALS.
Mar. 13 Kenny Campbell for William Rochester – He has prostate cancer.
Mar. 13 Bonnie Ray

for Patsy Rucker – for healing.  For Teana for peace in moving.

Mar. 13 Rev. Mike for Wes Martin – for peace, safety and health.
Mar. 12 Bonnie Ricks

for Hazuki ( Omi) and her family. 
Jerri Dangerfield (one of our boy scout mom's)asked for special prayer for her daughter Rachel's, sweet friend Hazuki Omi (about 16 years old). Hazuki and Rachel went to school together through middle and high school, and Hazuki was raised basically as a American. Mr. Omi, Hazuki's father was an executive with Toyota, but lost his job due to the economy. They all moved back to  Japan last year. The family lives in the city of  Miyazaki, on a barrier island in the southern part of Japan. Rachel talked to Hazuki  on Wednesday and received a facebook message from her  on Thursday. There has been no contact since then. Please pray for Hazuki and the entire Omi family, and please lift up Rachel in prayer as well, as she is heartbroken for word from her dear childhood friend. 

follow-up: A Facebook message has been received from Hazuki. Praise the Lord

Mar. 11 Chris Standridge

Please put my stepfather, Lou Panezich, on the prayer list.   They’ve diagnosed him with a severe staph infection in his artificial knee and are planning surgery Saturday morning to remove it and replace it with a temporary “knee” full of antibiotics.   He has several other health issues that make surgery very risky, but it’s necessary or the infection could spread (if it hasn’t already).   Please also pray for my mother who is very stressed about the whole situation.  

Mar. 6 John and Jan Palmer

for Taylor Palmer – for travel mercies and safety.  For Jill Peterson for healing.

Mar. 6 Ann Eskew for her daughter Kay – Thanks be to God, Kay got a job.
Mar. 6 Ann Shearon praise for our church.
Mar. 6 Dominick Martini for Mom, Dad and Henry – I hope they will be OK and in God’s care.
Mar. 6 Molly Campbell for her good friend Kellie Wright – Her grandmother’s heart is failing.  She  is 90 and has Alzheimer’s.
Mar. 6 Joe Hamilton

for two unspoken requests.

Mar. 1 David Parrish

David Parrish lost his father on Sunday.  There will be a memorial service on Saturday at 2 PM at Ephesus Baptist Church. Please keep David and the family in prayer.

Feb. 27 Mike Karaty

for an anonymous family – They are losing their home.

Feb. 27 Phil Hembree for the family of Gene Daniel – He passed away Saturday night.  Pray for wife, Mona, daughter, Sherry and son Scott, along with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Feb. 27 Ann Shearon Praise the Lord and thanks for a wonderful trip to the Holy Land.
Feb. 27 Karen Shepard-Hamilton I am grateful for successful surgery and to be out of the hospital.
Feb. 27 Dominick Martini for Arianna Martini – for guidance in school.
Feb. 27 Robert Martini for guidance, peace of mind at work, and thanks for continuance of steady work.
Feb. 27 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – unspoken request.
Feb. 27 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Alline Taormina – pray for health and healing. Her white blood cell count has risen with her cancer (CLL).
Feb. 27 Kenny Campbell for Teresa Barrington – She is having foot surgery in two weeks.
Feb. 20 Kenny Campbell

for Pauline Fitch (Molly’s Mom) – She was put in the hospital yesterday (2/19) for bronchitis and difficulty breathing.

Feb. 20 Joe Hamilton for Karen Hamilton – she is at home recovering from Gall Bladder surgery.  All is going well, but recovery takes some time.
Feb. 20 Jan Palmer for her niece, Denna – she has a blood clot on her lung.
Feb. 20 David Parrish for Rev. Gerald Sailors – He will have multiple heart bypass surgery Monday or Tuesday at Emory.
Feb. 20 Ann Eskew for Shirley Schaefer and Ann Shearon – that God will bless tham on their trip to the Holy Land.
Feb. 19 Joe Hamilton

Karen came through her surgery well and is expected to be released tomorrow.  The Doctor was very positive on the process and pleased with the outcome. Thank you all for your prayers.

Feb. 19 Joe Hamilton

Karen is in surgery right now  (4:30 PM 2/19) having her gall bladder removed.  Pray for God's hand to guide the medical personnel and for a swift and gentle recovery with complete healing.

Feb. 18 Joe Hamilton

Karen spent the day at the ER yesterday with abdominal pain and after multiple tests it was determined she has gall stones.  She saw her GI doctor this morning and has been admitted to Wellstar Cobb for Gall Bladder surgery.  The time is yet to be determined but I will let you know.  She is in room 422.
Your prayers are appreciated.

Feb. 13 Dominick Martini

for Dad, Sister and Mom – that they will be OK.

Feb. 13 Ann Shearon and Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon and Shirley Schaefer – for God’s protection & blessings  and a safe trip to Israel.
Feb. 13 Bella Dobbs for the people of Haiti – for their safety and health.
Feb. 13 Mike Lewis for John and Nick Turnow, a father and son being deployed to Afghanistan next Thursday; for Jeffery Serio, being deployed to Afghanistan Tuesday.
Feb. 13 Megan Jensen for Ed & Tanis Jensen (Eddie’s parents) – They are very sick.  It may be the flu.
Feb. 13 Teresa Gould for the family of Christine Gregory – My friend passed away this morning (2/13).  Pray for her family.
Feb. 6 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay – Pray for continued recovery from surgery and praise the Lord for a successful surgery last week.
Feb. 6 Joe Hamilton

Praise the Lord for a wonderful weekend of R&R with Karen at the Chattanooga Choo-choo.

Feb. 6 Shannon Shayder for Charles Israel – for health and healing as he recovers from an unknown illness at Fayette Piedmont Hospital.  For Mitch McPherson for guidance and safety as he begins a new career as a Deputy on the road with the Douglas County Sherriff’s Office (send encouragement to
Feb. 6 Barbara Nations for Lorri Tomei – Pray for good results from surgery 2/18/11.
Feb. 6 the New Covenant congregation for Rev. Mike and Karen – Pray for healing and good health for both of them – Bless them Lord.
Feb. 6 Jannine Lawler for Noble – for continuing prayer for health and healing and relief from pain.
Feb. 6 Ovis and Wavelyn Smith for Benjamin Baker – Our 9 month old great-grandchild has the flu and a temperature of 104.5.
Feb. 3 Samantha Searcy

Samantha would like prayer request for her friend Ashley Keaton Sealock and her family on the death of her grandfather Byron Keaton.

Jan. 30 Bonnie Ray

for John Baldwin and Megan Nicollette – for comfort, better health and healing.

Jan. 30 Paula Finnegan for Payton Bell – Peyton broke her arm.  Pray that it wasn’t bad enough for surgery.
Jan. 30 Shirley Schaefer for Bob Schaefer – He had a CT scan and has been diagnosed with Asbestos Pleural Plaque.  Please pray that it is not cancerous.  Also for Marie and Eric Crowe – Eric has lost his job.  Pray he will find one soon.  Also for Theresa Samples – She has been out of work for a long time.  Pray she will find one very soon.
Jan. 30 Cason Jones for Nat, Mama, Josh and me.  That we are cared for.
Jan. 30 Dominick Martini for Mom, Dad and Cason – “I hope my Mom and Dad and Cason will be fine.”
Jan. 30 Ann Shearon for Kay Gilstrap – pray her gall bladder surgery today went well.
Jan. 30 Rev.Michael for himself and Karen – He has had a recurrence of migraines.  Pray they leave.  For Karen who will be seeing the doctor tomorrow to address two weeks of debilitating illness.
Jan. 26 Chris Standridge

Please put Chuck's dad on the prayer list.  We just got a call from his Mom that they are @ the hospital  awaiting tests to see if he had a heart attack last night.

Also, we just found out that our niece's brother committed suicide on Monday and was just found last night.  Please pray for her family as they have tried to get him help in the past but nothing worked.  I know this is devastating to them.

Jan. 23 Martha Lewis

for Mike Lewis and the family – pray about his heel pain from arthritis and gout and the stress from dealing with his very ill brother and sister-in-law.  Also pray for their health and the decisions they face.  Cards requested to 5935 S Quail Dr Douglasville 30135

Jan. 23 Pat Addy for Christy Addy – lots and lots of prayer.  Cards requested to 277 Laurel Terrace North Carrollton GA 30117
Jan. 23 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Ann Smith and her daughter Leslie – Ann has Alzheimer’s and is having a very difficult time. She has resentment and defiance towards her caregiver, Leslie.  Continue praying for our daughter Sherry.
Jan. 23 Joe Hamilton for Karen Shepard-Hamilton – She is back as an in-patient at Riverwoods. Pray for God’s healing for her.
Jan. 23 Jennifer Lane for niece Rachel Martini – for comfort and guidance.
Jan. 23 Annette Davis for the family of Dominick Dotson – thanks for all the prayers in his recent passing.  Pray for the family.
Jan. 20 Teresa Gould

for Sharon Hall "Sharon is Mildred Black's oldest daughter, my sister. She is very ill. We are traveling to Louisiana on friday. Please pray for improvement in her health and pray for my mom too, the whole family is concerned."

Jan. 20 Joe Hamilton

Karen has been admitted to the medical floor at Southern Regional in Riverdale.  She has had COPD for some time and her oxygen level is low.  At this point it has not been recovering as quickly as the doctor would like.  She is on oxygen 24-7.  Please pray for her prompt recovery.

UPDATE: Karen has been released after noticable improvement and expects to be back into the program at Riverwoods this evening.  Praise the Lord!

Rev. Michael has been fighting an ear infection for three days.  He visited the doctor today and is being treated and expects to bring us another 'award-winning' sermon on Sunday.  Pray for his prompt and gentle recovery.

Jan. 16 Tammy Hendrix

for Greg Hendrix – for employment

Jan. 16 Charlene Searcy for Cecil Jacob and family – for health and healing – Cecil had surgery and they found cancer.
Jan. 16 Paula Finnegan for the Finnegan family – “Pray we get our loan modification and that our finances get better.  Pray for family peace and for God to show us the way.”
Jan. 16 Mike Karaty for Patty Johnson – Knee surgery Tuesday at 8 AM again – pray for safety and healing and for the doctor’s hands.
Jan. 16 Kenny Campbell

for Sara Jones – Aunt Sara is having a pacemaker put on Tuesday.  Pray for this procedure’s success.

Jan. 16 Robert Martini

for Tracy Dresbech – Giving thanks that the Lord has put His healing hand on Tracy and after his month and a half stay in the hospital he is now up and walking and talking again.

Jan. 16 Christy Foulks for Lorraine Wright (mother) – Diagnosed this week with small cell cancer of the lung – stage 4 – she will need chemo.  Pray for the whole family.  Email encouragement to
Jan. 16 Kinslei Garrett

for Josh Garrett – “Please help him lose his anger and guide him to happiness with your prayers.”

Jan. 16 William Addy for Christy Addy – Help her with the strength to deal with her situation.
Jan. 10 Bonnie Ricks

for the congregation of NCUMC

I pray for all of my New Covenant friends. May everyone stay safe, healthy and warm for the duration of this winter weather. Most especially, I am thinking of all who live alone. Thank goodness we have our telephones (and so far with the lights staying on) the internet and television. Also, it is a good time for meditation and bible reading. May God bless you all! With Christian Love, Bonnie Ricks

Jan. 9 Ann Eskew

for her granddaughter – for her return to school , and all those going back, 

Jan. 9 unknown for the Sisters in Christ event Jan. 19th.
Jan. 6 Arubra Hembree

for Madisyn Sickafoose - this is David's little niece who we have prayed for and yall ask about sometimes - news is not good - if yall would remember her in prayer, that would be a blessings. Much love..Arubra

On October 5, 2009 the bottom fell out of our world. We thought Madisyn had a broken arm or a torn muscle.  After Doctor's reviewed the x-rays we were informed that she has a large tumor in her bone that looks like a form of sarcoma.  We will be heading to Seattle this weekend and will keep you all informed.  Thank you for your support and prayers.

To follow Madisyn's story and to post notes of encouragement, click this link - 

Jan. 6 Charlene Searcy

Kelly Dennison’s Mom passed away this morning.  Roy, Kelly and Drew were members of New Covenant and Roy is Bobby Gee’s cousin.

Jan. 2 Barbara Nations

for Taylor Barton – pray for his recovery from an auto accident.  He is on life support at Grady.

Jan. 2 Mike Lewis for Tony Lewis – Pray for his health; liver, kidneys and diabetes.
Dec. 31 Rev. Mike

Clemson Quarterback, Kyle Parker, Jim Biles nephew, broke several ribs in the Bowl Game today. Keep Kyle in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Dec. 29 Rev. Mike

Mr. Day is out of surgery and doing OK.  He may be able to come home Friday if all is well.  John Palmer came through his surgery well and is back home.

Dec. 26 Rev. Mike

for Rev. Jeremy Lawson - He followed me at Level Creek UMC. He is 31 years old and has three small children. He passed out several times over the last three weeks. He was admitted to Emory Christmas Day with a cyst on the surface of the brain. He had emergency surgery last night and a tumor was discovered during the surgery and removed. They are awaiting pathology report and also for him to come out of the medication and anesthesia see if there is any brain/motor skills issues.
Please send up as many prayers as you can for him – ask for a complete recovery, a benign tumor, and a long and healthy ministry.

  Joe Hamilton for Karen - pray for her ongoing treatment and full recovery as she transitions from in-patient at Riverwoods to group home with day-treatment soon.
Dec. 19 Anonymous

for Howard Day – He will have surgery for an aortic aneurism on Dec. 29.  Pray for God to guide the medical staff and for healing with a gentle recovery

Dec. 19 Ann Eskew Praise and thanks for this holy season.
Dec. 19 Joe Hamilton for Karen – she will transferred to a residential day treatment program in Riverdale on Tuesday.  Pray for her complete healing.
Dec. 14 Bonnie Ray

Please add my co-worker Angela Thomason's other daughter Elaina who will be having surgery Wednesday for a fractured ankle (from a car wreck). Elaina is a freshman in college and will have several weeks/months of recovery. She is the younger sister of Jessica who we've prayed for recently that had a painful cyst on her spine that had to be drained. Jessica is doing much better but this family has been thru a lot of medical challenges lately. Pray for strength, healing, comfort and peace.

Dec. 14 Paula Finnegan

I need prayer for my uncle Eddie Hoffman he has had a lot of heart surgerys and is due to have more tomorrow please pray for gods will be done and peace for his family during all his surgeries and sickness.  Thank you Paula

Dec. 14 Rev.Michael

for Ariana Martini - She just came from the hospital after having a chest x-ray. She is being treated for pneumonia. Pray for a quick recovery

Dec. 13 Mike Karaty

Mother refuses to go to the hospital. The doctors hands are tied. Until she becomes bad enough that she is not oriented there is nothing we can do for her. Pray that her spirit will change and that she will agree to go to the hospital.
Thanks for all your calls and prayers,

Dec.12 Mike Karaty

The paramedics have been called for my mother. Not being there is killing me.
Mikey and I are standing by to leave any minute.
Please pray for her and our family.

Dec. 12 Robert Martini for Ariana:  She is sick and I pray for a speedy recovery.
Dec. 12 Carolyn Standridge

for her dad, Chuck: “He’s coming to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Yea!”

Dec. 12 Ann Eskew Praise  for our youth.
Dec. 12 Arubra Hembree for her Mom: “Monta Raye Hembree is home and resting.  The clearing of her rash will be a slow process, but just glad she is home and not in hospital.  Thanks for calls, love and support.  Merry Christmas.
Dec. 12 Teresa Gould for Wally Gould Sr.: Thank you so much for your prayers yesterday for my father-in-law. They moved him to ICU last night, took 30 pounds (yes pounds) of fluid off him and changed up his oxygen. Doesn\'t remember going to the hospital or who came to see him yesterday but this morning he is much more alert! I KNOW your prayers helped.
Dec. 12 Joe Hamilton for Karen:  Her state of mind is troubling as she is unable to make wise decisions right now.  Pray for her safety, clarity of mind and healing.
Dec. 8 Mike Karaty

My mother has taken a turn downward. She says she is tired and wants to die. Pray for peace and guidance as we prepare. Mikey and I may leave at any minute.

Dec. 8 Rev. Mike

Karen Martin’s heart test came back with no blockages. AMEN   They are going to check her lungs for clots and they haven’t ruled out a gall bladder issue. Continue to keep her in your prayers and thanks for the miracle working prayers already prayed.

Dec. 7 Arubra Hembree Monta Raye Hembree is still at Emory – no infection at this time but trying to soothe her skin from rash outbreak with lotions and antiobodics.  Adjusting her meds and trying to keep her blood sugar down.  She is tired today and resting.  Thanks for prayers, calls and cards.
Dec. 6 Chris Standridge

Please keep Jake Jacobs and his wife, Bonnie (my co-worker), in prayer.   Jake received confirmation yesterday that his kidneys are close to full failure and he’ll need to immediately begin dialysis 3 times a week.   He is not eligible for a transplant at this time due to other non-related health issues which the doctors are trying to get under control.     Jake was scheduled to make a temporary move to Ft. Bragg for a couple years for his job (which would have carried him through to full retirement) but now will have to stay in Atlanta to receive treatment and take an early retirement instead, which will put some unexpected financial strain on the family.

Please keep my friend (and Emmaus sister), Toni Cox, in prayer.    She is her father’s caregiver and they found out two weeks ago that his cancer has spread and is now in his liver.  He suffers from Alzheimer’s as well which makes caretaking even more difficult.    Also, Toni has been extremely ill since Thanksgiving and her doctor doesn’t know why.  She’s been tested for flu and other virus’s but nothing has come back conclusive.    Toni (who never asks for prayer for herself) has asked for prayers for strength and healing for her so she can take care of her father, who is very upset by her illness and needs more and more care each day.

Dec. 5 Ann Eskew

Praise God for the Christmas Season and the birth of our Savior.  Also for Bob Poole, a friend from high school recovering from open heart surgery.

Dec. 5 Jan Palmer

for Mr. Day

Dec. 5 Mike Karaty

for Jean Karaty (mom): pray for her health, she has become ill again with bronchitis.

Dec. 5 Carolyn Standridge

for her Dad, Chuck – for his safety.

Dec. 5 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Chris Waldrop and family: Chris’ wife Susan was found dead Thursday morning.  She leave a 12 & 4 year old.  Pray for her whole family.  Also for Noble Lawler for health and healing – both of his legs hurt all the time.  Sometimes he has to go to bed because of the pain.
Dec. 5 Arubra Hembree

Monta Raye Hembree is in Emory hospital being treated for reaction to her medication.  It has caused a rash and she also has a mild case of pneumonia.  Please keep her in prayer.

Dec. 5 Joe Hamilton Karen is home after a brief stay in the ER at WellStar Douglasville.  She had chest pain that turned out not to be heart related.  After testing and medication she was released and is resting at home.   Thank you all for your calls and prayers.
Dec. 5 Rev. Mike Please remember to pray for Rev.Mike's wife, Karen, tomorrow as she has additional tests for her heart function.
Dec. 4 Jannie Lawler Chris Waldrop, great nephew of Jannie and Noble, recently lost his wife to unknown causes leaving a 12 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. Please pray for the family in this terribly trying time.
Dec. 4 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

Barbara Lane's sister, Judy Williams, has ongoing liver trouble and spent last night in Wellstar Cobb.  She is home now but continues to need prayer.

Dec. 2 Rev. Mike

Karen will be having adiitoinal heart tests on Monday.  Pray for relief from the chest pain and a clean bill of health.

Dec. 2 Bonnie Ray My friend Vicki Foemmel's husband, Dave fell & broke his heal a few weeks ago. He will have surgery tomorrow & 3 months of recovery time. Also, her teen son, Zach Parsons was having chest pains and is undergoing tests and medication changes. This is scary due to the fact that Zach's father passed in his early forties due to a heart attack.
Please pray for Peace for the whole family, healing & comfort for Dave, and wisdom of the medical staff to treat Zach properly.
Dec. 2 Joe Hamilton Continue to pray for Karen.  She remains at Cobb Behavioral Health and needs Jesus' healing touch.
Nov. 28 Shirley Schaefer

for Ola Enlow – an unspoken request.

Nov. 28 Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon – pray for clean results from Monday’s biopsy.  Also praise the Lord for a wonderful Thanksgiving with the whole family together.
Nov. 28 Mike Karaty for Ann Guider – pray for peace, healing and guidance during a family crisis.  Also for all those suffering from addictions and depression, especially during these holiday times.
Nov. 28 Theresa Parrish for Judith Jean Louis – Pray for healing of health issues including possible cancer.  She is only 28 years old.
Nov. 26 Joe Hamilton Please lift my wife Karen in prayer for healing from the anger and mania that oppress her.  She has been readmitted to Cobb Behavioral Health in Austell.
Nov. 22 Bonnie Ricks

Brad Webb (son of the late Steve and Gail Webb) is ill with heart problems. Please lift him up in prayer.

Nov. 21 Kenney and Kimberly Bryant

for Bobby Hendrix (Sandra Bryant’s brother) – He is currently in the hospital with heart problems.  Pray for healing.

Nov. 21 Ann Shearon pray for our troops.  Also, praise God for all our blessings.
Nov. 21 Marie Buice for Jeremy and Karen Chambley – pray for a job.
Nov. 21 Molly Campbell

for Maggie Fitch – “Maggie is my sister-in-law and she has an aneurism that is in a place where a craniotomy is required – other treatments are not an option.”  Pray for God’s hand to guide the doctors and staff in God’s healing.  Please send cards to 1177 Hilton Drive, Reynoldsburg OH 43068.

Nov. 21 Brenda Day Heath

for Howard Day – pray for hope, peace and guidance for his upcoming surgery.  Please send cards to 9110 Edinburg Dr Winston GA 30187

Nov. 21 Joe Hamilton

for Robert and Marie Buice – Pray for Marie’s eye surgery on Monday.

Nov. 21 Anonymous praise for a Thanksgiving service and giving thanks.
Nov. 21 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for our church family – Happy Thanksgiving.  For Joe Hamilton for help with high blood pressure and a good check-up in an upcoming VA clinic appt.  Send cards to 4976 W Lake Way Dville 30135.  For Karen & Joe Hamilton for a good and growing  marriage relationship after a hard hospitalization year for Karen.

Nov. 21 Charlene Searcy

for Doris Searcy – Pray for guidance in realizing  she needs to go into a nursing home.  Pray for her health.

Nov. 21 Rev.Mchael for Karen Martin - pray for good results from her cardiac work-up on Monday Nov. 29.
Nov. 18 Mike Lewis

Sandra Bryant's brother, Bobby Hendrix, is having a pacemaker inserted tonight at Cobb to help his heart rhythm.  He was given two meds by mistake that should not have been given to someone with his specific heart condition.  Please pray for Bobby, the medical team, Sandra and the whole family.

Nov. 18 Joe Hamilton

Our former District Superintendent and retired Golden Memorial UMC pastor, Rev. Harvey Palmer has been hospitalized with pancreatitis.  Please pray.

Nov.18 Rev.Michael

I spent yesterday with Karen going to several Doctor’s appointments.  There is some concern with her BP and some breathing and chest discomfort that has been an issue for several months now. She is having a cardiac workup today and a follow-up with my cardiologist. Please keep her in your prayers. I know you already do every day and for that we both are grateful.  She is in good spirits and a real trooper in all of this. She had these same issues 6 weeks after her surgery and we pray it is nothing that can’t be easily tackled.

Blessing on all of you, Rev. Michael

Nov. 17 Kimberly Bryant

for Holly Campbell.  Holly is the sister of Ivey Camp and was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Please pray.

Nov. 14 Tammy Hendrix

for Greg Hendrix – that he may find employment soon.  Thanks for all the prayers.

Nov. 14 Carolyn Standridge for her Daddy – keep him safe at work.
Nov. 14 Bonnie Ray for Ken Jackson, Patsy Rucker, and Taletha Stiles – for healing.
Nov. 14 Mike Lewis

for his brother and spouse, Tony and Gerri Lewis – Tony is recovering from his episode of ammonia collecting on his brain. He was able to visit with his wife Gerri in the hospital at Piedmont Atlanta.  Gerri continues to face testing and treatment for what appear to be ongoing complications from a preexisting stroke.  Pray for their recovery.

Nov. 12 Mike Lewis

Mike's brother Tony has had another episode of ammonia collecting on his brain as a consequence of his liver disease and a medication imbalance.  He is at Piedmont-Newnan.  His wife, Gerri, has had a stroke and is having multiple tests run at Piedmont Atlanta. Please pray for the whole family.

Nov. 12 Clayton Richardson Doshie's father, Roy, is some better and has had a temporary shunt put in place to enable dialysis and may go home tomorrow.
Nov. 12 Arubra Hembree Mother is home and glad to be in her own bed and environment.  Thanks so much for all the prayers.  She loved the cards, flowers and calls.  She is afraid that New Covenant may close because she has missed 3 services.  All kidding aside, we are blessed with her and hope her health continues for the best.  Thanks..Arb
Nov. 10 Doshie Richardson

Doshie's dad, Roy, has been transferred to St Joseph's in Atlanta Rm 407 for dialysis.  His condition is not good and prayers are urgently sought.

Nov. 9 Bonnie Ricks

for Howard Day and Brenda Day Heath:

Please be in prayer for Mr. Day and his daughter Brenda. He has been in Piedmont Atlanta Hospital since Sunday night with a kidney infection. (He only has 1/4 of a kidney now, after previous prostrate surgery a few years ago.) In addition, he also has a large Aortic Aneurysm. They are watching him closely and he is stable right now. Hopefully he will go home tomorrow. Brenda said that her dad has one wish and that is to join our church. He was proud of the shirt he received from church members for his birthday, and hopes to wear it soon. Also, Brenda had a recent scare, but the tests results were benign. Praise God.

Nov. 9 Rev. Michael

Mitch Van Meter had his knee surgery yesterday and is doing well. He should be able to come home tomorrow afternoon. He is at Cobb.

Monta Raye Hembree may be able to come home tomorrow. They are using medication to control the heart issues. She is in Room 203, also at Cobb.

Nov. 9 Doshie Richardson

Doshie's dad, Roy, was readmitted to the hospital in Blairsville for dialysis.  Please pray for God's healing in his recovery.

Nov. 9 Judy Miller

Mike Philpott has pneumonia in his right lung and is in Wellstar Douglas hospital.  He has responded well to the treatment and will remain in the hospital for a few days as he regains strength.

Nov. 9 Joe Hamilton Please remember Karen in prayer daily.  We need the intervention of God's Holy Spirit to defeat the issues and illness that oppress her.  She stays angry most of the time.  Please pray for peace in her heart and clarity in her mind that she might know and accept that Jesus is with her even now. 
Nov. 8 the Hembrees

Monta Raye came through the heart tests today with a good report.  The doctors believe her issues can be controlled with medication.  Please continue to keep her and the family in prayer.

Nov. 8 Joe and Karen Hamilton

Bob Sherwood, father of our sister-in-law, Angele Lawless, passed away this morning from complications of Alzheimers.  Be in prayer for the family in their loss.

Nov. 7 Ann Eskew

for our Veterans.

Nov. 7 Cason Jones for Nat, Mom, Josh, Dom and Bob – I hope that they are loved and cared for.
Nov. 7 David Barrett praise for steady work and prayer for a job with health benefits.
Nov. 6 Johnny Hembree

Monta Raye Hembree has been taken to Wellstar Cobb Cardiac unit with what has been described as a mini-stroke.  Be in prayer for her and the whole family.  More will be posted as it is known.

revised Nov 7 - She is stable and her motor and verbal function is better. She will be having a heart cath Monday.

Nov. 6 Joe Hamilton

Please pray for Bob Sherwood and family.  Bob is our sister-in-law, Angéle Lawless' father and is in the late stages of Alzheimers.
Hospice has been called and the family is grateful for your prayers.

Nov. 5 Arubra Hembree

for Timmy Bramlett – Jennifer Hembree Payne’s uncle – found a mass on his chest and surgery is scheduled.  Need prayer warriors going for the doctors handling this surgery and for a complete recovery.  Thanks.

Nov. 2 Rev. Michael

I just spoke to Kathy Van Meter and Mitch is having knee replacement surgery on Monday. Please lift him up in prayer and ask that God guide the surgeon’s skillful hands.

Also, Sandra Ivey has a few request – Please keep Tom Dennison in your prayers he has developed Chron's and may be facing surgery. Also her Air Force nephew Chris Windom fell and is bruised and beat-up from head to toe.

Mike Karaty is on his way home and feeling good about his visit.

Sandra Bryant is still recovering from shingles.

Oct. 31 Ann Eskew

for the upcoming election

Oct. 31 Cason Jones

for Mom, Nat, Josh, Dom and Bob – “I hope that they are under God’s wings.”

Oct. 31 Carolyn Standridge for her dad.
Oct. 31 Noble and Jannie Lawler for a family member – unspoken needs; God’s will in her life, guidance and peace.  For Ricky Teal (nephew) – He is a very young man who’s kidneys are dying.  He needs a donated kidney.
Oct. 31 Mike Lewis for the Freeman family in the loss of their mom (Mike’s Aunt).  Also for Mike’s grandson Anthony; he has been hospitalized with a severe rash on the lower half of his body, and also suffers from hemophelia.
Oct. 31 Joe Hamilton for Karen for peace in her heart and clarity in her mind that she might know  how much Jesus loves her.  For the Mike Quillen and family in the loss of their mom (an in-law’s in-law); also for Mike himself in his ongoing battle with severe cancer. 
Oct. 30 Mike Lewis

Mike's only surviving aunt, Clara Freeman, passed away this morning.  Please be in prayer for Mike and the whole family.

Oct. 29 Joe Hamilton

Jimmy Nations came by the Pumpkin Patch last night and gave a good report on Barbara.  She is better and is expected home next Friday.  While Jimmy was at at the Patch, Barbara called him on her cell and she spoke to Martha Lewis as well.  She will be receiving therapy at home when she is released.  Please continue your prayers for Barbara and Jimmy.

Oct. 28 George Hall

George spoke with Wavelyn Smith again this afternoon after his appointment.  Upon removal of the eye patch from yesterday's procedure he is not yet able to see in that eye.  However, the doctor pointed out that a gas bubble is in place in the eye which will take 2-3 weeks to dissipate, and that vision often returns slowly in these circumstances.  Please keep Wavelyn and Ovis in prayer.

Oct. 28 George Hall George just spoke with Wavelyn Smith. Here is his report. The surgery went well and Wavelyn reurned home last night with a patch on his eye. He will be seen today to check the results of the surgery.
As he was going into surgery, Dr. Goodwin, who was performing the operation, paused before beginning and initiated prayer with Wavelyn. Praise the Lord.
As results of the follow up are known, they will be shared.
Oct. 26 Mike Karaty

additional info on Wavelyn Smith from Mike Karaty:

Dear prayer warriors,

I just hung up with brother Waverlyn Smith and he requested I pass this on tothe prayer team.
He was diagnosed today with a detached retina and is going to undergo surgery tomorrow (wed). He is to be at Piedmont hospital at 8.  He is fortunate to be able to have the surgery but will have many restrictions placed on him post operative.
Pray for the surgeons hands and for Ms. Ovis.  She is very worried about him.
I told him we would all be praying for him and he thanked you in advance.

Yours in Christ, Mike

Oct. 26 George Hall

Wavelyn Smith just called and he will be having surgery tomorrow morning for a detached retina,  I don't have the location yet but will forward that as soon as it is known.

Oct. 25 Chris Standridge

Please add Caridad Gomez to the prayer list.    She is the mother of a co-worker, Mike Gomez, and they just found out last week that she has a 3-inch mass on her brain.  Testing confirmed that there is “no other bad stuff” in her body but the doctors are very concerned about the mass so they are doing surgery today to remove it.

This it the same co-worker whose 8 yr. old nephew died suddenly in his sleep last December (from an asthma attack) and whose sister-in-law died from cancer about this time 2 years ago, leaving behind 4 young children.     

Oct. 24 Paula Finnegan

“that I can physically be able to help and to teach the children’s journey group.”

Oct. 24 Ann Eskew for her daughter Kay for a job with insurance benefits.
Oct. 24 Molly Campbell for her mother, Pauline Fitch – Pauline has cancer on one of her kidneys.  Doctors are watching the cancer and not treating at this time.  Pray for God’s wisdom and healing.  Cards requested to Pauline Fitch 63 E Golden Lake Rd Circle Pines MN  55014
Oct. 24 Joe Hamilton for Karen – She has her appointment with the brain injury specialist Mon at 3:30 PM.  Pray for wisdom and insight for God’s healing.  Pray for clarity of mind and peace in her heart. 
Also for Robert and Marie Buice.  Robert continues to have back pain and Marie’s ongoing treatment is up for inclusion in a clinical trial of the terribly expensive medication she takes.  Acceptance could lead to more effective treatment as well as significant savings for this medication.
Oct. 24 Judy Thomas and Dixie Maxwell for Barbara Nations – for health and healing for Barbara.  She’s still in the hospital and will be for at least two more weeks.
Oct. 24 Bonnie Ray for Patsy Rucker – pray for healing after a stroke following hip replacement surgery.
Oct. 24 Bonnie Ricks for Brenda Day Heath – pray for a good outcome and healing following a series of medical tests.
Oct. 24 Jan Palmer for  “a child on my bus that is in the hospital.”
Oct. 24 Cason Jones for Mom, Nat, Josh, Dom and Bob – “I hope that they are all cared for, loved and under God’s wings.”
Oct. 22 Rev. Mike

Please be in prayer for Joe Tucker, husband of Rev. Dr. Jacqui Rose-Tucker, our District Superintendent.  He is in Crawford Long with a blood clot in the leg.

Oct. 22 Joe Hamilton

Karen is home, praise the Lord.  We have a major appointment with a specialist on Monday.  Your prayers are sought for God's will to be done.

Oct. 20 Kenny Campell

Please add Richard Johnson to the prayer list, He is a family friend that will be having surgery on Thursday the 21 of October.  

Oct. 20 Lois O'Neal Lois works at a low paying job with minimal hours in a stressful environment. Her income does not cover her monthly expenses. She has no credit. The head gasket blew on her truck. She is almost out of propane for the winter for heating and cooking. Pray for peace from God and for financial relief.
Oct.18 Doshie Richardson

Doshie has just learned that her father, Roy, has been admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure.  Pray for God to be with Roy and the family and that His healing hand will be at work.

Oct. 17 Theresa Parrish

for Pam Hopkins – pray for her health issues

Oct. 17 Tina Rainwater

for (1) Mike Lewis for relief from pain and for healing (2) The Bryant family from strength from God in their loss (3) for Bob (no last name given) in the loss of his brother.

Oct. 17 Ann Eskew for (1) Ann Shearon for travel mercies to Mississippi (2) the Bryant family in their loss.
Oct. 15 Rev. Michael Services for Tony Bryant will be at 2 PM Sunday at Rosehaven. Visitation will be Saturday night from 5-8 PM. Click for complete information and an obituary.
Oct. 14 Sandra Bryant

Received this afternoon from Sandra Bryant:
Just to let everyone know Tony passed this afternoon at 1:45pm. Tentative arrangements are for visitation Saturday night with service on Sunday at Rosehaven Funeral Home. Thank you for all your prayers.

Oct. 13 Rev. Michael

Tony has taken a turn for the worse and Sandra and the boys along with the Hospice folks are at his side. Pray for God’s peace and strength for them as God ushers Tony into His presence.

Barbara Nations is in ICU at Wellstar Marietta and improving. She had several holes drilled into her skull to relieve pressure and drain the blood that had accumulated on her brain. They will know more in the next couple of days. So far her scans are looking OK.  Keep her in you healing prayers.

Karen Hamilton is at Atlanta Medical Center for some inpatient treatment. She and Joe need the prayer warriors to go to battle for them!

Oct. 12 Dixie Maxwell Surgery will be done on Barbara Nations tonight around 10 pm to relieve pressure and swelling on the brain. They have to delay until she can be given blood to make the surgery possible. Please pray now.
Oct. 12 Arubra Hembree

Barbara Nations has been experienced severe migraine headaches, they have taken her to Kennestone Hospital and area afraid she has bleeding on the brain.  Please lift her up in prayer.   

Oct. 11 Bonnie Ray

Please add David Lenning to the prayer list. They have just discovered lung cancer and it has spread into his neck & shoulders. He just started radiation and Chemo. Please lift him and the family up in your prayers.

Oct. 11 Joe Hamilton

Please be in prayer for the entire Lawless family.  Karen's uncle, Howard Lawless passed away in the night after a long illness.  This was her father's only surviving brother.  Keep Jack & Jayne Lawless and the whole family in prayer at this time.

Oct. 10 Jannie and Noble Lawler

for Julia and Mike Cotton – Mike has bladder cancer.  Julia also has cancer and is caring for her aged mother.  Pray for God’s healing and strength.

Oct. 10 Bonnie Ricks

for the Family of Brian McKown

Please pray for the McKown family. Brian passed away last Friday night 10-8-2010. He lived in Bill Arp, where he attended South Douglas Elem., Fairplay Middle, and Alexander High. The exact cause of death has not been determined. Brian was 37 years old. Rosehaven will handle the arrangements.

Oct. 5 Paula Finnegan Please pray that God helps me through these tough times. Pray that it is Gods will and I get my disability and soon. 
Oct. 4 Charlene Searcy for the Nancy Mooney Family: Pray for peace in the loss of their mother
Oct. 3 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Thanks to everyone for their prayers. I am very pleased to be home and back with my church family.
Oct. 3 Robert Buice praise for improvement from back pain.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers.
Oct. 3 Dominick Martini for Cason and Mom and Dad – I pray they all will have a blessed day.
Oct. 3 Cason Jones for Nat and Mom, Josh and Dom – I pray that they are safe and in God’s care.
Oct. 3 Ann Eskew for Shirley and Bob Schaefer – Travel mercies for their trip to and from Florida and for the family of her brother-in-law, Wayne Enlow who died of cancer last Tuesday.
Oct. 3 Paula Finnegan

for Jessie Lybrand – Pray God helps the people making the decision about his job.  Guide them to the right decision.

Oct. 2 Rev. Michael

Rev. Mike is really worried about his mom. She may not be able to go back home without constant care and supervision. Keep her in your prayers. Ask God to give Mike the wisdom, strength and courage to deal with what may come.

Oct. 2 Ann Eskew

Shirley Schaefer's brother-in-law Wayne Enlow passed away in Florida Tuesday morning.  He has been on our prayer list for some time for cancer.  Shirley and Bob are now in Florida with the family.  Please pray for Shirley's sister Ola, who is elderly, and Shirley is very concerned for her well being. 

Sept. 28 NGA UMC Former Member of NCUMC Pam Mitchell, spouse of Rev. Skip Mitchell (Pleasant Hill/Fisher's Chapel), is having surgery on her right arm on October 5th at Parkridge Hospital.
Sept. 28 Ann Eskew

Shirley Schaefer's brother-in-law Wayne Enlow, in Florida passed away this morning.  He has been on our prayer list for some time for cancer.  Shirley and Bob are leaving in the morning (Wed) and will arrive late that same day.  She knows he is to be cremated, but that's all at this time.  Please pray for Shirley's sister Ola, who is elderly, and Shirley is very concerned for her well being. 

Sept. 28 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Mike Cotton and Julia - Mike has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Pray for healing and the strength of the Holy Spirit.
Sept. 28 Martha Lewis Keep me in your prayers for guidance with all the changes in my life.  I will start school on Wednesday.  Also pray for the Hallelujah HoDown.
Sept. 28 Bonnie Ray for Patsy Rucker and her healing from hip replacement surgery and other complications
Sept. 27 Charlene Searcy

Sam (Charlene's daughter) has asked for prayer for her good friend Davey Wilson. Davey is in the hospital suffering from the effects of a drug and alcohol overdose.
Sam found out that this is the 3rd time in several months and she is concerned for his mental health and possible depression.

Sept. 26

Pat Addy

for Michelle and Charley – pray for their health and healing.

Sept. 26

Kinslei Garrett

for Josh Garrett, Christy Addy and Kinslei Garrett – Please pray to heal the pain and pray for Josh to get better; also pray for the anger to stop.

Sept. 26

Ann Eskew

for Danny Moeller (nephew) – He is 24 years old and has cancer.  His brother left for Iraq on Wednesday.  Please pray for them both.

Sept. 26

Shirley Schaefer

for Wayne and Ola Enlow – The doctors say he only has days.  Pray for a peaceful homecoming for him and peace and strength for Ola.

Sept. 26

Kenny Campbell

for Crystal Ward – She is having her spleen removed on Tuesday.  Please pray for her; for Deanna Casey – she is battling depression and needs prayer; for David Rochester – Uncle David had a stroke and is in rehab now.  Please pray.

Sept. 26

Jamie Running

for her daughter Martha and grandson Tyler – pray about teenage issues, for peace, guidance, patience and love.

Sept. 26

Jennifer Lane

for the family of Beth Belcher – pray for their comfort in dealing with the loss of their loved one.

Sept. 26

Cason Wain Jones

for Nat and Mom – I pray that my Mama and Nat are safe.

Sept. 26

Mike Karaty

for Jean Karaty – She asks us to pray for her MRI on Tuesday.  She is failing fast.  Also pray for Mike as he prepares to travel to be with her.  (cards are requested to 500 SW 21st Rd.  Miami FL 33129); also pray for Jerry Shadinger & family – pray as they await a diagnosis regarding possible cancer.

Sept. 26

Bonnie Ray

for her sister Teana – pray for peace as she goes through a difficult time.

Sept. 26

Joe Hamilton

for Karen -  Karen has an appointment on Wednesday with a neurologist for extensive testing.  Prayers are sought.

Sept. 22

Kenny Campbell

Please add my uncle, David Rochester, to the prayer list. He had a stroke this weekend his speech is slurred and effected his right side . He is in Oconee hospital in South Carolina. Pray that no permanent damage was done, Thanks Kenny Campbell

Sept. 22

Joe Hamilton

Karen is extremely agitated and stressed but is not stable enough for discharge.  Please pray for God's peace in every aspect of her life.  She wants to come home deeply.

Sept. 19

Mike Karaty

My mother Jean is not well.  I am trying to get to Miami as soon as possible.

Please pray for healing and for her to feel God's presence and agape Love to come into her heart.  She is a very proud woman and is 93 years old.  Pray for God to give me patience.  She finally said "I need help".

Sept. 19

Jennifer Lane

for Barbara Lane – pray for healing from her knee pain (cards requested to 5806 S Bear Dr, D’ville 30135)

Sept. 19

Shirley Schaefer

for Wayne Enlow – He is nearing the end.  Pray for freedom from pain.  Pray for Ola to have peace and strength. (cards requested to PO Box 15 Georgetown FL 32139)

Sept. 19

Tina Rainwater

for her entire family – peace for Cain and help him get control of his behavior.  Help us survive this journey.  Also continue to pray for little Maddie with leukemia.  Pray for Karen and Joe Hamilton.

Sept. 19

Chris Standridge

for Jackie and David Spiro – they are going through divorce.  Both have lost their faith in God.  Pray  for healing and restoration of their faith.

Sept. 19

Joe Hamilton

forr Karen – pray for the new treatment and for peace during the transition time.

Sept. 19

Dominick Martini

for my friend Cason – that we will have a good day together visiting.

Sept. 19

Marie Buice

for Robert Buice – Pray for his back to get well and for relief from the pain.

Sept. 19

Bonnie Ricks

My friend Julia McElhannon has asked that her sister, Margaret McElhannon (not sure of her married name), be placed on the prayer list. Margaret was recently diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which was found after she had a PEP scan. She will soon begin treatment with chemo and radiation. Additionally Julia and Margaret are still in the grief process as they recently lost their brother to cancer. 

Sept. 17

Mike Lewis

After tests with the VA today, Mike reports that all went well.  No major problems were noted.  He will go back soon for a follow up and is not anticipating any issues.  Please keep him and the family in prayer.

Sept. 17

Joe Hamilton

After an assessment by a rehab center specializing in traumatic brain injury, Karen will be seeing two specialists to determine if there is an issue arising from her many weeks on a ventilator in 2004.  She remains in Cobb Behavioral Health in hopes that her condition will stabilize, allowing her to return home and pursue this option on as outpatient.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

Sept. 16

Martha Lewis

from Martha Lewis: Please pray for Mrs. Small.  She is fighting cancer, taking chemo and radiation and will not know its usefulness until October.  Pray for God's healing.

Sept. 15

Bonnie Ray

Please say a prayer for a co-workers wife: Patsy Rucker will be undergoing a hip replacement for a second time. Her health is week at this point so she needs prayers for strength & healing.

Sept. 14

Kenny Campbell

Please pray for our neighbor, Barbara Moody she will be having an M.R.I. today to check a tumor on her brain. We pray it will be gone completely or at least have shrank in size. Thanks.

Sept. 14

Chris Standridge

I finally received a response back from Toni Cox on her granddaughter, Maddie Cox, late yesterday.     Toni said that she was too upset to share a full update (and would fill me in more “later”) but that Maddie is not doing good and many things are going wrong.   She is still in the hospital and is in serious need of immediate prayer right now.

Thank you for continuing to pray.    Having small children myself, I can only imagine the torture Maddie and her parents (and the rest of her family) are going through. 

Sept. 13

Charlene Searcy

Please add ‘Doc” Stovall to the prayer list.  He had heart surgery several months ago and is having a very slow recovery.

Sept. 12

Noble and Jannie Lawler

for Martha Houston and Ann Smith – Ann suffers from Alzheimer’s and is in town from Arkansas.  Pray for their peace joy and patience.

Sept. 12

Gwen Galloway

for Pam Thomas – Pam has brain cancer and needs God’s touch.

Sept. 12

Ann Eskew

for Kay – Praise God for His work in Kay’s job search and for His continued work in securing her a job.  Also pray for our youth and their leadership in Youth Sunday coming up.

Sept. 12

Sandra Bryant

for Tony Bryant - There is not really much to tell at this time.  Tony has remained the same for about the past two weeks.  No better-no worse.  He completed his three days of chemo tablets with very little side effects.  He continues to be weak, but he eats very little.  He will see the doctor again on the 21st, and I will update again at that time.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We still believe in God given miracles. Sandra

Sept. 12

Joe Hamilton

for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Karen's condition has changed little.  As you pray for her peace and safety, pray that God will lead us to the right next step for Karen.  Also pray for David Barrett as he serves the remainder of a 24 hour sentence from the court today.

Sept. 9

Chris Standridge

(follow up to earlier message today):

This just came in from Toni Cox (Emmaus sister), Maddie’s grandmother:

Hello all,

The MRI showed that the infection in Maddie’s leg is a 3centimeter mass in her right calf muscle.  It appears that normal antibiotics would not be effective as the infection is in the actual muscle;  consequently she will have surgery tomorrow to remove the mass.  The mass will be biopsied to determine what the infection is and how best to proceed.  The incision will be left open for 48 hours for monitoring and draining.  She is a strong little girl but none the less she is so little.  How much more can her poor little body take?

As always, thank you!

Sept. 9

Chris Standridge

Maddie Cox
Please continue to pray for 7 yr. old Maddie who was diagnosed with leukemia a month or so ago.  She is responding well to treatment but now has a severe infection in her leg that has put her in the hospital again and she is in serious condition.   Her parents are distraught because they were concerned about it a few weeks ago but Maddie’s doctor dismissed their concerns.  Please pray for continued strength for Maddie and peace for her parents and little brother, Morgan.

Sept. 9

Chris Standridge

Mary Jane Sisson
Doctors have found lumps in both her breasts and are quite certain they are malignant.   She will get her test results on Monday.   Please keep her daughter, Debbie, in prayer as well as Debbie is her mother’s only caregiver and supports both of them financially and Debbie just received a promotion at work (almost unheard of in today’s economy) that will require her to work more hours and travel some.

Last, but not least,

Sept. 9

Chris Standridge

I am attaching a prayer request from an Emmaus sister, Susan Davis, regarding her son Paul.   I thought it would be best to hear everything directly from Susan since it’s such a heartfelt request:

I would like to take a minute to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers for me and my son Paul and this journey he has been on due to a tragic accident almost two years ago (October 2008) when a man was killed in an auto accident by my son, who had made a very bad choice to drink and drive.  Most of you know the details, so I won't linger on those. This accident was the worst thing and the best thing that has happened in my son's adult life.  It made him face himself in the mirror and see that he had lost control of himself and allowed an addiction to alcohol to control him.  The TREK recovery program he participated in last year was tremendous in his discovery of himself.  It helped to turn his life around, turn it over to God and he is today the man I knew he was inside.  He's a man of God, a man of faith, a man of character and a man of strong will.  He will need this strength to continue on this journey which we are coming to the "beginning of the end". 

Paul will be appearing in Cobb County Superior Court tomorrow morning at 9:00, September 10th, for his final hearing and sentencing.  He won't be coming home and will begin the sentence that is given that day.  I ask you to hold him in your prayers, as well as his sister and me and all those involved in the court process.  Paul has stepped up and taken responsibility for his actions and is ready for the consequences.  Pray that Judge Stephen Schuster is a fair, compassionate and reasonable man who will listen to what is said and gain an understanding of who Paul really is and have mercy in his heart as he decides the length of Paul's sentence.   

Thank you again for your support and prayers.  They are truly felt and appreciated!       Susan Davis

Sept. 7

Rev. Michael

for Gwen Galloway: Gwen had an irregular heartbeat. One side was beating faster than the other. She is being treated with medication and may need an ablation. Keep her in your prayers.

Sept. 7

Joe Hamilton

Please continue prayers for Karen.  She remains in Cobb Behavioral Health.  She deeply wants to be released but the staff feels she is not ready.  Pray for peace in her heart and clarity in her mind.
Also pray for Karen's Uncle Howard.  He is in failing health and needs God's presence and comfort.

Sept. 5

Mike Karaty

I received a call at the end of todays service to say that my cousin Theresa has gone to be with the Lord.
Please continue to pray for Richard her husband and our family.
May she rest in peace in the arms of the Lord
Also for Jean Karaty for healing from illness.

Sept. 5

Barbara Nations

for Mallory Bennett - pray for wisdom that has not caught up with her 18 years.

Spet. 5

David Barrett

for strength from God to break the chains of addiction.

Sept. 5

Dominick Martini

for Devin Karmans - for safety and healing from his injuries.

Sept. 5

Robert Martini

for Tracy Dreshback - for health, healing and strength to cope with addiction.

Sept. 5

Pat Addy

for Charlie Moore:  Pray for his health in prison.

Sept. 3

Mike Karaty

for Theresa George: Hospice has been called in for Theresa. It is just a matter of a few days.  Her son Fr. Richard George wishes to thank all the prayer warriors in Georgia for your continued prayers and thoughts.

A close friend of mine, Bobby Camp has stage 3 colo/rectal cancer. He is the husband of Addie Camp a long time Realtor and ex-partner of mine. Many of you know her and Bobby. He owned Camp wrecker service. Addie has asked that we add Bobby to our prayer list. They are believers and know the power of prayer.

Also pray for Jeanie Bailey who used to work at New Cov. as a nursery worker. She is in ICU in Newnan.

Prayers are Powerful and our God is merciful!


Sept. 2

Jon Acree

Please pray for Jon's wife Shelly's mom, Linda Bills, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. A surgery date will be set ASAP following needed testing.

His nephew Jessie Acree's liver is failing and consultation with a transplant team is being done in prep for a transplant as soon as possible. 

Pray for God to move in both of these needs.

Aug. 30

David Barrett

David Barrett requests prayer for his court appearance this morning from his traffic accident months ago.  This will be the final resolution of this case and may God's will be done.

Aug. 29

Robert Martini

Continuing thanks to God for the steady work I am continually blessed with.

Aug. 29

Ann Shearon

for Tony and Sandra Bryant - continue prayers for healing and God's touch. 

Aug. 29

Ann Eskew

For daughter Kay - a job.

Aug. 29

Noble and Jannie Lawler

Praise God for the good report on Noble's health.  The Lord knows our needs and especially the needs of the individuals in our family - God's will be done.

Aug. 29

Joe Hamilton

For Karen - She remains in the hospital at Cobb Behavioral Health.  Pray that God will restore her health in every way.

Aug. 29

This was submitted on the New Covenant prayer page online today by Ginger Allday, owner of the Katrina home we framed in the church parking lot and worked on in Mississippi.  Praise the Lord for His grace.

Hurricane Katrina, August 29th, 2005

request from Ginger Allday: Of course, I always\'s ask for prayer\'s for my family...But today is different...Today, I pray for the people from all walks of life, from all part\'s of the globe, I pray for Douglasville, GA and for so many who worked tirelessly on our home in Pascagoula, Ms....I ask Jesus to bless each and every one of them...Today, being the 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I thought what a better day to give Thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ for so many unselfish acts of kindness and dedication....Five years ago, I thought like most around the Gulf Coast, in dispair, where would we live, how could we overcome, how would we survive...I look back with my grandchildren playing in their OWN room\'s...All of you made that possible, through Jesus...I wish I could name them all individually, but there were too many, from EVERYWHERE, who made our life what it is today..One person comes to mind, the first I met, Debbie Hatcher...To all of you, our family will be forever grateful. God is Good.....Ginger L Allday, Pascagoula, Ms.

Aug. 25

Joe Hamilton

I just spoke with Doshie Ricardson and she reports that Clayton will likely be released tomorrow after Physical Therapy.  Clayton said last night that he had already been up and walked down the hall of the hospital!  Praise the Lord for His grace.

Aug. 24

Sandra Bryant

for Tony Bryant: Tony saw the doctor today, but there is really no change in his condition.  He is still unable to keep anything in his stomach, but fortunately he is in no pain.  When his stomach problems get better, he will take a chemo pill, but with no guarantee it will help.

Continue to pray for us, and our prayer for a healing miracle.

Aug. 24

Rev. Michael

I just got back from the hospital and Clayton is doing well. He will start rehab walking this afternoon and may come home tomorrow.

Aug. 23

Doshie Richardson

Clayton came through his surgery well.  Although he was delayed in starting his procedure by several hours, once it started it went well.  He has received a knee replacement and the growth has been removed from the back of his knee.  Praise the Lord!  Keep praying!

Aug. 23

Rev. Michael

My son Wesley was injured trying to subdue a PCP crazed teenager. The kid went ballistic on Wes in the ER and bit and scratched him up pretty bad. Wes also injured his back in the ordeal trying to subdue the kid. It eventually took more than a ½ dozen people to get him under control.  Wes is OK considering the circumstances, simply concerned about blood born diseases and his back pain.   Please keep him in your prayers that all will turn out alright and also give God thanks for His protection of Wesley. At one point Wes said the kid had his hand on Wes’s gun.  Also pray for the kid – he is God’s child that someone got hooked on drugs.
Thanks, Rev. Michael

Aug. 23

Joe Hamilton

Karen is home, praise the Lord!  Please continue prayers for mental clarity and gracious emotional balance and peace from God.

Aug. 23

Mike Karaty

Judy Miller is undergoing a colonscopy procedure this morning. Pray for her.

Aug. 23

Rev. Michael

I just spoke to Doshie and she said Clayton is still waiting to go back for surgery. A complication had arisen in an earlier surgery that has thrown the surgeons schedule off. She said it would be a little while longer and they would come and get him. She will call me when he is out of surgery.

Keep them both in your prayers.

Aug. 23

Joe Hamilton

Clayton Richardson is having his knee surgery this morning.  Pray for God's hand to guide the medical staff, and that he has a gracious and gentle recovey.  Also pray for the family finances as he will be without income for two months

Aug. 23

Joe Hamilton

Please pray for Karen.  She is likely to be released from the hospital today.  Her mental state is only marginally improved.  Pray for God's healing.  The psychiatrist said yesterday he has done all that psychiatric treatment can do.

Aug. 23

Brenda Day

Pray for Gail Day, for health, healing and peace.  She will have a heart procedure on Wed. Aug. 25th.

Aug. 23

Ann Eskew

Please continue prayer for Tony Bryant and the family.

Aug 21

Sandra Bryant

for Tony Bryant: I wish I had good news to report, but things have only gotten worse.  We came home from the hospital on Thursday, but Tony still has not regained the use of his legs.  The cancer in the spinal fluid did nerve damage, and only time will tell if he will get any feeling back in his legs after radiation.  He continues to eat very little, and has severe nausea.  Our son's are taking turns staying with us at night so that I will have help if needed.  We are still counting on all our friends and family to continue to pray for us and the healing miracle we need.
I will let you know as things change, and may God bless each of you with good health.

Aug 16

Charlene Searcy

Bobby Gee's father is very ill and is not expected to last much longer.  Please pray for Bobby and Marie.

Aug 16

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis had a great visit today with Tony Bryant.  He was able to have an extended conversation with Mike.  Please continue your prayers for Tony, Sandra and the family as his condition remains very poor.

Aug 15

Mike Lewis

Tony Bryant is at St Joseph's and is in the final stages of his bout with cancer. He, Sandra and the entire family need prayer for God's touch.

Aug 15

Tina Rainwater

Please pray for Tina's son's, Nick Rainwater and Cain Tanner for health, healing, peace and guidance. Also pray for Cain's father, Phillip Tanner for salvation. Please pray for Leonard Nemith as well.
Also pray for our whole church family for health and peace.

Aug 15

Jannie Lawler

Please pray for Noble. His MRI showed a tumor on his lumbar spine. He also has some bulging discs.

Aug 15

from Sanju (via the web from India)

for Sanju and my father: I thank God for giving me a great job and I pray that I continue to grow in this job. I request a prayer for my father and myself. My father is becoming blind while I have become partially blind after a brain surgery and I suffer from severe backpain and pain in fingers in both arms. I pray that I get a god fearing educated life partner for myself soon as I becoming old and it is difficult to find somebody who would be willing to marry a blind person like me.

Aug 14

Joe Hamilton

follow up on Ken Booth: His wife Jan reports that the quadruple by-pass surgery was successful and he will be home on Monday. Had he not been seen as promptly as he was the outcome could have been much different. Thank you for all your prayers.

Aug 14

David Barrett

Please pray for Beth Lindsey, wife of my friend and co-worker Keith. She has MS, the form that goes into remission but then recurs.  She is in the active stage right now and needs God's healing touch.

Aug 13

Chris Standridge

for Chuck Standridge:
All went well today, praise God!    They didn’t find anything, the dr. still took a few biopsies just to be on the safe side.   The dr. thinks that he may have had some sort of bug or virus that wasn’t picked up in the tests they ran a few weeks ago. 

So, if he continues to lose weight, we’ll have to go another route with the dr. but for now we know it’s nothing related to his intestinal tract, which is a good thing.

Thank you for your prayers!  See you all on Sunday!

Aug. 12

Jan Booth

Please pray for my husband, Ken, as we are in the hospital awaiting the staff to come get him for triple bypass surgery.  He has 100% blockage of the main artery and 95-99% blockage in the second artery.  Also pray for a quick recovery.  We appreciate it.

Jan Booth

Aug. 9

Rev. Michael

Just spoke to Kenny Campbell – Molly’s surgery went well and he is waiting for her to get up to her room. She may be able to return home tomorrow. Kenny went up to visit Tony Bryant while he waited and said Tony was in good spirits and doing some walking.   Keep them both in your prayers today.

Aug. 9

Chris Standridge

Please add Chuck to the prayer list.   He’s been having some health issues and has lost nearly 30 lbs. since May.   He is going in for some testing on Friday.

Aug. 8

Joe Hamilton

Karen – May she have a clear mind and the peace of Jesus in her heart.

Aug. 8

Noble Lawler

An unspoken request and also for Cindy and Kenny Teal as she suffers from severe illness.

Aug. 8

Ann Shearon

for Molly Campbell and her upcoming surgery.  May God guide and heal.

Aug. 8

Shirley Schaefer

for Wayne and Ola Enlow – Wayne is nearing the end.  Pray for relief from the pain and peace for both Wayne and Ola.

Aug. 8

Jan Palmer

for Jill Peterson’s mother – she is in hospice.  Pray for her and the family.

Aug. 6

Rev. Michael

Tony Bryant has responded to steroid treatment on his back and has regained movement in his legs.  Please continue prayers for continued relief from the pain and for a powerful move of God in his life.

Aug. 5

Rev. Michael

I just spoke with Sandra Bryant, Tony is at St. Joseph hospital for some radiation treatments. He cannot walk because of tumors on his spinal cord. It will take a major miracle for Tony and I know we are praying for that. Sandra asked me to tell you to keep it up.
Blessings, Rev. Michael

Aug. 5

Rev. Michael

My Mom is back home and doing much better. She thanks you for the cards sent to her and most of all your prayers.
My estranged brother Mark resurfaced. He was suffering chest pain for some time and went to the emergency room. It was not his heart. However, his lungs are full of nodules that aren’t suppose to be there. He has another appointment Monday to get the results and consult on further prognosis and treatment.  After 35 years of smoking, He has already decided it is Lung Cancer.
Mark has had a tough go at life and struggles with addiction and alcohol abuse. Please pray for Mark’s soul first and foremost, and for his health.  Pray that God will provide a great and wonderful healing miracle in his life that will have a profound and positive impact on him, so much so that he makes a complete 180 degree turn in his destructive lifestyle.  He has two young daughters and a 20 year old son. His wife Julie was killed in a car accident three years ago.
Thank you for your prayers, Rev. Michael

Aug 5

George Hall

for Tony Bryant - Tony was taken to St Joseph's today for treatment of an issue with his spine.  Please pray for. Tony and Sandra and the family.

Aug 5

Rev. Michael

Karen Martin had several tests performed this morning at Emory.  Please keep her in prayer.

Aug 5

Joe Hamilton

Karen Shepard-Hamilton continues in treatment at Willowbrooke, Villa Rica. Please pray for peace in her heart and clarity in her mind.

Aug 3

Chris Standridge

Please pray for Mattie Cox and her parents, Sean & Allie Cox.   Mattie is just 7 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia earlier today and will begin chemotherapy tomorrow provided the doctors at Scottish Rite can get her red blood cell count up high enough to do the surgery to install the port.   In addition to worrying about her health, Mattie’s parents are also worried about how they will pay for the cost of her care as they do not have health insurance and they are weighed down with guilt for waiting so long to take her to the doctor.   Please pray for God’s comforting and healing hand over this family.  They know He is in the miracle business and they are asking for one now.

Mattie is the granddaughter of Emmaus sister, Toni Cox.   Thank you.

Aug 3

George Hall

Update on Mitch Van Meter - Cathy reports that after Mitch's last return to work, he is now pursuing  extended medical leave. The relief from the fatigue of daily work can go a long way in reducing stress. Continue prayers for Mitch and Cathy.

Aug 3

Joe Hamilton

Karen was released from Willowbrook Monday evening.  She was not ready for release.  Her mind is not at all well and she and I need fervent prayer now.  We need Jesus' touch in a powerful way.

Aug 1

Barbara Lane

for Karen shepard-Hamilton – for health, healing, safety and peace

Aug 1

Kenny Campbell

for Molly Campbell – she will have neck surgery for a herniated disc on Aug. 9.

Aug 1

Jannie Lawler

for Noble Lawler – he still has health problems and is unable to sleep at night; also for Cindy and Kenny Teal and family – Cindy is in the last stages of cancer and it has gone to her brain. Pray for peace and God’s will to be done.

Aug 1

Ann Shearon

Jessica Shearon – praise for her safe return from her mission to Peru.

Aug 1

Barbara Nations

for Fred Alverson – for recovery from back surgery; for Skip Phillips who has a disease requiring joint replacements.