At New Covenant we are commited to the power of prayer. We know from our own experences that prayer is heard and answered by God.

We pray for all these requests and more regularly, and share these prayer requests with others who faithfully lift up these requests to the throne of God. If you would like us to pray for you, let us know. All are welcome to covenant with us in prayer daily.

For those who choose to share their request, we will post them on this page and ask that all who read them to please join us in presenting these petitions to God.

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However, if in doubt about a request being shared, go ahead and send it,  The priority is the prayer, not the process.

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Prayers and Praises!

May 25 Eddie and Megan Jensen Please pray for the family of Charlie Queen.  He jumped out of a boat and never came up today.  His body has not yet been found.  He and his family have been our long time friends.
May 24 Ann Eskew & Bonnie Ray Remembrance of Memorial Day
May 24 Ann Eskew & Bonnie Ray for Laura Parry for healing. 
May 23 Mike Eastman Laura Parry - Laura came through yesterday's back surgery well.  However in doing the surgery cancer was discovered.
May 21 Laura Parry She is in Kennestone and will have back surgery tomorrow.  Please pray.
May 21 Mike Karaty for Kristy Foulks - She was just diagnosed with cancer that is wide spread.
May 17 Pam Willis for Susan Corman -  Susan is at Kennesaw diagnosed with brain cancer and fluid on the brain. Please keep her and the family in prayer as she is alone at Kennestone. (cards requested to Tiffany Corman, 140 Vann Street,Suite 300 Marietta, GA 30135
May 17 Megan Jensen for Robin Jensen (Eddie's Mom) - Her lupus has progressed to myasthenia gravis and she may have cancer.  A diagnosis will be made on the 28th.
May 3 Ro Broyles for Brad McBride - He severed four fingers in a work accident.   Pray for his care and treatment.
May 3 Bonnie Ray for Irma Audlen - Pray for successful sugery on her wrist Monday.  Pray for a speedy and pain free recovery.
May 3 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft
Apr 26 Bonnie Ray for Nelson Rowland and family - Praise God, he has been taken off of the ventilator and is breathing on his own. Pray for strength for the family as they are not able to see him.
Apr 12 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord!  He is Risen!    Praise for the Richardson family and their delivery of breakfast to many members of the church this Easter morning.
Mar 22 Pastor Tim Please be in prayer for Laura Parry as she continues to have profound back pain.
Mar 22 Joe Hamilton for Karen - She will be released on Oxygen after the setp up is complete.  It may be today or tomorrow.  Pray for peace in her heart and mind as she awaits completion of the process.
Mar 15 Joe Hamilton for Karen - After a major GI issue last evening she is receiving two units of blood this afternoon and is responding well.  BP is down and Oxygen is up.  Thank you all for your faithful prayers 
Mar 15 Ann Eskew during Sunday worship - for those present and for those streaming the service and those absent during this challenging time.
Mar 15 Arubra Hembree for Judy Williams - Judy is distraught from the attack she suffered a while back.  Calls to 770 489-5367 would be appreciated.
Mar 8 Molly Campbell for Jannie Lawler - for successful surgery (Monday) and gentle recovery. (Cards requested to 4830 Liberty Rd. Villa Rica GA 30180
Mar 1 Charlene Searcy for daughter Susan and family - They had to put their dog down.  Son Ian has an ear infection and daughter Ellie fell off the bed this morning and broke her arm.
Mar 1 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for self - for healing from chest congestion and pain (cards to 4976 W Lake Way Douglasville 30135)
Mar 1 Ann Shearon praise the Lord on her birthday! - God is so good.
Mar 1 Kenny Campbell for a family in Alabama (the Halls) - four different family members in need of prayer.
Mar 1 Ro Broyles for Roberto Oleman - a former student.  He was in a motorcycle accident.  Pray for healing.
Mar 1 Joe Hamilton for Katherine Stahl (daughter) - An old college back injury has come back in greater frequency.  Pain is consistent and with two small children a real challenge.  Pray for her therapy to be successful with God's healing.  Grandson Taylor and mom Leigh Ann are dealing with a recurring fever for Taylor with no diagnosis as yet, along with mom's multiple stresses of work, college, mom's recovery and job.  Prayers for grace, please.
Mar 1 Peggy Gonzalez for the family of David Greer in his passing.
Mar 1 Robert Buice for Karen Chambley - for health (cards to 516 Abington Lane  Douglasville 30135.
Feb 23 Anissa Sams for Caleb Carrow - he is being deployed to Korea.
Feb 23 Kenny Campbell for Phil Munro - Update: He is eating and getting his strength back.  Thanks for the prayers.
Feb 23 Ann Eskew Praise for the Emmaus walk this weekend.
Feb 23 Juan Gonzalez for David Greer.
Feb 16 Sandra Bryant for Frankie Thomas - to ease his pain.  God's will be done.
Jan 26 Teresa Gould
for Vickie McTaggert - prayers for health resolutions and a good rehab center.
Jan 26 Ann Shearon - praise for Mike's safe return from the wonderful mission in Nicaragua.
Jan 26 Joe Piorkowski
for Minny Garibaldi - for healing of the cancer in her back.
Jan 19 Bonnie Ricks
for Mike Karaty, Tony Lewis, Peggy Gonzalez - healing from colds, coughs and bronchitis.
Jan 19 Ann Shearon for Mike Shearon and the team - He is on mission in Nicaragua.
Jan 19 Teresa Gould
for John Gould - He is under hospice care for cancer.  Pray for comfort and peace.  (cards to1684 County Road 458 Woodland AL 36820)
Jan 19 Kenny Campbell
for Phil Munro - He is back in the hospital with no appetite and is losing weight; for Mike Karaty - He is still sick.  Pray for healing.
Jan 19 Bonnie Ray for Danial and David Ray - for good jobs for my sons.
Jan 19 Doshie Richardson for Bryan Emerson - for a job and a home in Blairsville or Murphy.
Jan 12 Pam Willis for Melinda Hutchins - A possible cancerous spot on her breast.  Pray for peace and healing.
Jan 12 Joe Piorkowski for Minny Garibaldi - She has cancer in her spine and has been very sick; pray for Teresa to come back to church.
Jan 12 Brenda Medlock for Mike Day - My brother wrecked on a 4-wheeler.  He broke three ribs and is in a lot of pain.
Jan 12 Laura Parry for self -  Healing from a back injury and sciatica pain.
Jan 5 Joe Hamilton for the family of Walt Whitehurst - He was my long time mentor, boss and friend at UMVIM.  His passing will be felt by many around the world.
Dec 29 Ann Eskew
Praise for the Christmas Season

Dec 29 Jannie Lawler for Andrea Roberts (daughter) - While visiting with Andrea last week they had to go to the hospital where they had to remove a liter of fluids from her lungs.  She will see a Doctor Monday for follow-up.
Dec 29 Juan Gonzalez for Peggy.
Dec 29 Teresa Gould for the family of Jeanette Shirley - She passed away Christmas Day from cancer.  Please pray for the family.
Dec 29 Mike Lewis for Tony Lewis - He has a foot issue that has continued for over six weeks.
Dec 22 Doshie Richardson for Clifford Chastain - My cousin is at Piedmont Hospital for another heart surgery.  Pray for complete healing.
Dec 22 the Dubransky's  - the previous prayer has been answered. We got the house.  Final paperwork and any needed repairs await.
Dec 22 Bonnie Ricks for Marla Moschella (Bobby Gee's sister) - she is in hospice.
Dec 15 Rocio Broyles for Becky McBride - for healing and peace as she faces treatment for breast cancer.
Dec 15 the Dubransky's to get the home we are bidding on t a good price.  If repairs are needed may they be easy and fast.
Dec 15 Ann Eskew for Shirley Clift - She is a volunteer friend at the local hospital and is having knee trouble; for our church and nation - that we remember what Christmas is all about.
Dec 15 Pam WIllis for Bea McGrory - for healing.  She is having surgery for intestinal blockage.  Pray for healing.
Dec 15 Mike Eastman for Bobby Hendrix - for recovery from his second extensive cancer surgery.
Dec 8 Bonnie Ray
for Laura Sutherland - for peace and guiane.  She was sent home form the hospital with heart issues and no resolution.

Dec 8 Ann Eskew for sickness in my family - My brother Mike and sister Nancy; also for my neighbor Joann Stovall in the hospital.
Dec 8 Juan Gonzalez for Courtney Gonzalez
Dec 8 Mike Eastman for Bobby Hendrix (Sandra Bryant's brother) - prayers for his cancer surgery on Tuesday.
Dec 8 Bonnie Ray for Daniel Ray - Praise he was not hurt in a car accident Saturday night.  The car overturned as he dodged a deer.  (cards requested to 85 Louise Lane, Villa Rica GA 30180)
    Rocio Broyles for Annette Riley - for healing from knee surgery.
Nov 24 Robert Buice for us - God is love!  Praise Jesus!
Nov 24 Ann Eskew May we all be truly thankful this Thanksgiving.
Nov 24 Brenda Medlock for Tony Day & family (brother) - They lost almost everything in a fire.  As renters the owner had no insurance and Tony had limited coverage.
Nov 24 Kenny Campbell the family of Phil Munro thanks everyone for their prayers.
Nov 17 Mike Eastman for the Causey family - in the loss of one of our ramp recipients, Earl Causey.
Nov 17 Teresa Gould for Jeannette Shirley - for healing from cancer. She is giving up and needs hope.
Nov 17 Kenny Campbell for Phil Munro -His family sends thanks for all the prayers.  His surgery was successful and there is a long recovery ahead.
Nov 17 Arubra Hembree for the Buchanan family in the loss of cousins; also pray for Amanda Stephens in ICU for a cerebral hemorrhage.
Nov 10 the Jensen family
for Anthony Lamb - After being thrown through the windshield in a head on collision he has a broken neck & pelvis.  Pray for his recovery
Nov 10 Kenny Campbell for David Pereira - He broke his neck in a car accident; for Phil Munro - He is having a mass removed on Nov 15
Nov 10 Peggy Gonzalez for Barbara Curtis - for health
Nov 3 Ann Eskew
for Ann Shearon - for healing from her back injury,
Nov 3 Christopher Keitz for Skip Ramsey, an Emmaus brother for complete recovery from a kidney transplant.
Oct 27 Sandra Bryant
for Bobby Hendrix - for comfort and healing from cancer.
Oct 27 Kenny Campbell for Juan Gonzales - He is having knee surgery this Wednesday
Oct 27 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for self -  for a soothing spirit and a calm mind, please (encouragement requested to 4976 W Lake Way Douglasville 30135)
Oct 27 Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon - for healing from a back injury.
Oct 27 Ro Broyles for Jamey Crawford - healing from a car accident and Parkinsons.
Oct 27 Anissa Sams for Cindy Nettles - for health and healing
Oct 20 Doshie Richardson for Myrtle Rhodes (Aunt) and mom Reba Patterson - Aunt Myrtle remains in a nursing home in therapy so she can hopefully come home; pray for Mother's health.  (cards requested to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd. Blairsville GA 30512.)
Oct 20 Kenny Campbell for Phil Munro - Phil is having a mass removed on Nov. 15th.  Pray all goes well.
Oct 20 Jannie Lawler for daughter Andrea -  She is home after a week in Emory, praise God!
Oct 20 Vista RIchardson for Tara Fasone - for pain relief and comfort after injuries sustained in a car wreck. 
Sept 29 Robert Buice
For the sick to be healed, for our church, for our nation, for Jerusalem,  for eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel.  May God bless all.
Sept 29 Anissa and Jeff Sams
for Caleb Carrow and Charles Ladison, being deployed overseas.
Sept 29 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for me and Joe, I complete outpatient treatment on Wednesday (cards of encouragement to 4976  W Lake Way, Douglasville, GA 30135)
Sept 22 Jannie Lawler
for self - she will be having a heart catheterization on Oct. 1st at Wellstar Douglas; for Noble and family - Noble is experiencing weakness;  Andrea (daughter) -  for the right treatment and guidance for her doctors.

Sept 22 Sandra Bryant for Bobby Hendrix - for healing from cancer (cards requested to 5444 Kings Hwy. Douglasville 30135
Sept 22 the Golden Girls for the Harper and Jensen family -  for comfort in the loss of Phil Harper.
Sept 22 Kenny Campbell please continue prayers for Phil Munro.
Sept 15 Teresa Gould for John Gould (brother-in-law) - healing prayers for liver and lung cancer.
Sept 15 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Thank you all for your prayers while I was in treatment in South Georgia.  (She would love cards of encouragement to 4976 W Lake Way D'ville 30135); for Jayne Lawless (mom) - she is going strong after her 92nd birthday on Wednesday.  Her mind is clear and alert.
Sept 15 Kenny Campbell for his friend Phil - He continues chemo. Pray for healing.
Sept 8 Joe Piorkowski
for  Teresa -  for healing from surgery; for Ida Cocker and Minny Garibaldi - for healing from cancer.
Sept 8 Ann Eskew for Nancy Kennedy - for comfort in the passing of her husband.
Sept 8 Pam WIllis for the Moon family - in the loss of a nephew from sudden heart attack.  He passed away this morning. (Cards requested to April Wiggins-White 3872 Hwy 5 Douglasville GA 30135)
Sept 8 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for healing and peace in her ongoing illness.
Sept 8 Michelle McGrory for Ed McGrory - He is in Paulding Wellstar with AFIB on his birthday.
Sept 8 Don Mason
for Bob Miller - He's my boss and has had a heart attack and is in ICU in Piedmont, McDonough
Sept 1 Bonnie Ricks for Doshie Richardson - on the passing of her sister, Azaline;
for Nancy Kennedy on the passing of her husband, David;
for Juan Gonzalez for health and healing;
for Teresa Piorkowski for healing;
for Karen Hamilton for health and peace
Sept 1 Megan Jensen for Phil Harper - He has leukemia and is on life support with an infection.
Aug 25 Bonnie Ray
for Savannah and Allie - for good health and safety as they enter their last weeks of pregnancy.

Aug 25 Ro Broyles for the mission team in St Thomas - keep them safe from the storm; for Teresa Piorkowski for healing; for Juan Gonzalez forhealing and peace; for Molly Campbell for healing.
Aug 25 Robert Buice for sisters Marilyn Bowen and Elaine Coffman
Aug 25 Peggy Gonzalez for Juan Gonzalez - for health.
Aug 25 Ann Shearon Robert Buice; Maxine (sister); Molly; Doshie; Teresa - for healing.
Aug 25 Ann Eskew for Doshie Richardson and family - in the passing of her sister.
Aug 25 Joe Piorkowski for Teresa - for healing from surgery.  She is having a hard time dealing with pain.
Aug 25 Bonnie Ricks Jannie and Noble's grandson, Kevin - He has a court date soon and needs spiritual support.
Aug 25 Jannie Lawler for Noble - keep him in prayer;  We all need your prayers:  Noble, Kevin, Andrea and Josh.
Aug 25 Teresa Gould for Amelia Rose - praise for my granddaughter's birth and that mom and baby are well.
Aug 25 Jannie Lawler
for Andrea - for a clean PET scan on Wednesday.
Aug 18 Ann Shearon for Robert and Marie Buice and their granddaughter.
Aug 18 Doshie Richardson Doshie Richardson for self - for headache and pain to get better.
Aug 18 anonymous for the mission team; for Teresa Piorkowski's surgery Wednesday.
Aug 11 Bonnie Ray for the family of Mary Barrett - My friend Dianne's mom went into a coma Tuesday and is now in hospice care.
Aug 11 Ann Shearon for sister Maxine in the loss of her husband; for Ann Eskew for blood pressure relief; for the Chapman family in their loss.
Aug 11 Joe Hamilton for Karen - after being in the Douglas ER for four days she is now in transit to a senior behavioral hospital.  The only one that would admit her is in Donaldsonville GA, 220 miles away.  Pray for her journey and for effective care and treatment.
Aug 4 Megan Jensen
for Debbie and Phil Harper - Phil has pre-leukemia and may need a bone marrow transplant.
Aug 4 Steven Fitz
for Scott Bates - accidentally burned while helping others last week.
Aug 4 Edward Jensen and family Edward Jensen and family for Robin Jensen - for serious health issues.
Aug 4 Ann Eskew for safety for all returning to school.
Aug 4 Bonnie Ricks
for Phil (friend of Kenny Campbell); for Megan Jensen & family; for successful surgery for Teresa Piorkowski soon.
Aug 4 Kenny Campbell for friend, Phil - He has cancer.  Pray for healing
Aug 4 Robert Buice for shooting victims and families in El Paso and Dayton; thank you God for Marie.
Aug 4 Ro Broyles
 for shooting victims and families in El Paso and Dayton - for healing and peace.
Aug 4 Ann Shearon
for the women of the church -praise God we are able to have a celebration of Ro's retirement.
Aug 4 Jannie Lawler
for Andrea Roberts - for good health - for Josh Short - for healing.
July 28 Robert Buice
for Marie

July 28 Joe Hamilton for Karen - She has returned to the hospital and is quite unstable.
July 28 Arubra Hembree & Mike Karaty for Florence Chapman - She is in hospice.  Please pray for Florence for a peaceful transition and prayers for the family and their loved ones,
July 28 Kenny Campbell for a good friend & brother - Phil has Stage 4 cancer.
July 28 Teresa Piorkowski for Judy Adams - for her health.
July 28 Jeff and Anissa Sams for Michael Brown - for healing from a dislocated left shoulder & broken upper arm.
July 28 Jannie Lawler for Noble - He is not feeling well; for Andrea - for strength; for Josh Short - for strength and healing.
July 28 Mike Eastman for the Susan Brown family - in the death of her mother (She was scheduled to get a wheelchair ramp)
July 21 Brenda Day Medlock for Chase Harmon (grandson) - that he may know God and His love.
July 21 Jannie Lawler for Andrea Roberts - her treatment is going well but prayers need to continue; for Josh Short - His treatment had to change as the first did not work.
July 21 Doshie RIchardson for Jerome Emerson (brother) - for healing from a car accident, a stroke and physical and speech therapy.
July 14 Peggy Gonzalez for Katy Esponica
July 14 Eddie Jensen
for Landon Pelter (nephew) - He is 17 and has Muscular Dystrophy.  He has been given 1 month to live due to medical malpractice.
July 14 Bonnie Ricks
for Diane Taylor - She is in failing health.
July 14 Mike Karaty
for family in Louisiana -Praise the Lord for answered prayers in the face of the storm.
July 14 the Golden Girls
for all with cancer
July 14 Joe Hamilton for Karen - She is being moved to Cobb Behavioral Health.  Pray for God's hand at work in her treatment.
June 23 Everyone!
Praise the Lord for our new pastoral family
June 23 Ann Eskew for David Kennedy - As a diabetic he had his big toe amputated.  Pray for a gentle recovery
June 16 Karen Shepard-Hamiton for Jayne Lawless (Mom) - She is not doing too well.
June 16 Joe Hamilton for Pastors Julianna Sunrich and Tim Constien - for God's grace and blessing as they begin their new pastorates.
June 16 Pam Willis for Shawn Corman - for healing.  She is having blood sugar and mental health issues.
June 2 Ro Broyles for Cruz Cuellar - for eye surgery
June 2 Bonnie Ray for my unborn granddaughter, Cassie Grace - for God's good health and healing as she continues to grow and develop. (Cards requested to 107 Kristy Lane Carrollton GA 30117
June 2 Joe Piorkowski for Sheila Pereze - may daughter is 47 and now a widow.  Thank you for all your prayers.
June 2 Kenny Campbell for Randy Crofts - He lost his wife last week.
May 26 Ann Eskew Remember Memorial Day and those who served and did not return.
May 26 Joe Hamilton Praise God for our graduates and may God light there path as they follow him into the future.
May 19 Bonnie RIcks for Eddie Jensen - Eddie is still in pain from his surgery.
May 19 Joe Piorkowski for Sheila Perez - She is waiting for husband Eddie to pass.  Please pray for both of them (email to
May 19   for our graduating seniors.
May 19 Doshie Richardson for Azaline Hawkins - she had seizures all Friday night.
May 19 Bonnie Ray for my kids and grandkids - for wisdom and health for my adult kids - for good health and protection for my grandkids.
Apr 28 Joe Piorkowski for Minny Garibaldi and Eddie Perez - Both are dealing with cancer and need healing.
Apr 28 Michelle McGrory for Leslie DeRusso - for her health.  She has stage 4 kidney disease.
Apr 28 Bonnie Ricks for Eddie Jensen - for his surgery on May 13th.
Apr 28 Doshie Richardson for Brian Wallace - His grandson was hurt in a race.  He is very sore.
Apr 28 Quinton Brown for Zira and Quinton - for safety, peace and prosperity.
Apr 21 Ann Eskew He is risen!
Apr 21 Megan Jensen for Dana Rogers - Dana has a parasite in the bloodstream for 10days now, contracted from a wild boar.  Also Dana goes to court Monday AM.
Apr 14 Clayton RIchardson
an unspoken request for a family firend.
Apr 14 Mike Karaty
an unspoken personal request.
Apr 14 Ann Eskew Thanks and praise to God for the people of the church and their help in my recent move.  Thanks to God for His direction.
Mar 24 Phil Hembree for Mom, Monta Raye - She will be admitted to the hospital for a few days, her blood sugar was so low this morning she went into seizure and bit her tongue severely, it is swollen . And her AFIB IS acting up.
Mar 24 Ro Broyles for Tracy Bell - for health and healing after her surgery.
Mar 24 Joe Piorkowski for sister, Minny Garibaldi - She is back in the hospital and not doing well. Please pray for her and for my wife, Theresa for health. (email to
Feb 10 the Golden Girls continued prayers for Shirley Barrett's family.
Feb 10 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for relief from ongoing digestive issues andfor emotional stability and peace
Feb 10 Joe Hamilton for Joe Piorkowski for full recovery of his knee.
Feb 3 David Barrett Shirley Barrett passed away this morning at home.  She was surrounded by family and is no longer suffering.  Please be in prayer for the family as they grieve.  Arrangements will be shared as known.
Feb 3 the Golden Girls Prayers for healing for Mike Eastman, Monta Raye Hembree, and Christopher Keitz.  Prayers for Shirley Barrett's family in her passing.
Jan 13 Laura Parry for Matthew Parry - Matthew's dad, David, passed away Jan. 11.
Jan 13 Rocio Broyles for Sarah Crawford - for healing from eye surgery.
Jan 13 the Golden Girls for Shirley Barrett - for healing.
Jan 13 Rocio Broyles for Allison Bryant - for healing from tonsil surgery.
Jan 6 Rocio Broyles for her brother George Teague - for health and healing after a car accident.
Jan 6 Joe Piorkowski for Minny Garibaldi (sister) - She is in the hospital dealing with cancer, a blood infection and pain. (email requested via or text 732-770-9668) 
Jan 6 Doshie & Clayton Richardson for Mike Eastman - Mike is still sick with a cold.
Dec 30 Bonnie Ray and Ann Shearon
for Shirley Barrett - for healing and peace. (cards to 8038 S Bear Dr Douglasvilee 30135)

Dec 30 Bonnie Ray for Cooper Kelly - This toddler has signs that cancer has returned.  Pray for healing and for strength for the parents.
Dec 30 Bonnie RIcks for the family of Terry Smith - He passed away 12/29
Dec 30 Joe Hamilton for Karen - While Karen's mood is not nearly so volitile her heavy meds have her very sluggish and drowsy all the time.  We see the Dr. soon.  Pray for resolution.
Dec 30 Laura Parry for Faye Stirckland - She has back Surgery Dec. 31.
Dec 23 the Golden Girls and Mike Eastman
for Shirley Barrett and Clayton Richardson- for health and healing
Dec 23 Johnny Hembree for Mike Karaty - for health and healing.
Dec 16 Bonnie Ricks
for Shirley Barrett - for health and healing.
Dec 16 Jeff and Anissa Sams for Carol Waters - She has cancer
Dec 16 Joe Piorkowski
for Minny Garibaldi (sister) - Healing from a cancer that has returned.
Dec 16 Ann Eskew
for Ann Shearon and Shirley Barrett - both are very sick.
Dec 2 Mike Karaty
for Mrs. Gradie Bullington - She is along time resident who is in Tanner ICU.  Pray for healing.
Dec 2 Joe Hamilton for Karen - She continues at Peachford Behavioral Health and is making some progress.  Pray for clarity of mind and peace of heart.
Nov 18 Laura Parry
for David Parry - He has been in a coma for 6 weeks.  Continue prayers for son, Matthew Parry, as he deals with this.
Nov 18 Mike Karaty for all law enforcement - Protection for all law officers.
Nov 18 Bonnie Ricks for Tom and Andrew :Lewis - for safety, guidance and may prayers be with them as they deploy to Afghanistan.
Nov 18 Ro Broyles
for Teresa Gould - for healing from bronchitis.
Oct 28 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Ann Shearon - for her heart procedure today (Monday), for success and a gentle recovery and healng' for self for digestive issues.
Oct 28 Laura Parry for David Parry and Matthew Parry (son) - David has been unresponsive for over a month.; for Matthew as he deals with the many issues around his dad's health.
Oct 28 Doshie RIchardson for self and Reba Patterson (Mom) - for my test results to be OK; for Mother's depression and stress. (cards to Mom at 5126 Pat Colwell Rd Blairsville GA 30512)
Sept 23 the Golden Girls
for the survivors of Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina.
Sept 23 Joe Piorkowski for his sisters - for Minny Garibaldi for healing from recurring cancer (email to; for Ida Cocoren for healing from cancer (email to
Sept 23 Phil Hembree
for Lynn Marville for healing.
Sept 9 Joe Piorkowski for Chuck Stone - healing for his heart, for blood loss and many other health issues.
Sept 9 Mike Karaty for self - for healing from bronchitis so I can sing again.
Aug 19 Phil Hembree
for Lynn Marville - for strength as she starts on chemotherapy for Hodgkins lymphoma.
Aug 19 Eddie Jensen for Tammy Howell and Robin Jensen - both need healing as they are close to death.
Aug 19 Molly Campbell
for Maggie Fitch - Maggie is my sister-in-law.  She is having total knee replacement surgery Aug. 20.  Cards requested to 118 County Line Road, Wedowee AL 36278
July 29 Kenny Campbell for Brenda McPherson - Healing of cancer and depression.
July 29 Bonnie Ricks for Joe and Teresa Piorkowski - for healing of neck and and leg
July 29 Joe Piorkowski for Teresa Piorkowski - for healing, health, peace of mind and attitude.
July 29 Autumn Jensen for the family -  for healing from our loss.
July 29 Joe Piorkowski for Ed Pereze, Ida and Teresa Piorkowski - for healing and peace for all three.
July 22 the Golden Girls
Praise God Jeff Sams was with us today in worship.  Praise God for a place to worship even when the power was out.
July 22 Ed McGrory

Praise God for a wonderful River of Life Youth Mission.  Thanks for the kids, the leaders, the chaperones, the clients served and for the message of love sent as people were helped and two youth accepted Jesus.
July 15 Pam WIllis Joe Self, a friend of Eddie Jensen has cancer of the jaw  and had surgery this past week for more cancer than originally though.  The 12 hour surgery stretched to 18.  He lost oxygen for 6 minutes.  He is in Emory on life support.
July 15 Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Praises!  I am out of the hospital!  Also my mom's house sold and closed.
June 17 Ro Broyles for Teresa Piorkowski - for healing, peace and hope.
June 17 Joe Hamilton for Karen -Her hospitalization continues.  Pray for peace and mental clarity.
June 10 Shirley Barrett
for Don Crosby - He has eye surgery on Monday the 11th.  Pray his isght will improve.

June 10 Laura Parry
for Brian Marten - He just found out he has cancer and is given 3-9 months to live.
May 27 Bonnie Ricks
for Kaylynne and family. She is a 10 year old just diagnosed with a rare disease, ANCA. She is on the strongest chemo dose possible, please pray for Kaylynne and family
May 27 Joe Hamilton for Karen. She has been transferred to a medical floor at Tanner hospital in Villa Rica. (Rm 217) They're treating her for an infection before she's transferred to behavioral health.
Apr 15 Ed McGrory for Jeff Sams - Jeff was hospitalized Saturday night with heart issues at Paulding Hospital where he remains through this morning. He has been in ICU as a precaution.  He continues rest and recovery and it is hoped that he may go home later today.  Pray for Jeff, Anissa and the family and for the work of the medical staff.
Apr 15 Bonnie Ricks
for Sandra Ivey and Kimberly Bryant - for health and healing
Apr 15 Brenda Upshaw for Shannon Shayden - to know she is loved and for her to have the peace she needs.
Apr 15 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jayne Lawless - Jayne seems to be handling the death of my father, Jack last Sunday.
Apr 15 Molly Campbell for Maggie Fitch - She has colon cancer.  Prayers are needed for competent Doctors and for peace.
Apr 8 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - Jayne continues to do well; Jack continues palliative care under hospice.
Apr 8 Doshie Richardson for Reba Patterson - Mama's test on her arteries came back clear.  One side was twisted but otherwise  OK.  Cards requested to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd Blairsville GA 30512
Apr 8 Sandra Bryant for Kimberly Bryant - She is having surgery on her finger.  Please pray for successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
Apr 1 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - Jayne is doing great while Jack is dwindling.
Apr 1 Lonnie and Ro Broyles for Jewell Webb - pray for healing and peace for Jewell and her family.
Mar 25 Jannie Lawler
for Sherry Sanders (daughter) - Pray for pain relief in her neck and back and wisdom for her doctors.

Mar 25 Anissa and Jeff Sams for Caleb Carron - He is going active duty US Army April 6th, stationed in Kansas.
Mar 25 Joe Piorkowski for Miss Gonzalez - She has stage 4 cancer and is a single mom with two kids.  Please pray.
Mar 25 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - Jayne is doing great; Jack is now in hospice after falling out of bed.
Mar 25 Bonnie Ricks for Linda Manor - for health and healing.
Mar 11 Shirley Barrett
for Beverly Thayer - She has heart surgery in a week.  Pray it will go well; for Sarah Vaughn - she has cartiod artery surgery Monday.

Mar 11 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless (parents) - Jayne continues to improve and Jack continues to decline.
Mar 11 Ann Shearon for Joe Smith (B-i-L) -  for healing.
Mar 11 Jannie Lawler for Sherry Sanders (daughter) - She is facing major spinal surgery soon.  Pray for healing and success; for Noble and our family - Praises for God's healing of Noble, praise for what He is doing in our family.
Mar 11 Joe Piorkowski for the family of Tony Ray - He passed away Saturday from cancer.  He was only 48 years old.  I pray he is with God and that he rests in peace.
Mar 4 Ann Shearon for the O'Neal family in the passing of Jerry O'Neal.
Mar 4 Bonnie Ricks for Autumn Bryant's daughter Ava - She has been sick all week; for Micah Callahan and family.  His family of 7 lost everything in a house fire including four vehicles.
Mar 4 Brenda Day Upshaw for Howard Day (Dad) - He is in hospice at home and needs our prayers.  He remains very alert.
Mar 4 Kenny Campbell for Mike Shadix - Mike has internal bleeding that they are having trouble stopping.  He is in ICU at Emory.
Mar 4 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - Jayne continues to improve and spends 3-4 hours a day with Jack.  He continues to decline.
Feb 18 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless (parents) - Jayne continues to grow stronger after hip surgery.  Jack is not well and sleeps much of the time.
Feb 18 Joe Piorkowski for Tony Ray with terminal cancer; for brother-in-law with kidney failure; for sister for peace in her life.
Feb 4 Ann Shearon
for Brenda Upshaw - for healing.
Feb 4 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless (parents) - Jayne is doing wonderful, but Jack is failing fast.
Jan 28 Joe Piorkowski
for sister Ida and husband George and sister Teresa - for health, peace and healing.

Jan 28 Shirley Barrett I am going on a cruise.  Pray I don't end up on the bottom of the ocean; also for Ann Vaughn - she has cancer and the chemo treatments are making her unable to function.
Jan 28 Ro Broyles for Mildred Black - for peace and comfort.
Jan 28 Bonnie RIcks for Jannie Lawler - She has a cold and the flu.
Jan 28 Jannie Lawler for the family of Shirley Ann Dorsett in her passing.
Jan 21 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for mom and dad, Jack and Jayne Lawless:  They're back together again in their apartment.  Mother's doing great but Dad is failing.
Dec 24 the Golden Girls
praise and thanks for the wonderful children's Christmas program last Sunday.

Dec 24 Mike Eastman for Cheryl Clifton - she is in hospice due to cancer.
Dec 24 Jannie Lawler for Kevin and my family - Kevin has a hearing in Dallas Superior Court on Jan 22 - pray for courage and God's will to be done.
Dec 24 Teresa Piorkowski for the Piorkowski family - for Joe's sister Ida and her husband George with cancer; for Joe's sister Teresa for a place to live.
Dec 17 Karen Shepard-Hamilton
for dad, Jack Lawless - still confused and frequently disconnects his Oxygen, can't wait for his wife to come home; for mom, Jayne Lawless - she is trying to get better through PT and may be released in two weeks.

Dec 17 Molly Campbell for Winky Brinson - for good thyroid test results, and healing from recent surgery (cards requested to 8625 Banks Mill Rd.  Winston GA 30187.)
Dec 17 Ro Broyles for Susie Sanchez - for healing.
Dec 17 the Golden Girls praise for the Holy Season.
Dec 17 Joe Piorkowski for Teresa Piorlowski - for health and healing.
Dec 17 Molly Campbell for Casey Cooper - He turns 13 Monday.  Prayers for wisdom through his teenage years.
Dec 3 Karen Shepard-Hamilton
Karen Shepard-Hamilton for mom, Jayne Lawless - She is being discharged from Cobb rehab Thursday and returning to Brookdale..  Pray for the transition;  for Jack Lawless - He fell last Wed. and was shaken up, but is better now.  We are looking forward to a family meeting this Wednesday to discuss future care for them both.
Dec 3 Don and Stephanie Mason for Peyton Bell - She had a car accident and broke her arm.  Pray for healing
Nov 26 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for father, Jack Lawless - He continues in assisted living and is functioning better with greater attention from staff: for mom, Jayne Lawless - she continues to need to eat and drink more.  Her PT continues and seems to be going OK.
Nov 26 Sandra Bryant for Linda Thompson Trawick and family in the loss of daughter Amy.
Nov 26 Jannie Lawler praises for visit with Andrea, Rick and RIckey and for a safe journey.
Oct 29 Laura Parry for Ruth Strickland (Mom) - for declining health.
Oct 29 Barbara and Randy Williams for Mary Wynn - Her stage 4 colon cancer has recurred.  Pray for strength, courage,endurance and peace.
Oct 29 Brenda Day Heath for Howard Day (dad) - at 97 he suffered a fall believed to be caused by a stroke.  He is hospitalized at Wellstar Douglas and is unable to swallow.  Pray for healing and peace.
Oct 22 Bonnie Ricks
for Judy Thomas, Blanca Teague and the family of Leslie Smith.

Oct 22 Ann Eskew peace for Ro's Mother and family
Oct 22 Mike Karaty praise for a clear CAT scan.
Oct 22 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - They are still not sdjusting well to their new cicumstances. (Cards to 1600 Lee Rd. Apt. 207 Lithia Springs GA 30122.
Oct 22 Laura Parry for Ellen Parry - she is in declining health; for the family of Swan Michael, Shawn died after an extended battle with cancer.
Oct 15 Stephanie Mason
for Ryan and Beth Johnson - My friend and co-worker are having their baby taken early due to lack of growth; for Don's step-father Bob Maloney - He has prostate cancer.  Pray for healing, comfort and peace for the family.
Oct 8 Teresa Gould for mom, Mildred Black - pray for peace, her health issues are wearing her down.
Oct 8 Kenny Campbell for Stanley Dowda family - He passed away after a five year battle with cancer.
Oct 8 Lonnie and Ro Broyles for William Carrol (nephew) - for healing due to an ATV accident. He lost his right arm.  More surgery to come.
Oct 8 Stephanie Mason for Judy & Rick Bowers (parents) - for traveling mercies on their trip home; praise for a good visit.
Oct 1 Jannie Lawler for the UMM, Lonnie and Juan - Praise God for all they do.  Thanks be to God.
Oct 1 Bonnie Ricks for Jannie Lawler - for her upcoming surgery.
Oct 1 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - for peace in their new surroundings.
Oct 1 Joe Hamilton for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
Oct 1 Laura Parry for Shawn Michael - in hospice; for Ellen Parry - for recovery of broken bones; for friend Bobbi - upcoming surgery.
Oct 1 Anissa and Jeff Sams for Alan Harry - for health and healing.
Sept 24 Ann Eskew
for David and Nancy Kennedy - for health issues; for Shirley Barrett - She had a fall and sees the doctor Tuesday.

Sept 24 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - there are still having difficulty acclimating to their new living situation.
Sept 24 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Shawn Shepard Amandolia (daughter) - today is her 46th birthday and we are celebrating with lunch at La Fiesta.
Sept 3 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - pray for their successful adjustment to their new home in assisted living.
Sept 3 Doshie Richardson for Cederick Ford - The Alexander HS football player broke his Tibia at Friday's game.  He will require surgery.  Pray for his healing and recovery.
Sept 3 Judy Thomas for Pat Mennechi - for her health.  She will have her bladder removed Tuesday at Wellstar Cobb.
Aug 27 Bonnie Ricks for Texas
Aug 27 Robert Buice for Marie - Praise the Lord her health is better.
Aug 27 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack and Jayne Lawless - their move to assisted living has been postponed to Monday.  Pray for a peaceful move.
Aug 27 Stephanie Mason for Doug Lenth - My cousin has been given three weeks to live; for Emmaus Men's Walk # 184 & Women's Walk # 216; for Don Mason - praises for Don, he is a true man of God.
Aug 20 Karen Shepard-Hamilton
for Jack and Jayne Lawless - They will be moving into assisted living next Saturday.

Aug 20 Teresa Gould for Mildred Black - She fractured her L1 vertebra.  It has been repaired and is healing. She is 96.  Pray for no more fractures.  Cards to 4999 Prestley Mill Rd Douglasville 30135.
Aug 20 Jannie Lawler for Leslie Smith - her health is failing.  Pray for the family.
Aug 6 Doshie Richardson

for Barbara Bates (niece) - She is in the Rome Crisis Center after an overdose.

Aug 6 Ann Shearon for our Pastor and our Church.
Aug 6 Shirley Barrett for Jeri - At age 95 she fell and broke her arm  Pray she will heal quickly  (cards to 5531 Dorsett Shoals Rd. Douglasville 30135)
Aug 6 Bonnie RIcks for Brenda Day Heath and Kathy Graham - for health and healing.
Aug 6 Jannie Lawler for niece, Leslie Smith - struggling for breath every day as she battles cancer; for Noble and our family.
Aug 6 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jayne and Jack Lawless - They are both doing better.  Jack is still on Oxygen and they cannot be left alone.
July 23 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Jack and Jayne Lawless (mom & dad) - Jack came home from the hospital and is on oxygen, Jayne is recovering from a sever fall in the hospital parking lot and is recovering. (cards please to 3056 Bomar Rd Douglasville, 30135)

July 23 Ann Eskew for David and Nancy Kennedy (sister) - David is diabetic and in the hospital after a fall onto his knee which has developed an infection.  Pray for Nancy as well.
July 23 Bonnie Ricks for the family of Clarence Hayes - Sandra Ivey's brother-in-law passed away.  Pray for the family, especially Sandra's sister Iris.
July 23 Molly Campbell for Maggie Fitch (sister-in-law) - She is having much needed back surgery on the 24th.  Pray for successful surgery and a speedy recovery. (cards to 118 County Road 3292 Wedowee AL 36278)
July 23 Sandra Bryant for Gwen Thomas - She has a heart procedure on Friday.  Pray all goes well.
July 23 Mike Lewis for Jack Glass and family -Jack fell and has blood clots on the brain 
July 23 Don Mason for Kenny Smith - An Emmaus brother,he has been diagnosed with throat and neck cancer.
July 23 Laura Parry for Ellen Parry - Her health is deteriorating. Also pray for Joan Pyle, her caregiver; for Shane Michael who has cancer; for Kevin Rains - Monday he will find out if his cancer has returned.  He has had several strokes.
July 16 Bonnie Ricks

for the family of Rev. Steve  Davidson - Rev. Davidson passed away this week.  He was retired from Stewart Ave. UMC; for Terry Smith (cousin) - He has cancer of the prostate.

July 16 Ann Shearon for Jane Tisdale (sister) - She was in a bad wreck but she is fine.
July 16 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Jack Lawless (Father) - He got home form the hospital Friday and is home resting well (csrds requested to 3056 Bomar Rd. Douglasville GA 30135)

July 16 Jannie Lawler praise for our family and the family of God. Jannie Lawler - praise for our family and the family of God.
July 9 Bonnie Ricks

for Sandra Bryant, Sandra Ivey, Jannie Lawler, Teresa Piorkowski - for health issues (no em)

July 9 Ann Shearon or Maxine Barkley (sister-in-law) - for healing.
July 9 Stephanie Mason for Doug Lenth - my cousin has testicular cancer and is struggling with treatments.
July 9 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack Lawless (dad) - He is still not feeling very well.
July 9 Stephanie Mason for Don Mason - praise for Don's surgery; for Jasmine Willis - praise for Chrysalis!
July 2 anonymous

praise for our country on its birthday.

July 2 Ann Shearon for Chloe Woodward - Jessica and Noah's new baby (my great granddaughter).  Praise I will get to see her for the first time today.
July 2 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family - God bless America.  Praise God for all he is and will do in all our lives.
July 2 Sandra Ivey for Justin Walker - He is out of the hospital but will have a long recovery.
July 2 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jack Lawless - My father Jack has been out of sorts for three weeks.  He is 93 years old.
July 2 Ro Broyles for Tom Riley - He is having heart surgery on July 5th, my BFF's husband.
July 2 Mike Lewis for John and James Glass - John is suffering with dementia and Alzheimer's.
June 25 Jannie Lawler for Jeff Crawford, Mother and family - Jeff's father went home to his Lord Saturday.  Pray for God's peace and comfort:  for Noble and our family - continued prayer for healing, comfort, safety, peace and guidance.  Andrea is doing well.
June 25 the Golden Girls for our church members - for all who are suffering in different ways.
June 25 Ann Shearon for Jessica, Chloe and Noah - I will see my great grand baby next Sunday.
June 25 Joe Hamilton for Karen - Her skin cancer on her right ear has returned.  Pray for healing and relief.
June 18 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for self - She is having a neck procedure on Tuesday; for Ed Chandler - he has ongoing heart and lung issues and is now required to use oxygen each night.
June 18 Shirley Barrett for Harper Jane Sneed - Praise!  She has exceeded four lbs and will go home in a few days.
June 18 Joe Piorkowski for Ida and George Corcoran and Ed Pereze - Ida and Geogre have cancer and are not doing well.  Ed is not ealing and is still sick;  for Teresa Stone - for peace and healing (emails for all requested to
June 18 Molly Campbell for Jerry Moody - He has spots on his lungs.  Pray for good test results.
June 18 Stephanie and Don Mason for all the River of Life Volunteers - praise God for a successful River of Life and for all our volunteers.
June 18 Malon Willis for family - for guidance and peace for the situation my nieces are in.  They deserve better.  May God bless them.
June 4 Bonnie Ricks

for the people of London and all under persecution.

June 4 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jannie Lawler - she has severe bronchitis.  Pray for healing.
June 4 Autumn Jensen for Tatum - that her leg feels better.
May 28 Shirley Barrett

for Harper Jane (newborn) - my premie great, great niece is now at 2 lbs 15 oz.  Pray she will continue grow and be healthy.

May 28 Ann Shearon for our vets - Thanks for their service for us.
May 28 Ann Eskew for Kevin Hutcheson - He was in a car accident, hit head on by a drunk driver.  Pray for healing of broken bones.
May 28 Jannie Lawler for our family - for Andrea, praises for being home and for her recovery; pray for Noble and our whole family.  Thank you God and Jesus our Lord.
May 28 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Ed Chandler - for heart and lung issues.
May 21 Jannie Lawler

for our nation - Pray that Christians will join in prayer for unity in Christ; for Andrea Roberts (daughter) She will have very serious surgery Monday AM, pray for success and God's protection.

May 21 the Golden Girls Thanks for our Mothers. Happy Mothers' Day; for healing for Pastor Julianna.
May 21 Mike Karaty for Elaine Jepeway - She had a stroke of the retina and is blind in her right eye.
May 21 Mike Lewis for son, Michael Lewis -  He has an internal bleed and is a hemophiliac.
May 21 Ann Shearon for the Jennings family - Louis Jennings passed away last night (5.20)
May 21 Shirley Barrett for Tesa Fowler - She has breast cancer in both breasts.  Also pray for her daughter Caitlyn as she is very worried.
May 21 Teresa Gould for Regina Jenkins - She is in surgery now (5.21 noon) at Grady to clear blockage in her neck  Pray for great results.
May 21 Robert Buice for Marie -  Praise God no cancer.  Tests were negative.  Pray this will be an example for our children.
May 21 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Ed Chandler - He has heart and lung issues.
May 21 Mike Lewis for Jack Glass - Jack has suffered two strokes.  He is in Cobb hospital.  Pray for recovery and healing.
May 7 Jannie Lawler for Alline Taormina (Noble's sister) - Alline has had a severe stroke and a brain bleed.  She is being transported to Emory and her prognosis is uncertain.
May 7 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Ed Chandler -  He has problems with his heart and breathing.  Pray for healing.
April 30 Bonnie Ray

for Samantha Ray - for healing from stomach issues (cards requested to 85 Louise Lane Villa RIca 30180)

April 30 the Golden Girls for Nadine Runyan - she is in the last stages of cancer.  Pray for a peaceful transition.
April 30 Ann Eskew for the Bryant and Thomas families - In the loss of a 24 year old young man.
April 30 Ann Shearon for Mark Shearon's foster child - He wants to go back to Honduras.  Pray for him.
April 30 Jannie Lawler for the Jefferys and Bryant family - Pray for God's peace and God's grace to cover Matthew Jeffreys family; for Noble, Andrea and our family - Pray for salvation for the unsaved; for conviction for each - for commitment to God.
April 30 Clayton RIchadrson for Ovis Smith - She is not doing well.  Prayers for her family and for a graceful and peaceful home-going.
April 30 Doshie RIchardson for Reba Patterson (Mom) - Her back, shoulders and neck still hurt from a severe fall (cards requested to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd Blairsville GA 30512)
April 30 Mike Lewis for Eunice Whitslell (step mom to Karen Ward) -A co-worker with stage 4 lung cancer with slots on her brain.
April 23 Bobby Gee for the church at New Covenant - "Praise and thank you for all the prayers for Marie and I."  Bobby is home and attended church this A.M.
April 23 Shirley Barrett for Andy - He was born premature and is not doing well,  He is the great grandson of my friend Pat Nelson; for Bob and Bev Akers - Travel mercies.  They are in Texas visiting relatives.
April 23 Ann Shearon for Shirley Barrett - to get well; for the family of Jimmy Daniells, the owner of Pop's Store in Fairplay passed away last week; for Steve Haas (friend of Mike Shearon)  He has severe diabetes.
April 23 Jannie Lawler for Ann's family - After Ann's passing the family needs prayer for guidance.
April 23 Doshie Richardson for self - Pray for good results from my Endoscopy on Wednesday.
April 16 Doshie Richardson for Barbara - Prayer for healing and also comfort in her loss of her husband three weeks ago.
April 16 Ann Eskew Praise for Easter.  He is risen!
April 16 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jayne Lawless (Mother) - She still has vertigo and for safety is still using a walker. (cards requested to 3056 Bomar Rd Douglasville GA 30135)
Apr 9 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our families - My sister Ann is not expected to be here much longer.  Her daughter Leslie has bone cancer and also is not expected to survive much longer as well.
Apr 9 Barbara Williams for Ovis Smith - After her fall she is now at home.  She still needs prayers for recovery.
Apr 2 Shirley Barrett

for self - Pray my inner ear situation will go away.

Apr 2 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jayne Lawless (mom) - She is home sick in bed. (cards requested to 3056 Bomar Rd. Douglasville 30135)
Mar 26 Ann Eskew

for all with cancer; for my cousin Cynthia at home in hospice care.

Mar 12 Jannie Lawler

for family - niece Leslie has been moved from ICU to a regular room; Andrea went through her surgery well; for Kevin Stone.

Mar 12 Ann Shearon Praise the Lord for my church family, my birthday celebration was wonderful.  75 people attended; pray for our nation.
Mar 12 Ann Eskew for Christopher - for his job situation.
Mar 9 B Maxwell Prayer request for my mother, Dixie Maxwell, for increased daily strength and energy.
Mar 5 Laura Parry
for Larry and Jan Morris - Larry has been but in hospice.
Mar 5 Ann Shearon for the sisters in Christ conference - praise the Lord; for Riley Shearon on his birthday; for my upcoming birthday party this Friday.
Mar 5 the Golden Girls for Juan and Peggy in their recent loss.
Mar 5 Robert Buice for Katie - Praise the Lord she is improving.
Mar 5 Clayton RIchardson for Doshie - for good health.
Feb 26 Brenda Day Usphaw

for Chase Harmon - that he will know God, His peace, guidance and love.

Feb 26 Ann Shearon for Jessica and Noah - They set to adopt a newborn baby in April.
Feb 26 the Golden Girls for Shirley Barrett - she was hospitalized earlier this week and is home now.  Pray for good test results.
Feb 26 Bonnie Ricks for Kevin Stone (Jannie's grandson) - for peace, health, healing, safety and guidance.
Feb 26 Doshie Richardson for Dee Wilfong - She is in the hospital with oxygen level at 50% with possible lung cancer in right lung.  Test results are due Tuesday.
Feb 19 Shirley Barrett for Rebecca Mathis - She has been on the kidney transplant list for a long time.  Pray she gets one soon.
Feb 19 Mike Karaty for Grant Lee - for healing from cancer.
Feb 19 Bonnie Ray for Donovan Lee - that he wakes up from his coma with a sound mind.
Feb 19 Joe Piorkowski for Ed Perezze (son-in-law) -  He had surgery for the third time and is not doing well.
Feb 19 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Joe and Karen - for our marraige (card to Karen at 4290 Rosenelfe Way Loganville GA 30052)
Feb 19 Ro Broyles for homeless children at Alexander HS
Feb 12 Michael Dunbar

via Facebook - Well I got a call about my dermotologist's biopsy and yes it is skin cancer. Surgery March 15th. No problem, God's got this!

Feb 12 Shirley Barrett for Nadine Bartlett Ryan - She has incurabl;e cancer.  Cards requested to 64534 Hwy 22 Roanoke AL 36274
Feb 12 Robert Buice for granddaughter Katie Brookshire - for healing of two broken ankles.  cards requested to 4000 Maple Crest Ct Winston GA 30187
Feb 12 Pam Willis for the Sullivan family - they lost their mother yesterday unexpectedly.  Email comfort to:
Feb 12 Molly Campbell for our Scouts - Praise for all the Scouts that joined us in worship today.
Feb 5 Mike Karaty

for Grant Lee - for healing.  His cancer has returned.

Feb 5 Sharmreal for the Kelly Cutts family - Her mother is dying from cancer.  They give her less than two months (no em)
Feb 5 Don Mason

for Alan Butler - His wife Veronica passed from cancer. (card requested to 101 Winchester Drive, Carrollton GA 30117)

Jan 29 Joe Piorkowski

for Eddie Perezze - for health , has bad infection in his whole body and has been in the hospital 40 days.

Jan 29 Ann Eskew for the Kenny Bryant family - They are sick with the flu and the two youngest are at Scottish Rite.
Jan 29 Jannie Lawler for Noble, Andrea, Kevin and our whole family - My nephew David Waldrop is being sent home with hospice.  Pray for his mother and family.
Jan 29 Don and Stephanie Mason for Veronica Butler - she has metastatic cancer.  Pray for healing and peace; for Tracie Bell and family - for the Shead family.  Tracie Bell's cousin Brad was killed in a razor attack.
Jan 29 Lonnie Broyles for Dave Rockwell - He had a heart attack at age 40 and is recovering at home.
Jan 15 Kenny Campbell

for Matt Boleman - Matt's father passed away last night.  Pray for the family in their loss.

Jan 15 Mike Karaty for Jack Crymes, My father-in-law - He is in the Piedmont ER with hemorrhaging.
Jan 15 Ann Shearon for Mike Shearon and the team - They are serving in Nicaragua for 10 days.
Jan 15 Lonnie Broyles for Mike Butts - for healing from a heart attack.
Jan 8 Kenny Campbell
for Mike Case -  He is in the hospital with pneumonia.
Jan 8 Joe Hamilton for my family - 1) My 1st Cousin Edward Nelson passed away Friday; 2) My stepsister Linda Stone's diagnosis is terminal.  The brain tumors are inoperable and she has three months or less.  Pray for our family, especially sisters, Sharron and Teresa.
Jan 1 Ann Shearon
Jan 1 Jannie Lawler

for Noble and our extended family - multiple prayers and spiritual needs for all our family.

Jan 1 Kenny Campbell for Leigh Dowda - She had a stroke on Christmas Day. Pray for a complete recovery.
Jan 1 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Melsidra Reese - for her ability to find a job in the new year.
Dec 25 Joe Piorkowski for son in law, Eddie - Eddie was in surgery again today to determine the cause of internal bleeding.  Please pray for Eddie, my daughter and the family.
Dec 25 Ann Eskew Praise for the Christmas Season.
Dec 25 Mike Lewis for cousin, Susan Wisner - Susan is on life support and in a coma.  Doctors are giving her no hope.  Decisions will be made this week about removing life support.
Dec 25 Doshie Richardson for Wavelyn and Ovis Smith - Wavelyn is slowly getting worse.  Ovis' foot has still not healed.  Additionally she has a bladder infection.
Dec 18 Mike Karaty

for self - I am on my way to the ER for a possible recurrence of pancreatitis.  Please pray. (update - Mike is home and recovering)

Dec 11 Joe Hamilton

for successful cataract surgery on Tuesday.

Dec 11 Ann Eskew

Praise for the healing of my eye.  Thank you for all the prayers.

Dec 11 Mike Lewis for Susan Wisner (cousin) - She is in ICU on life support in Monroe, GA after a possible stroke.
Dec 11 Phil Hembree for Bobby Gee - Bobby had a wreck Friday and is having headaches.
Dec 4 Jannie and Noble Lawler

for Alline Taormina (sister) - She is in the hospital with a broken hip and pneumonia.  She is 86 years old; for the family of Floyd Shadix - He passed away this week.  He is my brother in law's brother.

Dec 4 Ricky Meeks for Karen Fuller - for her grandchildren and her health (cards requested to 5816 Central Church Rd. Douglasville GA 30135)
Dec 4 Karen Fuller for self and family - also for my sister's health.  She is very sick.  (cards requested to 5816 Central Church Rd. Douglasville GA 30135)
Dec 4 Don and Stephanie Mason Praise for this church family.  There aren't enough words to thank you all for your love and support.  We love you all.
Nov 27 Bonnie Ray

I would like to add a co-workers newborn grandniece: Violet. After several hours of labor, Violet is in NICU with a fever and is not crying. Pray for God’s hands upon the baby, parents, grandparents and the medical staff.

Nov 27 Mike Karaty for self - Praise for God's healing hands.
Nov 27 Laura Parry for Jonathon Kirk - for health issues.  Also pray for his family.
Nov 20 Bonnie Ray

for Louise Wilburn - Please pray for my niece Holly’s, mom: Louise Wilburn, who has stage 4 Breast cancer which has metastasized to her spine.  They have been out of contact for over a year and the situation is very tense. Please pray for comfort and ease of transition for Louise and for peace for Holly. This is really weighing heavy on her heart as she is upset and scared for her Mom.

Nov 27 Don and Stephanie Mason Patti Mason has been admitted into ICU. The cancer treatments have taken their toll on her. She has Pneumonia and a blockage in her stomach/colon. Thank you for the prayers. Please pray for peace and Gods will.  
Nov 27 Megan Jensen for Amanda Stubbs - Amanda had a kitchen fire earlier this week and as a result has contracted pleurisy. Pray for a gentle and speedy recovery.
Nov 20 Lonnie Broyles for Jewell Webb - for health and healing.  She is in the hospital for diabetes with an ulcer and infection in her foot.
Nov 20 Kenny Campbell

for rain.

Nov 20 anonymous

"In all things give thanks" 1 Th. 5:18

Nov 20 Jannie Lawler for Noble, Kevin and our family - Pray for God's protection for all of us due to the dry weather.  For traveling mercies for those on the road this week.
Nov 13 Ed McGrory
for Rev. Warren Huddleston, Senior Pastor, Dallas FUMC - He has been ill for several days and now has been placed in ICU for closer medical care.
Nov 13 Laura Parry for Mildred Black (Teresa Gould's mother) - She has been admitted to Tanner with weakness and numbness. (cards to Benton House, 4999 Prestley Mill Rd Douglasville 30135); for Denise Wellman - she has the flu (cards to 1044 Monitcello Dr Villa RIca 30180)
Nov 13 Stephanie Mason for Patti Mason - Dehydration has her in the hospital.
Nov 13 Robert Buice
for our nation - God heal America.  God is love. Bring our people together please.
Nov 6 Doshie Richardson

for Aunt Myrtle - She is in the hospital and can't keep anything down.  The doctors do not know what is wrong.

Nov 6 Kenny Campbell for Casey Cooper - He is having attention focus issues and can't get help.  He is struggling wit schoolwork.  (cards requested to 157 Princeton Dr. Dallas GA 30157)
Nov 6 Jannie Lawler for Noble, our family and nation - for health healing, safety, peace and guidance.  For rain, liquid and spiritual and for our nation.
Nov 6 Bonnie Ricks for our nation - for a Godly leader int he people's house on Tuesday Nov. 8.
Nov 6 Pam Willis for the Parker family - Their father passed yesterday.  Pray for peace and guidance in this time of loss.
Oct 16 Ann Eskew
for Patti Mason - Don Mason's mom continues her battle with cancer.  Please pray.
Oct 16 Jannie Lawler for Noble and her family - for Leslie, Ann, Martha and Alline and our grandchildren.  Also for our country and renewal and revival in our country.
Oct 16 Vickie Alsabrook for Hurricane Matthew victims.
Oct 2 Bonnie Ricks, Ann Shearon and Shirley Barrett

for David Barrett - for healing from back injury (a fractured vertebra) workers' comp is not moving in a timely manner and he is in a lot of pain. (cards requested to 6036 S Bear Dr Douglasville 30135.

Oct 2 Shirley Barrett for Nickie O'Neal - She is 14 weeks pregnant Two previous pregnancies resulted in loss of 3 babies. ray she will carry healthy babies to full term.
Oct 2 Ann Shearon Praise God that her eye surgery went well.
Oct 2 Ed McGrory for Haiti & Mission teams on the ground there now - Hurricane is due to arrive there with 20-40" of rain.  Pray for safety and shelter for the nation.
Oct 2 Peggy Gonzalez for Barbara Curtis - for guidance.
Sept 25 Ann Shearon

for (1) the family of Lyn Walker who passed away yesterday (1st cousin); (2) the family of Nell Elder who passed away yesterday (1st cousin) especially her husband Bob (3) for self for cataract surgery Tuesday. I pray everything goes well.

Sept 25 Janie Lawler for Noble and the family - for Noble's sister Alline, my niece Leslie, my sister ann, for Andrea and Rick and family, for Kevin, Kim and Emma.
Sept 25 Teresa Piorkowski for Keith Taylor - for successful therapy.
Sept 25 Sandra Bryant for Kimberly Bryant  -  Pray for easy delivery and birth of a healthy baby boy.
Sept 25 Teresa Gould for Art Hall (B-i-L) - for recovery from surgery and clots in the lung.  (Cards requested to 8378 Hwy 80 Ruston LA 71270)
Sept 18 Molly Campbell

for Nancy Lucius - Nancy is going through a difficult divorce.  She need prayer for her safety and for a fast conclusion to her circumstances (cards requested to 334 Wedowee Creek View Dr. Wedowee AL 36278)

Sept 18 Shirley Barrett for David Barrett - He hurt his back and is at Douglas General now. (Cards requested to 6036 S Bear Dr Douglasville GA 30135)
Sept. 11 Eddie Jensen for Aunt Cindy & Robin Jensen (mother) - for Aunt Cindy for healing from breast cancer; for Mom for finances and health.
Sept 4 Teresa Piorkowski

for Keith Taylor - He is still in a coma at Grady from a motorcycle wreck.

Sept 4 the Jensen family for Aunt Cindy - She has breast cancer, is taking chemo, and not tolerating it well.
Sept 4 Eddie Jensen for hunters - prayers for a blessed, safe and bountiful harvest of meat this year.
Aug 28 Jannie Lawler

for the family of Gene McCrary - He passed away recently and will be buried Monday. Please pray for the family. 

Aug 28 Ann Shearon for Jane Tisdale (sister) - She has a heart test on Monday.  Pray it goes well.
Aug 28 Shirley Barrett for Bob Akers - The biopsy showed cancer.Pray it can be treated.  Pray for his family.
Aug 28 Doshie Richardson for mother (Reba Patterson) - She fell and is sore (cards to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd. Blairsville GA 30512); for cousin Clifford - his lungs are worse  Pray for healing, safety and health.
Aug 28 Sharmreal Lawrence for Michael Young - for healing.  He had a stroke and is in the hospital.
Aug 28 Teresa Piorkowski for Keith Taylor - He was in a motorcycle wreck and is in a drug induced coma at Grady.
Aug 21 Jannie Lawler
for Leslie Smith (niece) - Leslie is caregiver for my sister Ann.  Leslie has lung cancer, a cancerous brain tumor and now shingles.  Pray for healing and comfort.

Aug 21 Robert Buice for our nation - Heal our nation God!  Thanks be to Him!
Aug 21 Mike Eastman for Glenda Causey - The wife of ramp recipient, Earl Causey.  She has been admitted to the hospital with chest pains.
Aug 14 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for herself - to be healed from bi-polarity.

Aug 14 Peggy Gonzalez for Sandy Leach - in the hospital with several medical problems.
Aug 14 Robert Buice God bless all Americans.
Aug 14 Ann Eskew for our pastor, our country and our church.
Aug 14 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family, Leslie, RIck, Andrea and Ann - for healing of mind, body, spirit, for cancer, emotional healing and guidance.
Aug 14 Mike Eastman for Lynn Marville - for her son-in-law and grandson.  They were severely injured when struck by a car in Pensacola, Florida on vacation.
Aug 14 Shirley Barrett for Bob Akers - Just recently in remission from lymphoma and is having a biopsy from a growth.  Please pray it is not cancer.
Aug 14 Mike Karaty for all impacted by the floods in Louisiana.
Aug 7 Mike Karaty

for Jack Crymes (father-in-law) - for healing, he has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Aug 7 Ann Eskew for our country.
Aug 7 Ann Shearon for our country and our church.
Aug 7 Shirley Barrett pray that God's choice will become our President.
Aug 7 Ed McGrory

for Teddy Piper - Teddy is a co-worker who is in his final hours of earthly life.

Aug 7 Doshie RIchardson for cousin Clifford - His health is getting worse.  Also he is losing his home healthcare nurse of ten years.
Jul 31 Mike Karaty for Mike Karaty III & officers of Baton Rouge - for healing, safety and peace.
Jul 31 Robert Buice Thank you to everyone for your prayers and cards.
Jul 31 Ann Eskew I am better.  Thanks for prayers, cards and calls; for daughter, Kay - for job issues and retirement.
Jul 31 Ed & Michelle McGrory for Kya Brannon - A fellow sister in children's ministry has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Pray for God's presence in her treatment.
Jul 31 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family - Niece Leslie needs prayers for wisdom, guidance and peace.  She has lung cancer and a brain tumor.
July 24 Lonnie Broyles

for the mission team to WVA and the people we come in contact with.

July 24 Ann Shearon for  - our mission team, our church, our nation.
July 24 Jannie Lawler for our family - for peace, health, safety, guidance and healing as needed; for Leslie Smith - for healing from cancer and for the swelling in her brain to go away.
July 24 Martha Lewis for Christian Thurman and his mom, Candace - He is 15 years old and has only 25% heart function (cards requested to 204 Allen Memorial Dr. #203 Bremen GA 30110, attn. Candace Thurmond )
July 24 Shirley Barrett for Barbara C. - She has cancer.  Pray for healing.
July 24 Martha Lewis for Andrew Lewis - for guidance in his decisions. (cards to 4632E Glen Ridge Cir, Winston GA 30187).
July 24 Mike Lewis for David Toney - marriage difficulties.
July 24 Doshie Richardson for Clifford Chastain - He is in the hospital with double pneumonia.  Pray that he may breath easier.
July 17 Mike Karaty for son Mikey - Please pray for the three officers killed in Baton Rouge.  My son Mikey is a law enforcement officer with the Baton Rouge police department.  He is OK but the country needs prayer.
July 17 Bonnie Ray for family and friends - for healing, guidance, peace and mercy.
July 17 Shirley Barrett for John Owen - After brain cancer surgery he has finished radiation and is beginning chemo.  He is only 31 years old; for Donna Durst - she had surgery for the third time on the same foot.  Pray for healing.
July 17 Doshie Richardson for Clifford Chastain - My cousin in Blairsville had to go to the ER with a return of COPD issues.  The illness is worse and he is dehydrated.
July 17 Ed McGrory for Nayeli (sister-in-law) - for healing, she is undergoing chemo for lupus.
July 10 Jannie Lawler
for Noble and our family - Noble will be having a colonoscopy on Friday.  Pray for good results.  He had a previous pre-cancerous polyp.

July 10 Pam Willis for Jessica MIller and baby - She is 30 weeks pregnant and has been put on bed rest.  The baby has multiple health issues.
July 10 Shirley Barrett for John Owen (great nephew) - He had brain cancer surgery, radiation and his first chemo; for Ann Eskew for healing from strep throat.  She is not healing well and could use cards, calls and food (4495 Dorsett Shoals Run, Douglasville, GA 30135 - 770-577-4865)
July 10 Sandra Bryant for Ann Eskew - for healing.
July 3 Devin Jensen

for Grammie - for health

July 3 Ann Shearon, Bonnie Ricks, Shelba Roselli & MIchelle McGrory for Denise Wellman and Mary Lathrop and families - They both lost their mother's this week.
July 3 Joe Hamilton for Karen - she is home from the hospital.  The heart issues are resolved.  Emotional health is still quite troubling.  Pray for clarity of mind and peace of heart.
July 3 all of us for Pastor Julianna and family - for safety, rest and refreshment on their vacation this week.
June 26 Bonnie Ray

for Mary Mayberry - for healing and for guidance for the doctors to treat her properly.  She may be transferred to Emory.  (cards requested to 7 Tallahatchee Rd. Carrollton GA 30116)

June 26 Jannie Lawler for Gene and Sherry Sanders - Pray for health, healing and guidance for both of them: for Andrea Roberts - Praises! Andrea has been blessed following surgery and is doing wonderfully.
June 26 Lonnie Broyles for the people of West Virginia - for the flood victims and their families.
June 26 Doshie RIchardson - for finances as the transmission is out in our car.
June 19 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for successful treatment at Anchor.
June 19 Jannie Lawler

for Noble and our family  Our daughter Andrea is facing additional surgery.  Pray for healing, guidance, safety and peace for all of us.

June 19 Bonnie Ray for Portia Jones (co-worker's aunt) - She needs healing from complications from surgery.
June 19 Sandra Ivey for Bonnie Ricks - she is in the hospital from an insect bite.  No visitors please.
June 19 Ann Eskew Happy Father's Day!
June 19 the Golden Girls Welcome to our new Pastor and family.
June 19 Michelle McGrory for Martha Shaw (Mom) - she is healing nicely.  Please continue prayers.
June 12 Ann Eskew for our friend Debbie - for successful gall bladder surgery.
June 12 Ann Shearon for Michael and Tina, for Mike and Holly in there new appointments.  We love you at New Covenant.
June 12 Don Mason for Lisa Mason (ex) - She is having surgery on Monday; for himself - he is having another (in his words) 'skin do-hickey' tomorrow. (Monday)
June 5 Jannie Lawler for Noble, Kevin, Andrea and our family - for health, safety, peace, healing & guidance for all.  Andrea is having a rough time with pain.
June 5 Ann Eskew for all with cancer.
June 5 Bobbi Adams for Bobby Konvicka - for health.
June 5 Teresa Piorkowski for Karen and Joe Hamilton
June 5 Ann Shearon Praise God I do not have cancer!; Praise for the River of LIfe and their work at my home.
June 5 Mike and Martha Lewis for Tom Lewis - Praise God that Tom's accident did not result in anything more than some bruises and soreness.  The truck was totaled.
June 5 Shirley Barrett for Judy - She is very old and has a respiratory problem.  Pray that God will heal her.
June 5 Joe Piorkowski for Minny Garibaldi (sister) - Here cancer has led to the need for more surgery on her left lung to be followed by chemo.
May 29 Bonnie RIcks

for the family of Jamie Running -Jamie's house was broken into and robbed.

May 29  Mike Karaty for self - for good results in this weeks scan.
May 29 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft - His twin brother died suddenly on Thursday.  (cards requested to 3011 Stillwater Dr. Villa Rica GA 30180.
May 29 Bonnie Ray for Schad Lloyd - for healing and strength.
May 22 the Golden Girls

for our church and pastor; for Ann Shearon - for healing and clean test results.

May 22 Jannie Lawler for our family (especially Andrea and Kevin) - for health, healing, peace, guidance and safety and for our Lord's presence in our lives; for Kim and Emma (granddaughter) - pray for God's guidance, peace and safety and for our Lord to indwell their spirit.
May 22 Sandra Ivey for Carol Royals - Having a test this week for cancer.
May 22 Kenny Campbell for Kenneth Loving - He lost his adult son two weeks ago.
May 22 Devin Jensen for my broken nose.
May 22 Arubra Hembree

for Laura  Bomer - She is very ill with a UTI (David's niece.)

May 22 Doshie RIchardson for Reba Patterson (Mama) -She has cataract surgery on June 2 and June 16.  Pray for healing and no worries.
May 15 Michelle McGrory for Martha Shaw (Mother) - She will be having serious back surgery shortly.  Pray for healing.
May 15 Ann Shearon for self - She will be having surgery on Thursday.
May 15 Shirley Barrett for Ann Shearon - upcoming surgery Thursday.  Pray it will not be cancer.
May 15 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord for all our graduates; for all with cancer, especially my childhood friend Randy Martin, a godly man.
May 15 Malon WIllis III for Pastor Michael - Thanks for the opportunity to be with a great man of God and to learn so much.Thank You God.
May 15 Kenny Campbell for Dennis Lindsey - He is having knee surgery this Thursday.
May 15 Jannie Lawler

for Andrea Roberts - She is having weakness.  The doctors have been treating her multiple myeloma weekly and her cancer bi-weekly; for Gene and Sherry Sanders (daughter) - Gene will be having heart surgery soon. Sherry is having blood pressure problems.

May 15 Pastor Michael for Chuckie Stone -for his recovery from a heart pump implant.
May 15 Brenda Day for Howard Day - Prayers for serious health issues.  He does not know and will not be told.
May 8 Kenny Campbell

for Kenneth Loving - He lost his son this past week.

May 8 Ann Eskew for Judy Thomas - she lost her brother in NC this past week.
May 8 Ann Shearon Praise the Lord Mike's family is here today.  Also Joel graduated from Tech with highest honors.
May 8 the Children's ministry Praise and thanks for Moms and Muffins.
May 8 Austyn for family - I hope everyone has a good day and Happy Anniversary. (no email)
May 1 Martha Lewis for Christopher Thurmond - He is 11 years old and has a rare heart disease.  Treatment itself is very dangerous.  Pray for protection and guidance to keep him safe.  (cards requested to 204 Allen Memorial Dr. #203 Bremen GA 30110, attn. Candace Thurmond or give them to Martha)
May 1 Stephanie Mason for James Dennis - for healing and answers on his high blood pressure.
May 1 Pam WIllis for the Miller family -for a healthy baby.
May 1 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for restoration of her mental health and for guidance for the doctors and staff.
May 1 Autumn Jensen and Bryan Palmgren for Megan Jensen - she fell out of a tree and hit her head.
May 1 Bonnie Ray for Holly Wilburn - For peace and comfort in preparing for delivery of a baby boy (breech) (now due May 16) (cards requested to 46 Quarry Rd Toccoa GA 30577)
Apr 24 Bonnie Ricks

for the family of Heather Gilley Hagan - In the passing of Heather.

Apr 24 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for clarity of mind and peace of spirit.
Apr 17 Joe Hamilton

for Karen - She is in profound mania.  Prayer for peace and clarity of mind.

Apr 17 Bonnie Ray for Charlene McCosh - for comfort after surgery; for Adelle Leverette - for comfort and healing after treatment for breast cancer.
Apr 17 Ann Eskew for the Auction - for the glory of God.
Apr 17 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jan, Jeanne Gay, Andrea Lawler, Tanisa, and Shirley.  Thank you God for all our visitors.
Apr 10 Jan Palmer

for self - for a GI Doctor for test.

Apr 10 Kenny Campbell for Tommy Paine - Infection in spine and in rehab. Pray for complete recovery.
Apr 10 Molly Campbell for Pam Young - She has medial procedures & treatment for heart and surgery.
Apr 10 Teresa Gould for Mildred Black - Praise - She is back at home.  In a wheelchair but that is surely temporary.
Apr 3 Brenda Day Heath

for Chase Harmon - that he will know God's love and mercy.

Apr 3 Ann Eskew for Shirley Barrett -travel mercies on her vacation with her daughter and granddaughter.
Apr 3 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family; for Kevin - Praise that Noble was at church today. Andrea starts chemo Monday.  Continue prayers for Leslie and Ann.
Apr 3 Clayton and Doshie Richardson for Matt Holloway - traveling to be with family in Florida.