Who is this home being built for?

The Ginger Allday Family - Pascagoula , MS

At the time Katrina hit, Ginger and her father Jack Allday lived in their home in Pascagoula. Jack was profoundly ill with Alzheimer's, heart disease and other medical complications. Ginger was his caregiver through his illness and he passed away on Christmas Day 2007.

In March 2008, after eight years in remission, Ginger was diagnosed with a recurrance of liver cancer. At this time it is in remission again.

Prior to her father's death, Ginger's son, Dustin and his two children moved in in order for Dustin to assist in his grandfather's care. In the summer of 2008, Dustin was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease that is expected to lead to total blindness.

Their home sustained over 50% damage. Mississippi United Methodist response repaired the bathroom so the family would have grooming facilities. The family was told they could rebuild if they elevated 18 inches. They lowest estimate came in at $49,500. The subfloor was severely damaged and was basically on the ground since 2005. Contractors submitting estimates were very troubled by the probability of the house surviving a lift.

After review it was determined that in the interest of safety the house should be torn down. The family is currently in a MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency) cottage. However, they are only authorized to be in it for a limited time. It is set to be removed at the end of March 2009.

Pray that an exemption will be granted by local authorities for the family to remain in the cottage as their home is being constructed.

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