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At New Covenant we are commited to the power of prayer.

We know from our own experences that prayer is heard and answered by God.

We pray for all these requests and more every Tuesday morning in our prayer group, and share these prayer requests with others who faithfully lift up these requests to the throne of God.

If you would like us to pray for you, let us know.

All are welcome to join us at prayer time every Tu esday.
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Prayers and Praises!

July 31 Martha Lewis

One of Martha's friends, Kristine Oliver has been diagnosed with lung cancer. This was from a previous breast cancer issue. Surgery is not going to be an option as both lungs are involved. She has a 16 and 17 year old sons. Please keep her and her sons in prayer.

July 31 Dee Boreing via Facebook

Dee's brother Tommy passed away this morning.  Please be in prayer for her and the family.  More information will be shared as it becomes available.

July 31 Mike Karaty

Praise God! I saw Lee Polk with his mom today.  He was released from the hospital and is doing well. The doctors are optimistic but we still wait and pray for a clean biopsy report. The Polk family is grateful for all your prayers.  I will update you when the biopsy results are in.

July 30 Steven Fitz

for his long time friends, the Mooney family:

The Mooney family needs prayer in the loss of the father of the family after a long illness. The son has been serving in Afghanistan and, when it was learned that his father was dying, was granted compassionate leave to come home. He arrived 45 minutes after his father's passing. Please keep the entire family in your prayers.

July 29 Mike Karaty

Please pray for my good friend's 5 year old son Lee Polk. He is having surgery tomorrow at Kennestone to remove his lymph nodes. They have moved the surgery up as they need to remove them asap as they are growing. He is the son of Fred and Melissa Polk and the grandson of the late Bishop R. Polk of Douglasville. Please pray that there are no malignancies and for God's healing power. The family has asked for prayers for Lee and that we post this on the prayer network.

July 29 Devin for Luke
July 29 Ann Shearon pray for our country.
July 29 Shirley Barrett for Caroline and Larry Allen – For peace for Caroline as she prepares to go home to our Lord. Pray for Larry as he cares for her; for Richard and Kim Young – Richard has cancer all over his body. Kim needs prayer, they have two young sons; for Cole and Sarah Barrett – both children have a serious illness and the doctors don’t know what it is; for Theresa Samples – she needs a job badly.
July 29 Arriell Hill for Nora – I hope she’ll be OK.
July 29 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings – He is undergoing new radiation.
July 29 anonymous For all with addictions – Pray for their healing and the strength and conviction to ask for healing
July 26 Mike Lewis

for his son Tom's girlfriend Cheyenne and her mother Michelle:

Cheyenne (Tom's Girlfriend) and her mother Michelle were in a accident yesterday with a 18-wheeler on I-75 at the I-285 area. Cheyenne has pinched nerves in her back and both legs are numb and she cannot walk. She is bruised and sore as well.
Her mom has 6-8 ribs that are badly bruised and her neck is swollen and stiff. No more details are known at this time. Will keep you posted. Tom does not know yet and Cheyenne does not want him to for now. Please put on prayer list.

July 23 Pastor Michael

for Charles and Brenda McLemore and the family - Charles and Brenda have just learned thar their daughter, Gina Marie, passed away in Tennessee. I believe she had been ill for some time. Please keep the family in your prayers. Due to vision problems, they are unable to drive to Tennesse to be there. Please reach out to help Charles and Brenda in this difficult time at 770-755-4500

There will be a memorial service at their home on Saturday.

July 23 Bonnie Ricks for Shirley Barrett - Please pray for a return to good health for Shirley.
July 22 Robert Martini

Thanks for continued steady work.

July 22 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and guidance.
July 22 Ann Shearon for our country.
July 22 Kenny Campbell for Clyde Moyer – for upcoming medical tests.
July 22 Brenda McLemore for her husband Charlie.
July 22 Brenda Day Heath for healing; for Howard Day for peace and comfort.
July 22 Bonnie Ricks for Sandra Ivey – for cataract surgery on Wednesday.
July 21 Bonnie Ricks

for Joshua J. Craig - here is his corrected address. He would still appreciate letters of encouragement as he continues Marine Boot Camp.

His new address is: RCT CRAIG Joshua J., 2nd RTBN Fox CO Platoon 2069, P.O. Box 16235, Parris Island, SC 29905-6235

July 19 The North Georgia Conference Ms. Gladys Majette, mother of our District Superintendent, Dr. Jacqui Rose-Tucker, passed away Wednesday in Washington, DC. The service will be Saturday, July 28th in Washington. Please remember the family in your prayers.
July 15 Charlene Searcy for Andy Moore and family: Rev. Jim and Carol Moore's son, Andy and his wife Carla are facing severe health issues at this time.  They have a toddler and both parents are ill, with Andy hospitalized and Carla with ongoing Lupus.  Please pray for the Moore family.
July 15 Joe Hamilton

for Dale Moore – My daughter-in-law’s father, Dale Moore is on his way to the hospital with a suspected stroke. Please pray for his health and for the whole family; for Karen Hamilton for relief from her back pain.

July 15 Ann Shearon for Janet Thompson Carver (niece) – Praise God she can hear now after surgery; for Maxine Smith – for healing of her eye and restoration of her vision.
July 15 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Pastor Michael – We pray for good test results. We ask the Lord to bless and heal him and to renew his strength.
July 15 Robert Martini for Bruno Askque – for healing of his liver cancer.
July 15 Dominick Martini for his Dad – for safety at his job.
July 15 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and guidance; for April Bates – for safety, guidance and comfort.
July 15 Doshie Richardson – for healing from migraines. She is going to a specialist on July 23rd.
July 10 Joe Hamilton

Pastor Michael's tests were rescheduled from Monday to Wednesday. Please pray that all the issues around his mini-stroke will be resolved and he will be returned to good health.

July 10 Mike Lewis

for his brother Tony - He has been diagnosed with zoester, a form of herpes simplex, due to his liver transplant. He is taking heavy doses of antibiotics. Please pray that they work, or he will be admitted for three or four weeks on an IV drip.

July 9 Joe Hamilton

Pastor Michael will be having medical tests today as part of the follow up to his mini-stroke. Please be in prayer for clarity and direction and a good report for any needed well as for guidance for the doctors and staff serving him.

Pray for VBS that begins at New Covenant this evening at 6.

July 8 Martha Lewis

for Thomas Lewis – for safety and wisdom on his new journey. He leaves Tuesday, 7/10/2012.

July 8 Arriel Hill for Malecca Willis – that she will come home soon.
July 8 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for continued guidance and safety.
July 8 Robert Martini for Bruno Askque – for his health, he has been in Grady for over a week.
July 8 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings – he has cancer.
July 8 Jamie Running for Ruth Running – for her health.
July 4 Bonnie Ricks for Chris and Nik Jones:

Please continue your prayers for Chris Jones and his son Nik Jones. Chris remains in the hospital in intensive care under a suicide watch. His injuries are such that if he does survive, he will be in a wheel chair and have a colostomy bag for life. Nik is at the hospital in Columbus with his dad and is wanting to stay with him, but the Ronald McDonald house is full. Nik works part time at the Home Depot in Carrollton, but really is not making enough money to support himself. I pray God will comfort this scared young man who just turned 19 years old. Letter of encouragement can be sent to: Nik Jones, C/O Jeramey Ricks, 5245 Driskell Dr., Winston, GA 30187 Thank You!
July 2 Doshie Richardson for her headaches that continued for five days; for her mother, that her follow-up Doctor's appt. would show that her broken arm has healed completely.
July 2 Bonnie Ricks for Chris Jones - Please pray for Chris Jones (approximately 38-41 years old). He was severely injured in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, July 1st, when he collided with a tree. Chris is the father of Nik Jones, a friend of my grandson. Currently Chris is in Intensive Care at Columbus Regional Hospital and has extensive bladder and intestinal damage. I have been told that Chris, when he was younger, helped as a construction worker with building our church. Thank you so much for your prayers.
July 1 Paula Finnegan

for Michelle Ganius – pray for peace and God’s presence all around her and her son while she goes through these tough times (cards of encouragement requested c/o Brenda Davis, 6025 S Bear Dr, Douglasville 30135).

July 1 Jannie Lawler for Noble Lawler – continue to pray for healing of mind, body and spirit.
July 1 Ann Eskew for Cleve Scovill – for healing from recent eye surgery.
July 1 Jan Palmer for Grady Stalling – He has cancer.
July 1 Steven Fitz for a driver to transport an elderly local person to a doctor’s appointment in Atlanta July 11.
July 1 Joe Hamilton for VBS.
July 1 the whole church @ New Covenant UMC – for continued healing for Pastor Michael as he has follow-up appointments to seek the best treatment for his recent mini-stroke.  Praise God he and the family were able to be with us Sunday afternoon as we worked on the VBS materials.
June 30 Joe Hamilton

Report on Pastor Michael - In conversation today he shared that he is now home and will be seeing specialists at Emory next week. Please continue the prayers for his rest and recovery.

June 30 Doshie Richardson

from Doshie Richardson for herself - She has had severe headaches for four straight days. Prayers are needed.

June 28 Joe Hamilton

In a phone conversation with pastor Michael moments ago he reports he will be released today. He will remain in Alabama a few days to stabilize and hopefully get relief from the horrific headaches he is enduring. Even morphine doesn't impact them, but we know prayer will.

There are no heart issues at all. All heart tests are clear. The issue was a TIA mini-stroke. It interrupts blood flow to the brain. Pastor Michael will be scheduling appointments for follow-up when he returns home to GA.

He is not allowed to drive, and since he was on extended vacation in AL, had extra vehicles with him and will need a driver or two to help return the vehicles to GA when he is ready to travel. Anyone who is available on standby, watch your messages for a request for driving help.

Please continue to keep Pastor Michael, Tina and the whole family in prayer as the Lord's grace brings him through this.

June 27 Ed McGrory

Ed McGrory just phoned with the news that Pastor Michael is in the hospital in Jacksonville, Alabama with what has been reported as a mini-stroke. He is alert and conscious and spoke clearly and firmly with Ed.

He is being kept at the hospital for a time for observation. As soon as more information is available it will be shared.

Please call friends who don't do email to request their prayers.

June 26 Pastor Michael

Please lift up Patrick and his troops who were in a fierce firefight the other day in Afganistan. He is a son of close family friends of ours. Thanks Michael

June 24 Michelle McGrory

for VBS at New Covenant – for the children to be touched, for the workers; also for Dallas 1stVBS this week.  They have a full preregistration of 250 children.

June 24 Devin

for Grandma.

June 24 Sandra Bryant for Joyce Dowda – for healing from cancer and heart problems; strength to continue her battle.
June 24 Tracie Bell

for Morgan Bell – Morgan’s biopsy came back as severe stage of pre-cancerous cells.  They will take more out.

June 24 Stacy Bell for Tony Bell (brother) – pray as he waits for test results from high PSA levels.
June 24 Ann Eskew for Cleve Scovill – He has eye surgery on Tuesday.
June 24 Ann Shearon for Maxine Smith (sister) – for healing from major eye surgery.
June 24 Bonnie Ray for Samantha Ray – for guidance during Spirit week.
June 24 Mike and Martha Lewis for Emily Ross (Granddaughter) – for Emily’s healing; also an unspoken request.
June 24 Jannie Lawler for Noble – Pray that his test Tuesday will go well with good results.
June 17 Tracie Bell

for Lois Shead and Rachel Loren – for Lois and Rachel as they recover from a house fire.  They need sheets.; for Morgan Bell – she had a spot biopsy for skin cancer and will have results in two weeks.

June 17 Ann Eskew for the Scovill family – Jeri’s service is today (Sunday). Her surviving husband, Cleve, is to have eye surgery soon.
June 17 Dominick Martini for Cason – for safety.
June 17 Kathy Van Meter for her husband Mitch. Mitch's helath is not at all good. Please pray for him.
June 17 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance.
June 15 Tim Potate via The Pavilion Church

Please keep the family of Jeri Scovill in your prayers.  Jeri went home to be with Jesus early this morning.  Pray for God's strength, peace and comfort as they celebrate her life.

June 15 New Covenant Be in prayer this day for Jimmy Nations and the family as the memorial service for our sister in Jesus, Barbara Nations, will be held this morning at 11 AM at New Covenant.
June 10 the entire church

For Jimmy Nations and the family in the passing of Barbara.

June 10 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings.
June 10 Bonnie Ricks for Mike Lewis – for healing from gout; for Ken Barnett for healing from an infected incision after surgery.
June 10 Ann Shearon for Janet Thompson Carner – for healing.
June 10 Ariana Martini for Pat Fox – to heal quickly and safely.
June 10 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance.
June 10 Ann Eskew for the Scovill family – Jeri is in transition.
June 10 Jannie Lawler for Noble Lawler – Pray for healing and hope.
June 9 Pastor Michael

Pastor Michael called at 8:40 PM and reported that Barbara Nations passed away this evening. Please be in prayer for Jimmy Nations and the family in their loss.

Details on arrangements will be sent as they are made known.

June 9 Bonnie Ricks

for George and Ruth Hall: Praise for the wonderful Cowboy Breakfast we enjoyed this Saturday morning. Even though George could not attend, it was great seeing Ruth and their daughter Barbara. This gift from them was so sincere. I thank them for all they do and appreciate them so much. Praise God.

for Julie Fitz - Julie had to have a medical procedure done on Tuesday and had to be under anesthesia.. With this, losing her father, and her other medical issues she needs our thoughts and prayers right now. It has not been long since Julie joined our church, and she really needs to feel God's spirit. Please pray.
Please send cards of encouragement to Julie at: Julie Fitz, 4612 Yeager Rd., Douglasville, GA 30135

June 9 Pastor Michael

Barbara Nations is not doing well at all. As soon as her husband Jimmy got home this afternoon he was called to return to the hospital as Barbara's condition was failing.
Please be in prayer for them both. Pastor Michael is on his way to the hospital and will keep us all informed.
Please pray.

June 5 Pastor Michael

Barbara Nations has been moved to ICU at Piedmont Hospital.  Her health is not good and prayers are sought for her and Jimmy.

June 3 Paula Finnegan

Praise the Lord and I’m hoping everyone will see the Lord through them. 

June 3 Joe Hamilton Praise God for the baptism of nine Christians in the river today.  Originally there were 6, but God kept on moving hearts and adding more.
Please pray for Gwen Thomas, mother of Matthew Thomas who was baptized today.  She was having shortness of breath and heart symptoms as she came up hill from the river and was transported by Ambulance for treatment.  Please pray for her recovery.
Also pray for Annette Davis, who hurt her ankle on the same hillside.
June 3 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings.
June 3 Ann Shearon for Janet Carner – for healing form ear surgery on Monday and for her son, Justin Thompson in India as a missionary.
June 3 Dixie Maxwell for Barbara and Jimmy Nations for health and healing.
June 3 Shirley Barrett for Richard and Kim young – Richard has cancer all over his body.  He has two young children; for Caroline and Larry Allen –Give Larry strength, spare Carolyn from pain and discomfort; for myself – I found a growth on my back this morning.
June 3 Charles McLemore for self and Brenda – for healing, peace and guidance in our problems.
June 3 Tina Dunbar for Jennifer Cheatwood – Prayers for healing and strength with MS.
June 3 Devin for Gramie.
June 3 Clayton Richardson for Kevin Cook (meat mgr. Kroger) – He has numbness in his legs.
June 3 Tracie Bell for Lois Shead and Rachel Loren – Fire has destroyed their home and cars.
June 2 Bonnie Ricks

My former co-worker and friend Ginger would like to send out a prayer request for her cousin Debi. Debi is going to be 59 this year and has lung cancer. Please lift Debi up in prayer. Thank You.

June 1 Charlene Searcy

Charlene's Mother, Adrienne Clement, passed away this morning at 96 years of age. She was at her assisted living home in New Hampshire. There will be a memorial service in NH at a date to be determined. Charlene requests prayer for the family, especially her brother, who was with her regularly through the last stages of her life.

May 30 Bonnie Ray Please lift up a co-workers family who lost a young daughter to suicide last week. I don’t know their last name but God will: it’s Monica (the Mother) & sister Christina in California.

Also, would like to thank everyone who prayed for Amanda Jones (Wade’s daughter-in-law) who gave birth to Payton yesterday afternoon. Both Mom & baby are doing well.

May 30 Mike Lewis

for Amy Butler: Her mother passed away under hospice with cancer. Please be in prayer for Amy and her family.

May 30 Paula Finnegan

Please pray for a fellow student of Candace's named Travis. He was a on  dirt bike and was hit by a truck. He had to be air-lifted to Atlanta Medical.

May 29 The Karaty's

Thanks to all for their prayers for our wedding.  Jennifer and I are in Miami and we spent the night in Gainesville with the tropical storm Beryl.  Thanks for the well wishes and prayers.
Jennifer and Mike 

May 29 Chris Standridge

We’ve received many updates since I sent out the original prayer request for my friend, Lori Brewer, but I’m sending the latest (and greatest!) one that we just received from her husband, Chris:

“I’m very happy to say that Lori had a great day yesterday and seems to be improving each hour.  She’s regained most of the use of her right hand and is very coherent every conversation we have.  She can also open her eyes at will and her optical control is much better than just a day ago. 

We just met with the nurse practitioner and she said that the surgical board and the chief of staff for neuroscience will be meeting to discuss Lori’s chart sometime today.  Based on what they feel is the right course of action will decide whether or not they move forward with the angiogram today.  The premise is that they do not want to perform such an in depth procedure on a 37 year old mother of 2 for the sake of “having a look around”.  I certainly appreciate their caution.  However, they are not allowing her to eat in case they determine in their conference that it is a wise medical choice to move forward with the angiogram. 

I wish I had more definitive information to give you, but with what all has happened I can understand where the doctors are coming from.  I don’t Lori put under any more physical stress than is necessary unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so either.  I will keep you posted as we find out more. 

Please thank everyone who continues to pray for Lori and our family.  I assure you it is working and I have the opportunity to witness that fact every time I speak with Lori.” 

Thank you all for your continued prayers!!!   They are working!

May 27 Ann Eskew

for the strength to turn it all over to God; also for Jeri and Cleve.

May 27 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – a job accessible from MARTA.
May 27 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings – He has cancer.
May 27 Martha Lewis for Mike Lewis – for healing of his ear.
May 27 Pastor Michael for the Dallas 1st UMC Guatemala mission team.
May 27 Bonnie Ray for Amanda Jones – for peace and safety in delivering a baby girl on Tuesday.
May 26 Chris Standridge

We are out of town celebrating our anniversary but I received an urgent Prayer Request for a co-worker and friend this morning.

Please pray for Lori Brewer. Lori left work yesterday feeling lightheaded. By 8 p.m. she was disoriented and had numbness and blurred vision and was rushed to Newnan hospital. They immediately transferred her to Emory where she is now in ICU in critical condition. Her husband says she is incoherent and they think she's had a stroke or has a brain bleed.

Lori is only in her early 30's and has a son (Beau) who is Carolyn's age and a daughter, Maggie Grace (3 yrs old) who has Down Syndrome. Will and Maggie Grace were schoolmates until this year.

Lori's supervisor at our office has set up a conference call prayer time this afternoon at 5:00. If anyone would like the info to join in the call, I'll be glad to send it to you.

Thank you so much. As a mother, especially of a special needs child, this would be my worst nightmare.

Email Chris at

May 25 Bonnie Ricks

Please pray for Josh Craig, who is in Marine training in S.C.
Mail is welcomed for him. Thank You!
ADDRESS: Joshua J. Craig PLT 3056 India 3rd RTBN Parris Island, SC 29905

May 20 Arriell Hill
for Malecca Willis - I hope she'll come home soon.

May 20 Brenda McLemore for souls to be saved.
May 20 Paula Finnegan for Matthew Finnegan - pray that he uses God for every decision and that he feels God's peace. He's not making the best choices. (cards requested to8425 West Carroll Rd Whitesburg GA 30185
May 20 Ann Shearon for graduates, esp. J R Mickey - Thanks, J R, you made it! We love you and we knew you could do it!
May 20 Ann Eskew for Jeri and Cleve Scovill - Pray for more time for Jeri with Cleve and for care for Cleve who has Parkinson's,
May 20 Jennifer Lane for Pat Fox - for healing from surgery.
May 20 Dixie Maxwell for the Attaway family.
May 20 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Martha Houston (sister) - She found out she has kidney disease and 3rd stage renal failure. Pray for healing.
May 20 Carolyn Standridge for Joshua Dallas - for his safe travels in Europe.
May 20 Shirley Barrett for Caroline Allen - She is in the last stages of ALS. Pray for Terry as he cares for her; for RIchard Young - He has stage 4 cancer. He has 2 young children. Pray for him and his wife.
May 20 a Christian who believes for lost people. Pray that God will open their eyes and ears to know and accept Christ and to do God's will.
May 20 Teresa Gould for Mary Gould - My mother-in-law had a stroke this week. Pray for blessings and healing.
May 20 Doshie Richardson - for peace and guidance for me and my family; for Bryan Emerson and James Luck for safety and guidance.
May 17 Bonnie Ricks Due to his injured shoulder, Ken Barnett will have Rotator Cuff surgery on Friday. Please lift Ken and all his doctors up in prayer. 
May 15 Bonnie Ricks

Words Of Praise From Megan Jensen:

"I want to say an earnest THANK YOU this morning to all of you beautiful people that prayed for my baby girl, Autumn!

We went to the Dr. yesterday and they did not have to do the IV or the sedation. The Dr. put on a soft cast and squeezed and messaged it straight. Yes it still hurt, but there were no needles or drugs involved.

It turned out a lot more simple than they had told us. Yes she went without eating again, but it is ok. Love you all. She is making up for the eating today! And she got a hot pink cast up to her shoulder. LOL" .

May 15 Dee Boreing via Facebook

Admitted Jack to Singing River during the night with an enlarged and infected gall bladder. Will have a scope today or tomorrow to see of the tube is blocked. Surgery to follow. Please add him to your prayer list. He has been through so much.

May 14 Bonnie Ricks via email from Megan Jennings: Autumn's arm is indeed broken! Both bones and it has been bent backwards. Today at 1 they will give her an IV( NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT) knock her out, set it in place ( have not been told of any screws or pins yet), and cast it. Love you all. She has been doing good so far, but I am a little unsure about today.
May 9 Rev. Michael

The doctors have been able to stop Barbara Nations' bleeding.

May 9 Bonnie Ricks

Aimee Copeland is in critical condition, on life support in Augusta, GA. She is a University of West Georgia psychology student who was injured last week in a zip line accident in Carrollton. Pray for this young woman and her family. They needs our prayers.

May 8 Jan Palmer, Doshie Richardson, Arubra Hembree, and others

Please be in prayer for Barbara Nations. She has had a recurrance of bleeding. The doctors are seeking to stop it without having to open the original incision again.

May 8 Paula Finnegan Please continue to pray for Brandi Bradford and her family. Their lives have changed drastically overnight. They are at Emory again. They did finally get an answer. The diagnosis is it is some form of Lupus and it has attacked her central nervious system. She can't do what all normal 19 years do anymore. Pray for peace and healing.
May 8 Ed and Michelle McGrory

They would like to announce the arrival of Grandson Kale Jarod Cross. He was born at 4:02 this morning. Parents are Jessica and Keith Cross. Mom and Baby are well.

May 8 Steve and Nita Leathers for Peggy who is being moved into home hospice.
May 6 Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane – for healing of the mind.

May 6 Paula Finnegan for Brandi Bradford – pray for answers and healing.  She has been in three hospitals and they don’t know why she is so bad.
May 6 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings – He starts treatment tomorrow (Mon 5/7) for his cancer.
May 6 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Aunt Arlene – She is 88 years old.  She fell and lay there for 11 hours.  She is now in rehab and is very weak.  Pray for peace, strength and comfort.
May 6 John Palmer for Peggy – She has terminal cancer.
May 6 Carolyn Standridge for Joshua Dallas – For safety on his trip to Europe.
May 2 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Arianna Martini - Arianna spent several hours at the ER last evening with breathing difficulties. At first it was thought to be pneumonia, but that was ruled out. She is back at home now,
She does have asthma and has had several days of breathing difficulty and coughing. Pray for Arianna that she might be healed of this problem.

Apr 29 Bonnie Ricks

for Jan Palmer – Jan has a torn retina.  Pray for healing and God’s blessings for Jan.

Apr 29 Shannon Shayden for Clayton Heath – Pray for health and healing following the removal of a skin cancer.
Apr 29 Ann Eskew for Jeri and Cleve Scovill.
Apr 29 Doshie Richardson for Brian Emerson – for healing from cancer.
Apr 29 Ed and Michelle McGrory for daughter Jessica – New baby “Kale” is due in 9 days.  Pray for health and safety.
Apr 29 Paula Finnengan for Stanley Dowda – He is a former classmate who has cancer; for Gina Davis – for a full time job, financial stability and peace; for Brenda Davis – for physical and mental healing and peace (cards requested to 6025 S Bear Dr D’ville 30135); for Brandi Bradford – pray for answers to her health problems and healing..
Apr 29 Tammy Hendrix for Mark Boyd and family – The family is in crisis.
Apr 29 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Kim, Justin and Emma – praise the Lord for a beautiful wedding.
Apr 29 Jennifer Lane for Kimberly Kateridge – for healing from Chron’s disease; for Arianna Martini – for healing from asthma.
Apr 29 Dominick Martini ‘for Arianna my sister’ – for her not to cough and for healing.
Apr 29 Carolyn Standridge for Chuck Standridge (Dad) – I pray for fast healing so that he will get better.
Apr 28 Mike Karaty Update - I received a call earlier this morning that June had taken a turn for the worst. Doctors were unable to resuscitate her and she died. She had been battling the cancer for some time. She never complained about her pain. She was a true believer in the Lord and has now gone to be with him. May she rest in peace. Please pray for the whole James family as they prepare to lay her to rest. Pray for my mother. She and June were very close.
Apr 27 Mike Karaty

Please pray for my mothers companion June James. She has stage 4 cancer and had what appears to be a stroke and is hospitalized. Pray for Gods will to be done and for healing,

Apr 27 Bonnie Ricks Our New Covenant Members
New Covenant has many who are dealing with different assortments of health issues right now. Please lift them up in your prayers, and add those I have failed to mention. Pat Addy, Barbara Nations, Jimmy Nations, Dixie Maxwell, Ann Shearon, Shirley Barrett, Lois Campbell, Monta Raye Hembree, Karen Shepard Hamilton, Noble Lawler, Ken Barnett, Mike Lewis, Julie Fitz, George Hall, Ruth Hall, Chuck Standridge and Pastor Michael Dunbar.
Apr 27 Charlene Searcy For a father of two of Sam’s friends. His name is Will Kurhanewicz and suddenly went blind last week. Please pray for answers and restoration of his sight; Sam called me and said that Dan’s dad Bill Shaw was home. Apparently he had an infection which they successfully treated and he is much better and home.
Apr 27 Bonnie Ray

Please say a prayer for Peace over Samantha today. She has an audition this afternoon that she is very stressed about. Thanks so much!

Apr 24 Pastor Michael

Barbara Nations came through her surgery this morning and is recovering.  She was in for a long time as the doctors proceeded slowly with this delicate surgery.   The pump is in and working but post-op procedures continue for some time.  Pray for Barbara and Jimmy.

Apr 24 Steven Fitz Steve's wife, Julie went to the ER and is believed to have suffered a mild heart attack.  She is improving and may be able to return home tomorrow (Wed.)  Pray for Julie and Steve.
Apr 23 Kenny Campbell

for Stanley Dowda - Please add Stanley Dowda to your prayer list. He has cancer, possibly in his liver and lungs. They are waiting on the results from a biopsy to know the extent. he is 47 years old.

Apr 23 Jamie Running

Jamie's dear friend in Tennessee has a brother, Lohr, who is 83 years old and havinga knee replacment replaced. He also has other ongoing medical issues. Please pray for Lohr.

Apr 23 Arriell Hill for Malecca Willis – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Apr 22 Kenny Campbell

for Charles Lovell – This is Pat Brinson’s brother-in-law.  He has lung cancer and bone cancer.   Hospice has been called in; for Cork Corbin – This is Pat Brinson’s brother.  He has prostate cancer.

Apr 22 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Henry Lane – for safety, confort and guidance; for Jennifer Lane – She has a severe migraine.  Pray for healing.
Apr 22 Ann Shearon Praises for her family, Mike’s family and Mark’s family and for our church, for NCUMC.
Apr 22 Paula Finnegan for Brandy Bradford – Pray they find out what was wrong; for healing and peace for her and family.
Apr 22 Arianna Martini for Jennifer Lane – for health and getting better.
Apr 22 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill and husband Cleve – Now that Jeri’s cancer has spread, Cleve is having a hard time.  Pray for both of them.
Apr 22 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings – He has stage 4 throat cancer; for Barbara Nations and her surgery Tuesday.
Apr 22 Bonnie Ricks for Lois Campbell, Kenny and Molly – Be with Kenny and Molly as they care for Ms. Lois.  Her health is not good.
Apr 22 Malon Willis for our youth – Thank God for blessing us with their faithful service.
Apr 20 Charlene Searcy

Bill Shaw the Father of Sam’s boyfriend was rushed to the hospital the AM with extreme breathing difficulties.  He has some form of COPD and uses oxygen several times a day.  Sam called and asked to have him put on the prayer list.

Apr 19 Jan Palmer

for Barbara Nations - Barbara has been scheduled for her heart surgery on Tuesday of next week.  Please pray that she gains strength over the next few days so she can be in the best condition to tolerate this serious surgery.  Also pray for Jimmy.

Apr 18 Jan Palmer

Please pray for Jan's brother-in-law. Grady Stallings. He has throat cancer and the doctors say he is in the fight of his life.

Apr 16 Josh Barnett

"I want to let everyone know that daddy (Ken Barnett) fell off a ladder today while working on the house.  He broke his clavical and humerus and is currently at Atlanta Medical Center.  He will be staying overnight tonight. They said he may require surgery.  But he is doing well though. Please pray."

Apr 15 Paula Finnegan for Matthew Finnegan – Pray that he feels God within him and lets Him help him make all his decsision.
Apr 15 Shirley Barrett

for Caroline and Larry Allen – Caroline has ALS and is in hospice. Also pray for Larry, her husband and caretaker.; for Richard Young – He has cancer everywhere and has 2 young children, also pray for his wife, Kim.

Apr 15 Ann Shearon praise God for last night (Bluegrass); pray for the Pedan family for healing in their loss.; for Grady Stallings with cancer for the throat.
Apr 15 Jamie Running for Mark W. – Mark is 38 years old with two young children (4 & 7) and needs a heart transplant.
Apr 15 Kenny Campbell for Kenneth Monroe – He came through surgery Friday OK. He will finish up Monday morning with 3-4 hours putting plates and screws in his pelvis.
Apr 15 Malon Willis II for Danny Bishop – for healing skin cancer and lungs.
Apr 15 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – the cancer has spread; pray for Jeri and her family (her husband and two grown children; also pray for the Pedan family.
Apr 15 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane for safety and guidance; for Barbara Lane for healing from surgery on her wrist.
Apr 15 Leya for Malleca – My birthday is coming up and my mom won’t be able to be here to celebrate with me.From Leya for Malleca – My birthday is coming up and my mom won’t be able to be here to celebrate with me.
Apr 15 Ed and Michelle McGrory for Martha Shaw – Pray for health.
Apr 15 Joanna LaConto for Joanna, Mike and Kevin LaConto - for peace and guidance
Apr 14 Mike Karaty

My nurse friend Carolann Easter will undergo heart surgery Monday at 6 AM in Montgomery, AL. Pray for the doctors and nurses and God's healing power. She has multiple medical problems which make this surgery very dangerous.

Apr 14 Joe Hamilton

Praise the Lord for the opportunity for our church to witness to many people this evening at the Gospel Bluegrass Jamboree. Pray that God will be glorified in it all.

Apr 13 Jan Palmer

Please pray for Grady Stalling. He has been diagosed with throat cancer and is facing chemo and radiation treatment. Pray for God's touch on his life and body.

Apr 11 Charlene Searcy Please add Lindsey Kirchen to the prayer list. She is my co-worker whose baby is due May 31st. She is experiencing some kidney issues.
Apr 8 Joe Hamilton

Praise God for an amazing day of celebration and worship at our church.

Apr 8 Anonymous for Grady Stalling who has throat cancer.
Apr 8 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – pray that she is able to have surgery on Thursday.
Apr 8 All Creation He is Risen!
Apr. 8 Lois O'Neal

for Mark Santos - Mark is a former co-worker who is facing a desperate family situation. He has two sons, ages 14 & 16 and they are in need of God's comfort and peace. Please prayer for Mark and his family.

Apr 5 Dee Boreing

(update on Jack) Thanks for all the prayers. Jack is doing well this afternoon. He should go home tomorrow.

Apr 4 Dee Boreing

Jack's spinal implant surgery is scheduled for Thursday AM. Please put us on your prayer list.

Apr 4 Ed Mcgrory

Please pray for the family of Alisha Burton a 13 yr old girl who is still missing from the tornado that hit Dallas, Texas, not GA.

Thank you for your Prayers for this young lady. A quick correction. She is not missing from the Paulding County storms. She went missing Yesterday in Dallas Texas, after the subdivision she was in was destroyed during the Tornado outbreak.

Apr 4 Ed Mcgrory

Please pray for the family of Alisha Burton a 13 yr old girl who is still missing from the tornado that hit Paulding County.

Apr 4 Arubra Hembree

Paula Finnegan’s sister-in-law, Susan, passed away this week, please keep the Finnegan family in your prayers.

Apr 4 Chris Standridge (via FaceBook)

for her husband Chuck - Prayers are requested this morning for Chuck. He is having outpatient surgery to repair his collarbone.

Apr 1 Jan Palmer

for Grady Stalling -  for a test this week.

Apr 1 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – praise that her surgery is set for Apr. 12.
Apr 1 Jennifer Lane for myself and Henry Lane – unspoken.
Mar. 31 Kenny Campbell

Please remember my son Craig Campbell in your prayers, His mom, Sharon, was killed in a car wreck yesterday in Chattanooga, also remember Sharon's mom and sister give them strength to get thru these next few days.  Thanks Kenny Campbell

Mar 27 Mike Karaty

(for his cousins Terry and Patty Johnson): I just spoke with Terry and Patty. He is improving slowly.The doctor has switched him to a stronger antibiotic and feels this should do the trick. The redness is still there and is sore. He thanks everyone for the prayers and asks to please continue them. He is anxious to see everyone in D'ville this summer.

Mar 27 Chris Standridge

for the entire Standridge family.
Chuck's Dad went home to be with the Lord this morning about 3:30.  He went peacefully in his sleep with Bonnie ever faithfully at his side.  Please continue to pray for the family as they face the coming days, especially Bonnie who has been by his side for almost 58 years.
I will let you know arrangements when they are made.
Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement.  They have meant more than you could ever imagine.
In Him,
Chris Standridge

Mar 25 Devin for Grammie
Mar 25 Leya for her friend Chariline – her grandfather is not doing well.
Mar 25 Arriell Hill for Malecca Willis – I hope she’ll come home.
Mar 25 Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane.

Mar 25 Robert Martini

– Praise for God’s hand on the company, it is all straightened out; for Tommy Weaver – a bad tooth; for Jennifer Lane – for healing in her back and leg.

Mar 25 Mike Philpott for Joe & Karen – for their trip and safe return – Happy 17th anniversary.
Mar 23 Josh Barnett

A wonderful "Praise the Lord!" from Josh Barnett!

Josh has received the great news that he has been selected for the state 'Governor's Honors Program' .  This is a highly selective program for only the most advanced students.  It includes an extended summer session with advanced instructors and is a wonderful experience of academic enrichment. 

Congratulations to Josh and his proud family for this amazing affirmation of the blessings that come with hard work.

Mar 23 Chuck Standridge

He has fought the good fight, now soon he will hear the words, "well done, my good and faithful servant" as my dad will soon be home with his mother and father. We all had a talk last night and came to the agreement and understanding that dad wouldn't want to live like this. His kidneys are or have shut down, and the Dr's said 3 to 5 days. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep my mom in your prayers, as well as the rest of the family. I lift up praise and honor to God for His faithfulness and for the faithfulness of my praying friends and family. May God richly bless each and every one of you and your families for what you have done for me and my family in this most trying hour.

Your brother in Christ, Chuck,

Mar 22 Chris Standridge

for Chester Standridge (Chuck's Dad) - The doctors have given Chester 3 or 4 days at the most. They have promised to make his last hours as comfortable as possible which means he will be sedated so Carolyn and Will got to visit him this afternoon and deliver the card you all signed. He was touched by the card as was Bonnie (who cried). Bonnie has specifically asked for prayers for strength for her to get her through the next several days. Thank you all so much for your constant and faithful prayers.

Mar 22 Mike Lewis Please pray for Martha, a Home Depot employee in Jupiter, Fl she is taking chemo/radiation therapy for thyroid cancer. Also her good friend, Jerry, just had back surgery 3 weeks ago and last week while doing rehab he fell and has bent the rods and screws in his back and has to now undergo the entire back surgery again.
Mar 22 Bonnie Ricks

for Barbara Nations - Please pray that Barbara will soon be able to have her surgery, and that her health will be much improved;
for Pat Addy - Please pray that Pat will be returned to good health very soon;
for Monta Raye Hembree - I pray Monta Raye's health will improve and that she will be back in Sunday School and Church real soon. We miss her so much!

Mar 21 Ed McGrory

Prayer request for Martha Shaw. Michelle McGrory's mother is having some health issues.

Mar 21 Mike Karaty Mike reports that Chester Standridge is not doing well and the Standridge family is in deep need of prayer right now. Pray especially for Chester and his wife Bonnie.
Mar 20 Doshie Richardson Doshie's cousin Lena, age 44, passed away today.  Please be in prayer for Doshie and the family.
Mar 19 Bonnie Ricks for Megan Jensen for God's peace.
Mar 18 Dominick Martini for Devon Kermans – for safety! – for my mom for healing from sickness.
Mar 18 Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane – for clarity of mind; for Ariana Martini – for healing from sickness (Cards to 5806 S Bear Dr Douglasville GA 30135)

Mar 18 Paula Finnegan for Matthew and Candace Finnegan – Please pray that they keep God in all that they do. (Cards of encouragement requested to 8425 W Carroll Rd Whitesburg GA 30185)
Mar 18 Robert Martini for B&B Glass Company – for guidance and financial help – Thanks for the continued work (I just need to get paid.)
Mar 18 Anonymous for Pat Addy
Mar 18 Rebecca Ruffino and Candace Finnegan for Adam G’s family and friends – Adam died this week in a wreck.  He was a senior at Alexander HS.  Please pray for his family.
Mar 18 Candace Finnegan for Matthew Finnegan – He needs healing, peace and guidance.  He had a heartbreak recently.
Mar 18 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – praise for her surgery being scheduled for April 12th – for Kay for a job.
Mar 18 David Barrett for Elizabeth – for salvation.
Mar 18 Ann Shearon for Janet Carver – My niece from Alabama will have ear surgery at the Shay Center in Memphis.
Mar 18 Carolyn and Will Standridge for Chester Standridge – that he will feel better.  P.s. He let us open Christmas presents from Carolyn.  That was nice of him.
Mar 18 Tina Dunbar for Lydia Ludwig – for peace from the loss of Fred Harless (brother).
Mar 14 Jan Palmer

for Barbara Nations - Barbara had a late appointment with her heart doctor today. She appears to be well enough to have the heart procedure where they will insert a pump. However, after the delay to recover from pneumonia, she had to find out if they could put her back in the queue for the operation. Pray for the Lord to work through it all for Barbara's health and healing.

Mar 14 Dee Boreing for Jack Boreing - After today's Doctor's visit, Jack has now been scheduled for surgery on his back on April 5th. Pray for Jack and Dee and all the medical staff involved. May God's healing be done.
Mar 12 Mike Karaty

for his cousin Terry Johnson - I just received word that my cousin Terry went to the doctor for his surgery follow-up and he has developed an infection and is not feeling well. Please pray once again for God's healing power for hium and his wife Patty.

Mar 11 Ed McGrory for Christopher – He is 12 years old and considering suicide, using drugs and is lost.  Pray for Christopher.
Mar 11 Candace Finnegan & Hope Hendrix for Pastor Mike – We want him to know we all appreciate him greatly for all he does for this church and the people in it.
Mar 11 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for the Mission Team – for safety and prosperity on mission.
Mar 11 Ann Eskew

for Pastor Tim Potate of the Pavilion Church – for his health; for Jeri Scovill – pray that surgery will be scheduled soon; for daughter Kay – for a job.

Mar 11 Shirley Barrett for Ronnie Freeman – He had a tumor removed from his brain, and they could not remove it all.  He is having radiation.  Pray that it will be successful; for the Mission Team – Pray for a safe and successful trip; for Caroline and Terry Allan – She is still alert and positive in hospice care, but time is short.  Larry will need our prayers.
Mar 11 Paula Finnegan for Franky Thomas – pray his health improves, he has emphysema.
Mar 11 Bonnie Ray for Boyce Rowland – for an uplifting of his spirit.
Mar 11 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety.
Mar 11 Dominick Martini for Ms. Karen – I hope she will get better and not have a cold; for Devon – for safety and not to get hurt.
Mar 11 Tammy Hendrix for Patsy Boyd (Mother-in-law) – She is in the hospital.  Pray for helaing from lung disease, she is progressing.
Mar 11 Hope Hendrix for Baby Eliza – for safety and peace as her life has just begun.
Mar 11 Anonymous for Pat Addy and Barbara and Jimmy Nations – for health and healing.
Mar 11 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge (Grandpa) – I pray for my Grandpa Chester for healing, safety, peace and guidance.
Mar 11 Jannie Lawler for Kim, baby Emma and Justin – Praise for God’s gift of new life (Emma).  Pray for God’s will in all of our lives.
Mar 9 Christine Standridge for Chester Standridge - Chester was released from the hospital yesterday and sent back to rehab.   Praise the Lord!   They drew 2 liters of fluid from his lungs on Tuesday but, after testing showed there was no infection and that everything else (including his heart) was working good, the doctors were not concerned and since the fluid did not come back they felt the sooner he got back to rehab, the better.
Mar 8 Bonnie Ray

for her mom, Allene Rowland: Mom is much better. They let her go home from the hospital Monday. She is still tired, weak and not eating well, but glad to be home. Thanks for your prayers.

Mar 8 Chuck Standridge via Facebook

Thank you for the prayers for my Dad over the last few days. The hospital released him today and he's been moved back to the rehab facility! Praise God! Please keep up the prayers that he rehabs quickly because he told me the other day that he was hungry and wanted to go HOME!

Mar 5 From Chris Standridge

They are sending Chuck’s dad back to the hospital either later today or tomorrow.   His lungs have stopped responding to therapy and his kidneys are starting to fail again.    He’s had a rough  few nights so they finally took an x-ray and saw some gray areas that they think might be fluid.   Please pray for a short stay at the hospital and a quick return to rehab.    And please continue to pray for the family (especially Bonnie) as he was doing so well just a few days ago (well enough to ask Bonnie to bring him a sweet tea).

On a good note, I was able to take both Will & Carolyn for a visit yesterday and although Chester was tired (it was late in the afternoon), he perked up when he saw them.   Unfortunately, Will was too scared to get close to the bed but Carolyn marched right up to him, gave him a hug and then proceeded to show him every picture and video of her & Will on my phone.    I think she wore him out with her media blitz!       

Thank you so much for the prayers.

Mar 4 Shannon Shayden

for Chase Harmon – for guidance as he nears 18 years of age, and for the ability to make good decisions; for Clayton Heath – for health and relief from foot pain.

Mar 4 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – praise that she has had her last round of chemo.  Now on to her surgery.
Mar 4 Cason Jones for Nat, Mama, Josh, myself and Paw Paw – Lord, please keep your wings over us and hold us safe and keep us out of sins gates.
Mar 4 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance.
Mar 4 Leya for Monta Raye Hembree – She is in the hospital.
Mar 4 Anonymous for a homeless man in Douglasville that has gone missing. Pray for his safety and his return.
Mar 4 Anonymous For all in recovery from last night's storms.
Mar 2 Arubra and Phil Hembree

from reports from Arubra and Phil Hembree about their mom - Monta Raye's vital signs have stabilized and what could have turned into a severe case on pneumonia has been treated effectively. She remains at Wellstar Douglas.

Mar 2 Charlene Searcy following up on Golden UMC's pastor's brother, Kevin Williams. His condition is not improving and he is unresponsive and may be taken off of life support. Please pray for the whole family.
Mar 2 Mike Karaty

Update on his cousin Terry's surgery today:
Just received word that Terry is out of surgery and all went well.  They were able to do the surgery without much cutting.  Thanks for all the prayers.  Will update later.

Mar 1 Arubra Hembree

for Monta Raye Hembree - She has been admitted to the hospital for tests. She is at Wellstar Douglas and your prayers are requested.

Mar 1 Pastor Michael

update on Barbara and Jimmy Nations: Barbara Nations was released from the hospital on Wednesday and is home recovering from the flu. Pray for healing so she can move ahead with needed heart surgery. Jimmy was admitted to Wellstar Douglas Wednesday with breathing issues related to stress. Pray for peace and healing.

They both are rather fragile right now and need peaceful recovery time, so phone calls and visits are not encouraged for a few days as strength is regained. But prayers are definitely sought.

Feb 29 Bonnie Ray

Please put my Mother – Allene Rowland on the Prayer list. She was just admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Pray for a quick & clean recovery.

Feb 29 Mike Karaty

Please remember to pray for my cousin Terry Johnson.  He will be undergoing surgery this Friday at 8:30 am to repair a hernia he received during his last surgery.  Many of you remember what he went through last time and this time is just as serious.  Pray that God guide the doctors hands. 
PS.....Terry is planning to be here in May and is looking forward to meeting y'all.

Feb 28 Pastor Michael

I just returned from the Villa Rica Hospital visiting Barbara Nations. She went in last night due to trouble breathing caused by the flu. She is doing better and might be released tomorrow. Please no visitors or phone calls, she needs to rest and it is hard to talk because of lack of breath.

Feb 28 North Georgia Conference

Kenneth Williams, brother of Rev. Gregory Williams (of Golden Memorial UMC Douglasville) was in a serious auto accident in South Carolina o Thursday, Feb 23rd. He is hospitalized in critical condition. Please lift Kenneth, Rev. Williams, and our sister church family in your prayers.

Feb 26 Ann Shearon

for the upcoming Church Work Day – that we have lots of people

Feb 26 Kenny Campbell for Mr. Spicer – He has liver cancer.
Feb 26 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge – That he will be out of the hospital before my birthday on May 14th so Will and I can see him.
Feb 26 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety. He was moved to a more dangerous dorm.
Feb 26 Arriell for Malecca – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Feb 26 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer; for daughter Kay – for a job; for niece Allison – serving as a missionary; for Randy Turnipseed – he is in severe need of a liver transplant.
Feb 26 Jannie Lawler

for Noble – Pray for a good report from his skin biopsy.

Feb 24 Frank Boone, pastor at Midway UMC - via FaceBook Prayer request for the Little family. We have been informed that Corey Little, grandson of Curtis & Martha Ann Little, was one of the seven Marines who died in the helicopter crash Thursday in Southern California. Please lift all of the Little family in your prayers. Corey's wife, Nicole, is pregnant with their first child. Prayer is powerful and we know it will help the family get through these difficult days. Thank you for being a Prayer Partner! Frank
Feb 23 Charlene Searcy

Please pray for the Hamrick family in the loss of Charles Hamrick.

Feb 22 Jan Palmer

John's mother was injured in an auto accident.  She broke a wrist and injured her ribs.  She will be seeing an orthopedist today for follow up.  Please keep her and the family in prayer.

Feb 22 Mike Lewis

an unspoken request for a dear friend.

Praise the his brother Tony is moving back to Douglasville as he continues recovery from a liver transplant.

Feb 19 Jan Palmer

for the Sisters in Christ Conference

Feb 19 John Palmer for Addy Grace – Addy is 18 mos. Old and is having brain seizures and hearing issues.
Feb 19 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer; for daughter Kay – for a job.
Feb 19 Pastor Michael for Jamie and Lindsey Dobbs – Thank you God for watching over Jamie in his car accident.
Feb 19 Jordan Biangasso for Geral (Grandma’s Dad) – I hope you get better. (cards requested to 8085 Tyree Rd. Whitesburg GA 30185)
Feb 19 Teresa Gould for Ben and Kim Smith – They are a Navy couple who have been trying to have a child. Pray for their miracle.
Feb 19 Paula Finnegan for the Finnegan Family – the whole family is sick. Pray for health and spiritual healing; For Brenda Davis – She is sick and needs physical and mental healing. (cards requested to 6025 South Bear Drive Douglasville GA 30135)
Feb 17 Bonnie Ricks

Please be in prayer for Gloria Scott. Last year, at age 63 she was laid off from her job, and lost her health insurance when her cobra coverage expired. She needs immediate medical tests for possible breast cancer, plus cataract surgery.. Additionally, Gloria recently lost her father for whom she was a caretaker. She also has total care of her brother (age 60) who has Hepatitis C-Stage 4. I only met Gloria today while we were waiting to have our taxes done, but during our long wait we shared a great conversation about declining health, loss, and God\'s love. I offered to put her name on our church\'s prayer list and she was delighted. She is just so scared about her upcoming procedures and afraid for her brother and who will care for him if she is sick herself. Please pray Gloria\'s tumor is benign and that God will take her by the hand and guide her through her ordeal safely.

Feb 13 Bonnie Ricks

for Karen Shepard Hamilton - Karen is having back trouble. Please pray for healing and for relief for her pain.

Feb 13 Bonnie Ricks for Monta Raye Hembree - Monta Raye is under the weather. Please pray she will feel better soon!
Feb 12 Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane – for safety and guidance

Feb 12 Gracie for Ashley – “We got in a big fight”.
Feb 12 Jan Palmer for the Sisters in Christ Conference, Feb. 25th.
Feb 12 Ann Shearon for Shirley Stephenson – She is ill with cancer.  Pray for healing.
Feb 12 Arriell for Malecca Willis – that she’ll come home sooner than she is supposed to.
Feb 12 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge (grandfather) – That he will get better before Valentine’s Day.  (cards requested to 805 Beech Valley Road Lithia Springs GA 30122)
Feb 12 Jordan Hunt for Elizabeth Roper for health, safety and peace.  (Email encouragement to
Feb 12 Avery Hunt for Samaria Arnold – for safety health and peace (cards requested to 6176 Willow Pond Court Douglasville GA 30135)
Feb 5 Lois O'Neal via Face book

I have a really dear friend here on fb & she's having surgery on the 9th for knee problems. She's really scared & has asked privately for prayer. Could you please get her on y'all's prayer list? Her name is Shelby Crutchfield-New.

Feb 5 Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane – for good health.

Feb 5 Jan Palmer for the Sisters in Christ Conference Feb 25.
Feb 5 Paula Finnegan for Matthew Finnegan – Please pray that his surgery was a success and his collarbone heals great.
Feb 5 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer.
Feb 5 Devin Jensen for Grandma, Gramie and PawPaw – for health, they are sick.
Feb 3 Chuck Standridge via FaceBook

FRIENDS P R A Y E R S IN ACTION MY DAD WILL BE MOVED AT 6 PM TODAY TO WINDY HILL WELLSTAR [ RM. 225 ]TO START HIS R E H B he is still in need of a lot of prayer but as you can see from what was GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! THANK YOU JESUS

Feb 2 Bonnie Ricks

Please pray for the family of Ernest "Biff" Phibbs. "Biff" lost his life on Wednesday (2/1/21) after a stroke. He was 60 years old, and a dear friend to our family.

Feb 2 Bonnie Ray

Please pray for healing and comfort for Kim S. as she is having a double mastectomy today and will begin Chemo soon. Also, Katie J. will have a hysterectomy tomorrow.

Feb 1 Chris Standridge

for Chester Standridge:
I just spoke with Bonnie (Chester's wife) and she said that they are going to do two more tests/scans today. If those tests come out clear, and his numbers remain up the rest of the day today, he will be moved (FINALLY!) to rehab tomorrow. Although the doctors at the hospital are hesitant to move him, Bonnie has talked to the folks at rehab and they are quite confident they will be able to work with him and get him off the ventilator. He is still “out of it” (to quote Bonnie) but the rehab therapists have told her that he has something they refer to as “ICU delirium” and they can work with him to get him out of that state.

The family (and specifically Bonnie) is asking for prayers that his tests/scans come back clear today, his numbers remain up until they move him and continue to remain up (and go up!) while in rehab so that he doesn’t have to return to the hospital.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing prayers!!

Jan 31 Chuck Standridge via FaceBook

for his dad, Chester Standridge: Well, yesterday was not a good day for dad. He is still in CCICU. His #'s are not as they should be. Please keep him and my mom in your prayers. Thanks to all.

Jan 30 Pastor Michael

for Barbara Williams and family - Barbara's mother passed away today unexpectedly. Please be in prayer for Barbara, Randy, Jeff and the entire family in this loss. Arrangements are to be determined. No food is needed for the family as the arrangements will be made on the other side of Atlanta.

Jan 29 Robert Martini

giving thanks for steady work.

Jan 29 Arriell Hill for Malecca Willis – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Jan 29 David Barrett for Robert Hart – He does not know the Lord neither does he acknowledge Him as Savior.
Jan 29 Ann Shearon for Steve Fleming and family – My neighbor, Christie Fleming, passed away.  The funeral was today.
Jan 29 Shirley Barrett for Caroline Allen – ALS hospice has been called in.  Also prayer for her husband, Larry.
Jan 29 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing for cancer; for grandson Christopher – for a job.
Jan 29 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for encouragement and safety.
Jan 29 Bonnie Ray for Boyce Rowland – for uplift for his spirit (depression).  He needs a job.
Jan 29 Howard Day for Doreen Golet – for healing and peace from brain and lung cancer, stage 4 and 3.
Jan 29 Jan Palmer for the Sisters in Christ Conference, Feb 25th
Jan 29 Barbara Nations for good results from the heart cath, Wed., Feb 1, and other tests Feb 7.
Jan 29 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge – I pray that he will be moving into a room where Will and I can come see him!
Jan 29 Pastor Michael for Pator Chuck Corradino – in the death of his father.
Jan 29 Teresa Gould and Katlin for Mildred Black – She has been sick for several weeks and can’t seem to get better.  Pray for good health. (cards requested to 8428 Downs Rd. Winston GA 30187)
Jan 29 Molly Campbell for Maggie Fitch – She has a blood clot in her leg.
Jan 25 Chuck Standridge

for Chester Standridge: FRIENDS - The doctors were hoping to be able to release Dad to a rehab facility today but his numbers (oxygen level, etc.) aren't steady enough. Please pray that his numbers will stabilize enough for him to be moved in the next few days. Thank you ALL for the prayers. THEY ARE WORKING! PRAISE GOD!

Jan 25 Bonnie Ricks

for Mike Karaty and Judy Miller: Two members of the kitchen team are in need of prayer. Mike Karaty is being treated for circulation problems in his leg, and Judy Miller is being treated for stomach issues. May God Bless them both.

Jan 25 Joe Hamilton for an unamed friend facing medical tests and procedures today. May God work His perfect healing for this friend.
Jan 24 Bonnie Ricks

for Ernest "Biff" Phibbs. Please be in prayer for our family's dear friend, "Biff". He is 60 years old and has had a stroke. He is being transferred to Emory University Hospital for treatment. Please pray for healing, family courage and a wonderful doctor. Thank you!

Jan 23 Mike Karaty

My doctor is sending me immediately to see a vascular surgeon regarding my left leg. Pray for Gods healing power and that I do not require surgery.

Jan 22 Carolyn Standridge

for Chester Standridge (Grandpa) – I pray that he’ll be moved to rehab this week.

Jan 22 Arriell Hill for Malecca – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Jan 22 Ann Eskew for Jeris Scovill – for healing from cancer; for grandson Christopher – for a job.
Jan 22 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for encouragement.
Jan 21 Chuck Standridge via Facebook

OK, so today my dad had a cat scan done and the Dr's. say if he doesn't get any worse he can go to rehab at Windy Hill Monday. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN YOUR PRAYERS and thank you for all of your prayers.

Jan 15 Howard Day

for Doreen Golet – She has brain cancer.

Jan 15 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge – Praise that he is better. I hope that Will and I can go see him next week!
Jan 15 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – healing from cancer; for Christopher (Grandson) – for a job for him and for all looking for work.
Jan 15 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – Pray for a place to live when released and for a good treatment center.
Jan 15 Paula Finnegan for her family – Pray that I can get my family back to church and worshipping and serving God.
Jan 15 Gracie Barnett & Ashley Goins – for our neighborhood.  People are selling drugs.
Jan 14 Jan Palmer

for Pat Addy - After treatment for heart problems Pat's heart has been restored to its normal rhythm. Praise the Lord!

Jan 13 Chuck Standridge OK SO IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER SIT DOWN AND HANG ON Yesterday my dad had a trake put in to replace the breathing tube in his throat and for the last month we have been very worried that he was going to heaven very soon; his dr's. were not full of hope and had really done all they could do and we were prepearing for the end ; so my dad comes out of this operation and the Dr. calls us all in a room and closes the door [[ oooh no this can't be good ]] he say's well it went very well he is breathing good his #'s are good and his heart and lungs look good and in my opinion he should be fine in about 2 to 3 weeks [ at this point my mom almost faints I can't catch my breath and we are all stunned ] so my mom after collecting herself say's repeat what you just said ; and he did and he also added it is surley a POWER FROM ABOVE [[[ YEP POWER FROM ABOVE]] so my parents pastor says lets pray and give thanks now and as soon as he said that the Dr. said amen lets pray and we did ' today my dad was positioned up in the bed as if in a chair mouthing words ; alert and in good spirits ' They also took the stint out of his neck and his meds are dn to close to nothing; when he was on 8 to 10 meds and 11 iv's hanging in him. HE IS STILL NOT OUT OF THE WOODS SO PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY]] B U T you must understand my dad was all but gone I can only imagine him standing at the PEARLEY GATES with PETER and a voice from the other side of the gates said CHESTER WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON GO HOME ITS NOT YOUR TURN YET praise the lord and give thanks and please conTinue to pray WHAT AN AWSOME GOD WE SERVE PRAISES TO ALL OF OUR PRAYER WARRIORS
Jan 12 Pastor Michael

for Barbara Nations - after Barbara's visit with the specialist today it has been determined that she is eligible for the heart pump. Praise the Lord! It will require some additional prep work but this is good news. Please continue prayers for her and Jimmy.

Jan 12 Jan Palmer

Jan just spoke to Pat Addy and learned that at Pat's visit tot the doctor today he discovered some irregularities with the heart and has admitted her to Northside Hospital for further tests. As you might expect, Pat is very troubled by this and requests our prayers.

Jan 11 Chris Standridge

update on Chester Standridge:

Today is a MUCH better day than yesterday (the last couple of days, actually)! There are 8 days left until Chester has reached the 30 day point after the heart stent. Today the surgeon decided it was okay to proceed with a tracheotomy in order to help him breathe better. The surgery went GREAT! The surgeon said "no wonder he couldn't breathe, the intubation tube was more...than half-way blocked."

As soon as he is stable enough he can be taken out of ICCU and be moved to a rehab facility to learn to breathe on his own again (and where Carolyn & Will can go see him…YEA! They miss him so much!) PLEASE keep praying, for God is good (ALL the time!) and prayers are being answered! We aren't completely out of the woods yet, but at least we can now see a pathway!

Thank you, one and all, even to those we may never know until we meet in Heaven, thank you from ALL of our family (including our church family) and friends on both sides of the family and all across the country!

Jan 11 Arubra Hembree

from Tammy Hendrix - Al Crisp, her dad, is out of surgery and in recovery, he needed 5 bypasses.

Also, from Paula Finnegan– Matt is out of surgery and everything went well. Thanks..

Jan 10 Chuck Standridge via Facebook

(Update on his dad, Chester) - Another day - Dad had a rough night and day today. He has coughed up blood and the Doctors were hoping that would not happen. and that his body would have absorbed it.. BUT HE IS STILL HERE AND FIGHTING so we ave another day of stint healing. thank you Lord. Keep praying, it's working. Thanks to the prayer warriors.

Jan 9 Jan Palmer

One of John's friends has a 1 1/2 year old daughter, Addy Grace, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is on her way to Scottish Rite for additional treatmetn and care. Pray that God will heal this child.

Jan. 8 Paula Finnegan

for Matthew Finnegan – pray that his surgery to repair his collarbone goes well and everything heals 100%.

Jan. 8 Dominick Martini for Devon(friend) – for healing to get out of the wheel chair.
Jan. 8 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer; for grandson Christopher – for a new job; for Bonnie Ray for recovery from surgery.
Jan. 8 Shirley Schaefer for Carolyn Allen – She has ALS and is in hospice.  Also pray for her husband Larry; for sister, Ola Enlow – She fell on her face and has had some bad injuries; for daughter, Theresa Samples – She has been unemployed for a year  and her Mom is running out of money; for son, David Barrett – He needs a full time job to be able to support himself.
Jan. 8 Tammy Hendrix for dad, Alvin Crisp – He is having bypass surgery this week.  (cards requested to 4655 Forest Trail, Douglasville GA 30135)
Jan. 8 Ann Shearon for son, Mike Shearon – on a mission trip to Nicaragua; for nephew, Justin Thompson and family – they just left for four years as missionaries to India.
Jan. 8 Arriell Hill for Malecca – I hope you’ll come home soon.
Jan. 8 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge – for healing, he is in the hospital.  He cannot talk.  Will and I cannot go to see him.  You have to be 12 or older.
Jan. 8 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and comfort.
Jan 5 Chris Standridge

The decision was made today by Bonnie (with Chester’s consent and the blessing of their children) to take Chester off of Plavix. The bleeding is too severe and the doctor felt he would bleed to death if they didn’t stop it immediately. The outcome is completely in God’s hands now as the risk of a clot is high. However, we know that God is the ultimate physician and we trust that He will heal Chester as only God can.
Thank you so much for your prayers!

Jan 5 Arubra Hembree

Tracey Bell lost an aunt to cancer; Tammie Hendrix ’s dad is having some surgery (don’t know details, but God does) and thanks to all that helped clean up the sanctuary during the Christmas Holidays.

Jan 5 Chuck Standridge (via Facebook)

for his Dad, Chester:

well HECK ; you know just when you start to see a light @ the end / the DEVIL raises his ugly head / thats one I would really enjoy punching right in the nose. Today the lung Dr. came in and to add to my dad's battle he has developed a form of lupus in his blood and bone marrow. But my dad was awake and some what responsive [ he is a fighter ] ; they may look at putting in a trake tube but the problem is he needs to be off the aspirin and plavix about 5 days to be operated on to do this procedure ; then they are worried that his blood will clot and give him a possible fatal heart attack. Now you see why I would love so much to take a swing at the devil ; oh wait I and all of us has taken a huge punch at the devil by PRAYING IT WORKS // prayer works thank you all so much.

Jan. 3 Chris Standridge

update on Checter Standridge: Prayers are working, everyone! Chester is still holding his own in ICCU. He had a couple of minor setbacks over the weekend but every day without a major setback is a step forward in the right direction. He is still bleeding into his lungs from the blood thinners that are required due to the stent surgery however it alleviated a little bit over the weekend due to some different treatments the doctors tried. When I saw him yesterday, his color was better and he was a little more alert. He’s still on a breathing tube and is being fed intravenously, though, so he cannot talk and he’s on painkillers for the discomfort. One of his doctors told Bonnie on Sunday that the prayers going up are working and to keep them coming!

The specific prayer request is that the bleeding into the lungs stop completely. Ideally, the cardiologist would like him to get a full 30 days on the blood thinners but the pulmonologist said that, unless the bleeding stops completely, that will be impossible. Not only is there a risk of permanent lung damage because of the bleeding but the max amount of time someone can be on a ventilator is 2 weeks without the risk of becoming permanently dependent on it.
Thank you so much everyone!

Jan. 1 Pastoral  Michael and Lindsey Dobbs

for Jessica (long time friend) – In the death of her father in an auto accident.

Jan. 1 Katlin I hope grandpa is OK in heaven.
Jan. 1 Arriell Hill for Malecca Willis – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Jan. 1 Mildred Black for Rachel Black -  Guidance is needed and may she listen to the people who love her.
Jan. 1 Anonymous for Chloe – I hope she gets better from being sick.
Jan. 1 Christine Standridge

(via Facebook) for Chester Standridge - The family met with the doctors Friday and all agree it will take a miracle for Chester because there are no other meds they can use. Its no coincidence that our God is in the miracle business.

Dec. 30 Christine Standridge

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Chuck's father, Chester Standridge, is still in ICCU and doctors feel they do not have any more good options. Our God is the ultimate physician and we know HE has the power to do what man cannot. Our family would appreciate prayers for the situation and for God's touch on Chester. Thank you so much.

Dec. 25 Arubra Hembree Johnny is at home and improving. Please pray for his continued recovery
Dec. 25 Paula Finnegan Matthew is at home and in recovery. Please pray that natural healing of his severe collarbone and clavical injury will begin healing naturally. Otherwise surgery will be required.
Dec. 25 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge (Grandfather) - I want to pray for him because he missed Christmas. He is still in the hospital.
Dec. 20 Arubra Hembree

for Johnny Hembree (Update) - No surgery is required on Johnny’s collarbone, getting him up and moving and has a brace for his wrist. The fall did affect some of the areas of the stomach, so they are dealing with that this a.m. He sounds better and not in as much pain. Thank you for all the prayers, visits, cards and love.

Dec 19 Pastor Michael

update on Matthew Finnegan - Praise the Lord that after extensive examination the only serious injury appears to be a collarbone broken in three places. Decisions on further treatment will be in a couple of weeks after some time for natural healing passes.

Dec 19 Phil Hembree for Johnny Hembree - He is in Room 301 at Wellstar Douglas. He is still in significant pain and tests are being done to see if there is any air in the diaphragm. Pray for God's healing.
Dec. 18 Pastor Michael

Paula Finnegan's son, Matthew, was rushed to the Trauma Center at Grady after a severe 4-wheeler accident today. It is clear is is a very severe injury so please lift Matthew in prayer now.

Dec. 18 Arriell Hill for Johnny Hembree – I hope his shoulder gets better.
Dec. 18 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer; for all to have a blessed Christmas Season.
Dec. 18 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane
Dec. 18 Ann Shearon Praises for Chritmas, for our church, and for our nation.
Dec. 18 Carolyn Standridge for Chester Standridge – for healing, he is in the hospital with breathing problems.
Dec. 17 the Hembree family

Johnny's injuries were determined to be 5 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, bruised lung and bruised shoulder, plus some stitches were needed in his finger. He is being kept overnight to make sure there is no undiscovered bleeding. Please keep him in prayer for a complete recovery.

Dec. 17 Mike Karaty Johnny Hembree was cleaning the roof at Jamie Running's house and fell.  He is on his way to Wellstar Douglas ER and appears to have a separated shoulder and a finger cut.  Pray that he is not severely hurt and has excellent treatment.  More will be posted as it is known.
Dec. 16 Chuck Standridge My Dad has been taken to the emergency room at Cobb where he will stay for now. The pill's that were to remove the fluids from around his lungs, chest, and heart are not working, and he can't breath. I and my family covet your prayers , THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART; GOD'S WILL BE DONE. I LOVE YOU DAD
Dec. 16 Bonnie Ray

Please lift up the Smith family as the wife/mother: Mandy lost her battle with bone cancer early Thursday morning. She leaves behind four and six year old children and her passing is 3 years and 3 days after her moms death from cancer. This is difficult for the immediate and extended family and during the holidays.

Dec. 15 Mike Lewis

for Randy Turnipseed - Mike spoke to our old friend Randy and learned that while he has been treated for the previous liver ailment, he has since contracted liver cancer. He is on the transplant list. Please pray for Randy, Cynthia and Chance.

Dec. 13 Bonnie Ricks Praise for our God and Savior Jesus Christ and for our fellow worshipers! Our precious church has come together to serve our community and each other during this Christmas Season and all of 2011. May we continue to spread the good news of Jesus by our example to each other and to all we meet in 2012. Peace and Love to all. 
Dec. 12 Christine Standridge

Praises for my sister, Cheryl Korb, who has finally completed her graduate classes and received her Masters degree in Psychology & Family Counseling last week!   She’s spent 3 long years working and going to school and we were blessed to be able to celebrate her accomplishment with her yesterday at a family luncheon.

Also, please add Chuck’s dad, Chester Standridge, back to the prayer list.   His health has declined rapidly in the last couple of weeks and we’re all extremely concerned.   We saw him last night and he is unable to breathe, even on full oxygen.   He is heading to the doctor this morning and our prayer is that he won’t have to go back into the hospital.   Please prayer for strength for Chuck’s mom, Bonnie, as she cares for him and for wisdom for the doctors. 

Dec. 11 Mike, Martha and Andrew Lewis

for Thomas Lewis – as of 12/8/11, Thomas is a member of the Georgia National Guard.  Praise the Lord and pray for his protection.

Dec. 11 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Brawny Perry – She has breast cancer and is undergoing chemo.  For Kenny Sadler – Pray for health and healing.  He has a blood clot in his leg and possibly in his heart.  For Noble – Pray for health and healing, peace of mind and body.  Pray for joy in his life.
Dec. 11 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer.  For Kim Stone and her unborn baby – Pray for good health, safety, peace and guidance.  Pray that God will reveal Himself to her.
Dec. 11 Ann Shearon for her brothers-in-law – Billy Tisdale and Joe Smith – for good health and healing.
Dec. 11 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety, clearing of his mind, and to make the right decisions.
Dec. 11 Megan Jensen for Tanis and Robin Jensen - for healing.
Dec. 11 Mike Karaty for Larry Weaver – He is a leader at Celebrate Recovery and had a heart attack last week.
Dec. 11 Kenny Campbell

Please add Ken Allen to the prayer list. Ken had a heart attack last week and is at Tanner in Carrollton. They will be running more test Monday to check the extent of the damage.

Dec. 9 Doshie Richardson

for her brother, Jerome Emerson - After some trouble following his procedure on Tuesday following his stroke, he has now improved enough to go home. He is still having some vision problems. Please pray for his complete recovery.

Dec. 7 Doshie Richardson

for her brother, Jerome Emerson – My brother had a stroke.  Emergency surgery was done on the left side of his neck.  Tuesday they repaired the right side.  But today he has had some complications that call for immediate prayer for healing.

Dec. 4 Jennifer Lane

for Dominick Martini – Dom was taken to the Doctor this afternoon and diagnosed with possible appendicitis. He has been medicated and follow-up will be done. Please pray for Dom’s healing.

Dec. 4 Ann Shearon – praise for the Christmas Season.
Dec. 4 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Brawny Perry – she has breast cancer. Praise the Lord that Alline Taormina is better. Her blood count has improved.
Dec. 4 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovil – for healing from cancer.
Dec. 4 Bob Martini for Henry Lane – for safety and peace; thanks for a new job with B&B Glass.
Dec. 4 Carolyn Standridge for the Lynn family –Will’s friend’s uncle died last Sunday in a car accident.
Dec. 4 Robert Buice for Marie –for healing.
Dec. 4 the Jensen family for Gramie (Robin Jensen) – she has lupus and fibromyalgia and is in a lot of pain and cannot work. Pray for healing.
Dec 1 Charlene Searcy

for Norman Brown - He came out of his quadruple bypass well and is currently sitting up and eating ice chips. His Dad try to trick him by changing his calendar to read 12/1/2015 but he didn’t fall for that so he is alert. Many thanks for the prayers.

Nov 28 Charlene Searcy

Please put Norman Brown on the prayer list. He is only about 40 and had 6 heart attacks this weekend. He was already in the hospital after the 1st two and then suffered several others.

Nov 27 Carolyn Standridge

for her dad, Chuck – I am happy because Daddy was safe after working all night and coming home on his motorcycle.

Nov 27 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and peace.
Nov 27 Stacey Bell for Robert Burton – for healing from a broken arm.  He was caught in machinery.
Nov 27 Bonnie Ray for Dustin Jones – for healing  and wisdom for the doctors  and a good prognosis from a stomach disorder.  For Beteana Rowland to get her life in the right direction.
Nov 27 Tracy Bell for Lynn Pope – She has stage 4 cancer and is going to the MD Anderson Treatment Center in Houston for experimental treatment.
Nov 27 Jannie Lawler for her sister in law, Alline Taorimina – Her white blood count continues to fall, down to 4.8.  Pray it will stabilize and not fall any further. (cards requested to 1050 Bankhead Hwy, Apt. 168, Villa Rica GA 30180)
Nov 23 Doshie Richardson for her brother, Jerome Emerson. He had a stroke and is facing possible surgery to correct 80% blockage in his carotid artery. Please pray for healing.
Nov 23 Bonnie Ray for Dustin Jones - Dustin is 23 and is at the ER with severe digestive problems. He has had significant weight loss, is losing blood and a diagnosis is yet to be found. Pray for effective treatment to be found soon.
Nov 23 Charlene Searcy

update on her friend Mariyln's husband, John. The seizures have moderated. He is now in a regular room. Marilyn wishes to thank everyone for thier prayers. He still needs God's intervention for a complete healing.

Nov 21 Charlene Searcy

for the spouse of a former co-worker - Marilyn's husband, John was struck with a seizure yesterday and has not come out of it.  He is in Atlanta Medical Center in ICU with heavy sedation.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Nov 20 Paula Finnegan

for Denise Shelby and family – their uncle died unexpectedly.

Nov 20 Ann Eskew My friend Jeri Scovill is back in the hospital.
Nov 20 Arriell Hill for Malecca Willis – I hope she’ll come home soon.
Nov 20 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane and Barbara Lane for health and safety.
Nov 20 Jamie Running for nephew, Jon - He is in Pakistan for two weeks.
Nov 18 Mike Karaty

for Jamie Running's daughter Ruth - She came through the surgery fine and went home 6 hours later.
She thanks all for their prayers

Nov 18 Bonnie Ricks

God is good! My daughter Robin is in recovery after 5 hours of surgerry. All is well. Thank you for the many prayers.

Nov 13 the Jensen family

for Tanis Jensen (Grandma) – She is having trouble with her heart and kidneys.  She may have to have open heart surgery.  She is having severe kidney trouble. (Card requested to 8411 Mt. Zion Rd Whitesburg GA 30185)

Nov 13 Robert Martini for Jennifer Lane – for healing.  She had facial surgery Friday.
Nov 13 Ann Shearon for Our Veterans; our church; Happy Birthday to David Barrett.
Nov 13 Barbara and Randy Williams for son, Jason – for all troops, especially those pulling out of Iraq, especially Jason.  His battalion drives out of Iraq the middle of this week.
Nov 13 Jamie Running for daughter Ruth – She is having surgery Wednesday.
Nov 13 Brenda Day Upshaw for Howard Day and family – in the loss of his oldest son, Alan Day, 11/10/11. (Cards requested to 9110 Edenburgh Drive Winston GA 30187)
Nov 13 Bonnie Ricks for daughter Robin Ricks Fouts – for her upcoming surgery at Emory on Friday the 18th.
Nov. 10 Jan Palmer

Be in prayer for the Day family.  Howard Day's son, Alan passed away this morning.  Arrangements will be shared as they are known.

Nov. 10 Bonnie Ray

Seeking prayer for my Bosses father: Thomas Smith, who is in the hospital, battling leukemia, has basically given up, won't eat, sleeps most of the time. The wife is hopeful that he'll be OK by Thanksgiving but the (grown) children are not seeing this the same way. Ask that God’s Will be done and peace/comfort for him and the Smith family.

Nov. 8 John Palmer Howard Day's son, age 65, is in the final stages of Alzheimer's and is not expected to make it through the night. Please be in prayer for Mr. Day, his son, his daughter Brenda, and the family at this difficult time.
Nov. 6 Devin

for Grammie and PawPaw – they are sick.  

Nov. 6 Arubra Hembree for Mike and Marsha Van Orden – for healing from cancer.
Nov. 6 Mike Karaty for Minister Fred Polk – son of the late Bishop Rufus Polk.  He is in need of a pacemaker and is having heart problems.  He is 39.
Nov. 6 Ann Shearon for – praise for the success of all the events of our church, Trunk or Treat, Bazaar – for George Hall for healing – praise that Wavelyn and Ovis were able to be at church – continue to pray for our church.
Nov. 6 Anonymous for our Youth – May God bless them.
Nov. 6 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for safety and comfort.
Nov 3 Charlene Searcy

for George Hall - George is not feeling well and has a couple of Doctor's appointments in the coming days.  Pray for relief from the discomfort and for renewed strength for his body.

Nov 3 Shanna and Shayden for Chase Harmon - Pray for peace and guidance as he becomes a young adult.
Nov 2 Charlene Searcy

Many will remember Pat Frost who attended New Covenant for years and has been in the nursing home for some time. Pat went home to Jesus yesterday and was buried today at 4 PM.

Oct 31 Ann Eskew

for Jeri Scovill – her cancer surgery has been postponed due to a blood clot on her ling.  Pray for this to clear and a successful surgery.

Oct 31 Bonnie Ricks for Jennie Williams – she has been diagnosed with leukemia.
Oct 31 Jennifer Lane for healing from my upcoming facial surgery.
Oct 31 Robert Martini for the Martini family – Pray that the negative energy that has been around us to  be taken away and for peace.
Oct 31 Dominick Martini for my Dad to be blessed and have peace.
Oct 31 Brenda Day Heath for Alan Day – His health is failing every day.  We pray for peace for him and our family.
Oct 31 Bonnie Ray for Samantha Ray – Praise the Lord for her nomination for Governor’s Honors.  Pray that she will have guidance, wisdom and peace in her interview for acceptance in the program on Nov. 8th. (Cards requested to 85 Louise Lane Villa Rica GA 30180)
Oct 31 Ann Shearon for Billy Tisdale (Brother-in-law) – Praise the Lord he is home from the hospital.
Oct 29 Sandra Bryant

for Annette Davis - for healing of her heart, lungs and kidneys.

Oct 29 Bonnie Ricks

for Jennie "Genie" Horne - My daughter-in-law, Andrea Ricks sent me this note regarding her mother, She is asking for prayer: "We received a call today from my mom's ("Genie" Horne) doctor and she has been diagnosed with Acute Monoblastic Leukemia. It is a rare type. We will leaving for Emory on Monday to start intensive chemo therapy. Please keep her in your prayers.

Oct 27 Dee Boreing for Jack Boreing- Thanks everyone for you prayers and concerns for Jack, his back surgery is scheduled for Monday. Keep praying.
Ocy. 26 Bonnie Ricks for Jennine Horne - Jennie is ill, and is being tested for possible lukemia. Please pray for a treatable disease with little pain, knowledgeable and understanding doctors, and wonderful blessings from heaven above. Thank you!
Oct. 23 Arriell Hill

for Malecca (mom) – I hope she’ll come home soon.

Oct. 23 Steve Petry for the family of Bernah Hushman who died of stomach cancer.
Oct 22 Barbara Lane

for nephew Tony Wright - Tony is in Wellstar Douglas ICU with Acute Pancreatitis complicated by severe diabetes. Please pray for his health and recovery. The condition is very serious.

Oct 22 Joe Hamilton for workers to help unload 650 Pumpkins at 4 PM this afternoon.
Oct. 17 Chris Standridge

Update on Chester Standridge:     

Please continue to keep Chester, his family & the doctors in prayer.    They tried 2 new medications over the weekend but neither worked.  Chester’s heartrate is still over 120 and remains very erratic.  They are trying to schedule him today for a procedure called a “cardiac ablation” which will involving inserting a lead into his heart to stop the electric “shortage” that is causing the irregularities.    It’s a fairly common procedure and has a high success rate but due to his other health issues, it’s a risky procedure for him.   Please pray that it’s successful and he’ll be able to go home over the next couple of days.   

Oct. 17 Chris Standridge Please put Kamau Hopewell, the 8 yr. old son of Carolyn’s teacher, Angela Hopewell, on the prayer list.   Kamau is a normally healthy, strong young man who plays all sports, including the football team that Carolyn cheers for.   Angela emailed all of us parents in Carolyn’s class this morning asking for prayers as she takes him to the doctor today for some severe stomach and intestinal issues he’s been experiencing for the last 2 weeks.    She indicated that he never complains about feeling sick or about pain so this it out of character for him.   Please pray for a good outcome for Kamau.
Oct. 16 Bonnie Ricks

for Jasper Fouts, 9 year old grandson - Jasper fell while playing with his brother and broke his left forearm completely into (both bones.) He will be put to sleep on Tuesday at Scottish Rite to have the bones set. Please pray for a great Doctor, pain free experience and God's healing touch.

Oct. 16 Bonnie Ray for Amanda Jones – Please pray for a healthy and blessed pregnancy.
Oct. 16 Dominick Martini for Devon -  I hope his ankle heals OK.
Oct. 16 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer – for the Bryant family on the one year anniversary of Tony’s passing.
Oct. 16 Janie and Noble Lawler for Leslie and Ann Smith (sister) – Ann, (Jannie’s sister) has Alzheimer’s and Leslie (neice) is her caregiver.
Oct. 16 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for healing of his mind.
Oct. 16 Mike and Martha Lewis for Andrew Lewis – Praise the Lord that Andrew’s injury was not as serious as first thought yesterday.
Oct. 16 Pastor Michael for Joe Tucker (spouse of our DS, Dr. Jacqui Rose Tucker) – he has been hospitalized and needs our prayers for good health (emails of encouragement requested to
Oct. 15 Mike Lewis

Mike's son, Andrew, injured his shoulder in a fall this morning at an ROTC physical competition. He is in the ER in Paulding County now. Pray for Andrew, the family and the medical staff that Andrew will find relief and healing by the hand of the Lord.

Oct. 14 Chris Standridge

Please pray for Chuck’s dad, Chester. He was sent to the ER yesterday by his primary doctor because his heart was severely out of rhythm. They’ve tried 2 medications so far (one was a 10 hour IV drip) and neither has worked; his heart rate is still out of rhythm and now extremely high. He is also high risk for any surgical procedures so their options are limited. Please pray that they’ll find the right medication or a safe procedure that will take care of the problem and allow him to go back home. Thank you!

Oct. 12 Bonnie Ray for Daly Perez, she is having issues with standing up. Test have been run and more tests will be ran, but it’s suspected to be MS. Please lift up this mother of two sons,  age 9 & 16, that the best possible outcome will happen
Oct. 11 Charlene Searcy for Kim Duvall - Kim is undergoing major surgery today and the report from the early part of the surgery is it has gone well.  Please pray for God's hand to guide the doctors and staff as they complete their work and for a graceful and gentle recovery for Kim.
Oc.t 9 Paula Finnegan

for Eddie Davis – Open the eyes of his heart and give him healing and peace.

Oct. 9 Jamie Running Praise for duaghter Ruth's good report on her arm, no clot was found. Praise for the kindness of the men who came and did yard work at her home.
Oct. 9 Carolyn Standridge for Chuck Standridge (Dad) – for safety on his motorcycle in the rain.
Oct. 9 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for the safety and comfort of the Lord..
Oct. 9 Shirley Schaefer for Payton Rice (Bob’s granddaughter) – She has mono, a sinus infection, strep throat and an intestinal virus.
Oct. 9 Ann Shearon for Joe Smith (Brother-in-law) – for healing.
Oct. 9 Brenna Barnett for the church – “I hope we sell all the pumpkins” and for any unspoken requests.
Oct. 9 Tammy Hendrix for Patsy Boyd – for healing and peace.
Oct. 7 the Smith family

Wavelyn Smith is home now and recovering from the heart issues of last week.  Pray that there is a complete and gentle recovey for Wavelyn and Ovis.

Oct. 7 Arubra Hembree

for a young man by the name of Andrew Studebaker, in Burn Unit at Grady – please lift him up in prayer.

Oct. 7 Arubra Hembree for Louise Tolbert of the Fairplay Community is having cancer surgery today.
Oct. 7 Arubra Hembree

for Buster Roberts – A friend of mines husband, Pancreas issues. 

Oct. 7 the UMMen praise the Lord for all who helped unload the truck of pumpkins Thursday.  And a special thanks goes to the young people of the ROTC Raiders unit for their strength and willingness to help.
Oct. 4 Jamie Running

for Daughter Ruth Running: She is going to the vascular doctor to rule out a blood clot in her arm. Please pray for healing.

Oct. 2 Lois O'Neal for Horry Horton - Horry is elderly, disabled and dependent on others for his care. Their are those who seek to take advantage of his condition for their own profit. Pray that he receives honest care and that he is safe in his own home. May God place a hedge of protection around him and his home.
Oct. 2 Pastor Michael

for Wavelyn Smith – (Update after pastoral visit) Wavelyn is at Emory Midtown after a heart attack last evening.  He has had a stint inserted and is recovering.  He will have another put in next week.  Keep Wavelyn and Ovis in prayer.

Oct. 2 Carolyn Standridge for Johnny Williams – He broke his arm.
Oct. 2 Robert Matini Thanks for a week of no worries, family bonding, and loads of fun.
Oct. 2 the Jensens for Tanis Jensen – There are lots of kidney surgeries lined up.
Oct. 2 Ann Shearon for Joe Smith and wife, Maxine (Ann’s sister) – for Joe to walk again.  He is in the hospital for the fourth month.
Oct. 2 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for healing from cancer – for Annette Davis for her upcoming tests.
Oct. 2 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Alline Taormina -  She is having a scan on Oct. 3rd to check on the extent of her blood cancer.  (Cards requested to 1050 Bankhead  Hwy Apt 186 Villa Rica GA 30180)
Oct. 2 Jamie Running for Martha G – for her health.
Oct. 2 Pam Willis for Nell Wilkie – for healing from major back surgery 9/27. She is at home recovering. She is 71 years old.
Oct. 2 Jenny Baker for Wavelyn and Ovis and family: Pop aka Wavelyn Smith had a heart attack last night. They were able to clear the blockage and he is doing much better this morning. That is really all the details I have right now but the doctor seemed very positive. Please pray for both him and grandma.  He is at Emory Midtown.
Sept. 25 Carolyn Standridge Please pray for Gavin Thompson. He is having ear surgery.
Sept. 25 The Jensen family for Tavis Jensen: for healing from surgery to remove ramining kidney stones.
Sept. 23 Lois O'Neal

for Horry Horton - Horry is the older gentleman under Lois' nightime care as a live-in caregiver.  He is legally blind and has numerous pther health issues.  Yet his independent spirit causes him challenges due to poor judgement.  Pray for God's protection and guidance for Horry, Lois and for Bree, the daytime caregiver.

Sept. 23 Tom Findley (via the web) for Bo and Heather Smith - Bo has been recently diagnosed with leukemia.  They are expecting their first child in March.  Pray for Bo and Heather as they begin the treatment process, that God will work through this to give them comfort and healing in the days to come.
Sept. 23 the NC Hurricane recovery team from New Covenant Please pray for us as we travel and work.  May God go before us to prepare the way for a safe and useful time for Him.  Pray that the blessings of His love will produce fruit for the Kingdom in this time with our neighbors in need.   Pray for a safe return home when finished and for others to step up and take the next step for the folks in NC.
Sept 18 Tina Dunbar

for Jesse Dunbar for good health.

Sept 18 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – continue prayers for healing from cancer; for Annette Davis for health issues.
Sept 18 Jan Palmer for Liz Peters – Liz has cancer and will have a kidney remover on Sept 25.  Pray for healing.
Sept 18 Jan Palmer for Liz Peters – Liz has cancer and will have a kidney remover on Sept 25.  Pray for healing.
Sept 18 Cason Jones for Nat, Mama, Josh, Laurin, Jeff, Nany and Papa – I”I hope that God has His wings over them and that they are cared for and loved.”
Sept 18 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane.
Sept 18 Johnny Hembree for Bronnie Perry – for health and healing from cancer.
Sept. 15 Fernando (Ferny) Martinez for his family in the loss of his nephew, Ruben. Ruben went home to Jesus on Monday. The physical battle against a parasitic virus has been lost but by God's grace his eternal victory has been won. The family sends their thanks for your continued prayers.
Sept. 11 Anonymous

for J Peters who has cancer.

Sept. 11 Ann Shearon for Joe Smith (brother in law) – for healing
Sept. 11 Tracy Bell

for Marlene Butler and Lynn Pope (her Dad’s sisters) – they both have inoperable cancer. Pray for God’s healing.

Sept. 11 Anonymous

for all affected by 9-11.

Sept. 11 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – continue prayers for healing from cancer.
Sept. 9 Charlene Searcy

Please be in prayer for the family of Ross Camp, son of Jennifer and Ronnie Camp. He took his own life and the family needs prayer urgently.

Sept. 4 Noble and Jannie Lawler

for Angela Davis – Praise the Lord for successful breast surgery. Pray for good results from the subsequent tests.

Sept. 4 Dominick Martini for Vada – I hope she feels better with her throat.
Sept. 4 Jannie Running for Lahr Gonzalez – He is 81 years old and is having knee replacement on Thursday.
Sept. 4 Ann Eskew for Jeri Scovill – for continued prayer during her cancer treatment.
Sept. 4 Brenda Day Upshaw for Arlene Day – for health, healing, peace and guidance. She is in the hospital very sick and Doctor’s have not yet been able to determine the problem.
Sept. 4 Joe Hamilton for Ruben (nephew of our Mexico coordinator, Ferny) – Ruben is in ICU in Seville, Spain with lung failure. He has contracted an illness from a parasite and is profoundly ill. Please continue your prayers.
Sept. 1 Jan Palmer

for Liz Peters (follow-up): Liz' condition is very serious. She had a complete body scan today to determine the extent of the cancer. It does not look good. Please pray for Liz and her family for God's intervention in this situation.

Sept. 1 Bonnie Ray for all mpacted by Hurricane Irene: Please remember the many people who were and still are affected by this terrible storm.
Sept. 1 Jason Hamilton for Peggy Deck (Grandmother): She came through the hip surgery well but the ongoing clinical depression is preventing her from participating in the much needed physical therapy. She and the family are facing difficult decisions in her ongoing care. Pray that God will clear her mind of the depression and that she can make good decisions on her own behalf.
Aug 27 note: the normal procedure for sending emailed prayer requests will be down until Friday. Please share requests with one another via phone and personal email in the interim.
Aug 27 Jason Hamilton

His grandmother, Peggy Deck (80+) has been hospitalized again with clinical depression. While in the hospital, she fell and broke her hip. She is having surgery this morning. Please be in prayer for her, the medical staff and for peace in her mind and spirit as she moves to rehab.

Aug 27 Joe & Karen Hamilton

for a continued safe and rerstful journey as we embark on a cruise this afternoon.

Aug 26 Fernando Martinez Medina 'Ferny' (via Joe Hamilton):

Many of you will remember Ferny, our host in Mexico for multiple mission teams. You may also remember his nephew, Ruben. The first time we were there, he was a gangly teenager trying too hard and coming from an awkward family situation. The last time we werre there he was an amazing and mature young man in the Lord who led VBS with a powerful Spirit from God.
He is currently facing a threat to his life and health. Please read this message from Ferny and pray for Ruben.

WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOUR PRAYERS, DO YOU REMEMBER RUBEN? MY NEPHEW, he is fighting between life and death, he got travel to spain to study at sevilla"s university for one month, but after 2 days there, he got sick, he has been 20 days in intensive care with an african virus that attacked his lungs. he is connected to an artificial respirator since their lungs work only 50%. he is very sick but we trust in my LORD because to HIM NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, please keep in your prayers to Him, Ruben needs it, ok? thanks.
we love you

Aug 26 Jan Palmer Jan's bus driver, Edith has a cousin, Liz Peters. Liz has been told a spot has been found on her kidney. She and her husband will be at the doctor today. Pray for healing and a good report.
Aug 21 Ann Shearon

for the Booth family – Their son Daniel was killed in a traffic accident Friday night.

Aug 21 Jannie Lawler

for Noble – pray for good health and healing of knees. Both are giving him trouble. For our country & an end to the drought – Pray that our nation’s people will turn to God. Pray for rain where it is needed.

Aug 21 Anonymous for a marriage in crisis – healing of a hard heart.
Aug 21 Jennifer Lane

for Barbara Lane – for comfort from stress

Aug 21 Dominick Martini for friend Devon – Healing for his arm.
Aug 21 Mildred Black for the Gould family – They are on their way to Arlington Cemetery to bury their loved one.
Aug 21 Lonnie Broyles for Jerry Broyles (father) – for his healing.
Aug 21 Sandra Bryant for Harold Morris – Pray for his recovery from a stroke.
Aug 21 Ann Eskew for her friend Jerri –Jerri has begun her treatment for cancer.
Aug 21 Devin for my family.
Aug 20 Joe Hamilton

for Jan Booth and family - Jan Booth, director of the Christian Community Orchestra, lost her son Daniel Friday night in a motorcycle accident on Hwy 5. He left three daughters. Please remember the whole family in your prayers.

Aug 19 Mike Karaty

for Patty and Terry (cousins) - I spoke with Patty and Terry today as they came home from the doctors office. They have permanently removed the pick line from Terry's neck and given him the all clear medically. NO MORE COLOSTOMY and his wounds and the cancer have healed. PRAISE GOD FOR MIRACLES, and they wish to thank all the prayer warriors for all their prayers during in this time of crisis. They wish God's blessings on everyone of you and once again most of all to God for his answered prayers.
I look forward to seeing all of you next week.

Aug 18 Bonnie Ray

Please ask a prayer of healing for a co-workers nephew: Tyler James that was in a terrible car accident and is in Critical condition. Also, lift up Amanda Smith as she deals with terminal bone cancer. She is in a lot of pain and recently broke a rib just from laughing.  She has two small children and this is difficult for the whole family.

Aug 14 Shirley Schaefer

for Caroline Allen – She has ALS.  For Theresa Samples – She needs a job desperately.   For the Leatherwood family – their daughter died of cancer yesterday.

Aug 14 Christine Standridge for Lt. Eric Crawford – He is deploying to Afghanistan this week.
Aug 14 Pat Addy for Kenny Garrett – Doctors give him 2 months to live.
Aug 14 Joe & Karen Hamilton for Lois O’Neal – Please continue prayer for her safety and for enough work to survive. 
Praise the Lord for a wonderful work day finishing the job at the Habitat House.  It was a blessing to all involved at any level.
Aug 14 Tina Dunbar for Woody Wood – for his health.
Aug 14 Jerri Alverson for Laura (niece) – She has cancer behind her pancreas.
Aug 10 Jan Palmer Jan has learned of an immediate and urgent prayer need for a 22 month old child who is in ICU in critical condition after being shot in the chest with a nail gun.  We do not have additional detail at this time, but the need is great and God knows the child by name.  Please pray for healing and God's comfort for the child and the family.
Aug 9 Joe Hamilton for Lois O'Neal:  Please pray for her safety in her new home.  The house is in probate and she is the legal tenant.  The disputing party came by tonight having just been released from prison and was belligerent and intimidating.  Pray God's Spirit over her and her home and that He will be at work in this man's life as well.
Aug 9 Joe Hamilton

for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Praise the Lord, Karen has been released from the hospital and is doing well. She will have follow-up care for her clotting issues to ensure no further clots are present in her system. The grace of God through your prayers has been and continues to be much appreciated.

Aug 7 Robert Martini

Praise and thanks for continued steady work - for Henry Lane for safety and guidance in his time of need.

Aug 7 Doshie Richardson for Reba Patterson (Mom) – Pray for her in the loss of her husband (Roy) – for her stepson Nelson Patterson who has been to the hospital twice since his father died.  (card requested to 5126 Pat Caldwell Rd Blairsville GA 30512)
Aug 7 Martha Lewis for Cheyenne Perrein – for her health, especially a cyst.
Aug 7 Ann Eskew

for Jerri Scovill - Jerri begins chemo this Tuesday. Pray for her healing.

Aug 7 Carolyn Standridge

for uncle Kevin O'Connell - That he may be safe being a full time firefighter.

Aug 7 Pastor Michael for Rev. Mike Shearon and Tunnell Hill UMC - Praise for Mike's church being named the best church in NW Georgia.
Aug 7 Pastor Michael Praise for successful surgery and improvement in the health of Tony Lewis, Mike Lewis' brother.
Aug 7 Pastor Michael Pray for Pastor Pedro and the people of Barhona in the Dominican Republic and for Pastor Rigaud and the people of Haiti in the aftermath of the storms.
Aug 5 Joe Hamilton

for John Palmer and family - Please pray for John, his Mom and his family as they deal with the loss of John's Uncle this week in Tennessee.

for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Karen is in Wellstar Douglas room 334. She is being treated for a pulmonary embolism. The doctor believes he can dissolve it with medication and that she can be home soon. Pray for her healing and comfort.

Aug 2 Jonell Keeler

for Jim Keeler Sr.: Thursday Jim went out to mow the yard and his cub zero turn flipped over backwards on him...He has a broken femur,,, several ribs, broken collar bone and will be going to Morning View Rehab as soon as a room opens up..will not be able to put weight on leg for two months. Thanks for all your prayers..Love you all with the great love of GOD...Jonell..:))

Aug 1 Paula Finnegan

They took Tracie Bell's father off life support today. He passed at noon. There will be no funeral. The family is having somethng just for family next saturday. Please keep the family in your prayers.

July 31 Paula Finnegan

for Tracie Bell’s dad - They met today about Tracie Bell's dad and decided they were going to take him off life support tomorrow. Please pray for God's will be done and for peace in this family. Thanks.

July 31 Bonnie Ricks for Norm Mickle - Norm has a brain tumor, and will undergo surgery on Monday. His daughter, Casey Mickle Presley, is asking that everyone offer up prayers for her dad.  
Also for Margaret Olsen - -Margaret has cancer. Her sister Julia McElhannon has requested prayer for her.
July 31 Mike Lewis for brother Tony – Praise for answered prayer in his successful liver transplant.  All recovery indicators are great.
July 31 Ann Eskew for Jerri Scovill – She has cancer and needs prayer.
July 31 Pastor Mike for repair for the air conditioning in the sanctuary.
July 31 Doshie Richardson for Reba Patterson – For my Mama for peace & guidance in the passing of Daddy.  Card requested to 5121 Pat Colwell Rd Blairsville GA 30512.
July 30 Paula Finnegan

I have an update on Tracie Bell's father he is not doing well please pray for them they are meeting with the doctor tomorrow morning (Sunday) to make some decisions on what to do next. PRAY PRAY PRAY They are going to need all prayers they can get right now .

July 29 Sandra Bryant

Today God has blessed the Bryant Family with a beautiful baby girl. Kimberly gave birth to Alexis Virginia Bryant today at around 11:34 am. at Wellstar Cobb. She weighed 6 pounds 8.9 Ounces and was 2l inches long. Kenney is on cloud nine, and both Mother and Baby are doing fine. I hope to have pictures soon so that I can be the proud bragging Grandmother. God bless all.

July 28 George Hall

Zack and Anne Zufelt, Townsend MA have asked for our prayers for her brother Dan. Dan is in an alcoholic rehab center and needs God's healing from this addiction before he does harm to himself.

July 26 Steve Leathers

July 28 - UPDATE - T.J. passed away and ongoing prayer is requested for the family and friends.

for a co-worker at AT&T - T.J. Lumpkin: TJ has been battling cancer for a couple years and recently found out he has yet another tumor which has collapsed part of his lungs. He was told there’s nothing else that can be done. The doctor took him off of the IV chemo and, as a shot in the dark, has prescribed an oral chemo regimen that "persistent" TJ is willing to try, but the effectiveness is usually between 15—20%. Please pray for T.J.

July 25 Mike Lewis

Tony (brother) came through the liver transpoant surgery well. It was lengthy and serious but things are progressing well through the slow recovery. Pray for the ongoing recovery and for travel mercies for Mike and family returning Wednesday.

also MIke asks for prayer for Bill, an old veteran and a new friend with no family, who is having brain surgery tomorrow morning for multiple tumors.

July 25 Teresa Gould

Just wanted to let you know that Wally "Luke" Gould, Sr. passed away last night around 8:30 pm. The entire family was with him and we feel sure he knew we were all there. He will truly be missed. He and his wife Mary have been married for 57 years, she was 16, he was 19 when they started dating. Four kids later and 28 years in the military and they were still in love and best buddies. Thank you for all your prayers.

July 25 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Mallory & Josh - Mallory and Josh are cousins of our firend Joy who works at Kroger.  They lost their baby at 34 weeks and need prayer now.
Kuly 24 Mike Lewis

Mike, Andy and sister-in-law Gerrie are on their way to Pittsburg, PA for brother Tony's liver transplant. A liver became available 30 minutes ago. Pray for the surgery, the medical team and Tony's recovery, as well as travel mercies for all and comfort for the donor family.

July 24 Bonnie Ray

for Amanda Smith and Wayne Benson – for strength, healing and peace.

July 24 Mike Philpott for Judy Miller – Happy Birthday!
July 24 Robert Martini Thanks for continued steady work.  For Henry Lane - Pray for peace, safety and guidance.
July 24 Pastor Michael Pray for Sunday School Classes for all ages.
July 24 Bonnie Ricks for Tony Lewis (Mike’s brother) – He is facing an imminent liver transplant.
July 24 Ann Eskew for Geri Scovill – a mass has been found; pray that it is not cancerous and can be removed.
July 24 Clayton Richardon for Doshie and the family in the loss of Roy Patterson (dad) – The funeral will be Tuesday at 11 in Blairsville at Cochran Funeral Home on Hospital Dr. 706-745-2156.
July 24 Tracie Bell for Ralph Shead – He is in ICU.  Pray for his heart and lungs to heal.
July 23 Doshie Richardson

Please pray for Doshie and her family in the loss of her father, Roy Patterson Friday night nesr midnight, Further information will be sent when received.

July 20 Teresa Gould for Wallace (Luke) Gould Sr. - You have prayed for my father-in-law in the past and I'm asking for them once again. He is still at Emory in CCU, last 7 days have been critical. Yesterday he quit breathing, was shocked 4 times, CPR administered twice and he is on a ventilator. Monday his heart stopped, CPR administered. We feel sure after all he has been through God most surely has more plans for him. Thank you all.
July 19 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for David Barrett - I just came from Wellstar Douglas where our friend David Barrett has been admitted for on-going neurological, heart and other tests related to symptoms he has had recently. He is in room 318. Please pray for David.

July 18 Doshie Richardson

prayer follow-up for her dad, Roy Patterson - Tests have shown total blockage of all major heart arteries but one, and it is 75% blocked. He has been told he has less than six months to live. Please pray for him.

July 18 Mike Lewis

for Bobby Gee - Bobby had knee replacement surgery today and came through it well.  He is at Cobb RM 472 and should be home tomorrow;
Also for Mike's brother Tony - He is going to Pittsburg PA tomorrow for a liver transplant.  Pray for his successful surgery and a grace filled recovery.

July 18 Mike Karaty

for Terry & Patty (Mike's cousins): Terry is being released from the hospital this morning. He will continue IV antibiotics at home 3x's a day and will have a CT can later in the week. Thanks for all the prayers and continue them cause he is not out of the woods yet, but PRAISES that he is so much better. Pray for strength for Patty his wife.

July 18 Doshie Richardson

for her dad, Roy Patterson - He has been admitted to St Joseph's with pneumonia. Please pray for his recovery.

July 17 Shirley Schaefer

for Caroline Allen – She has ALS; for David Barrett, he has had stroke like symptoms.

July 17 Ann Eskew for grandson Joshua – He is in college, pray for his health and well being.
July 17 Jamie Running for Bob Lewis – He is facing surgery & chemo for throat cancer with a poor prognosis.
July 17 Robert Martini for Henry Lane and David Barrett – for healing, safety and guidance.
July 17 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Ann Smith and Leslie – Ann is really having a bad time because of her Alzheimer’s; pray for peace and guidance for Leslie.
July 17 Dominick Martini for Dad – for healing.
July 15 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

Our dear friend and brother in Jesus, David Barrett, has been diagnosed with some stroke-like symptoms, including, numbness in the left hand and foot. He will be having further tests on Saturday. Please pray for healing. He continues to work thorugh this all, so also pray for safety and strength.

July 14 Kenny Campbell

from Kenny Campbell: Please keep Molly's family in your prayers, her mom passed away yesterday afternoon.

July 14 Megan Simmons Adrian

Please pray for my in-laws right now, Rob and Jan Adrian. They are both are having kidney surgery. Jan needed a kidney transplant and Rob is the one who is giving her a kidney. So Nate has both parents going through major surgery today. Please pray that all goes well, that the surgery is a success and for a good recovery for both Jan and Rob.

July 13 Mike Karaty

I just spoke with Patty and she said Terry finally got a room at 8 last night. The doctors have now decided not to go in due to him being such a high risk. He still has fever, infection and pain and to add to this they have started giving him insulin because his diabetes has gone out of wack. Please continue the prayers for Terry and Patty.

July 13 Marie Buice

Please remember Barbara Gray our dear friend and next door neighbor. She has cancer growth in her breast. Surgery is set for this week. Thank you.

July 13 Barbara Lane Henry Lane had been directed by the court to enter a mental health stabilization unit. However, bureaucracy grinds slowly and he is still at the jail. Pray that God sends him the help he needs.
July 12 Marie Buice

Please remember Barbara Gray our dear friend and next door neighbor.  She has cancer growth in her breast.
Surgery is set for this week.  Thank you.

July 12 Mike Karaty

for Terry (cousin - update) - Terry remains in the ER awaiting an available bed. They will keep him as they determine the cause for the infection and the severe pain. Continue prayers for Terry and Patty.

July 12 Paula Finnegan for Tracie Bell's Dad - They went ahead and did Tracie Bells dad's bypass surgery Monday. He did well. Pray for healing and peace on this long journey of medical treatments. He will have to start his cancer treatment asap. Thanks, Paula
July 12 Bonnie Ray for her mom, Allene Rowland - Just an update on my Mom. She went home from the Hospital last Friday the 8th with a very good pulse in her leg where the blood clot was. After strong medication and lots of prayer she has once again avoided surgery, thank the Lord! She is still very tired and has a follow up appointment with a local doctor to evaluate her many medications. We Thank you for your prayers and please continue.
July 11 Mike Karaty

for his cousin Terry: I just received a call from cousin Patty. Terry is in the emergency room with a high fever and infection at the surgical site. He has possible internal bleeding. Please pray, he has come to far..

July 10 Mike Philpott

for all the smokers – for strength to quit.

July 10 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Dearie Cairney (Aunt) – She has two leaky heart valves and  does not know.  Please pray.
July 10 Jan Palmer for Anige Morrow – She is facing back surgery.
July 10 Kenny Campbell for Pauline Fitch (Molly’s Mom) – She is in the hospital with a blood clot on her lung.
July 10 Dominick Martini for Henry Lane (Uncle) – pray for his health.
July 10 Chris Standridge for Delly Pina (our nursery worker) – unspoken requests.
July 10 Teresa Gould for Wallace Gould Sr.: He is back in the hospital, healing prayers are needed.
July 9 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for her aunt, Dearie Cairney - After her recent surgery, follow-up tests have found two leaky heart valves. Her health is very precarious as a 25 year liver transplant survivor. She is unaware of this diagnosis as she is only recently home from rehab. Please pray.

July 9 Barbara Lane for her son Henry - Despite Henry's precarious health and extended ICU stay, after only modest inprovement he has been transferred to the Douglas County jail. His mental state is very unstable and he needs God's touch and protection now. Please pray.
July 9 Kenny Campbell

Please add Pauline Fitch to the prayer list, this is Molly's mom, She is in ICU at a hospital in M.N. She had a blood clot in her leg and it has moved to her lung. Thanks Kenny=

July 6 Barbara and Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane - Henry was taken to the Douglas ER tonight for an overdose. He need immediate prayer. Henry is Barbara's son and Jennifer's brother.

July 6 Lois O'Neal for Scotty Nesbitt - Scotty has a strong case of bronchitis. He is a member at Wesley Chapel and was the person who installed a new engine in Lois' truck and has been helping her fix the electrical at Lois' new house.
July 6 Vickie Alsabrook's grandaughter, Trinity Her dog Greadle died and she prays that "She is happy where she is."
July 5 Paula Finnegan

An update on Tracie Bell's father: They decided to treat the cancer first then the heart bypass. Pray for peace, healing, and God's will.

July 3 Jannie Lawler for Noble lawler – Please pray for healing of his knees and for good health.
July 3 Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane – for encouragement (cards requested to 5806 S Bear Dr Douglasville GA 30135)

July 3 Dominic Martini for my Dad – for healing.
July 3 Ann Eskew for a friend's son – tha family is getting a divorce.
July 3 Elizabeth Freeman for Floella Davenport – for health and peace.
July 3 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Tina Rainwater – for peace, God’s guidance and healing.
July 3 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Martha Houston – She just had gall bladder surgery.  Pray for a quick recovery.
July 3 Charlene Searcy for the Turner and Jacob families – Please pray for these families in the loss of Cecil Jacobs.
July 1 Paula Finnegan

An update on Tracie Bell's father. They also found blockages in his heart. They are going to do a triple bypass surgery on him next week. This on top of just findng the cancer. They have had a lot of bad news very quickly.

Pray for peace for the family while God heals this father and grandfather

July 1 Mike Karaty for his cousin Terry - Terry came through the surgery well. He is going through post op complications but the doctors are optimistic. He is also in a lot of pain. Please continue prayers, and I will update asap.